ClickMagick Review – Pros and Cons

ClickMagick Review

If you’re an online marketer, you almost certainly realize traffic is that the lifeline of your online business. The goal here is to send your marketing funnels or affiliate links some traffic so you’ll see some conversions – leads & ultimately sales.

You can’t just send them traffic and not track anything or it’ll start costing you money. Tracking your ad campaigns is of utmost importance here. If you employ a click tracker, you’ll definitely be ready to tell what’s working in your ad and what isn’t. This way, you’ll scale the simplest ads and kill those that aren’t performing.

For tracking your links, there are tons of tools around, but this review is concentrated around ClickMagick, which is additionally misspelled as clickmagic or clickmagik or click magic sometimes. It’s among one among the foremost popular tracking software available today. Covering every single feature of CM during this ClickMagick Review are going to be a touch tricky but we’ll try our greatest to share what you ought to absolutely know.

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick Review

ClickMagick is a web based link tracking software that permits you because the online business owner to understand exactly what’s happening in your business to completely scale and optimize for the simplest results.

The ClickMagick software is that the leading software to line up custom tracking links and rotators. It not only tracks links and funnels, it also blocks bad clicks like bots, and as a result, ClickMagick’s software keeps your traffic top quality .

I can definitively say ClickMagick is that the leading software on the market today to trace links and funnels. By using it, you’ll be ready to take your business to subsequent level.

Features of ClickMagick

There is plenty of link tracking software on the market, but ClickMagick stands out for its additional features you can’t find anywhere else.

Though there are more ClickMagick Features, over 100 actually, here are a couple of highlighted features to point out you only how powerful ClickMagick is for its users:

♦   Creating Your Links

You may have wondered if you’ll use ClickMagick links altogether your differing types of advertising. The solution is yes. ClickMagick tracks the visitors that click on your links and collects other useful data to assist you understand what’s happening in your business. And you’ll do all this for any sort of advertising you are doing and any provide you with are selling.

So How Is It Done?

Here are the straightforward steps to making a tracking link in ClickMagick:

  • Click on ‘Links’ within the menu.
  • Click on ‘Create New Link’ within the upper righthand corner.
  • Give the link a reputation .
  • Enter the destination URL
  • Click the green ‘Create Link’ button

After creating and using the new link, ClickMagick will track it and provides you the info of who clicked thereon , etc. You even have the choice of cloaking the link to cover the destination URL so places like Facebook can’t disprove you for not liking the destination.

This process is pretty simple and most link tracking software can do that . However, at now is where it gets even better when using ClickMagick.

By clicking on ‘show advanced settings’ for the new link, you’ll do such a lot more to optimize your link tracking. within the advanced settings, you’ll keep track of the prices, keep track of the conversions, choose the geotargeting (the countries you would like to focus on together with your link, including or excluding specific countries, if desired), add a pixel or code for you link to be ready to retarget people, A/B split-testing, add a password for your link to guard certain pages or links, then far more. You’ll also always return to older links and alter the advanced settings if you select. The image below shows you what the advanced settings for a link seems like.

ClickMagick's Advanced Settings

ClickMagick’s Advanced Settings

There are additional settings under the cog located to the proper of every existing link. There are tutorial videos to assist you find out how to use all of those features.

♦   Using Rotators

A link rotator sends traffic to different pages and offers. It allows you to settle on how your links are shared with traffic, whether it’s randomly, in order, etc.

Rotators are usually thought of as a feature only used with solo ad vendors, PPC ads, etc. or anyone who sells traffic.

But, they will even be employed by marketers who simply want to combine up the offers and links their traffic sees. Any traffic can get weary of seeing an equivalent offers. Using rotators in email marketing, for instance , mixes it up, increasing conversions if done correctly.

There is such a lot more you’ll do with rotator links. Rotator links are very useful for any business and a particular advantage when using ClickMagick.

♦   Content

There are a couple of different tools under ‘content’ that assist in giving your sites a lift to assist get you more leads and conversions. Here are the various tools and what they do:

MagickPops – this is often an choice to create a pop-up box. This enables you to urge more opt ins. For instance, when a site visitor tries to go away your site, you’ll have a crop up box with an alluring offer crop up to undertake and convince them to remain. You’ll also provides a bonus to visitors, or direct traffic to a selected offer. Pop ups are useful, and if used correctly, can get you a great many more leads. remember that using them an excessive amount of can annoy your visitors.

