Depp supporters say heard publicist behind anti-Depp account

The verdict in the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard over allegations of domestic violence between the two was reached in early June, but the aftershocks continued on Twitter.

Laura Bockov, an internet personality whose account focuses on her support for Depp in his trial against Heard, alleges that the admin behind a pro-Depp Twitter account is a publicist who worked with Heard and is using a fake name online . Other Depp supporters agree, saying the admin in question, who also talks about intimate partner violence, is running a smear campaign against the actor.

User Kamilla (@k4m1laa) denied this on her own Twitter. However, some users think that Bockov is simply accusing all black women of being Kamilla in connection with the trial and that this is insensitive.

On Wednesday, Bockov tweeted that the person behind Kamilla’s account could be Crisanta White, a publicist. In her tweet, Bockov a meeting Article announcing White’s appointment to Shane/Nahley, a public relations firm.

Bockov appears to have made the connection because an article for Gadget Officials, a tech and gaming news agency, credits White as Heard’s “speaker.”

Hours after Bockov implied that White was behind Kamilla’s account, Kamilla tweeted that Bockov “doxxed” (or disclosed personal information about him) White and that Bockov spoke to Depp’s team during his trial.

“[White is] They are already being aggressively harassed and their only proof that she is me is that she is black and they think I work in PR,” Kamilla tweeted. She also said that is white the second black woman that Depp supporters have been harassing them under the assumption that the black woman is Kamilla.

Bockov also tweeted about White standing behind Kamilla. On Wednesday, Bockov claims that “‘Kamilla’ is a bogus PR account” and tweeted a link to Shane Communications, a branch of Shane/Nahley Communications according to OpenCorporates, a website that discloses information about company structures.

Jenna for Depp, another Twitter supporter, also tweeted about Kamilla and White. On Wednesday, she tweeted that White’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were made.Private.” Jenna tweeted White being “exposed” as Kamilla is “significant” because White, who Jenna believes is Kamilla, is leading an “online smear campaign” against Depp.

Other Twitter users have commented on Bockov’s claim that White is Kamilla. @CocoaMochaCrml tweeted that Bockov and other Depp supporters “bother‘ and attempting to dox Kamilla and ‘all black women with any slight, perceived or tangible connection to Amber Heard’.

In line with @CocoaMochaCrml’s opinion that Depp supporters assume “all” black women are Kamilla, supporters of Kamilla are changing their names and profile pictures to those of their account and using the hashtag “#IAmKamillaToo‘ apparently in an effort to scare off Depp supporters.

“Guys I’m definitely Kamilla you can stop looking now #IamKamillaToo”, @isawaduckonce tweeted.

“Ok, it’s me #IAmKamillaToo,” @krittycents tweeted.

In response to claims that Bockov doped and molested White, Bockov tweeted that “there is no such thing as doxxing”.

“Can we please continue”, Bockov tweeted. “I have done my research and believe my information was valid and honest.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Kamilla, Bockov and @CocoaMochaCrml.

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*Initial Release: Aug 11, 2022 3:54pm CDT

Tricia Crimmins

Tricia Crimmins is the IRL Editor at the Daily Dot. She is also a New York-based comedian studying at Columbia Journalism School. She has previously written for Mashable, Complex Networks and Moment magazine. She can be found on Twitter at @TriciaCrimmins.

Tricia Crimmins Depp supporters say heard publicist behind anti-Depp account

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