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Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 20 Finale Part 2 Recap “You are the Blood.” The blood shortage at Grey Sloan Memorial continues. Meanwhile, Meredith makes a risky decision regarding a patient and Owen’s actions to help his fellow veterans come to light. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 19  due to a blood shortage, Grey Sloan Memorial is setting up a voluntary donation center. Meanwhile, Nick asks Meredith for help with his patient, and Winston is hung up on his relationship with his brother.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 20 Finale Part 2, the blood shortage becomes even more dire as they lose their transport of incoming blood, and Jackson Avery and April Kepner return to Grey Sloan.

The episode begins with Jackson talking about Catherine as if she’s dead, but it’s revealed that he’s just talking to a very alive Catherine, along with Harriet and April. Catherine thanks him for his nice words, but wants to hear nice things about her before she’s dead. Jackson leaves, saying he’s on official business to try and help save the residency program.

Ben and Travis pick up the bloody scene at the car crash that was carrying blood bags. Travis is upset about his inability to donate since he’s gay.


Richard and Jamarah Blake still observe Meredith and Nick’s procedure. Helm comes in and informs them that the transport vehicle crashed, and they don’t have more blood for Cora. Meredith wants to put her in the ICU until they get more blood. Meredith has flashbacks to when she and her fellow interns sat in the observation room.

Miranda is overwhelmed, and when she sees April walk in, she tells her to cover the pit. April reminds her that she doesn’t work there, but Miranda doesn’t give her a choice.

April gets blood from Ben, because some of it was salvaged from the crash, but not a lot. Ben tells her that they’ll have to close trauma, because they don’t have enough blood to help everyone.

Jackson talks to Jamarah and asks about her thought process. Jamarah tells Jackson that Meredith is leaving, and that she had to find out about it from a resident. She wonders what else Jackson is hiding.

Owen explains why they helped the veterans, and asks Miranda to let them go. She refuses, no matter how much Teddy and Owen assure her that they were helping those veterans and preventing them from suffering.

April gives blood, and Amelia comes in and greets her. Amelia breaks down about her breakup with Kai. April encourages her to not give up, saying that “sometimes love comes back around”.

Helm wonders why they did the surgery on Cora with the blood shortage. Meredith says that she was just trying to help, and even sees flashes of Derek and getting upset with her the first time she performed that same surgery. Richard storms in and yells at Meredith for only thinking about herself and not the patient. He adds salt to the wound by telling Meredith that Ellis would be proud of her before storming out.

Being There For Those You Love

While Simon and Kristen talk, Kristen begins to have contractions.

Jo asks Kristen what her pain is like, but Kristen doesn’t want to leave Simon to get observed. Suddenly, blood starts pouring down her legs, and she is rushed off in a wheelchair. As she’s leaving, Kristen begs Simon to stay alive.

Schmitt runs into Simon’s room, and asks for the blood, since they’re a match. Winston argues that they need it for Simon, but Simon tells them to give the blood to Kristen. After Schmitt runs off with a few bags of blood, Winston tells Simon that they have to take the baby out, and that it should only take a few minutes. Simon tells them to take him off of ECMO and to give Kristen all of the blood they were going to use for him.

A Chance to Escape

Jamarah finds Miranda with Owen and Teddy, and wonders why trauma is closed. Miranda tells her that she needs a minute, and encouraged Jamarah to donate blood while she waits for her.

Miranda says the world is so screwed up, but that she needs to call the police, because if she doesn’t, she’ll go to jail, too. When Teddy and Owen protest, Miranda says she needs to deal with the blood shortage first. She tells them that it may take a few hours, but that in the meantime she’ll accept their resignation. With much more unspoken words going between the three of them, Miranda wishes them luck before she leaves the room.

Owen and Teddy try to figure out a plan as they rush out of the hospital, avoiding wandering cops.

A Moment of Bliss

Amelia gives Catherine and Richard the good news that Catherine’s cancer is responding to the chemo, so she’s not dying of it just yet.

One Second is Long Enough

Link tells Simon there’s still a chance that he’ll get to meet his son. Both Link and Winston tell Simon that it’s been an honor to be his doctor and to witness him and Kristen’s love story. Simon says that his life was well-lived because he found his great love. He wants Link and Winston to tell Kristen that.

Maggie asks for more blood for Kristen, but they’re all out. Winston brings in one more bag of blood, and waits for the baby to be ready so that he can take him to meet Simon. Winston runs through the halls with baby Jamal as fast as he can, and makes it Simon’s room. Winston lays Jamal on Simon’s chest, and Simon wakes up long enough to meet his son and kiss him on the forehead before he finally flatlines.

Loss Never Gets Easier

Amelia brings the kids to Owen and Teddy at the bar. They don’t want to tell Amelia where they’re going, but she insists to know. They won’t tell her, but she says that she can’t lose them. They apologize and head off with the kids, leaving Amelia confused and teary-eyed.

Meredith tells Nick that Ellis once told her to not to Grey Sloan. Meredith defends her decision to do the surgery, but Nick thinks that they could’ve pushed the surgery to be safer. Meredith is upset, but their argument ends when Cora begins crashing.

Meredith and Nick struggle to bring Cora back. Meredith has flashbacks to when Derek got shot. Nick shakes his head at Meredith, thinking she needs to give up. Meredith gives in, pronouncing Cora dead.

