Hillary Clinton’s glass ceiling speech was captured by Flat Earthers

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A stupid conspiracy


conspiracy theorist who believes that earth is flat Clips of the former foreign minister are circulating Hillary Clinton in which theyGlass roof‘, a metaphor often used to describe an invisible barrier that holds women back in their careers.

But according to conspiracy theorists, Clinton is actually refers to a glass dome covering the flat earth. Of course that’s not true.

With such a speech by 2008, Clinton who had just lost the Democratic presidential nominationShe referenced the glass ceiling while discussing her campaign.

The glass ceiling was also mentioned by Clinton 8 years later after she became the presumptive Democratic presidential nomination during the Election 2016 Season.

“It might be hard to see tonight, but we’re all under a glass ceiling right now.”

At the admission of the presidential election donald trumpClinton Once again spoke about the glass ceiling in a speech to her supporters.

Unbelievable to have all these quotes repeated been used by Flat earth believers promote their worldview.

The claim once again began to circulate crosswise social media this month, leading the majority of people to outright mock it. Flat-earth enthusiasts, however fought back quickly.

“What about all these videos of Hillary Clinton saying that one day we’re going to break this glass dome?” asked a Twitter user.

Others, meanwhile, also mentioned Clinton’s comments profess their faith that the earth may not be what it says it is.

“Hillary made her remark about finally breaking the glass seal [sic]said another. “There are videos of rockets hitting something invisible and spinning on. Round or flat, these things tell you something is wrong.”

Even if presented with right contextconspiracy theorist refuse to believe that Clinton was only talking about women in the workplace.

“Even gold [sic] Old Hillary gave us a clue on how to break glass ceilings in her 2016 debate speech with Trump,” wrote another Twitter user. “Ppl thought she was referring to a woman [sic] in business, but it was her way of telling us without telling us.”

While for the readers of the “A stupid conspiracy” Newsletter, Clinton’s remarks about a glass ceiling have absolutely nothing to do with flat earth or a secret dome cover the planet.

The earth is not flat either And is not covered by a glass dome.

While such beliefs still remain fringe, they are grown significantly in the 21st century with the spread of the internet. In the future, don’t be surprised if Clinton’s mentions of the glass ceiling take some getting used to Revive flat earth topics of conversation.

Why it matters

Luckily the flat earth movement has done little harm to US politics as well as other conspiracy theories such as QAnon.

But the steadfastness of beliefthat can be traced back to Biblical times will likely continue into time unpredictable future.

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