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Do not miss Famous People Myxer summarize Hightown Season 2 Episode 10 final season “Tricked me twice.” The whole operation of the ‘Great White’ has been revealed, but there are still some mysteries. Ray’s plan to get his job back has a complicated ending. Jackie goes from feeling like a hero after an important discovery to being zero, someone who let something important disappear. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Hightown season 2 episode 9, Ray gets another piece of advice from Renee about Frankie and Charmaine carrying a dual shipment of Fentanyl. He went to Jackie and Saintille with it and they formed a campaign to get them in action. They caught Charmaine transporting drugs by bus, but Frankie was caught by the police and released on bail. Police find Daisy, the pilot, and Jorge’s body in a cranberry field (an amount from Osito in exchange for bail in prison.) Before Frankie can escape with his family, the state police raided the strip club and arrested him. This is when he finally found out who surpassed him…

Warning… Vandals below!

Above The Finale of Hightown Season 2 Episode 10, Chuleta accuses Frankie of abandoning the site where Daisy was killed. Saintille and Jackie were so excited they arrested Frankie for murder. They had a forensic team in place to find evidence.

He is using you

A press conference was held regarding the arrest of a drug lord and he was responsible for kill three teenagers from Great White narcotics. Ray talks to Major Markson again, about his old job and there is objection from his superiors regarding Renee.

Frankie is in jail on Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Frankie is in jail on Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Renee visits Frankie in prison. She wants to tell him in front of him that she loves Ray and that they are moving forward together. He gave her an abusive tongue about her past and told her that Ray just used her to get his job back then he would throw her aside.

Osito’s hearing did not free him. He needs $1 million cash bail. After talking to the crooked guard who got him charged multiple times when he was initially detained, he learns Frankie was at the same facility and had an assault on him. He tried to flip the CO but only got rubbed in the face.

Upon returning to his cell, he tells Vernon about his situation but he shifts his sights on expanding the prison as Vernon will now be transferred to Frankie’s wing. However, Vernon must earn his stripes…


Renee moved to several places at Ray’s and they talked about their future together. He needs her to retract her statement to ADA Shaw, which got everyone on the radar. She was a bit hesitant at first but willingly supported his request.

Jackie and Leslie are out chatting, they have a “conversation” that has been dodged. Leslie apologizes for what happened between them. Meanwhile, Jackie runs into Dr. Larkin and she’s happy to talk about her recent progress, but the doctor kicks her out because she’s forbidden to discuss the business of a patient. ex-employees outside the office. Then Jackie and Leslie made love and had sex…

To Osito’s surprise, he was released from prison and Saintille are waiting to confront him, wondering how he got out on bail. The two had a confrontation, leaving each other threats.

Saintille asks Jackie and Leslie to personally transport Charmaine, possibly to get more information from her.

Renee went to the ADA’s office to restate her claim against Ray. She declare initially lied because Frankie coerced her. Renee comes to Ray with the good news and they start making love. He received a call to return to the area.

Old job back

When Ray talked to Markson, he gave him his old badge and rank back! Even put him on Charmaine’s New York cuckolding task force. Although Lieutenant Smith isn’t too thrilled to see Ray’s return and tells him he will be returning as a sergeant, Saintille will be transferred and he must deliver the bad news to his former teammates. mine.

Ray delivers bad news to Saintille on Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Ray delivers bad news to Saintille on Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Saintille was so angry at the news of being strangled that she even called privilege of white people about the situation. He knew Ray would soon accept and vow to return.

When Osito was out, he visited Janelle as he said he would and they had sex. Then he got a call from the plug to visit NYC.

Jackie thanks Ed on Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Jackie thanks Ed on Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Jackie visits Ed on the boat. He invited her to his retirement party. Initially preoccupied with his ball, she was delighted to attend.

Ray visits Frankie to warn him not to threaten Renee. However, the prisoner turned the tables, giving information that Renee had killed Jorge with the gun he gave her. She’s hiding a secret from Ray, and that she is using him again!

