Home and Away at 7pm was her childhood rule, now she’s on the show

Angelina Thomson has joined home and away as Kirby, keyboardist for the band Lyrik, who recently landed in Summer Bay.

This must be a great time to be there home and away: You have finally defeated NeighborsYou’ve officially won the Australian soap opera.
This is hilarious!

Are you a lifelong fan of home and awayor do you come in with new eyes?
No, I’m a fan. I’ve been a fan for a long time. I grew up on the Gold Coast and this was the nightly routine: 7pm, then dinner is on the table and then the TV is on Channel Seven. That was the unwritten rule.

Home and Away features new cast members playing lyrics in a fictional band. From left: Stephanie Panozzo, Angelina Thomson, Rob Mallett and Adam Rowland.

Home and Away features new cast members playing lyrics in a fictional band. From left: Stephanie Panozzo, Angelina Thomson, Rob Mallett and Adam Rowland.Recognition:Jeremy Greive

Tell me about your character Kirby.
Kirby is creative, she plays keyboards, she is a lyricist, she is a very quiet loving peacemaker in the band but she is also very energetic, she is very passionate, she has passion for her music, lots of love for her chosen family in the band, and [for] her boyfriend who is also in the band. She’s on tour and she’s coming with us.

Is the band allowed to perform a lot on screen?
We do that to an extent, we have quite a lot of gigs. But the writers were amazing at how they built the music into the scenes – having someone tinkering with the guitar or me sitting at the piano adds an element of something you don’t need until you have it. Then it’s like whoa, I don’t know how that would have made sense without it.

Interestingly, you are the keyboard player in the band, not the singer. Because we know you’re a great singer: your CV shows that you have a lot of experience belting out tunes on stage. Can you sing a lot on the show?
I do. Although I’m not the lead singer, we do have a lot of backing vocals. We were in the studio and recorded a lot of things. Stephanie who plays Eden and I did a lot of backing vocals for the gigs. It was really special to be able to integrate this into a world where that wasn’t the expectation when I auditioned that I would be able to blend music, singing and acting with my acting.

Tell me about the experience of coming home and away. It’s not just any show, there’s a story and a legacy there. Are you in awe, is it incredibly intimidating to walk onto the sets you are so familiar with and it’s like, “Wow, here I am”?
totally, totally. There were a lot of emotions in my first week here. Because that’s the thing: all these sets, I see them on TV all the time, but now I’m standing in them, and the world that’s coming out on TV looks so different in reality. There are no walls, a million cameras, a million more people in the room. To be honest, I made a real effort to get from musical theater land to television land: I made an effort before I started filming to go on set and watch many of the actors in their flow states. And listen to the language they spoke, which I wasn’t that familiar with, so it wasn’t so foreign to me on set. I went to this trouble because I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed on that first day of shooting.

It’s well documented that Summer Bay can be a gateway to a big Hollywood career. Do you have that in mind or are you going to wait a few more weeks?
I really just want to take this opportunity one step at a time. I want to squeeze out as much as possible and learn as much as possible in these four walls. There is one element that reminds me of university: I feel like I’m constantly learning and constantly adapting to the changes. I feel overwhelmed as an actor. So right now… I have big dreams, but I also want to take it one step at a time.

Obviously if Marvel calls tomorrow…
(laughs) I don’t even know! I feel like I have dreams of working with certain people in the future. Dream of working with Taika Waititi one day, with Frankie Adams. People like me who changed the game in representation and did things like that. I have big dreams, but I’m also exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. I trust that’s enough.

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