Children Learning Reading Review – Pros and Cons

Children Learning Reading Review

Reading is one among the foremost important skills that one must master to achieve life. It helps your children achieve school, helps them build confidence and helps motivate your child. Reading will help your child learn more about the planet , understand instructions on signs and warnings on labels, allow them to explore reading as a pastime and help them gather information.

Learning to read is extremely different from learning to talk and it doesn’t happen directly . there’s a gentle progress within the development of readability over time. the simplest time for youngsters to start out learning to read is at a young age – even before they enter preschool. When a toddler can speak, they will begin to develop basic reading skills. Young children have a natural curiosity to find out about everything. they’re naturally interested in the printed text they see, and therefore the desire to find out about the sounds made by those letters. you’ll probably notice that your young children wish to check out books and absolutely enjoy reading. they’re going to even pretend to behave sort of a reader by holding books and pretending to read them.

At what age are you able to start teaching children to read? once they are babies? At 2, 3, 4 or 5 years old, or waiting until they’re at school?

If you delay the event of your child’s reading skills until they reach school, you’ll put your child in peril …

You should know that 67% of 4th graders cannot read fluently. consistent with the national educational progress assessment, out of 67%, 33% only read at the essential level and 34% cannot achieve reading at rock bottom basic level. there’s a particularly simple and very effective system which will even teach 2 and three year olds to read called Children Learning Reading. this is often a singular course of study developed by two wonderful parents and reading teachers, Jim and Elena, who successfully taught their four children to read before turning 3. The reading system they developed was so effective that when their daughter was 4 years and a couple of months old, she was ready to read it at level 3. This program will teach your child to decode and skim phonetically effectively. it’ll give your child an excellent start, and permit you to show reading and help your child develop reading skills years before similar children.

Children Learning Reading Review

What is Children Learning Reading?

Children Learning Reading may be a reading educational program for youngsters divided into 2 phases. Provide helpful tips and techniques to assist parents teach children to read. it’s a mixture of synthetic phonemes and phonemic awareness. most of the people probably have heard about phonetics, but phonological awareness may be a lesser known concept which isn’t what you regularly hear. Certainly, phonetics is completely essential for developing fluent reading skills. However, there are many various sorts of pronunciation including embedded, similar, analytical and synthesized pronunciation. Although using some sorts of pronunciation is best than not including any pronunciation instructions, you’ll achieve better results by using synthetic phonetics, which is that the easiest and best method. to show reading. Many studies support this.

Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading Review

In a 7-year study conducted by the Scottish Ministry of Education, 300 students were taught using analytical phonetics or synthetic pronunciation. The results show that the pronunciation group read 7 months beforehand and spelled 8 to 9 months before the opposite pronunciation groups. At the top of the 7-year study, the youngsters read 3.5 years before their age over time.

Very impressive, right?

And the Children Learning course of study has taught all children to read phonetically from the age of three and has helped thousands of oldsters teach children to read successfully. Some are toddlers 2 or 3 years old, others are 4 or 5 years old preschoolers, et al. are ages 6, 7, 8 or maybe older.

About The Author

This program was created by Jim and Elena Yang, who as parents believe that children education is extremely important. The couple believes during a parent-oriented old-school approach when teaching their child to read. Jim Yang may be a reading specialist.

He and his wife developed the program to equip the various effective techniques within the process of teaching a toddler. As parents, the couple has experienced tons and has learned from these experiences. They integrate these experiences in creating a comprehensive reading guide. This way, parents won’t have a tough time teaching their children.

How Does Children Learning Reading Work

Children Learning Reading promises to show you ways to effectively teach children to read. And, it sure does during a very simple way with incremental progressive steps.

It enables parents to start at the first stage of the child’s growth and naturally progress. This way, children are able to do the specified results at their own learning pace.
The program is well researched. Most of the items that you simply can read were from the author’s personal experience as a parent.

The entire course is weakened into various sections to form it easier for folks , and more exciting for youngsters to find out . The result could vary counting on the child or the parent. it’s going to not work for all children at an equivalent rate and pace.

This program is right for folks who want to start out teaching their kids to read at an early age. Interestingly, availing this program doesn’t run you of any risks.

