Disability activist says he was targeted by Andy Ngo

Dustin Brandon Ferreira was the first to admit that he had a “mouth”. Brandon is an activist in Portland, Oregon who has been involved in civil rights protests since the summer of 2020.

Brandon’s activism brought him to the attention of right-wing provocateur Andy Ngo, editor-in-chief of the Post Millennial. Brandon says his nightmare began shortly after Ngo tweeted footage of his arrest on September 1, 2020. (He has not been charged.) tweet, Ngo called Brandon “a wheelchair-bound rioter.” Brandon told the Daily Dot he has since been shot in the head, headbutted, punched, sprayed with a mace, made jokes, threatened and pulled a loaded gun – all as a result of his actions. me and Andy Ngo posted about it.

“Andy likes to target individuals,” Brandon told the Daily Dot in a recent phone interview. “He knew that posting pictures of white people in the Black movement would [trigger] his right-wing crowd,” he added.

Ngo did not respond to a request for comment sent on December 23 via Twitter direct message.

Brandon is more recognizable than most members of Portland’s broad, diverse activism movement. He tattooed, slandered and made no attempt to cover his face or hide his identity during the protests. He is also in a wheelchair. Brandon was born with a serious defect of bone formation, commonly known as brittle bone disease. During his 38 years, he says he has broken bones more than 500 times.

Footage from the protests gives the impression of a fearless activist. But the fact that Brandon is more vulnerable than most due to his condition also makes him growth retarded. Records that Ngo posted from one of his arrests show Brandon as 4’2″ tall and 120 pounds.

Brandon’s diminutive size and bone disease didn’t stop Ngo’s far-right followers from threatening him online, and he said, assaulting and targeting him directly. The Daily Dot reviewed footage he provided, in which people he said were from the far right chasing him and several others down the street, taunting him and laughing. He said that at least one of these men was armed.

Weeks after Ngo tweeted a video of Brandon’s arrest, Brandon was re-arrested. This time he was initially charged, though they were dropped within days, records show. Ngo quickly posted a photo of Brandon on Twitter. He continued to use his snap in subsequent tweets, long after the allegation was dropped.

Things escalated after that, Brandon said.

Within 48 hours, his name was flying all over the rightmost circles online. “They’re making videos with my address,” Brandon said.

The threats continued. For eight hours a day, people order food to be delivered to his family members across the country, he said, each time giving the restaurant his phone number so he gets a call to confirm. receive orders. He says this is a tactic the far right uses to terrorize their targets. The message is simple: We know where your family lives.

Their harassment doesn’t stop with the food delivery prank. “Then they contacted every former employer I had, sending them death threats, telling them they were recruiting an active antifa member,” Brandon said.

He also said that someone had threatened to blow up his apartment building.

As the numbers on the right terrorized Brandon, Ngo continued to tweet about him. Over a period of more than a year, Ngo called him “an anti-French fighter,” One “wheelchair users, “”anti-French activist, ” And things like that. Ngo accompanied his tweet with a photo or video of Brandon. For his part, Brandon was unafraid to chase Ngo. In a video that Ngo posted, Brandon said of Ngo, “My personal mission is to destroy your career.”

Brandon also told the Daily Dot that last August, “one of Andy’s right wing groups… shot me.”

ONE take a shot in August that Brandon was present was report on by Intercept.

In another post Brandon confirmed to have made, he wrote, “I will celebrate the inevitable days filled with your lawsuits and judges one day not far from Andy Ngo; or I will spark the karmic explosion of hearing that has finally found your life. “

Ngo describes Brandon’s quote as “waiting for the day he can celebrate when I die.”

Via Instagram DMs, Brandon told the Daily Dot that the karma he is referring to comes in many forms, such as loss of sponsorship and fans. “I might be less concerned if he ran into a group of people he was targeting and they decided to give him a milkshake,” he wrote, referencing an incident that made Ngo a right-wing star.

“Whatever karma comes naturally his way is his creation.”

Brandon said Mr. Ngo’s accusations against him were meaningless. He asserts that he is nonviolent.

“I’m just a community member who cares about my damn community. Am I anti-fascist? Sure.”

“I am not antifa,” he says, drawing the distinction between the version of the caricature that Ngo posts incessantly and his own activism.

Many mocked Ngo and the police for targeting a disabled person, but Ngo’s tweets were also frequently met with calls for violence against Brandon. Many threats mentioned his disability.

“Let’s hit him hard,” one answered to his tweet of a September 2020 photo of Brandon.

“I’m going to knock that bastard out of his wheelchair and drag him a mile down the road and tell him ‘go get it,'” read one Reply for one of Ngo’s tweets in May.

Undeterred, Brandon continued to protest. When Ngo’s book went on sale, he organized a protest by a Portland bookstore that was taking it away.

The bookstore protest last January, which Brandon continued for several days, appeared to have entered Ngo’s radar. In his typical form, Ngo sees this as an opportunity to step up and play the victim.

Brandon said that Ngo’s followers responded kindly. He claimed that they reported his Twitter account repeatedly, which eventually led to his permanent suspension. Brandon said he was suspended for posting a video of him signing a copy of Ngo’s book in a store. Corn, he said, retweeted it.

“Andy said I was targeting him and said people should report my post.”

It worked. Brandon’s Twitter account, @ 2lesslegs, has been permanently suspended.

Corn has something of a reputation to become an online talker. He is also frequently accused of misinterpreting the facts to evil he believes they are dissidents, a category he applies broadly to activists and leftists.

Brandon said he stopped protesting the bookstore after people affiliated with Ngo, including the Proud Boys, started showing up and trying to cause trouble. “Andy was constantly posting about it,” he said.

Brandon’s Twitter suspension and calls to protest the bookstore didn’t stop Ngo from continuing to tweet about him, most recently in August. And those who sympathize with Ngo relentlessly threaten him.

A YouTube video uploaded by an anonymous user in January shows Brandon in the custody of authorities. Comments on it included, “I’m going to roll that little monster into the traffic,” “Did they get the MiniTifa out of his wheelchair? Lol,” and “Let him ride the lightning for funnn. ”

He said the threats and terrorism were partly inspired by Ngo’s inspiration for the police force itself.

Brandon said: “The officers on the police line, in the riot vans, will bring up what happened on Twitter. He said that as soon as his account was banned, officers would mock him about it.

“The police are very active on social media,” he said.

Brandon said he was coming home from a quick trip to the store when two employees caught him in June. One had punched him in the face, he said, shouting about antifa, the same insult Ngo had hurled at him online for over a year. He then said she kicked him in the shin, causing a serious fracture.

“I’m actually going through an extensive surgery,” Brandon said. He said he has consulted with an attorney and is considering filing a lawsuit against the police over this and other incidents, such as his arrest, which he describes as unnecessary violence. Ross Caldwell of Portland’s Independent Police Review told the Daily Dot via email that it has opened investigations based on Brandon’s allegations, but “cannot comment on the specifics of his investigation.” us or the officers involved.”

He said police tore the cord that wound his crank and dislocated his shoulder in one arrest, and reused it in another. Court records show Brandon was charged only after one arrest, but it was quickly dropped.

Threats and abuse have taken a toll on the lousy activist.

“I think about leaving every day. […] It’s hard to leave the house every day and feel like you’re being watched,” he said.

“Just because of what Andy has done over the past year… when you see him hunting the most vulnerable.”

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