HostGator Review – Pros and Cons

HostGator Review

Hostgator Review

Hostgator Review

HostGator is a web host that does not convey the foremost professional image, with their cute cartoon mascot and alligator-themed plan names, but they’re consistently ranked at the highest of the pile for reliability, speed, and pricing. this is often a full service web host that gives a spread of shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting options, with 24/7 customer service and an aggressive pricing structure.

We recently took the service for a spin to ascertain how it really stacks up in terms of specifications and performance, so read on to seek out out why Hostgator is one among our most highly rated web hosts.

Hostgator Plans

Hostgator offers traditional shared web hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated hosting during a tiered structure, also as WordPress hosting.three levels of shared web hosting.

These are Hostgator’s shared hosting tiers:

Hostgator Plans 2020

Hostgator Plans 2020

  • Hatchling: the bottom Hatchling plan offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, allows you to host one website, and comes with a free SSL. This plan costs $10.95/mo if you pay monthly, or simply $2.75/mo if you buy three years beforehand .
  • Baby: The baby plan also provides unlimited storage and bandwidth, with the added bonus that you simply also can host as many websites and domains as you would like . This plan costs $3.95/mo if you buy three years beforehand .
  • Business: The ultimate tier is that the Business plan, which adds a safer SSL, a free dedicated IP, and a few free SEO tools else . This plan costs $5.95/mo if you buy three years beforehand .

HostGator also offers VPS services, dedicated servers, and even cloud hosting, which scales far more easily than traditional shared hosting. They even provide beefed up hosting plans specific for WordPress that promise 2.5x the speed of their regular shared plans, enhanced security measures , and free migration of your old site.

If you’re within the marketplace for web hosting, we recommend the business plan from the shared tiered offerings. All three plans come standard with the Hostgator email service, unlimited MySQL databases, and Linux cPanel.

Hostgator Platform

All Hostgator plans are fortified on the Apache Linux backbone providing a solid base and with the classic cPanel for straightforward access to all or any the required website tools you would like . you furthermore may have unlimited MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin built-in in order that you’ll access your data 24/7.

Hostgator Storage

Storage for all Hostgator plans is unlimited, with rock bottom tier plan on limiting you to one website with one domain instead of limiting your storage or bandwidth. However, even with the Hatchling plan, you’ll add as many subdomains as you would like . Email and FTP also are unlimited across all plans also .

Hostgator Bandwidth

One of the simplest features of all the Hostgator plans is unmetered bandwidth. That being said, shared hosting does experience bottlenecks from time to time. Therefore, those speeds will vary at different times. the great news is that Hostgator consistently ranks high for uptime and keeping their promise of a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Registration Process

HostGator offers a no-frills registration process making it quick and straightforward to check in and grab an idea . However, make certain to settle on and register your free domain once you check in . We acknowledged the hard way; it’s difficult to register the new free domain after creating the account. a fast call to Hostgator support, and that we were ready , but not well worth the hassle if you’ll avoid it.

Control Panel/Domain & Site Management

Hostgator Domain & Site Management

Hostgator Domain & Site Management

From one Hostgator login, users can access the customer portal. This unified system integrates the Linux cPanel with Hostgator’s dashboard tools. So from under one roof, you’ll manage your domains, found out email campaigns using the Constant Contact account included together with your plan, check billing, contact support and in fact manage all of your web hosting features.

All accounts accompany a free domain and SSL that are easy to line up and use from inside the instrument panel . The step right after registration prompts you to put in their own website builder or WordPress. you’ll prefer to skip this step, but if you would like a WordPress website, it couldn’t be easier.

Control Panel/Advanced Options

The instrument panel inside Hostgator features a one-click installation of the many popular CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and WHMCS. They claim to supply one-click installs for 75 open source scripts. Hostgator also offers tons of freebies like plugin installs and templates for several of those popular systems. Some plugins and templates are fee-based, however.

Control Panel/Administration

Hostgator Control Panel 2020

Hostgator Control Panel 2020

Using the quality Linux cPanel, you’ll create multiple users with access to specific domains. you’ll also easily set quota limits for FTP and email accounts also as restrict access to specific areas of the server by directory.

All Hostgator plans include unlimited email accounts. fixing a replacement account, changing mailbox limits and passwords are a snap within the Hostgator cPanel. Although hosted email isn’t always the foremost secure, Hostgator throws during a lot of extras here worth talking about. for instance , you’ll found out autoresponders, and email forwards in seconds.

Additional features include a neighborhood to make mailing lists, import your contact lists, and found out calendars. you’ll even activate email encryption, activate Apache SpamAssassin, and edit MX records from this area.