If you read it and you discover that the program isn’t for you, you’ll always get a refund. However, the return should happen within two months of purchase.

Why Should You Choose Children Learning Reading?

The Children Learning course of study works so well that a lot of children will reach reading age far beyond their time. Take Jim & Elena’s children as an example: their oldest child, Raine, is reading phonetically at 2 years and 11 months aged , and when she enters kindergarten at age 5, she reads at level 5 with reading age. is 11.9 years – almost 7 years from her age over time. Their second child, Ethan, learned phonetic reading for two years and 9 months, and when he was 3, he was reading at level 2 with an reading age of seven .2 years – progressing at a rapid pace. like his sister. Find that tough to believe? you’ll watch the videos posted here.

There are many various pronunciation programs, but you rarely hear mention of phonological awareness (PA), and PA is completely an equally important component for developing reading skills in children. What makes the Teaching Kids Learning program unique and amazingly effective in teaching young children is that it seamlessly combines syntactic phonology teaching with phonological awareness to assist children develop their Excellent reading skills.

Above and beyond simply teaching children to read and decode effectively, this mix of syllable pronunciation and PA instruction works to assist children reach their reading age far before time – like Scottish research has proved by phonetic synthesis. The incredible effect of this sort of learning significantly increases over time and with age. what’s even more remarkable is that this approach to learning to read also enhances your child’s spelling ability! Indeed, during a report published by the National Reading Council (NRP), NRP found that learning through phonological and phonemic awareness guides significantly enhances their ability to spelling of young children.

Whether you’ve got a toddler, a preschooler, a kindergarten or a preschool child, the youngsters Learning course of study will allow you to show your child to decipher and skim phonetically a effectively. Lessons are taught during a sequential and logical learning order, and step-by-step lessons assist you teach your child easily and permit your child to become a quick and fluent reader.

Children Learning Reading OTO

In the $ 60 basic package, you will receive a reading guide with 2 stages for your child, plus 6 author’s bonuses.

In the $ 80 premium package, in addition to what you will get in the basic package. You also get yourself 4 more premium packages including:

Premium package 1: Children learn to read video lessons & seminars

Children Learning Reading Review

This is a series of videos recording the 12-week study period to read with the author’s second child. It clearly shows exactly how they teach lessons not only possible, but also very simply and effectively teaching even a 2.5-year-old child to read.

Premium package 2: Pre-book prints for lessons in phase 1 – this is a complete book with prints for each lesson in Stage 1 of the program.

Premium package 3: Pre-print copies of lessons for phase 2 – this is a complete book with lesson prints for all of Phase 2 lessons for the program.

Premium package 4: Melody 2 Melody – a beautiful book containing colorful illustrations for all rhymes included in phase 2 lessons. These rhymes are also suitable for matching lessons. your child’s reading process

Children Learning Reading Bonus

  • Bonus #1: Lesson Stories for Stage 1
  • Bonus #2: Lesson Stories for Stage 2
  • Bonus #3: Letter Sounds MP3 Audio Clips
  • Bonus #4: The Most Common Sight Words
  • Bonus #5: Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes
  • Bonus #6: Lifetime Program Upgrades

Children Learning Reading Pros:

The Children Learning Reading is extremely easy to follow

The program offers systematic and effective techniques that engage children and slowly teaching them to read

It offers a comprehensive presentation of the topics

The methods used are backed by scientific studies

Printed cue cards are very effective and really engaging to children

The program provides excellent materials

Instructions are available in written form also as in audio and video forms.

Children Learning Reading Cons:

Χ Parents with low connection speed complain about long download time

Χ It comes in two pricing choices—premium and standard

Χ Cue cards are only available on the premium package


Children Learning Reading is a unique combination of synthetic phonics and phonological awareness that produces incredible results in children of all ages. Unlike other programs, it ensures that you will closely monitor your child’s progress. Lessons are broken down, concise and effective, taking only 10 to 15 minutes to practice. That will prevent your child from feeling tired, stressed or bored in learning to read. Thousands of parents have used this method to teach their children to successfully read with incredible results. Now to you. Click here to get Children Learning Reading now!

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