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will there be one Chicago med season 8? Yes! Chicago Med Season 8 has been extended! ABC officially announced that Chicago Med will return for its eighth season! We’ve got everything you need to know about the new season, including potential release dates, cast, trailers and news, plus we’ve got the answers to your burning questions.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Release Date

We expect Chicago Med Season 8 to be released in Fall 2022!

Previously on Chicago Med Season 7

The season started with Dr. Manning left Chicago and Sharon asked Will to return to Med to see Dr. Cooper and his work with the VasCom. dr Hammer and Dylan came to Med as new characters for the season. Hammer and Will at each other from the start. It became known that Dr. Hammer’s mother was homeless and that their relationship was strained as a result. When her mother was hospitalized, Dr. Hammer Vanessa for help to convince her stubborn mother to accept help. Dylan revealed that he used to be a police officer and found himself in several situations where he had to choose between his previous career and his current one.

Ethan returned after being shot and tried to regain momentum. He tried too hard at first and put himself in danger. Overwhelmed by the stress of her job, Vanessa started taking Adderall. After keeping it a secret for a while, Vanessa soon came to terms with Maggie when she had to pass a drug test. Maggie helped protect her despite disagreeing with her choices.

dr Halstead helps Dr. Hammer to find her mother after she disappeared and soon Dr. Hammer let her mother go and take care of herself after she got out of psych ward. While it appeared that Dr. Hammer and Will may be involved in some type of relationship, revealed Dr. Hammer suddenly revealed that she was trying to make her marriage to her husband work while they were previously in the middle of a divorce. dr Hammer decided to move to Detroit to be with him and left Med. Meanwhile, Crockett, daughter of transplant surgeon Dr. Blake, Avery seen while being talked to by Dr. Blake learned more about transplant surgeries.

Will’s investigation stalled when the FBI refused to release Dr. to arrest Cooper. Will takes matters into his own hands and lets Dr. Cooper and those associated with VasCom arrest, putting the hospital at risk of going to court. Meanwhile, Dylan reunited with a former friend and clashed with her husband from her tough past over their ailing son. after dr Blake was poisoned in the OR, Crockett rushed to her aid. dr Charles reunites with his old therapist, Dr. Richardson and complicated romantic feelings develop. When Maggie started to feel unwell, Vanessa took tests and thought Maggie was pregnant, but she wasn’t.

Vanessa also had a few dates with Randall, who had been keeping an eye on Med since the VasCom incident. dr Archer was interested in Dr. Blake and wanted to compete for her with Crockett. dr Blake eventually let Crockett in and the two kissed only for Avery to come in and see her and understand why Crockett ended things with her. This led to Dr. Blake was tired of her new relationship, but she respected Crockett and they started seeing each other again.

When VasCom decided to settle, Will received 1.2 million. He considered what to do with it, but ended up keeping most of the money and buying an old apartment complex. Dylan met a mysterious patient named Melina and suspected she was a drug dealer. After acting like a cop instead of a doctor, Dylan realized the Serbian mafia was involved. Melina soon revealed to him that she was also a cop, but deeply undercover, and got Dylan’s help. The gang war was even brought to Med once, but Dylan saved the day. Sharon found out her daughter Tara was pregnant. dr Hannah Asher was welcomed back to the Med. Dylan and Melina started dating romantically. Although Dylan wasn’t sure he could fully trust her, the two continued to be a strong couple.

A patient named Gerald showed up at the hospital wanting to see Ethan. Ethan realized that Gerald knew his father and worked with him. Ethan soon realizes that he didn’t know his father as well as he thought he did, as Gerald revealed that he was in a relationship with Ethan’s father.

Dylan was tricked into helping the crime boss’ son and had to hide his relationship with Melina. Hannah and Will renewed their friendship, and Will even offered Hannah a place to stay in his new apartment complex. Meanwhile, Dr. Blake during surgery and later revealed to Crockett that something was wrong with her hands. Vanessa asked Maggie about her birth father, but Maggie was reluctant to open up about that part of her life again. After being stubborn, Dr. Blake eventually went to surgery and Ethan went to see Gerald to learn more about his father. Melina has told Dylan that there is a mole in CPD and that she was made and needs to go. She told Dylan her real name is Jo.