Key Features of HostGator

The thing we like best about Hostgator is their easy-to-use instrument panel . Many web hosts offer poor interfaces with confusing navigation, and it’s difficult to work out where to travel to urge the work done. The unified Hostgator instrument panel is basically a joy to use.

We also appreciate Hostgator’s 45-day money-back guarantee. You don’t see that strong of a guarantee with tons of other web hosting companies. Another key feature is their reliable 99.9% uptime, which is backed by stats and codified in writing. We also love the choices for support, including live chat, email, and phone at any time of the day or night.

HostGator also provides free access to Constant Contact, which may be a great bonus. They pack tons into alittle package, and that we appreciate that.


HostGator are 100% compatible with Drupal, which ensures that customers will never encounter any problems during the setup and management processes. consistent with the statement from Drupal official site (, the minimal Drupal hosting requirements are

  • Drupal 6: MySQL 4.1+ and PHP 5.2+
  • Drupal 7: MySQL 5.0.15+ and PHP 5.2.5+ (PHP 5.3 Recommended)
  • Drupal 8: MySQL 5.0.15+, PHP 5.4.5+

HostGator has far exceeded the minimum technical requirement for Drupal by leveraging the facility of:

  • cutting edge Apache/Linux web servers.
  • up to 256MB PHP memory_limit which is enough to handle a posh site.
  • the support of suPHP to make sure the foremost secure Drupal hosting environment
  • Apache mod_rewrite to form Drupal site more SEO-friendly.
  • Fast CGI to enhance the page loading speed of Drupal site up to 120% faster.

And also, HostGator enables QuickInstall to form Drupal installation much easier. This powerful 1-click installer not only allows users to simply install each version of Drupal, but also supports to one-click upgrade for the prevailing Drupal site from the old version to the newest version. Here, we’ve presented an in depth step-by-step direction on setting a Drupal site up with QuickInstall:

  • Login to the cPanel instrument panel , and click on the “QuickInstall” icon under the Software/Services section
  • Click on “Drupal” within the left-hand column, then the Continue button.
  • Select the domain and site where you would like your Drupal installed.
  • Enter an available e-mail address where you would like the Admin password e-mailed to.
  • Enter the name of the web site .
  • Select some time zone, then click “Install Now!”

Wait a flash while it’s installed, and once complete you’ll be ready to start your Drupal site. To be honest, it’s quite easy to host a Drupal site with HostGator, and this easy installation process is appealing for those that wish to style knowledgeable website without possessing web design and development knowledge.

HostGator Blog Hosting

For most bloggers, they like hosting solutions that are easy-to-use, budget-friendly and rich-featured. during this case, HostGator is that the one which will meet all the requirements to start out a blog. Enough disc space and bandwidth makes it possible for bloggers to upload anything they need on the online pages. And also, the Weebly website builder with quite 4,500 templates makes an enormous difference on blog building and optimization.


HostGator guarantees the very best level of hosting reliability. the corporate locates the servers in several data centers, which are equipped with HVAC, redundant power, back-ups, and are monitored day and night by the newest advanced monitoring system and professional engineers.

Here, we’d wish to present some core information about their data centers, servers and network.


HostGator has two data centers, one among which – CyrusOne – is that the large one that features 300,000 sq.ft. one among the most highlights is its multiple levels of redundancy, achieved by the UPS power units, Detroit diesel generator, HVAC floor and lots of more.

In addition, this data center keeps the 24/7 constant monitoring for the working of all the info center facilities. this is often a critical system for better security. Even, the power comes with the VESDA smoke detection, water detection and hurricane shutters.


This is another data center employed by HostGator, which may be a bit smaller. However, the tiny scale doesn’t mean the poor facilities. Instead, this data center comes with all the infrastructures needed to make sure the uninterrupted power supply, the high level of security, climate control and lots of more.


This web host achieves a totally redundant network with the newest technologies. Its high-performance gear comes from Arbor Networks, CISCO, Juniper and lots of more. Backed by the top-level data centers and state-of-the-art technologies, this web host currently offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Note that these statistics aren’t fabricated, but supported our uptime testing.


HostGator has been awarded together of the fastest shared web hosts within the market by tons of review sites and real customers. because the hosting speed is essentially influenced by the info center infrastructure and hardware, the corporate powers the super-fast web hosting by the 100% factory-tested Dell hardware, also because the well-equipped data centers.

We have done a performance testing against a site with an equivalent WordPress program and therefore the content hosted with HostGator Hatchling, Baby and Business plans. As a result, each solution has achieved a quick server reaction time , which takes approximately only 0.032 seconds on the average . Read the online host’s server reaction time chart as below.