Meredith has to break the news to Cora’s aunt Sally that Cora didn’t make it. Sally doesn’t even know who Meredith is talking about, and Meredith can’t help but think about Ellis.

Love In Different Forms

Miranda finds a bunch of random civilians giving blood, and Schmitt tells her that they put it out on social media and got as much attention as they could. Miranda tells Schmitt that she’ll help him fight the stupid rule that prevents gay men from donating blood.

Kristen holds Jamal and tells him that his father loved him.

Amelia asks Link if he knows what’s going on with Teddy and Owen, but he has no idea. Amelia then apologizes for breaking Link’s heart, saying she’d forgotten how badly it hurts being on that side of the breakup. Link says that he never wanted to have kids before, but Amelia gave him Scout, and that changed his whole life. Because of that, he can’t hate Amelia, he’ll always love her.

The Final Decision

Miranda meets with Jamarah, who says she heard about the issue with the blood transport. Miranda then tells Jamarah that Owen and Teddy both just quit, and that Meredith is leaving as well. Jamarah says that the procedure that Meredith did was unnecessary, caused too many issues, and she disobeyed an order from Richard. She tells Miranda that because her doctors all start to feel like family to each other, they end up not respecting authority like they should. She informs Miranda that she’s choosing to shut down the residency program. Jamarah assures Miranda that they’ll place the residents in the best place that they can, and that in the meantime, Miranda needs to turn the program around.

The residents pack up their things, and as Meredith watches, she remembers when her and her friends were residents way back when.

Keep Those You Love Close

Owen, Teddy, and their kids sit on a plane.

Winston says that it took a lot for him to tell Maggie that he loved them, and for him to propose to her. He tells Maggie he doesn’t think they got married too early, but they just have to keep learning about each other. Maggie smiles and pulls him in to a kiss.

Jo invites Link and Scout over to watch children’s movies. She tells him that he’s her best friend, and with everything else that’s screwed up in the world, she just wants them to be normal. He happily agrees.

Amelia walks out to her car, and Kai walks up, telling her that they can’t sleep. Amelia understands what they’re saying and rushes over to kiss Kai.

The Carousel Never Stops Turning

Jackson tells Meredith that Catherine and Richard are going on sabbatical. He then asks Meredith to take back her notice, and she tells him that she resents him for asking that of her. While they’re talking, Miranda gives Meredith the keys to the Chief’s office, and tells Meredith that she needs to protect herself and her sanity first, so she’s quitting. Jackson offers to pay Meredith even more than what she’d make in Minnesota, and says that especially now she can’t leave. He tells Meredith to think it over as he leaves with April and Harriet.

Meredith sits in the chief’s chair, and doesn’t seem thrilled at all. Nick walks in, and Meredith tells him that he should go back to Minnesota. Nick tells Meredith that he knows that it’s hard to leave somewhere that they’ve been for so long. Meredith asks why Nick didn’t stop her if he knew that all along, but he didn’t want to tell her what to do. Meredith still tells him to go, and says she has a lot of work to do at Grey Sloan.

They show a flashback of some of the most memorable Grey’s Anatomy moments from the last 18 seasons while a rendition of “Chasing Cars” plays in the background.

Meredith sees her younger self through the window of the chief’s office, and jumps up. She rushes out of office and calls for Nick, but he’s already gone.

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Air Date: May 26, 2022

Is There A Grey’s Anatomy Season 19?

Yes! Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 has officially been renewed!

Grey’s Anatomy Cast

  • Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey
  • Chandra Wilson as Dr. Miranda Bailey
  • James Pickens Jr. as Dr. Richard Webber
  • Kevin McKidd as Dr. Owen Hunt
  • Kim Raver as Dr. Teddy Altman
  • Camilla Luddington as Dr. Josephine “Jo” Wilson
  • Caterina Scorsone as Dr. Amelia Shepherd
  • Kelly McCreary as Dr. Maggie Pierce
  • Chris Carmack as Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln
  • Jake Borelli as Dr. Levi Schmitt
  • Richard Flood as Dr. Cormac Hayes
  • Anthony Hill as Dr. Winston Ndugu
  • Scott Speedman as Dr. Nick Marsh
  • Jason George as Dr. Ben Warren
  • Alex Landi as Dr. Nico Kim
  • Debbie Allen as Catherine Fox

Guest Starring

  • Michael Metzner as
  • Dawnn Lewis as Jamarah Blake
  • Kristin Lehman as Cora
  • Sandy Martin as Sally
  • Jason George as Ben Warren
  • Bianca A. Santos as Kristen Clark
  • Cedric Sanders as Simon Clark
  • Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery

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Updated News

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 has officially been renewed!

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18 12 “The Makings of You” March 17, 2022
18 11 “Legacy” March 10, 2022
18 10 “Living In a House Divided” March 3, 2022
18 9 “No Time to Die” Crossover Event with Station 19 February 24, 2022
18 8 “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” December 16, 2021
18 7 “Today Was a Fairytale” December 9, 2021
18 6 “Everyday Is a Holiday (With You)” November 18, 2021
18 5 “Bottle Up and Explode!” November 11, 2021
18 4 “With a Little Help From My Friends” October 21, 2021
18 3 “Hotter Than Hell” October 14, 2021
18 2 “Some Kind of Tomorrow” October 7, 2021
18 1 “Here Comes the Sun” Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Premiere September 30, 2021

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