Fractal Meshify 2 Case Review

The PSU cable shield detaches from the back, revealing an included dual 3.5” / 2.5” drive cage with a pair of drive sleds. The drive cage is screwed to the floor of the case, and can be easily moved along slots routed in the bottom of the case to position it for better cable management from the PSU side or to the drives themselves. A Corsair RM1000x power supply easily mounted up to the removable back plate and slid into place.

The accessory kit includes plenty of vibration dampers and attachment hardware. Why yes, that is an old IDE drive. Move along.

SSDs can easily be mounted to a pair of included drive holders that slide into the back panel behind the motherboard and secure with a thumbscrew. I like the fact that the 2.5” drive sled stops short of the connectors, leaving as much room as possible for the power and data cables as sometimes that particular set of connections is … compact … depending on if you’re using “stock” cables or 3rd party.

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