Essential tips for dealing with a flooded car

While the chaos around can cause you to panic when your car is flooded in the rain, these steps will guide you through what to do to avoid serious damage.

It goes without saying that if it rains heavily, avoid driving through puddles. However, thanks to potholes and the general construction quality of India’s roads, you can suddenly find yourself in a flooded area. It could also be due to circumstances beyond your control. In such a situation, stay calm and follow these steps and you can get out of it without serious damage to your vehicle. And if you find your car flooded in the rain, that’s a more complicated situation. But rectification is still possible. Follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Let’s start moving

If your vehicle is suddenly flooded while driving, the best way to handle the situation is not to stop the vehicle through the flooded roadway. An abrupt stop can put extra stress on a vehicle that is submerged in the rain. Therefore, you should use lower gears like 1st and 2nd gear when driving, but with higher revs. Stopping your vehicle can increase the amount of water in your vehicle, so going regularly is the right step.

Step 2: Avoid restarting the engine when stopped


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If the vehicle stalls while driving through a flooded area, DO NOT restart the engine. Not only will that cause more water to come in, but stalling can also indicate that the water is putting a lot of pressure on the connecting rods of the engine or that it has entered the engine through the intake or exhaust manifold. When water damages the engine and the pistons don’t compress or move as they should, it’s called hydraulic locking and it’s extremely common in flooded cars. If your vehicle is damaged by water damage, you can expect to pay very high repair costs and in extreme cases, the vehicle can be completely destroyed. The best thing to do in such a situation is to shift to neutral, turn off the engine and push the car to a drier area. Call your mechanic right away for help getting it repaired or towing it for car repair.


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Step 3: Pump the brake after exiting

This applies to both parked cars and moving cars that are flooded. When the water recedes and you can safely open the door, pump the brakes to relieve pressure on the hardware. Excessive water accumulation in that area can cause your brakes to fail.

Step 4: Drain the water from the car


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Getting rid of excess water from your vehicle should be your top priority as standing water can damage the electricity. It will save you from the huge costs incurred in repairing car interior parts that are flooded in the rain. Wipe the interior with a towel or use a dry/wet vacuum to absorb moisture.


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Step 5: Prioritize vehicle ventilation

Keeping your vehicle well-ventilated is essential when caught in a flood. To dry the car, pull down the windows and open all the doors. Let the sunlight dry your car completely. If that’s not feasible, you can use a battery-powered fan to dry the wet surface of your car.

Step 6: Check the electricity


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Modern automobiles brimming with electrical, electrical and water components are a match made in hell. Do a visual inspection first under the bonnet and over the floorboards to check all wiring and connections before you start the vehicle. You should test the dipstick to see if water is getting in. If you are unsure about this part, it is better to let a mechanic handle it. If you can’t find any signs of external damage, start checking them one by one – starting with the headlights, taillights, power windows, turn signals, ignition, seats, cabin lights, air conditioning air, infotainment system and any other parts connected by wire. Have your mechanic check the brakes, clutch, steering and coolant reservoir. Also contact your insurance agent at that time to evaluate the repair.

Even though you’ve followed all of these precautions, you could still pay a hefty price for repairs, but you might end up stopping your car altogether.

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