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Harlem follows Camille (Meagan Good), Tye (Jerrie Johnson), Quinn (Grace Byers) and Angie (Shoniqua Shandai), four friends who met while attending New York University. The women now growing up and living in Harlem lean on each other as they try to find success and love.

girl trip Writer Tracy Oliver has created a new group of stylish and ambitious black women trying to achieve their dreams in the city And shed some light on the beauty and culture of Harlem NYC. Harlem is a comedy that will have you laughing, crying and yelling at your TV.

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How to Watch Harlem Season 2 for Free?

You can watch Harlem Season 2 on Prime Video for free using this link.

In Harlem Season 2

After the explosive season finale of season one, in which all four women faced major life changes, season two picks up right where we left off. Camille, Tye, Quinn and Angie once again spend the season balancing love, work and sisterhood with mixed results.

Camille & Ian & Jameson

After blowing up Mira and Ian’s wedding, Camille realized she had to take responsibility for her actions, including drunkenly quitting her job at Columbia by speaking in front of Dr. Pruitt’s door appeared. Not to mention her relationship with Jameson, who turned down Chicago for her.

For once, Camille is forced to be honest with herself and others and ends things with Jameson, which gets complicated when they win a scholarship to study together. In addition, Camille finds out that she has a low egg count and may not be able to have children.

Tye’s relationship bill

Last season, Tye’s ex-husband, Brandon, came back and told Tye that she had no real love or connection in her romantic life. To prove him wrong, Tye tries to change her gambling habits and find a real relationship, as well as freeze her balls just in case.

Brandon also sued Tye for half of her possessions, but when Tye gave him over a million to settle the lawsuit, he broke down and apologized to her for everything. She even managed to find a potential real relationship with Aimee the plant vendor.

Quinn’s Rough Ride

After Quinn worked up the courage to ask Isabella, a young politician who works with her mother, out on a date, she was hurt when Isabella told her she was too busy until now. After the cancellation, she bombarded her dream 73-question interview with Vogue and ended up having a nervous breakdown on her own.

After finally admitting to Tye, Camille, and Angie that she needs help, the women take her on a girls’ trip to Puerto Rico, where she reconnects with her old fling, Keith, and finds that she needs medication for her depression. Once their feelings even out, Quinn decides to dump Keith.

Angie’s rise from below

Angie began season two with no husband, no job, and no money, but after being told by a fortune teller that her future held life-changing happiness, she wanted to have her best year ever. After landing a role in a Hallmark movie, she even meets a guy worth settling for, Michael.

The only problem is Michael met Quinn first so Angie felt like Quinn could never be happy for her. Despite being roommates and close as hell, both women are scared of losing the other, which almost sabotage their best friendship and Angie’s relationship with Michael.

Will there be a third season of Harlem?

As of the S2 release on February 3, 2023, Amazon Studios has not announced whether Harlem will be renewed for a third season on Amazon Prime. S1 premiered on December 3, 2021 and the show was renewed for S2 in February 2022, so we hope to have renewal news for you by April 2023.

What awaits Harlem Season 3

So if Amazon renews Harlem for Season 3, what can we expect? Here’s what we think. In the season 2 finale, all four women were in emergency care while a doctor told one of them that she and her baby were fine. Of course we have to find out which girl is pregnant!

In addition, every woman also has an individual personal drama that has yet to be resolved. Tye found out that Aimee from the plant store liked her and wanted to date her, just in time to realize that Aimee’s adult child is Zoe. The woman Tye had crazy, very casual sex with.

Quinn realized that she didn’t have to be afraid of her feelings or take medication to stabilize them. She’s even managed to get over her breakup with Isabella and her horrible Vogue interview. But when she finally found love for Keith again, she realized she didn’t love herself.

Angie managed the most successful season of all women. From leaving the musical Get Out to ending her relationship with Eric to booking a starring role alongside Jennifer Lewis! Not to mention Michael proposing at the end of the season.

Camille, who started the season with two men and had no idea what she was doing, managed to break out of her old pattern of self-sabotage and figure out what she really wanted. Unfortunately, she’s also realized she doesn’t want children, so she and Ian said goodbye (for good?).

I expect in Season 3 we’ll see Quinn taking the time to understand who she is and what she enjoys doing and what she actually wants in a partner. By the end of Season 2, she has gone on her dream date and started falling in love with herself before looking outward.

Hopefully Tye can find a way to explain to Aimee that it’s okay that she wanted to have sex with her daughter before she came over. On a business note, she’ll also be busy expanding her queer app Q to polyamorous couples, throuples, and more couples.

Angie has a big decision to make, she was finally ready to commit to a man, but is she ready to commit to him for the rest of her life? Her acting career is finally taking off and knowing her that will come before anything else except her friendships.

Camille ended the season alone but with multiple job offers after doing a fantastic grant presentation with Jameson. Speaking of which, he and Dr. Pruitt mentioned that they’re not ready to let Camille go just yet, so maybe we’ll see her again with Jameson and back in Columbia in Season 3.

What do you think of Harlem Season 2? Let’s chat in the comments below!

Cast of the Harlem TV show

  • Meagan Good as dr Camille Parks
  • Tyler Lepley as Jan
  • Grace Byers as Quinn
  • Jerry Johnson as Tye
  • Shoniqua Shandai as Angel
  • Whoopie Goldberg as dr Elise Pruitt
  • Sullivan Jones as Jameson
  • Juan Feliz as Isabela
  • Kate Rockwell as Anna
  • Jonathan Burke as Eric
  • Jasmine guy as Patricia
  • Rana Roy as Mira
  • Christina Jones as Nora
  • RobertRichard as Shawn
  • Andrew Martin as Robin Goodman

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