How An Astrologer Connects Her Wellness Practices To The Cosmos


The solar rises and units. The moon waxes and wanes. We reside on a planet that rotates on its axis, alternating between day, an prolonged interval of sunshine, and night time, a roughly equal interval of darkness. These are small examples of how the cosmos operates cyclically.

Our our bodies additionally act and react cyclically. The human physique (vegetation and animals too) biologically responds to fluctuations of sunshine and darkish. Most cells and tissues within the physique run on molecular “clocks” that function most successfully once they synchronize with the exterior light-dark cycle they mirror.

For instance, the circadian rhythm, which is the 24-hour cycle that regulates our sleep and waking instances, works greatest when it syncs with the cycle of night time and day. After we reside out of sync with the pure cycles of sunshine—for instance, by exposing ourselves to an excessive amount of artificial mild at night time or by failing to sleep—this pure inside clock is disrupted.

Dwelling out of sync with photo voltaic and cosmic cycles comes at an amazing value, but it is an all-too-common state of affairs in a contemporary society that perpetually overrides these pure rhythms. Our calendars and schedules recommend that these important cycles do not matter. We banish darkness with artificial mild and tech units. We work and relaxation in keeping with a clock, not the rising and setting of the solar. Whereas I’m not suggesting we forgo electrical energy and solely sleep and wake with the solar, I’m declaring the worth of honoring our organic rhythms.

The observe of organising your surroundings to assist your circadian rhythm, referred to as circadian entrainment, helps to optimize your physique’s strategy of residing rhythmically. Returning to a life that is extra in sync with circadian and cosmic rhythms is a vital step towards psychological, emotional, and bodily well-being. Small, easy practices, like shutting down digital units at a sure hour every night time, can assist us obtain this.

This circadian rhythm is a strong tonic however not the one rhythm that impacts us. Two different rhythms that influence us are “ultradian” and “infradian.” An ultradian rhythm is a rhythm shorter than 24 hours, usually repeating a number of instances all through the day. The most typical one is the essential rest-activity cycle, or BRAC. This cycle occurs at 80- to 120-minute intervals and influences our vitality and focus and our REM versus non-REM sleep cycles. Infradian rhythms happen in longer segments. For instance, the month-to-month menstrual cycle runs on an infradian rhythm, mirroring the circalunar rhythm of the moon. The physique’s organic response to the seasons can also be an infradian rhythm, referred to as the circannual rhythm.

We do not have to dissect and even perceive each one of many cycles we encounter, however we do want to acknowledge that life is a rhythm inside a rhythm inside a rhythm. We’re continually in a dance with our inside beat and the beats of the universe and planets.

Dwelling cyclically, aligned with the cycles of the solar and moon, is probably the most pure factor you will ever do. It is what you’re bodily, mentally, and emotionally designed to do. Your physique was constructed to work in keeping with these cycles. The trick is to cease expending invaluable time and vitality fighting these rhythms and, as a substitute, concede to them—as a result of they information a lot of our biology. After we reside in sync with them, all the pieces turns into simpler.

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