Ray visits Jackie to spread the word about his work, to invite her to his task force, and to get information about Jorge’s murder. She tells him that Chuleta said Frankie would never kill his cousin and that they didn’t find the crime scene. Suddenly, Leslie walked into Jackie’s place and it was awkward.

Ray then visit the pawn shop he followed Renee to and asked the owner about her transaction. He told Ray that she just wanted to buy one bullet for the .38 caliber gun.


Jackie and Leslie transport Charmaine on Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Jackie and Leslie transport Charmaine on Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Jackie and Leslie have been trying to get information about Charmaine for a long time. Charmaine didn’t budge but needed an urgent stop since she got her period. Jackie decided to stop and allow her to tuck the tampon on the curb. When she tries to wrap it up from the back to the front, Charmaine headbutts her and takes off!

Leslie tried to give chase but sprained her ankle and collapsed. Charmine dashed through the forest, across a traffic road, and into another wooden area. Jackie lost her…

Under the bus

While Ray and Renee drove to her mother, he gave her a chance to tell his secrets and she told him she was pregnant.

Jackie and Leslie received their @sses given to them by Lieutenant Smith. After 8 hours of searching, Charmaine still hasn’t been found. Leslie threw everyone on the bus!

Tell him that she resisted the task of interrogating Charmaine Charmaine without her attorney present. Additionally, Jackie has demonstrated poor judgment when allowing the prisoner to exit the vehicle, stopping to check on her instead of chasing the fugitive, and has had impulse problems since she was released. Ray brought. If she still has a job, she’s asking for a new partner!

Leslie throws Jackie under the bus in Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Leslie throws Jackie under the bus in Hightown Season 2 Episode 10

Then Jackie confronts Leslie and she is only interested in her career. Jackie is emotional about it, and of course, misses Ed’s retirement party. She arrived an hour late and had a chance to talk to him, confessing that she wanted the old days back. After that, Jackie was offered a drink and considered what to drink…

One step forward, two steps back

When Ray and Renee arrived at her mother’s house, Callie baked Ray. Renee packed up money, drugs and a gun and left. Later, Ray, Renee and Frankie Jr. decorated the Christmas tree at his residence.

Meanwhile, Saintille worked to her own pace and caught the tip of the cleaning ladies that Renee paid to dispose of Jorge’s body.. Saintille is more concerned with cleaning services.

When Vernon reached Frankie’s wing, he attacked him while he wasn’t looking, stabbing him several times with his shin. We see Frankie fade away and a message arrives on Osito’s phone that simply says, “Done.” He was on his way to the campsite, in New York.

Charmaine hitched a ride and caught a…

A drunk Jackie comes to the house and calls Ray, waking him up to talk about how she messed things up and needs advice. He told her to come inside and call him in the morning. She staggered to the door…it was her agent’s house. Looks like Jackie lost her new job, her girl, and went back to drugs

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Air date: December 26, 2021

Hightown Cast

  • Monica Raymund as Jackie Quinones
  • James Badge Dale like Ray Abruzzo
  • Mike Pniewski like Ed Murphy
  • Riley Voelkel like Renee Shaw
  • Shane Harper like Junior McCarthy
  • Amaury Nolasco as Frankie Cuevas Sr.
  • Atkins Estimond like Osito
  • Dohn Norwood like Alan Saintille
  • Tonya Glanz as Soldier Leslie Babcock
  • Luis Guzman like Jorge Cuevas
  • Imani Lewis like Charmaine
  • Rumi C. Jean-Louis as Frankie Jr.

Guest actor

  • Cecil Blutcher like Vernon
  • Kate Miller as ADA Amanda Shaw
  • Henny Russell as Dr. Sheila Larkin
  • Crystal Lee Brown like Janelle
  • Barbara Weetman like Callie Segna
  • James Biberi as Lieutenant Smith
  • Dominic L. Santana like Chuleta

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