Did you like Vigil? Check out The Rig, Amazon’s first drama set in Scotland

The rig
★★★ 1/2

Dubbed a supernatural thriller, Amazon’s first original production, filmed in Scotland, initially sounds similar to BBC’s vigil, or John Carpenters the thing. The rig follows the crew of the remote Kinloch Bravo oil platform in the North Sea, where weather conditions and isolation can be brutal. But in The rigEnvironment and seclusion are only part of this crew’s concerns.

Iain Glen as Magnus and Emily Hampshire as Rose aboard the Kinloch Bravo oil rig.

Iain Glen as Magnus and Emily Hampshire as Rose aboard the Kinloch Bravo oil rig.Credit:Amazon

The workers are ready to complete their current rotation and go home when a series of tremors rocks the rig from below; not necessarily a cause for panic, but once all communication with “the beach” is lost, even the steadfast crew leader Magnus (game of ThronesIain Glen) is beginning to worry.

Magnus also feels the pressure from Rose (Schitt’s Creek‘s Emily Hampshire), an oil company representative whose main concern is to keep the oil pumping regardless of the weather. She spends a lot of time saying things like “If we close, we’re far from quota” and is viewed with suspicion by workers. But when a mysterious mist rises, even Rose, a trained scientist, has to admit that the situation is “unusual.”

Things get serious when one of the younger workers, Baz (Calvin Demba), is critically injured in a fall from the radio tower. The best thing they can do without a rescue helicopter, says paramedic Cat (Rochenda Sandall), is make him comfortable.

But something has happened to Baz, and instead of dying, his injuries are beginning to heal – and he finds himself obsessively drawn to something he can’t explain to himself outside. Before Baz’s odd behavior can be directly linked to the Nebula, others are affected as well, including Communications Officer Fulmer (exercise of duty‘s Martin Compston), whose tattoos are fading and fillings are falling from his mouth; Whatever has affected it is repelling non-organic material from its hosts.

Meanwhile, factions begin to form among the restless crew, spurred on by old-school Hutton (Owen Teale), who is – rightly – suspicious of management’s plans for the workers.

The escalating situation sets several storylines in motion and The rig becomes an instant workplace drama (will workers get new jobs if the switch to renewable energy shuts down oil production?), supernatural thriller (“things that can’t happen happen all the time out here,” says Alwyn ), played out by Mark Bonnar, opposite a skeptical Rose, “and when they do, they usually cost lives”), and an explicit environmental drama. “If we keep hitting Earth,” says Alwyn, “Earth will eventually hit back.”

https://www.smh.com.au/culture/tv-and-radio/liked-watching-vigil-try-the-rig-amazon-s-first-drama-set-in-scotland-20230102-p5c9wg.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_culture Did you like Vigil? Check out The Rig, Amazon’s first drama set in Scotland

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