Divinity Original Sin 2: All Statues of Illusions Answers

Eventually, as you progress through the story in Divinity Original Sin 2, you will be led to a mysterious cave north of the Seekers camp. The cave is filled with illusions and riddles, and you will soon encounter a statue of illusions that will ask you a series of questions. Answer each question correctly and he will help you. Here everyone is Statue of Illusions answers in Divinity Original Sin 2.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Statue of Illusions Answers

Statue of Illusions riddle in Divinity: Original Sin 2

There is actually a trick to guessing the answer. For example, the first question is: “BRACUS is a bloody, mean, thieving, very, very horrible guy. Some even call him a mutt! A CUR is…?” There’s a reason the words BRACCUS and CUR are capitalized. The letters in BRACCUS correspond to the words the Statue of Illusions says afterwards.

So in this case, B is bloody, R is lazy, A is thief, C is very, and so on and so forth. If he asks you what a CUR is, you should match the letters in CUR to the words he said in the first part of the question. With that in mind, you should be able to answer his questions fairly easily.

Here is a list of the adjectives that each letter corresponds to:


  • B: Bloody
  • R: Lazy
  • A: Theft
  • C: Very
  • U: Terrible
  • S: colleague


  • S: scourge
  • O: devil
  • U: misery
  • R: rot
  • C: Hex
  • E: Curse

If you are still having problems with the Statue of Illusions we have the following answers:

  • Finish the sentence with “very awful, lazy”.
  • A curse, a misery, a plague, a curse.

Answer them correctly and the Statue of Illusions will open a path for you that will allow you to advance.

Dealing with Trompdoy

After solving the puzzle you will have to fight Trompdoy again and if you beat him you will be rewarded with the Band of Braccus. Equip it and take it off, and your character will be cursed.

trompdoy in thevinity: original sin 2

Keep moving through the area and looting everything you see, and Trompdoy will inform you that he cannot die while his jar is still intact. Break his glass to complete the quest, then go ahead and touch the statue to be teleported to the Hall of Echoes.

Once here, learn the Bless ability from Rhalic, which allows you to heal yourself from curses.

That’s all you need to know How to solve the Puzzle of the Statue of Illusions in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Be sure to check out Twinfinite for more info on the game, and also check out our impressions of the Switch port.

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