Content Samurai Review – Pros and Cons

Content Samurai Review

Consumption of Video content is booming. This is often unlikely to vary anytime soon.

Successful marketers got to cash in of this and incorporate video into their marketing strategies, or risk being left behind.

But that poses a drag for itself. many of us are scared of appearing on the camera.

If you’ll make video content very easy in about 15-20 minutes for every video, it’ll offer you the power to urge your message ahead of an outsized audience.

This will cause exposure, leads and sales, if done right.

But how are you able to create simple videos quickly if you’ve got no technological experience?

Camtasia is amazing but expensive. Adobe Premiere Pro and Vegas Studio are very powerful but have very high learning curves.

Other software that’s flown by night apps isn’t up so far and offers limited no support. to not mention related errors.

Nobody has the time or patience for that!

So what’s left?


If you are looking for a video content creator that permits for quick and straightforward video creation on any topic, without appearing on the camera, then this Content Samurai Review is for you.

What is Content Samurai?

Content Samurai Review

Content Samurai is a web-based software that permits you to make professional-looking videos in only minutes. It’s a game changer for those folks who might not like making videos out of embarrassment or simply dislike standing ahead of the camera. For me, it had been both, I felt uncomfortable while filming the video plus my mind was empty and that i just stared at the camera sort of a nerd.

Having a video marketing strategy for your business is more important than ever, consistent with CISCO research, video will drive quite 80% of internet traffic by 2022.

In addition, people wish to consume content through video, they’re fourfold more likely to shop for a product or service after watching a video about it.

Other statistics amplify the necessity for an honest video marketing strategy;

  • 90% of consumers believe video to form purchase decisions.
  • Content with videos can increase conversions by 80%
  • 64% of online consumers will shop after watching a video.
  • According to digital marketing expert, Dr. James McQuivery, 1 minute of video is like 1.8 million words !!
  • More than 500 hours of video are watched daily on YouTube
  • An incredible third of the web browsing is completed when watching videos
  • Social media videos get 12 times more shares than other sorts of content.
  • So, without a doubt, having a video marketing plan is important for your business if you would like to compete and achieve this digital age.

However, creating top quality videos can cost you tons of cash , you will have to shop for expensive video editing software, many of which may take a short time to master otherwise you can outsource production. .

If you’re alittle time blogger like me, then this is often not really an option and from time management perspective, not very effective.

Unless you are a full-time vlogger, you do not want to waste hours creating videos once you can spend that point performing on your website.

Fortunately, there’s a way more efficient solution and it’s creating top quality videos through Content Samurai.

Feature of Content Samurai

What i actually like about Content Samurai is that the constant upgrades and enhancements to the system.

Some recent updates have really impressed me, for instance , one among the upgrades they made late last year was automatic voice additions.

So, rather than reading your video script (which i do not wish to do), Content Samurai has 14 different texts for voiceover which will read the script for you.

Not only that but unlike many other software tools that turn text into a robot-like voice, the Samurai voice content is that the most realistic I’ve heard.

However, you’ll also add your own voice or any quite music. they provide a good selection of royalty free tracks otherwise you can upload your own.

Another major update they need made is partnering with Storyblocks videos that offer you access to 350,000 HD video clips that you simply can use for any video you create using Content Samurai.

Storyblocks has its own monthly subscription, but with Content Samurai access, you will have access to all or any the HD clips you would like at no extra cost.

Other features include;

  • More than 125 million stock images
  • Add a watermark
  • Full motion video background
  • More than 40 video samples

How To Use Content Samurai?

I will highlight the straightforward workflow below:

Log in to the member area, you’ll be greeted with an automatic video. Pause it and keep clicking the green button as shown below.

Content Samurai Step 1

Content Samurai Step 1

Click the ‘create a replacement video’ button.

Content Samurai Step 2

Content Samurai Step 2

You are then asked to settle on your template. There are many options to fiddle with them and see what suits you best.

Content Samurai Step 3

Content Samurai Step 3

On subsequent screen that appears, simply undergo your script. i like to recommend leaving an area between the sentences in order that there’s not an excessive amount of text on each screen. you’ll edit this later if needed.

Content Samurai Step 4

Content Samurai Step 4

When you’re satisfied, you’ll edit the slides and choose the image you would like to use. These images are free and royalty free so there is no got to worry.

Content Samurai Step 5

Content Samurai Step 5

When you’re done, you’ll advance to subsequent screen. From here you’ll prefer to select your audio option. you’ll only have music or upload your own recorded voice track (MP3 or .WAV files are recommended). i’m not in favor of using your own audio recording , your voice tracking option because their system isn’t the simplest for this.