MagickBars – add a top or bottom bar to your page where you’ll advertise a special bonus or offer, if desired.

Timers – you’ll create timers to embed anywhere you’d like on your site. Countdown timers are an excellent tool to use to assist create a way of urgency to urge people to bite the bullet and buy.

♦   Tools

Another dropdown menu is ‘tools’, which houses all other tools you’d need when using ClickMagick. For instance, there’s the domain manager, batch editor, Funnel setup, group manager, tracking pixels, etc.

♦   Help

There is also the assistance within the menu bar where you’ll get 1 hour support among other helps.

Here are some additional features ClickMagick has got to offer:

  • Works everywhere you advertise
  • Easily track entire sales funnels
  • Automatic traffic quality analysis
  • Intelligent split testing and rotators and alerts
  • Facebook and Google Analytics compatible
  • Geotargeting/mobile optimization
  • Add retargeting to any link
  • 24/7 click-fraud and link monitoring
  • Superior speed and accuracy
  • Fanatical one-on-one support

Also, ClickMagick has 19 unique features not found anywhere else. Here’s a comparison to point out just what proportion ClickMagick does:

ClickMagick Features

ClickMagick Features

You can see there are a myriad of features in ClickMagick that make it all-inclusive for any user needing tracking for any of their business needs. Watching what the competition has got to offer compared to ClickMagick, it’s clear why ClickMagick is that the preferred choice.

Speaking of the competition, let’s take a glance at the difference between ClickMagick and other link tracking software on the market.

How ClickMagick Protects Your Budget and Profits

Advertising online are often expensive. Click costs are rising on a daily basis, and it’s getting harder to create profitable campaigns. What’s great about ClickMagick is that the incontrovertible fact that it’s a group of tools to assist you protect your advertising budget and profit margins.

1. Traffic Quality Monitoring

Trying out a replacement advertising campaign? This tool will monitor the standard of your traffic supported many various factors. You’ll quickly find out whether or not the traffic you’re paying for is effective or worthless.

2. Link Uptime Monitoring

You can lose tons of cash on your advertising campaign by sending your traffic to a destination URL that’s down. To guard you from these situations, ClickMagick features a 24/7 link uptime monitoring feature.

3. Fast Loading and Reliability

Tracking tools that are built poorly or found out on slow servers may result in lost profits. The creator of ClickMagick understands this issue and has built the tool to load quickly and confirm it’s run on the cloud.

4. Super Fast Support

Nothing is worse than waiting an entire day to urge help together with your tracking platform. ClickMagick’s support team guarantees a reply back in four hours.

What You Can’t Do with ClickMagick

With that said, there are still limitations to remember of. ClickMagick doesn’t work for traffic networks for PPV and click-exchanges. The rationale is that there are tons of fraudulent clicks and spam on those networks. The corporate doesn’t want to affect these traffic sources. I feel it’s because these networks consume too many resources.

ClickMagick Competitors

ClickMagick vs Link Wizard

Probably one among the foremost common competitors of ClickMagick, Link Wizard may be a popular link tracking software. Though the value is a smaller amount, it doesn’t have everything ClickMagick has got to offer.

ClickMagick vs Voluum

There are tons of similarities between Voluum and ClickMagick, though ClickMagick has far more to supply at a fraction of the value. That’s one among the most important differences between the 2. Voluum prices are very steep as compared .

ClickMagick vs ClickMeter

ClickMeter is another popular link tracking software. Yet a bit like other link tracking software, it’s also costlier. They also don’t offer all of an equivalent features as ClickMagick.

ClickMagick vs Qliker

Qliker is far cheaper than ClickMagick, but remember that you simply get what you buy. The Qliker software will get you your basic link tracking, but not much else. It’s a well-liked choice due to its price, but if you would like to actually understand all of the ins and outs of your business and take it to subsequent level, you would like quite what Qliker has got to offer.

Who Is ClickMagick For?

After using ClickMagick for around two months, I even have to mention it’s the simplest tracking tool on the market. It doesn’t matter what quite business you’re operating or digital marketing strategy you’re executing. You’ll get huge value from the tracking platform. Just to clarify, here’s who it can help.

