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Generations Of Wandering Jew Propagation

My grandma was an avid plant lover. Really, I come from an extended line of plant fanatics, however she had a few of the household’s oldest specimens. She gave my mother a slicing of Tradescantia, a standard houseplant that roots simply from cuttings. It has a reputation that’s frowned upon these days, however I nonetheless name it by its authentic moniker. I hope nobody is offended.

My mother, sister, and I often alternate vegetation and seeds. One in every of my most particular vegetation is simply a yr outdated, however it’s actually older. It got here from my mother’s wandering Jew (Tradescantia houseplant). That plant began from a slicing of my grandma’s. Grandma handed a couple of years in the past at over 100 years of age. She had the unique plant since she was in her 40’s, so it’s an oldie. 

My sis took a slicing from Mom’s plant about three years in the past. Once I moved right here to be close to my household, she gave me a slicing of hers in a bit slicing glass as a housewarming current. It shot out little roots inside every week I imagine it was. It was fairly superb and pleased sitting in its water. I stored forgetting to pot it up, as we have been busy with so many different issues within the new home. It didn’t thoughts. It stayed inexperienced and wholesome for a number of months earlier than I discovered the correct pot and obtained maintain of some potting combination. 

Wandering Jew Propagation

Tradescantia zebrina is a phenomenal houseplant. They’re additionally referred to as spiderwort plants and are acquainted sights in properties. The rationale they’re so widespread is their ease of propagation. All you have to do is snip off a stem with some leaves and plunk it in water. Look ahead to it to root and pot it up. I think the unwell chosen moniker comes from this ease of propagation the place the plant would journey round from household to neighbor. They’ve a trailing behavior and make nice hanging plants however may also be utilized in normal container conditions. The purple etched inexperienced leaves and purple stems stand out amongst different historically inexperienced flora. 

My wandering Jew is now proudly in a planter formed like a frog. My sis and I have been “frog and toad” as youngsters, for causes I can now not keep in mind. Nonetheless, I’m nonetheless keen on frog formed issues. I not often must water it, it has shot out new stems, and is a contented little plant. Ultimately, I should transfer it from its froggy dwelling, however that might be some time. 

Each time I’m going to my mother or father’s home, I gaze on the large wandering Jew from which my little plant was created. It’s a testomony to a few generations of plant freaks and our love of all issues inexperienced. Additionally it is a robust reminder of my Grandma and all of the great reminiscences we now have created as a household. I treasure my little plant and all it represents.

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