Daily Wire Claims DDoS Cyber ​​Attack Linked To Transphobic Documentary

The Daily Wire released a transphobic documentary on Wednesday. The company claims to have been the victim of a digital denial of service (DDoS) cyber attack related to the release.

That is possible. Hackers have re-emerged as a political force in recent years.

But some doubt that, wondering if the Daily Wire is simply misinterpreting longstanding functional issues as an attack, possibly to promote the documentary.

When people had the same problem months ago after the site dropped an interview with President Donald Trump, the Daily Wire didn’t announce that it was under siege.

Eric Ellason of SlickRockWeb, a digital company specializing in web security, says that according to his expert opinion, the Daily Wire most likely did not experience a massive DDoS attack.

Via a Twitter direct message Thursday morning, Ellason told the Daily Dot, “I checked with sources within the hacktivist community and no one knew anything about this or had even heard of it being claimed.”

Hackers tend to show off their work because they usually seek recognition and like to needle the victims of their attacks. However, the Daily Dot has not seen any group or entity blamed for the alleged DDoS attack.

Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh is a transphobic far-right commentator who has spent years attacking people who don’t fit his ideas of acceptable gender identity and expression. Walsh previously stated that this year he would undertake “an all-out assault on gender ideology.”

To that end, Walsh has spent at least the past few months working on a transphobic documentary titled what is a woman

The Daily Dot previously reported that Walsh’s efforts included starting a fake company to trick transgender people and others into giving him interviews and using photos of transgender men without permission. Duplicity is at the heart of the making of this documentary

The company has timed the release what is a woman until the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month.

On Wednesday night, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing tweeted that the site was experiencing delays, which he said could be the result of a cyberattack.

“It’s too early to tell if the disruptions are due to a DDoS attack or human error. There is a tremendous amount of traffic on the site, which shouldn’t be causing these delays,” Boreing said wrote.

People in the comments reported a variety of experiences. Most said They had no problem looking at it while others reported Problems with various browsers registration Process.

“It plays, but super disturbed” said one.

The company then posted a blog claiming it had confirmed an “ongoing DDOS attack” aimed at “disrupting” the premiere of Walsh’s documentary.

Other Daily Wire staffers reinforced claims of a politically motivated cyberattack.

“The Left doesn’t want you to see this movie,” Walsh said tweeted. “They will do anything to silence us.”

Most people who commented on Walsh’s tweet reported that they had no problems viewing it what is a womanexperienced a slight delay or had trouble logging in. People commenting on the Daily Wire’s blog about the alleged attack reported similar experiences, with some saying they had no trouble seeing it and others reporting delays of up to an hour.

Even some of Walsh’s alleged fans cast doubt on the hacking claim.

“I needed several attempts and missed the first 25 minutes.” wrote a reply to his tweet. “Thanks for the link Matt, but honestly the site is bugged 24/7 so I’m skeptical anything has been tampered with.”

Neither Walsh nor the Daily Wire have responded to an email request asking for additional confirmation that they had been attacked and for comment.

Ellason of tech company SlickRockWeb is among the skeptics.

“If they have solid evidence of a DDoS attack and it’s going to be very obvious in their server logs, they should take it to the FBI so the FBI can investigate those malicious IP addresses,” he said.

“If that doesn’t happen, we’ll know it was a publicity stunt.”

persons to have been Whine about login issues at the Daily Wire for over a year.

One person last October complained“Please fix the DW app…it keeps asking if you want to sign in and keeps repeating it over and over!”

When the site published a special Candace Owens interview with Trump last December, numerous Twitter users had the same complaint about logging in.

UpDownRadar, which tracks problems with the site’s functionality, reported a “possible outage” on the Daily Wire between Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning. It doesn’t indicate what might have caused it.

Comments on UpDownRadar show that people have been filing complaints about login issues with the Daily Wire for over a year.

Online, people are still frustrated accessing the documentation days after the alleged DDoS attack.

“Daily Wire had a streaming movie event last night that they had been promoting for days, and structurally they just couldn’t accommodate a larger than normal simultaneous influx of viewers streaming videos on their site,” Ellason said.

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*Initial publication: June 3, 2022 at 7:57 am CDT

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Claire Goforth

https://www.dailydot.com/debug/daily-wire-ddos-cyberattack-transphobic-documentary/ Daily Wire Claims DDoS Cyber ​​Attack Linked To Transphobic Documentary

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