The season ended with a celebration for Sharon’s birthday, where Tara went into labor during dinner and had to deliver right there with her mother. dr Charles realized that his connection to Dr. Richardson was too complicated and broke up with her, saying she deserved better than him.

In the meantime, Dr. Blake operated and eventually gave Crockett power of attorney. Faced with a difficult decision, Crockett made the one that Dr. Blake’s life would not be endangered, but could affect the function of her hands. as dr When Blake woke up and was unable to touch her nose with her finger during a simple exercise, she realized what Crockett had done and got angry with him; he may have ruined her entire career with his emotionally based decision.

After a ceremony for Ethan’s father, Ethan presented Gerald with the flag in his father’s honor. dr Archer seemed moved and called his own son to try to reconnect. Maggie eventually tracked down Vanessa’s father, Grant, and introduced the two to each other. Jo was staying in Will’s apartment complex, but when Dylan came to say goodbye, the building was on fire. A member of the mafia came in and fought with Dylan, and Melina ended up shooting him.

Dylan told Melina to run and get help, and as she left she realized she had been shot in the stomach. Will ran inside to help Dylan get the mafia member out, but both exits were blocked by fire, trapping them all in the burning building.

What to Expect in Season 8 of Chicago Med

Considering that the season 7 finale ended on quite a cliffhanger, it’s safe to assume the premiere will pick up right where it left off: with Will and Dylan in a dangerous situation. Melina gets shot but promised to get help so will she make it in time? And will she be able to escape before the other members of the mob track her down? Hopefully both Dylan and Will make it out alive (I’m not too worried about the mob member who was shot). When that happens, Will will surely find himself in a situation where he must figure out how to repair the damage done to his building and make it ready for more tenants after the devastating fire.

The relationship between Crockett and Dr. Blake was rocky when Crockett made a decision for Dr. met Blake, which she didn’t want. If her symptoms remain the same and her hands are permanently changed, Dr. Blake on the Med? Even if this is not the case, it seems very likely that this will be the end of the romantic relationship between Dr. Blake and Crockett will be.

Since Vanessa met her birth father, Grant, will they see and get to know each other more often? If so, how will Grant’s presence affect Maggie since she told Sharon that she was really in love with him when she got pregnant? It doesn’t look like it’s going to have a positive impact on Maggie and Ben’s relationship.

Appearing to be “starting from scratch,” Will and Hannah reintroduced themselves after rebuilding their friendship for most of Season 7. Is friendship the kind of relationship they should have, or will they inevitably fall back into old patterns? It seems like what’s between them is too strong to be just friendship, but their amount of baggage can potentially counteract that.

we have dr Archer was always known as a cold-hearted and outspoken doctor, but he showed a certain vulnerability when he reached out to his son and asked to hear from him. This could potentially be an interesting story for Dr. Archer in the upcoming season, and it might allow fans to see a more vulnerable side of him than what we’ve been shown, and it would give us more background on this character that we still don’t know too much about.

The Season 7 finale left fans with many questions and possible storylines for Season 8. Relationships are in jeopardy and some are just beginning to blossom again. Aside from the doctor’s personal life, there will certainly be many emotional and intense patients and cases that Med’s doctors will have to deal with, but we’ll have to wait a while to see exactly what those situations are.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Chicago Med

Where can I watch Season 8 Chicago Med?

During the active season, you can watch Chicago Med on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. Central Time ABC. In the off season you can binge watch ABC. We also have in-depth recaps on Celebrity Myxer!

Has Chicago Med been canceled?

Absolutely not! In fact, NBC has renewed Chicago PD for 3 more seasons!

Will Chicago Med be extended for 2022?

Yes! We expect the premiere in September 2022!

Chicago Med cast

  • Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead
  • brian tea as Ethan Choi
  • Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood
  • Dominic Rain as Crockett Marcel
  • Yaya DaCosta as April Kuster
  • S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin
  • Oliver Platte as Daniel Karl
  • Kristen Hager as dr Stevie Hammer
  • Elizabeth Hinkler as Gemma Brooks
  • Emil Hinkler as Emma Brooks
  • Guy Lockard as dr Dylan Scott
  • Michael Rady as dr Matt Cooper
  • Jeremy Shouldis as dr Marty Peterson
  • Stephen Weber as dr Dean Archer
  • Sarah Rafferty as dr Blake
  • Jessica Schram as dr Hannah Asher

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