Conspiracy theorists believe Joe Biden’s altered video is real

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A stupid conspiracy


conspiracy theorists Twitter are Distribution of a manipulated video of the President Joe Biden what they seem to believe is real.

Shared from the Twitter account for “Now the end begins‘, a Christian blog that has been claiming for nearly 15 years that the rapture is imminent, the video features Biden Speech at a memorial service for the 2nd anniversary of January 6, 2021 Uprising in the Capitol.

“Can someone help me here? What on earth is this???? asked the account. “He looks like the demon in his body is trying to get out. #JoeBiden #JulyThe6th.”

Biden’s face in footage appears to be heavily distortedwith eyes, nose and mouth stretched and crooked.

Many reports agreed that Biden almost certainly was possessed by demons side by side democrat in the office.

“The demonic rat’s entire leadership is possessed by demons, there are no ifs or buts,” said one user. “The Democrats are evil, twisted and insane. Anyone who cannot see that they are demon possessed has been severely brain damaged by their brainwashing.”

Some asked if the video could have been modified but ultimately argued that it was still possible that the footage was legitimate.

“This is really weird!” another added. “Unless it’s been edited or modified in some way… WTF!”

But anyone can easily find them original video of Biden’s remarks and confirm that his face has never been distorted.

Many also online called out Now the end begins for leaving the fake tweet they originally shared on January 9th.

have readers da had added a disclaimer to the tweet noting that the video is actually fake.

“This video was edited to make Joe Biden’s face look different,” the disclaimer reads, alongside a link to the original footage.

While society has done so in recent years To ponder about the possibility of highly realistic deepfakes used to manipulate the public, examples like this show how people do continue to fall for even the most obvious fakes.

Why it matters

This latest incident shows once again how cheap fakesa term used to describe media content that has been changed with readily available technology, continue to fool conspiracy theorists. This isn’t even the first time Obviously, Biden deepfake fooled people.

While most attention is paid government-led disinformation campaigns and experienced deepfake creatorsconspiracy theorists continue to spread in the United States allegations easy to refute and content en masse.

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