Hostgator Speed Test

Hostgator Speed Test


In order to assist you manage your hosting account, website files, domains, emails and lots of others with none hassle, HostGator includes the cPanel instrument panel into all of their hosting plans. it’s a graphical front-end interface with great simple use, so even a five-grade student can get wont to it quickly.

In the following, we’ve listed some benefits you’ll get from this great instrument panel .

  • Hassle-Free Website Management – The cPanel instrument panel has many useful features, with which you’ll control everything of your site. as an example , you’ll easily manage and forward the e-mail messages, keep the regular backup for database and files, add or remove the add-on domains under one hosting account and lots of other tasks.
  • A High Level of Portability – This instrument panel is very portable. this suggests you’ll continue using it albeit you transfer your website from one web host to a different .
  • Simple Installation – actually , most the standard web hosts pre-install this instrument panel into your hosting account in order that you’ll start using it directly. However, if you’re required to put in it manually, the method is pretty simple. you simply got to download it from the official site and run the script for the successful installation.
  • Intuitive Interface – The interface of cPanel is straightforward to be understood and utilized with the graphical-based icons. this suggests you are doing not got to have prior experiences or hands-on knowledge. additionally , there are different versions of interfaces for various users that include email users, administrators and clients.

In addition to the cPanel instrument panel , HostGator also offers the 1-click script installer that’s called as QuickInstall. With it, you’ll install an outsized number of open source applications into your hosting account easily.

Support of Hostgator

HostGator Support 2020

HostGator Support 2020

HostGator offers around the clock support, and that they don’t make it hard to seek out . Their toll free support number is featured prominently on every page of the location , along side a live chat button that you simply can use if you favor that to calling support on the phone.

Server Uptime Guarantee

Some web hosts state a high uptime number, or maybe claim to possess a guarantee, but they will not offer you anything in writing. Hostgator actually codifies their 99.9% uptime guarantee in writing, and it’s one among the higher guarantees that we have seen . If the server your site is hosted on doesn’t meet the 99.9% uptime mark, Hostgator will credit you for one full month of service.

Hostgator Price:

Although HostGator offers a number of rock bottom prices for hosting, those monthly fees are only available if you check in for 3 years. If you would like to pay monthly, their pricing is far less attractive. So you’ve got to think about a better price if you cannot buy several years directly .

For example, rock bottom tier shared hosting is listed at $2.75 per month. If you simply want to buy one year, that price jumps to $5.95/month. Anything but a year jumps to a whopping $10.95/month.

Competition: Hostgator vs. GoDaddy

Compared to GoDaddy, Hostgator comes out on top for value, reliability, and price as long as you’re willing to buy three years beforehand . for instance , the GoDaddy Economy plan provides just 100 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and one email address through Office 365, all for $5.99 per month if you buy three year beforehand .

Hostgator’s comparable Hatchling plan provides unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, and a free SSL certificate, all for $2.75 per month if you buy three years beforehand .

Hostgator and GoDaddy’s other tiers follow an identical pattern, with Hostgator consistently providing a rather higher level of service for fewer money. Hostgator also features a superior uptime guarantee in terms of compensation, although they both promise an uptime of 99.9%.

Proposal for HostGator alternatives:

A2Hosting is a web host that’s trained known for speed, but that may not all they need to supply. We found A2 to be a really capable and versatile web hosting provider during our time with the service. Whether Ie Iimed just starting out and just need a WordPress site to blog on, or I just tried-and-true website admin, A2 has the choices you would like no matter the sort of site you run. >> View more details <<

Bluehost is a popular website hosting company founded in 2003 by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton. The company utilizes open source technology to provide some of the best cloud-based online solutions to their clients. They are currently hosting more than 2 million websites on their servers, and they are also the recommended web hosting company by WordPress. >> View more details <<

10xDrive is a General product, that everyone needs. A generic product for every Niche. It can be said that this is an insanely low priced premium hosting service with all the advanced options available. >> View more details <<

HostGator Pros:

Here are some features that increase the advantages offered by Hostgator:

♥    WordPress Hosting

If you’re using WordPress as content management system, Hostgator is one among the simplest options. For this, you’ve got three options on WordPress hosting available: $5.97 (starter), $9.57 (standard) and $16.77 (business). All of the rates are supported the worth during the promo period. As such, you’ll expect the rates to extend once you renew your plan.

♥    Blogging Features

Hostgator is a tremendous choice for bloggers. Among the features that you simply can expect include an easy instrument panel which has been designed with user experience as a goal. It also has speed boosting features, WordPress plug-ins, also as premium options.

♥    eCommerce Features

Hostgator was also designed with online shops in mind. This web hosting provider recommends the business decide to host ecommerce stores. The plan offers free dedicated IP address, and a free dedicated SSL certificate.

