Getaway puts a cabin in the woods within everyone’s reach

Airbnb isn’t dead, but it’s certainly lost its luster over the years as the top choice for a quick, relaxing getaway. Fees skyrocket and an oversupply of investment properties means you’re often paying a premium for a dull, drab space. Why spend hundreds to visit someone else’s house? If you really want to get away from it all, maybe all you need is a getaway.

Ready to learn more? Read on for our Getaway review.

What is escape?

Short breaks are a change from the traditional Airbnb or hotel vacation. Not a place to sleep on vacation, Getaway is the vacation, offering feature-packed tiny cabins in the woods. It’s every comfort of home you can imagine without the distractions of modern life.

Founded in 2015 by two Harvard students, Getaway was conceived as the ultimate getaway from modern life. You get the comforts of home without the connections that pull you out of the moment.

Tell me about Getaway’s cabins

Each cabin is equipped with heating and air conditioning, power outlets, a kitchen for cooking, a stunningly comfortable bed and a huge picture window to enjoy the nature views. Most importantly for gentle city people, there is a bathroom with a hot shower.

What you don’t get is a feature as well. There is no TV and no wifi. Each cabin is equipped with a small box for your phone so you won’t be distracted during your stay. Everything nature makes great without forcing you to bear nature well.

Where can I rent a holiday home?

Currently, Getaway has over 19 locations across the United States, offering a perfect glamping experience from California to Tennessee and everywhere in between.

You can find them in Atlanta, Austin, San Antonio, Boston, Charlotte + Raleigh, Chicago, DC, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Machimoodus, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Eastern Catskills, Western Catskills, Pittsburgh -Cleveland, Portland and Seattle.

With cabins so beautifully designed and the promise of a peaceful night’s sleep, we just had to see for ourselves if it was too good to be true. Luckily, the nice folks at Getaway were kind enough to check us out on a cabin for the evening at the company’s Nashville location.

Getaway Review: Our night with Getaway House

Part 1: Arrival

As soon as you arrive, you realize how far removed your campsite is from society. We stayed in Nashville, but the cabin was actually about an hour away in Celina, TN. This has given us the gift of being away from bachelorette parties or noisy parties.

Our campsite was at the back of several acres of property past dozens of other tiny cabins spaced far enough apart for a private experience. When we pulled up we were greeted with a beautiful cabin, a fire pit and chairs, a picnic table and a box of fire supplies. We also spotted two bars with cellular signals and 5G only occasionally deciding to work. Even without Wi-Fi, the remote location kept us separate.

What struck me immediately, even before I entered the cabin, was the silence. Nature has a soft and beautiful white noise that is often difficult to hear in the city. There is just too much ambient noise and the hum of nature is drowned out. As you stand in stillness and breathe in the clean mountain hair, a sense of peace washes over you. If not checking your email was a physical sensation, it would be this feeling.

Part 2: Your home away from home

Entering your cabin is a little surreal when you’ve never been to a nice little house before. The beech wood paneling creates a warm ambience for your evening apartment. One side of the cabin consists of a tiny little kitchen. Here you will find everything you could possibly need: a counter, sink, stove, refrigerator and cooking utensils. In the cupboards you’ll find staples – coffee, tea, s’mores – which can be purchased for a small fee.

At the far end of the cabin in your bed is a delightfully plush queen-size mattress next to a huge picture window. For science, we immediately curled up with a book and enjoyed the early evening golden hour streaming in through the window. Don’t worry about your privacy or need a dark room to sleep. There is a blind that you can pull down.

At the other end of the cabin in the bathroom. The worst thing about camping is always the bathroom. You’re either stuck when your best bet is to use an outhouse or public restroom. In the worst case, you do your business in the forest. Like an ordinary bear. Getaway gives you your own private bathroom, complete with fluffy toilet paper, unlike the single-ply scares of public campgrounds.

Opposite the toilet is a frankly incredible shower. It’s crazy to imagine that kind of shower pressure in a tiny house in the woods. Sure, you’ll run out of hot water faster than at home, but it’s a nice luxury.

