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The horrors of war, one of humanity’s worst afflictions, is often summed up by the number of deaths of a country’s soldiers, and here are examples: the war in Korea, 33,643 men America died; Vietnam, 58,220; Iraq, 4,550; and Afghanistan, 2,448.

Let’s now look at drug overdose deaths in the United States in just a single 12-month period ending last April. Record-breaking, the number causing colic is 100,000 – more than all the deaths listed above.

The main poisons that plague many people are methamphetamine and opioids, one of which is synthetic fentanyl which is currently the main threat, 20 to 100 times more potent than heroin.

It comes from money-hungry, money-making Chinese businesses protected by the Chinese Communist Party. Businesses send the drug or the ingredients needed to make it to Mexico, which these days is considered the most corrupt country in South America as the government adjusts operations to make it easier to deal with the cartels. smuggling drugs to our porous southern border.

Fentanyl often comes here in the form of pills that can trick victims into swallowing them without realizing exactly what they are, or that just a few milligrams can be deadly. Various sources report that, in the summer of 2021, border patrol agents seized 9,337 pounds of fentanyl, a 94% increase from the 2020 bombardment. Fentanyl is now believed to be one of the causes. major cause of death in the United States for Americans aged 18 to 42.

Sadly, the negligent Biden administration, reprimanded by the courts, held that whatever the Trump administration did to deal with drugs and illegal hordes of immigrants was irresponsible and then mostly ineffective. It has now fixed some of its bugs, if any slippage.

For example, President Joe Biden has asked Mexico to deploy troops at its own southern border, where encroached migrants often come from Central America. We are told that they currently also come from places like India, Turkey and Ukraine and can get Mexican visas, travel permits and pay bribes for desert trips where 80% of women are denied access to. rape.

Some seem to think that everyone should be allowed in, perhaps not understanding that some 42 million people from Latin America and the Caribbean have told Gallup pollsters that they look forward to living there. here how. The Border Patrol encountered a record 2 million people in the group eager to evade border laws in the past year with many crossing them and others arriving by other means.

One should sympathize with most of these people but also sympathize with those who use legal means to live in America. They also have deep human needs that they are less likely to meet when illegal migrants come to take their place. Ordered, supervised migration yields infinitely better, more humane outcomes than illegal, disorderly migration, among the rudimentary offences, which makes drug trafficking a major problem. should be easier. The cunning gangs are getting bigger and now also operate in networks within the United States.

We need to rewrite the laws and rules, definitively end the arrest and release and release ICE agents from doing their jobs. We have to take on more demands from China, Mexico and South America, and hire more border agents whose bosses can’t get the job done. Ports of entry were once a favored means for drug smugglers to get their goods across the border except now it’s easier to cross wherever they want with goods. million dollars will soon welcome them.

I emphasized the number 100,000 early on, but consider a personal story from The Guardian about how a 14-year-old girl received a few blue pills on social media before her first appearance at school. high school the next day. She didn’t take off. She died.

We have to stop this. And yes, there is more to it than smugglers. But if something is not done about them, the threat will not stop. Close the border to killer drugs – Twin Cities

Brian Lowry

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