How Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk changed celebrity parenting

Celebrities, for the most part, work on a different level than ordinary people: they work differently, they eat differently, they end up differently, and when things don’t work out, so do they divorce different.

But just because they’re significantly wealthier and more influential doesn’t mean they don’t face the same challenges that plague many couples. Take Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, for example. When they welcomed their daughter, Lea de Seine, in March 2017, little did they think they would have to go through a high-profile split just two years later.

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Separating when there is a baby is always a tedious task: Should we stay together for the sake of the child? Should you be in a contentious custody battle that could upset the child even more? Should you just abandon the child to spare them the pain of navigating a dysfunctional parenting?

No one has all the answers, but Cooper and Shayk managed to say no to all of the above and still achieve the optimal outcome.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s split and its unexpected consequences

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk walk down the street with their daughter.

Cooper and Shayk, like many before and after them, couldn’t make their relationship work. Despite being viewed as a true power couple by the entertainment media, rumors of their breakup began swirling in early 2019. Finally, in June 2019, their reps confirmed the split, with many sources citing their demanding schedules as primarily because.

An insider tells ET that the two had only “held on” for the sake of their daughter, and that the love had fizzled over time due to a variety of issues: her hectic workload, lack of marital commitment on Bradley’s part, and their incompatibilities.

Apparently the argument had started quite a while ago, but both Cooper and Shayk decided together that they would keep up appearances throughout Cooper’s A star Is Born awards are ongoing. Regardless of whether this is true, it was clear by the summer that the Male cat Actors and supermodels were on the rocks.

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However, both parties knew from the start that their daughter was their main priority; no matter what happened, the “family unit” had to survive. They’ve spared everyone a protracted, sensationalist legal riot designed only to attract public attention and boost tabloid sales. Instead, under the terms of their agreement, they agreed to share full custody of their boy but also live in New York to make the transition as seamless as possible for everyone. TMZ reported that the pair didn’t bother to put any of it in writing, so “in sync with co-parenting” they are.

In January 2020, Shayk recounted ell She looked forward to being single and that life without Cooper was “uncharted territory.” The 36-year-old also told the magazine that two “great people” don’t necessarily make a good couple.

“I think in all good relationships you bring your best and your bad – it’s just human nature,” she said. She also expressed her appreciation for making those memories with Cooper in the first place.

Why Bradley and Irina’s mindset on ‘co-parenting’ is a game changer

Over the next few years, Cooper and Shayk really set the bar for what it’s like to be a strong co-parent. They have been photographed in public several times: sometimes with their child, sometimes without. She accompanied him to his film premieres and they also went on vacations as a family. The unity was so pronounced that the media could not help but invent speculation about an alleged reunion.

Shayk spoke about how her parenting mindset has changed following her split from Cooper. From her point of view, the term “co-parenting” means nothing. When she’s spending time with her little girl, she’s “100%” her mom, and when Lea’s with Cooper, “he’s 100% her dad.” She doesn’t understand the fuss about bitter ex-boyfriends and troubling childcare arrangements: once you’ve agreed to have a child with someone, you know co-parenting is part of the package. “Co-parenting is parenting,” she said.

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How easy it is to be aligned with your child’s other parent but not see it as a romantic interest. Shayk and Cooper lay the foundation for a new way of togetherness: one based on trust, respect and individual and collective peace.

Just because a relationship isn’t working out doesn’t mean you can’t excel as parents — be on the same page, love your child with equal measure, and support each other’s abilities when possible. As they say, it takes a whole village to raise a child; The last thing they wanted to do was alienate a parent and then risk missing out on a crucial aspect of growing up. Of course, this doesn’t apply to toxic circumstances that require two people to keep their distance from each other, but when possible and everyone is willing and approachable and understanding, co-parenting can be a walk in the park.

Both Shayk and Cooper have complimented each other on their parenting skills, with Shayk saying that when Lea is with Cooper, she doesn’t have to worry about Lea for a second. “Lea was on vacation with him for almost two weeks – I didn’t call her once.”

Even when rumors surfaced about Cooper’s alleged romance with former political aide Huma Abedin in the summer of 2022, Shayk wasn’t concerned. Shayk is fully on board with her ex’s budding romance with Abedin. “They were always better friends than lovers. Seeing each other as parents has only increased their respect and love for each other,” they were quoted as saying. The insider added that Shayk and Cooper want to keep spending time together and just have to accept their respective significant other’s.

What Bradley and Irina teach us about friendship in parenting

Bradley Cooper in a black suit and tie with ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk smiles at each other.

Life doesn’t have to be more complicated than it is, the path of frustration, resentment and anger is not the only path. There’s often a way to take the path of empathy, collaboration, and patience, and that’s exactly what Shayk and Cooper did. They didn’t to have putting aside the bitterness of their breakup to take care of Lea, but they did it because it was what was best for their daughter.

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Nowadays, successful co-parenting shouldn’t be that remarkable or inspiring, but it’s still a rare occurrence: Two people who were mismatched lovers agreed they could still get along and thrive for their daughter’s sake. Friendship after romance is possible, and everyone’s experience is all the better for it.


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