Confidence in Government in a 34 years Crash & Burn – Investment Watch

by Martin Armstrong


COMMENT: The distinction between Socrates and the pretend pandemic or socialism or pretend international warming is that persons are allowed to take or go away the data introduced right here with out threats or penalties. There isn’t any drive or bribing used to just accept the outcomes of the system…which is the dedication of many inputs to drive an output. Thus it may be deemed as being a truthful illustration of details as a lot because the details could be crunched collectively to return a logical or rational remark.
Then again, once we are pressured to just accept a sure thought or dogma and all details and opinions counter to the agenda are quashed, ignored or erased, that signifies a tremendously excessive diploma of fraud and deception. After we can not query authority, the pretend specialists or any of their guidelines, legal guidelines and dictates, you’ll be able to safely assume they’re flying a false flag and have ill-will plastered throughout their minds and hearts. These are primarily the intellectuals who’ve allowed their vanity and need to regulate all the pieces fry their brains.
That is now so true of many establishments…from authorities, massive enterprise, know-how, pharma and the corrupt medical mafia to Wall Road and nearly all the pieces in between. In the long run, the huge corruption as we’re experiencing right this moment can not stand the check of time. When reality is not the idea for establishing ideas and legal guidelines, ultimately the visions of a false utopia will crumble.
I plan to battle the thugs any approach I can. And as a agency believer that NO authorities is required to rule wherever on the planet, I could not survive the approaching battle. Reagan stated it a few years in the past…authorities isn’t the answer, however the issue…and this whereas being probably the most highly effective males on the planet. It was one of many final occasions we ever heard the reality from anybody in authorities!

Tom M

REPLY: That’s true. This has by no means been about my private opinion. It’s a disgrace too many individuals suppose solely by way of Trump v Biden as if we’re debating about who’s the higher quarterback in a sport.  Trump clashed with the Washington institution. He by no means understood Washington from having to take care of them. Certain, give them cash for lobbying and they’ll present up at your wedding ceremony as Hillary did. Donate cash to them and they’ll lick your hand.

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I’ve labored with many governments and handled each side. Socrates initiatives the development. I’ve been warning that inflation will return when the arrogance shifts. This election it seems has been so corrupt, they’ve misplaced the arrogance of fifty% of the inhabitants and rising. That is the important thing to the top of the decline in velocity which peaked in 1997 and the primary crack was the Lengthy-Time period Capital Administration debacle in 1998. That was the primary time the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks. Ever since then, a gradual decline within the confidence within the authorities has unfolded which is in a 34-year decline into 2032. Already, politicians have fallen to the bottom degree of belief as a career. All they do is lie and all the pieces they do is for their very own energy by no means to defend the folks.


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