G2 Esports finishes lower bracket run 12-0 to become 2022 LEC Spring Champions against Rogue

For eight weeks, the 10 teams competing in the LEC battled valiantly for a spot in the 2022 Spring Playoffs, where only six teams had a chance to call themselves the region’s best. A champion was crowned in a surprising fashion today, and G2 claimed the trophy again after defeating Rogue in the 2022 Spring Playoffs Finals.

For G2, a 9-0 on their lower bracket run didn’t seem like enough for the team to win that championship with another straight clean streak and little chance for Rogue to find a way back.

Caps had Rogue running in circles as soon as the first game started. Thanks to Ahri’s recent mini-rework, which put more charges on her ultimate for successful takedowns, Caps fearlessly leaped into and around huge clusters of enemies. Even the tanks on Rogue’s side struggled to survive a full combo of Caps that continued to force large summoning spells outside of teamfights. Within 20 minutes, Caps had reached a massive power spike that the entire Rogue couldn’t fight, complete with an Everfrost, a fancy Rabadon’s Deathcap, and a constantly stacking Mejai’s Soulstealer.

In a game-defining team fight for the Mountain Drake, Malrang led a valiant charge against G2’s attack. However, due to Caps’ strength, Rogue couldn’t handle his slippery movement and massive explosion damage. Caps emerged happily from his first appearance in this playoff final with an 8/0/4 KDA and was named Player of the Match.

Unsurprisingly, Ahri was taken off the table for the second game, paving the way for everyone league legends Fan Favorite Mid Lane Matchup: Corki vs. Azir. Sneaking a Baron under G2’s nose seemed like Rogue’s way back into this series, but the team’s lack of initiation allowed G2’s bot lane to fight unchallenged.

Targamas’ Renata Glasc was a crucial part of G2’s teamfighting abilities, keeping key members of the team alive while forcing Rogue’s scaling comp to fight each other. While G2 stayed ahead, Targamas was able to put his W on Caps to increase attack and movement speed, and use the ability’s offensive effects instead of defensive ones.

Ahri returned to Caps hands for game three, despite knowing that Rogue’s hold on a playoff win was waning. Rogue shifted his early game plans to constantly roaming from Malrang to the bot lane, leaving Flakked and Targamas well behind within the first five minutes of play. They quickly turned this game into the bloodiest of the series, putting it on par with G2 for a long game of constant combat.

As in the first game, once Caps was activated, Rogue was unable to do anything. Their early-game lead that put all of Rogue in a comfortable position to battle with G2 fell out of their hands as they put too much attention to caps. A team fight led by Pyke of Targamas and Ornn of BrokenBlade returned all the momentum in G2’s favor, bringing home another trophy for G2’s storied legacy in Europe.

G2’s playoffs iteration turned an already strong team into an unstoppable force, even after being forced into a lower bracket run due to Fnatic. The team secured a record 12-0 run through the bottom bracket after seemingly unlocking a buff knowing that only a loss would mark the end of their playoff run. Caps earned the coveted Final MVP award after three career-defining games.

G2 now enter the Mid-Seaa Invitational as the reigning LEC Spring Playoffs Champion and the LEC’s sole representative. Having defeated all of the biggest teams in the LEC, G2 are now turning their attention to the international stage – their sights now set to T1, the undefeated winners of the LCK Spring Playoffs. It’s unclear if these teams will have the opportunity to meet there, but G2 are clearly ready to prove themselves to the rest of the world.

The 2022 League of Legends The Mid-Season Invitational begins May 9 in Busan, South Korea. G2 Esports are the only teams currently qualified for the competition alongside T1, TCL’s Istanbul Wildcats and LJL’s DetonatioN FocusMe.

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