Content Samurai Step 6

Content Samurai Step 6

From subsequent page, you’ll choose which background music you would like to use. My personal choice is to line the quantity to twenty then use my very own voice track.

Content Samurai Step 7

Content Samurai Step 7

Finally, you can, if you upload your own voice track, synchronize the time manually. this is often what I do, but once you get wont to Content Samurai, you’ll choose what works best for you.

Watch the demo video below for more info:

Who is Content Samurai for?

If you’ve got any sort of business or a web presence, Content Samurai can assist you in some ways . Assuming you do not , but you’ve got a brick and offline business then Content Samurai can assist you get customers you will not get otherwise.

For simplicity, Content Samurai is for:

[+] Internet marketer

[+] Marketers want to create an inventory

[+] Small business owner

[+] Folk SEO

[+] YouTube marketer

[+] Anyone who wants more exposure

Why is Content Samurai so fast?

Switch from script to video in seconds.

Just press the Content Samurai button will review your script, cut it into professional slide layouts and format your text. The frame of your video is formed in seconds.

Recommend thoughtful auto image.

Content Samurai will analyze your script and intelligently suggest you the perfect images for your videos from a library of over 112 million quality images.

Edit your entire video with just one click.

Powered by cutting-edge technology and advanced voice matching Content Samurai will automatically edit your video from start to finish with just one click. It is video creation with thought speed.

Why Should You Get Content Samurai?

As you know video is the future of online marketing and generating traffic, There are two ways about it. If you want to succeed in today’s competitive online market – you have to use video as a key ingredient in your marketing.

The truth is: More than 70% of web traffic now comes from videos.

Meaning if you don’t move with the changing video wave, your online business can be drowned – I’m sorry but that’s just the way

But the good news is.

Content Samurai, an incredible new tool for the first time in history, quick, easy and effective video marketing.

With Content Samurai, you can create videos of content that’s irresistible traffic, with a video experience that is absolutely NOT – and in minutes.

Video capable of generating millions of views, killer search engine rankings and the flow of online traffic?

And the best part is there is absolutely no problem with expensive software like Adobe Premiere, After Effects or Final Cut Pro.

And there’s no complicated timeline editing or cryptic codecs, frame rates or file formats to use.

If you can click, you can create murder videos using Content Samurai


You can also use Content Samurai to create Video Sales Letters, Laminated Videos, even full video courses and training videos with just a few clicks.

Content Samurai Prices

Content Samurai costs $ 47 for all the features, you’ll go yearly for $ 397 to $ 33 and prevent $ 168. There is also a free 7-day trial that provides you all the features of Content Samurai and allows you to stay any videos you create during the test period , albeit you’re not signing up for the paid option. charge.

Content Samurai Price

Content Samurai Price

Content Samurai Pros:

Simple to use. Intuitive interface and task-oriented.

You do not need previous editing experience to figure with it.

Drag and point – & – click on quick actions to form it work.

It is a web tool. No got to download or install software.

Point First point means you’ll use it on any computer (Windows, Mac OS or Linux).

With just a couple of clicks and minutes, you’ll prepare your videos to be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook or your own server.

You can create your own theme. you’ll add your own logo and brand watermark, including cool backgrounds and various textures also as easily personalize fonts and colours (with just a couple of mouse clicks) to make videos. Look more professional and match the design of your company / website and appearance

Content Samurai Cons:

Χ Valued for people on a coffee budget or simply getting started – fortunately, sometimes, great deals and even a free test period are happening like this.

Χ This is a reasonably recent tool. meaning it’s tons to enhance (but also has huge growth potential).


Nothing is ideal , and Content Samurai is not any different. But within the big diagram, it’s pretty good and allows users to quickly and simply create videos to use for his or her marketing.

If you’re looking to make top quality , extremely attractive and visually stunning videos, you ought to try Content Samurai.

There is no product nearly as good as Content Samurai in creating these great videos easily and during a short amount of your time . you’ll spend hours creating these beautiful videos without Content Samurai otherwise you need to pay tons of cash to urge them from someone.

Video marketing is getting bigger, and today if you do not cash in of it, you’ll lose quality traffic to your business. Content Samurai makes it easy for you to urge out there, start a YouTube channel with great videos and begin making money from it.

Heck, you’ll even offer a video creation service on Fiverr or Upwork and make money through creating compelling short videos otherwise you can create a whole video agency and you’ll give the business a video. Professional for his or her company.

Thank you for reading my Content Samurai review today. If you have any questions please contact me via the contact page at this website.

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