Part 3: Oh crap…we forgot supplies and Getaway saved the day

Upon arrival we found that we forgot to bring food. This is important when planning your trip. Getaway’s small kitchen is perfect for making small dinners, and the fire pit can easily handle steaks if you bring them with you. While we found some wonderful food in town (call Dale Hollow 1 Stop BBQ), Getaway offers a grocery box that includes pasta, oatmeal, soup, and other goodies for $30.

After settling in for the night, we decided to build a campfire to enjoy some s’mores and the cool mountain air. Each campsite is equipped with a crate containing everything you need to start a fire, each for a small fee. This is a place where Getaway would easily outperform Camper, but the prices are incredibly reasonable.

A bundle of firewood was $8 and lasted four three hours of campfire time. If you haven’t made a fire since Boy Scouts as a kid like me, you can also get a basic fire starter for $2. Finally, the set up s’mores were $5. Honestly, this is a steal if you’ve ever tried making s’mores for two. S’mores are at least three separate purchases, and your $5 includes two chopsticks for frying.

A quick note on s’mores

If you want the best s’more experience, after you’ve made your cookie, place it on the included griddle. Fry your s’mores when you get the chance. You are welcome.

Part 4: Good night

After a relaxing evening of sugar and several beers, we finally wrapped up the evening. To quell our fire completely, we retired to our soft bed for the night. We were lucky enough to time our visit around the full moon. The picture window and bed made for the most comfortable stargazing I have ever experienced as the moon rose in the night sky.

Your campsite is far from the city and offers you a crystal clear view of the cosmos and the soft sounds of nature echoing through the forests. The moon lit up the forest around us as we fell asleep. Hours later we were awakened by the warmth of the morning sun. Check-out was 11am, just like any other overnight accommodation.

What makes Getaway different from renting an Airbnb or cabin?

As someone who grew up camping and writing softly online, Getaway has been a delight. You get the beauty of nature, from hiking trails to your own fire pit and night sky, far from the city’s light pollution, but spare yourself the humiliation. No sagging, leaking tents. No hard floor to sleep on. There is a bathroom. Being out of cell phone range and still having a roof and a working toilet was the norm.

Sure you could rent a cabin and have a similar experience, but no, you really can’t. Renting a cabin for a night can cost upwards of $500 before fees, which isn’t bad if you’re splitting the cost among several people. But for a pair, that’s out of most people’s price range.

Getaway cabins range from $99 to $439 per night depending on the location and time of year you choose to book. This is one of those times when living in a red state or away from a big city center will help you. Booking a Getaway location in Los Angeles will cost you far more than the company’s offerings, which are an hour from Nashville.

When you consider that a crappy Airbnb in Los Angeles can fetch you $200 a night after fees, Getaway feels downright reasonable. Especially if you can get a cabin in one of the cheaper areas. Like all accommodation, holidays and summer will have higher prices than the winter months.

Final Verdict: Is Getaway Worth Its Money?

We had such a great time without Getaway that we are really looking forward to booking for ourselves this winter. Getaway is an incredible summertime experience, but with its internal heating and easy-to-build fire sets, it’s actually ideal for people enjoying a chilly evening outside.

Above all, my wife wanted to go back. As two adults working online constantly, Getaway offered us a night where personal connections were easy because the rest of the world was so isolated. You don’t realize how often you check Twitter or Instagram until you do it a fourth time without a signal. At the end of the night we didn’t even bother to carry phones around. Did you know you can?

Getaway offers a cozy and romantic glamping cabin experience that won’t agonize you over the little things you forget. In a world of $15 chips in minibars, one has to respect a company that only charges $5 for a S’mores kit.

If you feel the call of the wild that beckons you but find it difficult to sell your significant other in the great outdoors, Getaway is the perfect middle ground. All the luxury of a modern hotel in the midst of nature’s bounty. We really can’t wait for our next chance to get away.

Are you interested in escaping for your own private slice of heaven? Book your overnight stay or your next weekend getaway with Getaway now.

Best of all, use coupon code DAILYDOT to get $25 off your stay.

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