FBI Recap: Season 4 Episode 20: Ghost From The Past

Nina (Shantel VanSanten), Wallace (Katherine Renee Turner) and Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) work a case at the FBI. Photo credit: CBS

The past is difficult to escape from.

After Nina Chase joined the team On the hunt for a serial killer, she had to help OA when his personal problems interfered with the search for a terrorist.

This made the episode titled Ghost From the Past heavier than usual FBI.

OA’s memories come up

Just outside JFK Airport, a woman in uniform (Cameron Adams) told two men that her boss was suspicious and that she needed to resign. She promised to return the money they gave her, but when she walked away they shot her.

Detective Torino (Mike Keller) updates OA and Nina that the victim is Cher Wilkins, a TSA agent. Her supervisor, Bill Reynolds (Patrick Noonan), told agents he was suspicious that Cher suddenly owned a new car and believed she was letting drug couriers pass through the security line.

A review revealed that Cher had visited a restaurant on several occasions, with evidence it could be linked to a drug ring. Nina picked up OA when he was meeting some of his ex-teammates from Afghanistan. She noticed him rubbing a string on his fingers.

The couple checked the restaurant and found that it had many more security cameras than a regular place. OA shared the string to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death to a former Army pal.

Nina toasted the man, but OA spotted someone (Fawad Siddiqui) he knew at a nearby table. He followed him into the men’s room, but the man was already gone.

OA went outside, Nina followed him. OA said he believes the man is Tamir Hazara, aka “The Rat,” a former target of his team, convinced this was his chance to catch him.

There was just one problem: the official records said that Tamir had been killed in an airstrike three years earlier. Nina spoke to Jubal about OA being distracted by his friend’s death, which could affect his judgment. She didn’t want to get him in trouble but was concerned about OA’s behavior.

A computer search confirmed that Wilkins was on the run and was probably killed trying to retreat. They found footage of her waving a man through customs, Jorge Cissenros (Michael Rivera), a wanted dealer.

One of OA’s contacts confirmed that Tamir is dead, but OA had its doubts. He put it aside as they walked to Jorge’s house just as he returned. Of course he had to lead them in a short chase on foot and of course he was quickly caught up.

A meeting goes badly

OA spotted across the street who he thought was Tamir and found a stranger with Nina who was more worried than ever. She and OA interrogated Jorge, who said he was simply being paid to ship some heroin to Chicago and was unaware of a major operation.

He identified Jem Polat (Anthony Azizi), the restaurant owner, as the man who hired him.

They match Jorge for a wire to trick Polat into incriminating himself. OA took Nina aside to worry that Tamir might be involved, insisting he knew his eyes. He showed Jorge a photo of Tamir, who claimed to have never seen the guy with Nina urging OA to back off.

Jorge met Polat, who revealed the package was indeed empty and “we” had to make sure they could trust Jorge. He tried to ask about the partner, but Polat brushed it off. He revealed they had a new TSA insider and a real job for Jorge, who was playing because he was too nervous to get more details.

OA urged Jorge to meet the partner in person. Polat refused, and Jorge agreed to come back later. While Polat didn’t say anything incriminating, Isobel figured they could find out who the new TSA agent was and use him to get to Polat.

Polat gave Jorge a bag and jacket to identify him with the TSA agent. Scola posed as a taxi driver and checked the bag to see that it was in fact a bomb.

Chasing a rat

OA pointed out that the bomb was exactly the type Tamir wanted to build and would have blown if the plane had been airborne.

The team ambushed the restaurant, with Polat shooting at them before OA attacked him. Polat turned out to be Abdul Al-Halil, a former Taliban fighter who still wanted to attack America. He also had no ties to Tamir, who the CIA still claimed was dead.

They harassed Polat, who denied everything until they brought up his real name and evidence of his connection to Wilkins. OA flatly accused Polat of collaborating with Tamir, with Polat stating how many of his people the Americans killed.

Nina gently said OA needed to talk to someone about this “obsession” as he dismissed that he didn’t have PTSD or any issues in order to walk away.

There was still no evidence as to who shot Wilkins when they turned their attention to the rogue TSA agent. OA found security footage of the man it believed was Tamir at the restaurant to look for in other systems.

Scola was carrying the red jacket to the airport just as Wilkins’ boss Reynolds was about to let him through. As agents were about to arrest him, Reynolds showed a photo on his phone of his wife and son being held hostage and would be killed if he didn’t do as he was told.

As the team hunted for Reynolds’ family, OA called to say he had found Tamir and believed he had the hostages. Jubal and Isobel doubted but OA refused to come in and followed his gut to a nearby warehouse.

The team only headed for a booby trap to take out an agent and someone to shoot the others. Tamir was holding Reynolds’ wife hostage, and OA certainly recognized him. Jubal came and apologized to OA for not believing him.

OA knew that Tamir would set a trap to blow up the building while he escaped. He and Nina went in through the sewers, slipped past some booby traps and Isobel warned Tamir he was on his way.

OA and Nina made their way to the main camp, with Nina rescuing the Reynolds family. In the sewers, OA found Tamir and they fought briefly before OA shot Tamir in battle.

Jubal hoped this would close OA as Nina apologized for not believing him. She mentioned how “stress hides for years and then one day it bites you.” She assured OA that she would always be there to talk to him whenever he went out.

OA went to his psychologist to admit he thought he was getting better but realized he needed to talk.

It’s been a tough hour for OA to show just how much the stress of the last few weeks has gotten to him, and even the best agents need a little help every now and then.

FBI Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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