  • It seems to be the affiliate marketer’s dream with all the advanced features that accompany it.
  • It works whether you’re selling services online or digital products.
  • It is great for eCommerce business owners that are advertising on pay per click networks.
  • It is even helpful for tracking the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns and social media activity.

Clickmagick Pricing

There are monthly or yearly billing plans to settle on from with ClickMagick. Choosing the yearly plan saves you 25% of the value .

There is also a 14 day free trial on any plan you select. That way you’ll test out the software to ascertain how it can help your business, and if you’re not proud of it, you’ll cancel anytime. No harm done.

The starter plan is typically enough for anyone starting out. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan has got to offer:

  • Starter Plan – this is track up to 10,000 clicks per month, offer you all the core features, funnel tracking for one funnel, two custom tracking domains, 6 month data retention, and 1 hour support.
  • Standard Plan – this is track up to 100,000 clicks per month, offer you all the core features, funnel tracking for five funnels, ten custom tracking domains, 1 year data retention, and 1 hour support.
  • Pro Plan – this is track up to 1,000,000 clicks per month, offer you all the core features, unlimited funnel tracking, unlimited custom tracking domains, 2 year data retention, and 1 hour support.

Here are the yearly plans for you to ascertain what’s available:

ClickMagick Yearly Plans

ClickMagick Yearly Plans

And here are the monthly plans available:

ClickMagick Monthly Plans

ClickMagick Monthly Plans

So, how does one decide whether or to not get ClickMagick? You weigh the pros and cons. It’s always an honest idea. Here’s an inventory of a number of the pros and cons for ClickMagick.

ClickMagick Pros:

√   Batch editor: You’ll edit links in batches, and save tons of your time. This feature are often handy if you would like to quickly edit – say 20 links at a time. Very helpful if you would like to feature a couple of links and delete some old affiliate links from a rotator.

√   Data Import/Export: You’ll simply import/export your data at any time. Just takes a couple of clicks and may prevent tons of headache. Useful if you’re switching to a replacement tracking service and would really like to import your existing data or simply exporting to take care of data backups.

√   Google Analytics Compatibility: Keep track of your visitors’ activity in your marketing campaigns with pinpoint accuracy. Helps if you get organic traffic straight from Google and need to raised analyse your visitors’ activity on your blog/marketing funnel.

√   IP Manager: Can filter or block IP addresses on demand. are often useful if you do not want traffic from a couple of IP address(es). Also useful in blocking fraudulent bot traffic – best used if you’re purchasing traffic from a traffic exchange website or from a solo ad provider.

ClickMagick Cons:

Χ    Only 14-day trial: ClickMagick wont to have a 30-day trial until before 2019. They recently changed this. That’s not always a nasty thing though – they claim they’re improving the platform and for that they have to scale back the test period .

Χ    Learning curve: there is a slight learning curve involved. However, once you get the hang of it, you merely can’t return to other click trackers. If you undergo the training videos, should assist you rise up to hurry in about an hour’s time and you’ll feel comfortable with the tool.

Χ    No live chat/phone call option: there is no live chat/phone call option as of this writing but they are doing have an incredible 24/7 ticket support – expect to urge your ticket answered within hours, and not days. Every single time we raised a ticket for the problems we faced/questions we had, a support executive was assigned within hours.

Χ    Issues with custom domains: It isn’t a drag with clickmagick but more together with your domain registrar. Sometimes with Godaddy/namecheap, there are DNS issues which can cause unwanted link downtimes. Also, you are doing need a cpanel to feature CNAME records which not many hosts have. Custom domains sure look good but if you’re sending the link to your email list, you’re more happy using clickmagick’s generic clkmg tracking domain for tracking links and clkmr for rotators.


So, there we’ve it! If you’re serious about internet marketing and need to require it to subsequent level, you actually need clickmagick. It’s everything you would like to trace every effort you set in your marketing campaigns. The very fact that there is a 14 days risk-free trial – that alone adds a cherry on top.

It’s cloud-based and that is our favourite part – won’t allow you to down regardless of where you’re, what device you’re on and what OS you’re using. Split testing is everything during this business and ClickMagick comes across as a knight in shining armor here. Click on the link below to start your free 14-day ClickMagick trial today.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ClickMagick review today. Hopefully, this ClickMagick review will help you make your decision. If you have any questions – please let me know below the comments.

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