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Do not miss Famous People Myxer summarize The Game (Reboot) Episode 10 Final Season “Reshuffle the Deck.” As the first game for Las Vegas Fightin’ Fury approaches, Malik negotiates with the Colonel as the player’s representative to avoid a potential attack, and Brittany makes it clear to Tasha about Club EndZone. Here’s what you missed.

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Previously on Game (Reboot) Episode 9, Tasha plots to sue Oakmont and get Simone disqualified for cutting her daughter’s hair before a tennis match. Even planning to buy a prestigious school. While Jason was in town, Brittany helped surprise him with his Hall of Fame presentation. Tasha makes him realize how proud he is of his daughter. He vows to help her with Club EndZone as long as she makes it clear to Tasha about being part of the deal.

Malik tried to help a former teammate with mental health issues and it backfired. It helped him realize that only helping others than himself. Jamison got injured outside of football and asked Brittany to give him an injection, she did but unfortunately…

Warning… Vandals below!

Jamison on The Game (Reboot) Episode 10 Season Finale

Jamison on The Game (Reboot) Episode 10 Season Finale

Above The Game (Reboot) Episode 10 Final Season, Mr. JJ Jiggles was moody in his dressing room before work and was beaten for not sure if he would form a team or not. Brittany joined him to talk about it and wanted to clear his mind. She led him out of the back room and his comrades were there to surprise him that he formed the team!


Tasha met with Colonel Thatcher about the proposed purchase of Oakmont Academy. Although Garrett didn’t sign the deal he wanted. Though he does offer her an option to buy back at any time. They agreed 35% and congrats on the deal! He then brings out the Club EndZone before Brittany can notify her.

The Oakmont board removed Simone and she was outraged, so Tasha asked security to escort her out of her newly purchased academy. Brittany then congratulates Tasha, and the owner of the bar toasting the “new school” on trust. Tasha got so angry when Brittany used her name on the Colonel that she fired her! Tell her that the club will do well. Brittany countered it was her idea. Tasha scolds her as she tells her that one day she will understand the importance of having a good name…

Meanwhile, teammates have questioned Malik about player negotiations and they don’t have enough to support. They offered the ability to attack and he placate them until he spoke to the Colonel.

Malik spoke to Thatcher about the player’s healthcare proposal, and the billionaire felt it was reckless spending and offered him a pre-signed ownership offer in exchange for his loyalty. ! Thatcher told him to let Tasha preview and prepare for the signing. Caleb showed up to encourage him to sign…

Britanny bursts into the house and Raquel takes care of her. She’s packing up to leave again, and Raquel tells her to stop running when things get tough. Jamison stops by to talk to her about leaving but she also needs her “why” and it’s no longer in Vegas. He convinced her to think about staying but she eventually left.

Find help

Malik struggled with an ownership decision, so he called Tasha, but she didn’t answer him because she was interviewing a new personal assistant (plus they’re currently estranged. ) Caleb shows up and pressures him to admit his wrongdoing towards him. As he was frustratedly shouting his apologies to Caleb, Jamison came to comfort him. Malik admits to Jamison that he killed his best friend!

Malik went live and publicly admitted he saw and spoke to his deceased friend. He explained how he felt responsible for Caleb’s death. And the more he moved toward his possessive goal, the more guilty he felt. He encourages anyone with mental health problems to seek help. All the people important to his world saw it and Tasha went to his place soon after. She apologized for the communication failure and did not recognize his condition. He also apologized for sabotaging her. Caleb is leaving with his luggage and he talks to him in front of her and she has witnessed how serious it is and vows to stay by his side.

Strike or not strike?

A few weeks later, the first season opener was on Fightin’ Fury, and they had a big problem with ownership. Will they keep their promise to strike??

Thatcher gets agitated and clashes with Garrett. He tightened his grip on the command that if he did not sign his contract before starting his offer would be cancelled. In addition, superstar Beyoncé does not sing the national anthem. Garrett offered him a replacement as long as he signed the contract.

Brittany returns and interviews for a part-time hostess position at Club EndZone. Tasha and her new assistant saw her in the club and she sadly wondered why she was there. They had a stern conversation but Brittany vowed to work hard to regain her trust and Tasha gave her a chance. Her magazine goes viral, and Tasha is happy that she’s personally competing to surpass Oprah in every achievement.

Jamison gets a surprise visit from Brittany, she can’t stop thinking about him. She was tired of running and ready to give it a real try and they kissed. Raquel goes to the club and she and Brittany make up. Suddenly, Brittany gets a visitor to her seat… it’s Allison (Jamison’s ex.) Allison recognizes Brittany from Hard Blocks and wants to make Jamison’s first game. She just flew in from Europe and will be in town for a while. Britany now has to compete with the person Jamison loves and has to go to jail for the crime

Colonel and Tasha talk on Game (Reboot) Episode 10 The Finale

Colonel and Tasha talk on Game (Reboot) Episode 10 The Finale

Malik spoke with Thatcher for the last time about better health care but the two were deadlocked on their stances. The stands were packed and Thatcher spoke to Tasha about asking Malik to change his mind. She supports whatever decision Malik makes. He didn’t ask, but just ordered her. If the team attacks on opening night, he threatened to sell all his shares in her company! She countered that he had no control in her company to do so. Thatcher clapped her hands and told her that he had taken to the bank where she borrowed her money, and with his deposit, if he called her loan due and she didn’t pay full, then everything will be his!

Meanwhile, Raquel sings the national anthem to Brittany’s surprise and excitement.

The Fightin' Fury on The Game (Reboot) Episode 10 Season Finale

The Fightin’ Fury on The Game (Reboot) Episode 10 Season Finale

The coach hyped the team to play but Malik reassured them to talk. He marched to the tunnel and dropped his helmet. Teammates also watched one by one drop their helmets – including Jamison (he worked so hard but couldn’t play his first professional soccer game!) Thatcher told Tasha Mack in tears that her loan would be due in 48 hours in cash only

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Air date: January 6, 2022

Game actor

  • Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha Mack
  • Hosea Chanchez like Malik Wright
  • Vaughn Hebron like Jamison Fields
  • Adrian Rae like Brittany Pitts
  • Analisa Velez as Raquel Navarro
  • Pooch . Hall like Derwin Davis
  • Brittany Daniel like Kelly Pitts
  • Toby Sandeman as Garret Evans
  • Sylvia Jefferies like Montana
  • Robert Pralgo as Coach Long
  • Cecil Blutcher as Caleb Antwan Jones
  • Tim Daly as Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher

Guest actor

  • Cynthia Evans as Simone Garner
  • Robert Pralgo as Coach Long

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