♥    Quick App Installer

You can select from over 75 applications. The installation process are often completed in only a couple of clicks.

♥    cPanel Powered

cPanel is an industry wide recognized instrument panel that gives all the needed goodies to make and maintain a tremendous website.

♥    High Quality Support

This type of support offers non-stop server monitoring, with a reliable team of customer service representatives reachable through email, phone, and chat support.

♥    Ease of Use

This aspect is where this web hosting provider really excels in. All of the accounts have free website building tools like Weebly SiteBuilder. On top of WordPress hosting, you’ll even have access to a customized instrument panel streamlined particularly for blogging. Regardless whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned blogger, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience.

♥    Refund Policy

All of the plans under Hostgator accompany a 45-day a refund guarantee. this is often good, considering that other providers offer a typical 30-day policy. this suggests that Hostgator is supplying you with longer to finally decide before making a commitment to a specific package.

HostGator Cons:

Here are a number of the drawbacks of Hostgator:

Some reviews claim that they receive dissatisfying service from customer service, which they’re slow to resolve concerns. However, this is often also a case-to-case basis because some also report an honest assistance from the team.


Overall, HostGator is a reliable web hosting provider with tons of features to supply . apart from some reports regarding customer service concerns, there’s not tons of reasons to complain about. cash in of the available promo code and avail of the discount and check out the service to ascertain whether or not it’s perfect for you.

HostGator is a company which is sweet for everyone . this is often protected by the very fact that it offers a good range of hosting plans which may meet your needs and budget. Hostgator may be a company that comes with a robust reputation. This alone, is already a guarantee of the standard of service that you simply can expect to receive. If you’re checking out a fairly priced web hosting provider, Hostgator may be a good selection for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my HostGator Review. Hopefully, it will help you to make your decision. If you have any questions or you want me to rate a hosting service, just let me know in the comments section of this site. I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

HostGator FAQ

♣   Do i buy a free domain with my HostGator Hosting Account?

No, You don’t get a free domain with any hosting accounts. However, you’ll enjoy one (1) free domain transfer per billing account valued up to $7.95 toward the transfer of any domain. it’s going to be transferred to HostGator through Launchpad.

♣   Is the checkout process easy and straightforward?

Yes, the checkout process is straightforward . All you would like to try to to is choose your plan, add billing information, and you get yourself a hosting plan.

♣   After I make a sale with HostGator when do i buy access to my server?

HostGator support panel claims that Shared, Reseller, Optimized WordPress, and Cloud Sites accounts take but 1 hour to line up.

  • VPS with cPanel or Plesk takes a couple of hours (about 3 to 4) to line up.
  • VPS without cPanel or Plesk takes but 1 hour to line up.
  • The dedicated server takes 24 to 48 hours to line up.

♣   What methods of payment does HostGator accept?

HostGator accepts credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and bank wires. To be specific, the corporate currently accepts any credit or open-end credit with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, Diners Club International or JCB logo. you simply need to take care with the cards issued outside the us marked for “domestic use only.” they will not work because those sorts of cards are typically not connected to the international payment network and only work locally.

♣   Am I ready to upgrade and downgrade my hosting account?

You can upgrade and downgrade at any time. there’s no contract to stay you in your plan. However, you’ll be required to maneuver your own data during the downgrade process.

♣   Does HostGator put any advertising on my website with any of their hosting plans?

HostGator won’t place any ads on your site. that’s one among the various advantages of getting a paid hosting.

♣   Does my account automatically renew?

Your hosting plan will automatically renew supported your selected billing cycle.

♣   How do i buy rock bottom price available for every of the hosting accounts offered?

The lowest price is obtainable if you buy 3 years upfront. for instance , if you pay monthly for Optimized WordPress Hosting Starter plan for 1 site, then the monthly price is $14.95. But if you buy 36 months then monthly is simply 5.95$/month. Amazing isn’t it? All the goodness below comes for free of charge .

♣   Am I ready to install database driven applications like WordPress, PrestaShop, phpBB, Joomla, Drupal osCommerce, etc…?

Yes, you’ll do this with QuickInstall feature. you’ll then install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento. you’ll instantly install over 75 open-source scripts with just a click.

♣   What instrument panel is getting used on the server?

Control panels make our lives easier once we manage our websites. Therefore, when choosing the hosting plan with HostGator, confirm the plan includes an impact panel that you simply expect.

OWP stands for Optimized WordPress hosting. You see it doesn’t include cPanel. Shared hosting includes cPanel on Linux Hosting. Is that a problem? No. you really don’t need a cPanel. HostGator provides you with very handy Portal. It also has Webmail functionality.

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