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Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 2 “The male rain approaches.” Leaphorn and Chee question the witness to the motel murders. Manuelito investigates a new crime. Here’s what you missed!

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previously on Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere, on a remote Navajo Nation outpost in 1971, Lt. Joe Leaphorn of the tribal police and new Deputy Jim Chee beset by a series of seemingly unrelated crimes; Together, the two men confront the trauma of their past while searching for clues.

Warning… spoilers below!

On Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 2,

A long time is coming

Three years before the armed car robbery, Lester came to the Native American Church and attended a sacred ceremony with Guy Atcitty. As they walked into the tipi, Guy warned him that what he sees stays in the ceremony.

In the morning Guy is approached by another man who asks how many men are working with him on the well site. He warns Guy that the men working the drill site should stay home and not go to work that day and claims he saw something at the ceremony last night that told him so. Lester listens.

At the drill site, Lieutenant Leaphorn arrives when a massive explosion goes up the site in the mountains and men start screaming.

The hills have eyes

In the present, Leaphorn watches as the sign on the drill site fence is replaced with a sign that reads BJ Vines Mining Co. Out on Hosteen Tso’s property, he collects a pitcher of brown dirty water. Back at the station, he breaks Raymond out of the night lockdown before answering a phone call.

Deputy Chee arrives in time for the lieutenant to tell them Margaret Cigaret is ready to talk and they need to pick up their statement, damn the FBI. On the way there, Chee asks the lieutenant if he has a medicine bag with him. He doesn’t believe in any of that bogeyman stuff, as he calls it.

In return, the lieutenant tells him that respect will go a long way in this area. When they arrive, Helen Atcitty (Anna’s mother) and Hosteen’s grandson are there, and Leaphorn is suspicious as to why he wasn’t with his grandfather last night.

They soon speak to Margaret Cigaret, the blind medicine woman who is the only person with information on the case. Margaret did not recognize the men who came, but thought there might have been two. The lieutenant asks her to explain how she survived when they took Anna.

She claims her medicine pouch protected her while Anna was unable to secure hers, and whispers to the lieutenant that there are those among them who are not what they appear to be. Meanwhile, Anna’s parents harass the Lieutenant as he leaves with Agent Chee in tow.

warnings and concerns

That night, Leaphorn goes to the trunk of his truck and pulls out a shovel. He has a flashback to when he got it. It was after the explosion, and Lester told him he could take whatever he needed out of compassion. He then asked Joe and told him what he overheard at the ceremony: Dillon Charley warned Guy Atcitty not to go to work on the day of the blast.

Back in the present, Leaphorn puts down the shovel and puts his son’s school jacket back in the trunk of the car. While driving with Deputy Chee the next day, Leaphorn asks Chee to go to the Flagstaff Federal Building and test the water he found, admitting that he knows Chee is with the FBI.

Chee is clearly unsettled, but Leaphorn assumes he’s dead and gets Chee to admit it outright. Leaphorn tells him he needs the autopsy reports for the two murder victims and to have the water analyzed if Chee will do that, his secret is safe from Whitover.

Meanwhile, Lester is listening to jazz on a record player at his store. A white man walks in demanding a painting that someone has promised to keep for him, and Lester tells him that he has already sold it to a Mormon family. The man returns to his car and radios Sierra Bravo to tell them it’s an emergency. A scarred man in a cave picks up on the other side.

Stopped in your tracks

Elsewhere, a Mormon family drives the highway along the reservation, singing merrily. On a side street, a black car is speeding towards the freeway and pulls into it directly behind the family. Inside is the scarred man, and after pulling his car in front of the family, they pull over.

Back on the road, they come across the car that was following them, turning around and blocking the path. On the street, the man from the car holds up a shotgun and aims it at her. He tells them to get out of the car and open the trunk, and takes a small cactus painting from them.

Meanwhile, the lieutenant checks Sally Growing Thunder’s home and reveals himself to be the tribal police. Inside, he finds dark hair kept in a bottle before someone pats him on the back. It turns out it’s Sally Growing Thunder who admits that her mother used to hide her from BIA agents when they were little.

