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Launched around mid-2020, is the fastest emerging news website covering all the latest news, World News, Entertainment, APKs, Technology and Games etc.

Aim to have more funds to maintain and develop the Website, as well as to support businesses to promote their brands, products and services related to the field of technology to the right customers. We currently provide the form of advertising cooperation:

  • Guest Posts
  • Insert a link to an existing article.

Why Should You Buy Guest Posts at ?

The value of guest posts cannot be underestimated. Are you an experienced digital marketer? Don’t stay in the background, share your knowledge and experience with our readers to show you’re a great professional! Share your experience with thousands of readers and promote your company. Come first and share your expertise with our community.

Here are some great reasons to write a guest post:

  • Share your experience with thousands of readers
  • Advertise your company
  • Get high-quality, relevant, trustworthy backlinks
  • We will promote your article on social media channels and add it to our weekly newsletter.
  • Posts will not be tagged sponsored

What are the principles?

  • 1 link with 1 single post. If you want to add links you need to pay extra.
  • Only paid articles are allowed. Don’t wait for a reply if you give us a FREE guest post.
  • If you submit a highly promotional post, we will not accept it. We only publish content that helps our audience.
  • Articles must be more than 500 words long. We will not consider anything outside of this framework
  • All ideas, themes and content must be 100% original.
  • Everything should be easy to understand and read. All sentences must make sense.
  • Accurate: Any statistics or sources must be associated with valid data.
  • Images or Images must be original and must not come from google or any search engine.
  • We appreciate it if you check the content on Grammarly to avoid any grammatical errors.
  • Make sure that the post is related to the categories mentioned.
  • Content should have proper subheading and alignment.
  • We are happy to link to relevant websites (including your own) but must have a good and trustworthy website.

Are not

  • Do not submit an article that has been published elsewhere. Please check for plagiarism before submitting articles to us.
  • Do not submit any articles related to adult content, illegal activities.. etc.


  • $20 for normal post.
  • $30 for CBD
  • $50 for on line casino, betting.
  • $200 for Cannabis and real money gambling.

We solely settle for fee by way of paypal (Please choose your most popular type of fee: Direct or Bill). Our enterprise is constructed on a powerful basis and can develop over time. So now I can not settle for a worth decrease than $20. Costs will improve over time as our enterprise is like,, So hurry and purchase your self an advert house now earlier than it goes up in worth.

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Should you’d wish to really feel the advantages of visitor running a blog for, please electronic mail, and a member of our Content material crew can be in contact ASAP.

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