DoorDash driver says customer intentionally used fake address

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Published January 18, 2023 Updated January 18, 2023 9:23 am CST

A TikToker claimed she was directed to a U-Haul to deliver a Pizza Hut order via a DoorDash app — because the customer’s actual location was outside the restaurant’s delivery radius. Her cautionary tale serves as a warning to follow the rules, and commentators have chimed in to reinforce that message.

The video is courtesy of TikToker Whitney (@pineapplesandpolarbears) who is based in the Tampa Bay area according to other information available through her linktree. Her tirade was posted on the platform on Jan. 7 and garnered nearly 30,000 views and 4,000 likes as of Wednesday morning.

In the video, she chronicles the story and explains why, even though she knew her customer was waiting for an order at a Holiday Inn outside of the delivery radius given to her on her DoorDash app, she handled the situation differently than her customer expected would have.

She began the video by explaining, “This should really go without saying, but some people are bloody stupid, so I’ll spell it out for you.” She then claimed that delivery services use GPS technology to ensure their drivers deliver groceries deliver the people who have ordered groceries. She also recounted a situation where DoorDash sent her to an address half a mile from a Pizza Hut for a delivery — which she claims was going to “a U-Haul place.”

@pineapplesandpolarbears Provide your correct address when you want your items. I won’t ship elsewhere because I won’t get paid if I can’t complete it via GPS. #common sense #doordashdriver #storiesofmylife #theresanappforthat #karma #karmaforbeingpetty #deliverydriver #deliverydriverproblems #outofrange ♬ Original sound – Whitney

“So I text the customer if it’s the RV park next door, thinking maybe I misread the sign. And they said, ‘No, I’m at the Holiday Inn over there.’ Yo, that’s several miles away,” Whitney says of the client’s actual location. “Again, not normally a problem, but you see stores can choose their delivery radius, and for Pizza Hut that’s outside of their delivery radius. They don’t want their food to be taken that far because it won’t be of as high quality.”

She continues, “When I go there with her order, DoorDash doesn’t let me mark that order as delivered. It will read, “Are you sure? Your GPS does not match the correct location; Please proceed to the correct location for this shipment.’”

The driver then asked the customer if he would pick up the order at the U-Haul; the customer insisted on having the pizza delivered to the Holiday Inn. But after communicating with someone at DoorDash based on their direction, Whitney said she took it to the U-Haul since that was the address provided and the customer didn’t respond to DoorDash’s contact.

According to DoorDash’s website, “if you have a live order and need to change/update that order’s address or instructions” you should contact DoorDash Support “either by phone or via chat.”

Whitney notes that she delivered the pizza to the U-Haul and took a picture of it. She says a U-Haul worker questioned her: “The employee asked, ‘What are you doing?’ And I explained what happened…the customer lied about their shipping address because their shipping address was outside of the store’s delivery radius…So DoorDash tells me to leave the order here.”

After the employee asked if the customer picked up the pizza there and stated that he couldn’t be responsible for that, the creator said, “If the pizza magically disappears… well, they should have been accurate.”

Then she grinned, “The smiles on their faces, y’all. I don’t know if it’s trifle or karma or whatever, but the customer did what he did on purpose,” noting how ready the customer was with the actual address when confronted with the fake one.

Commenters chimed in, noting, “This has happened to me a few times and I always text/call so I have my ass covered.”

Another noted: “The DoorDashers in the town I lived in were so stoned all the time they couldn’t find addresses as they are. I wouldn’t dream of doing that to them.”

One challenged Whitney by saying, “You can contact DoorDash to change your address and they will compensate you for the mileage difference.”

That prompted the creator to record an entire separate video explaining that the shipping address outside of the store’s delivery radius was the main issue.

@pineapplesandpolarbears Replying to @chillipepp, updating an address with Door Dash has limits if the store has set them #maliciouscompliance #addresschange #doordashdriver ♬ Original sound – Whitney

Whitney then characterized her actions as “malicious compliance”.

The Daily Dot contacted Whitney via TikTok comment and DoorDash via email.


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*Initial publication: January 18, 2023 9:22 am CST

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Phil West DoorDash driver says customer intentionally used fake address

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