Leaphorn claims he can help her get into a women’s shelter and reminds her that it’s not worth waiting for a father to hit his child’s mother. Despite this, she decides to stay, saying that she cannot live in the city.

Fake it ’til you make it

Special Agent Chee enters the Flagstaff Federal Bureau and demands that the water be analyzed immediately, chiding the analyst for asking why the Navajo don’t drink tap water.

He later meets with Whitover and claims he found a lead to the stolen money.

Chee asks Whitover for a favor to get Leaphorn off his ass, the autopsy reports for the Big Rock murders. Whitover doesn’t give them a problem and tells him that if they solve this case, Chee can work as his number two in DC. Chee accepts, claiming he wants to be anywhere but here.

While on patrol, Sergeant Manuelito spots the Mormon family’s car abandoned by the side of the road. She calls dispatch, reports the vehicle, and asks Leaphorn to meet her at the scene.

In a flashback, Leaphorn is back in the village asking Guy Atcitty why he wasn’t at work the day of the explosion. When Leaphorn sees Guy’s daughter wearing his son’s school jacket, they get into an argument over who is responsible for Joe Jr.’s death. Guy comes at Joe with an ax and Joe shoots him in the leg.

Scared to death

At the morgue, a pathologist explains Agent Chee Anna’s autopsy. Anna died of cardiac arrest, something he had never seen in anyone so young and healthy. He tells Chee that the white streak in her hair hasn’t been scientifically proven, but other pathologists believe it means she was scared to death.

Out on the reservation freeway, Leaphorn joins Bernadette at the spot where the Mormon car is parked. They agree that something is wrong with the abandoned vehicle and he leaves to check the area while she returns to the train station. Before she leaves, Leaphorn tells her that she has good instincts and that he trusts her.

In his investigation, the lieutenant finds the dirt road the black car used to overtake the Mormons. As he looks at the tire tracks, he realizes that dust and wind will soon cover the tracks. Back at the station, a heavily pregnant Sally Growing Thunder has turned up.

Emma, ​​the wife of Lieutenant Leaphorns, sets Sally up in Joe Jr’s old room and talks to her about her pregnancy. She talks about the doctor who gave birth to Joe Jr., who sterilized her after she was born without her permission, and promises that this won’t happen to Sally because she will be here.

secrets and lies

Below, the Lieutenant has another flashback to when his son Joe Jr. was alive. His wife made dinner and they enjoyed it as a family. Joe Jr. had decided he didn’t want to go to college and his mother wasn’t happy about it, but his father supported him anyway.

At home, Bernadette calms her horses for the night before she senses something strange in the air. She shouts hello to the desert around her, and Sally’s mother, the witch, steps out of a nearby bush and stares into her eyes. When Bernadette breathes trembling, the woman disappears.

Elsewhere, Leaphorn meets up with Chee at the site of the oil explosion. He makes it clear to him that he lost his son and that Anna Atcitty was his son’s girlfriend. Chee tells him about Anna’s autopsy and explains that the water sample came back inconclusive; he promises Joe that he will prove his worth.

When Leaphorn explains that he thought he might have found the helicopter used in the heist, Chee admits that he did since there was hydraulic fluid in the water sample. He also reveals that he didn’t tell the FBI about what he found. Leaphorn acknowledges that people may not be what they seem after all.

In a cave somewhere in the desert, Hosteen’s grandsons and the scarred man are examining the money they pulled from all the paintings. He tells the man that they must stick to the plan.

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Air date: June 19, 2022

Dark winds work

  • Tooth McClarnon as Joe Leaphorn
  • Kiowa Gordon as Jim Chee
  • Noah Emmerich as Whitover
  • Elva Guerra as Sally Growing Thunder
  • Jessica Matten as Bernadette Manuelito
  • Rain Wilson as Devoted Dan
  • Eugene Brave Rock as Frank Nakai
  • Jessica Matten as Bernadette Manuelito

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