DoorDash driver says she was sent to Taco Bell, which didn’t exist

DoorDash driver and TikToker Kassi Nicole Goodwin (@getpoppinbro) went viral after posting about a delivery she sent to a Taco Bell location that didn’t exist.

In the video, Goodwin explained that she was assigned a Taco Bell order that was “requested by the retailer.” Arriving at the Taco Bell’s supposed location, she was shocked to see that she was instead sent off a sketchy-looking building into a deserted area.

“There’s nothing there. It’s a building. The lights are off, there are no lights on in the parking lot — it was pitch black so I’m not stopping,” she said.

Rather than exit her vehicle to pick up a Taco Bell order from a building that clearly wasn’t Taco Bell, Goodwin decided to avoid the horror movie scenario entirely by walking away from the order and leaving the area. She said after she left she received a call from a man – believed to be the retailer who placed the order – who didn’t speak English well.

“From what I could understand, he said he was upset that I didn’t pull over and get out of my car,” Goodwin recalled. “And then he demanded that I turn around.”

The TikToker said the man ordered her to return to the location and get out of her car a second time, but she refused. Instead, she called a security company to inform them of the incident.

“So I called ADT and said, ‘Hey, this is the situation. i don’t feel safe What can I do?’ And I got to a safe place at a gas station and I’m still scared. I’m still shaken by it,” she said.

Goodwin also said she reported the incident to DoorDash so other drivers would not receive orders from the suspect Taco Bell. According to her, the company tagged the account and warned other drivers about the situation.

“So just be safe out there if you’re driving for Uber Eats, DoorDash or Lyft or any other apps that are out there now,” she concluded. “Just be sure.”

@getpoppinbro Bad Doordash Dasher Experience. Just stay safe out there!! #doordashdriver #doordash #badexperience #staysafe #staysafeeveryone #ADT #fyp ♬ Original sound – Kassi Nicole Goodwin

In the comments, many users applauded Goodwin for trusting her instincts.

“Good inspiration! If you’re feeling unsafe, you probably are!” wrote one viewer.

“You were always sure to listen to your soul,” commented a second.

“Nothing good would have come of it. Thanks for being smart!” another wrote.

Some viewers offered suggestions as to what the TikToker could have done in the situation and how to stay safe while completing future orders.

“You should have told him, if you’re there, then pick it up yourself and let the cops get his ass!” suggested one viewer.

“Call the cops and let the cops know about it and they can watch the place,” advised a second.

“Always carry something Mace, a knife or a gun,” advised another. “I’ve stormed in bad areas in Downtown Phoenix and Central and almost had to play it safe.”

Other users said they experienced similar driving situations for DoorDash and other companies.

“I also drive for DD and got an order for a Taco Bell, which doesn’t exist either,” shared a viewer. “More than once. Something’s going on here. I’m glad you’re safe.”

“I went through the same thing when I worked for dd. They sent me to a place on Carlisle Pike that didn’t exist. I showed up and there was nothing,” wrote a second.

“I had a subway order and the address led [me] straight to a house,” claimed another. “I called the dealer number and it was [not] on duty… I unassigned and jumped out!”

This isn’t the first time a DoorDash driver has reportedly found themselves in a scary situation. In November 2022, a Portland, Oregon, DoorDash driver was the victim of an attempted auto theft. The attacker covered him in gasoline and set him on fire with a blowtorch. Fortunately, the driver survived the incident.

The Daily Dot reached out to Goodwin via TikTok comment and emailed DoorDash for more information.


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*Initial publication: January 17, 2023 at 7:31 p.m. CST

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Jack Alban DoorDash driver says she was sent to Taco Bell, which didn’t exist

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