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Will there be an 11th season of Chicago Fire? Yes! Chicago fire season 11 was renewed! ABC officially announced that Chicago Fire will return for its eleventh season! We’ve got everything you need to know about the new season, including potential release dates, cast, trailers and news, plus we’ve got the answers to your burning questions.

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Chicago Fire season 11 release date

We expect Chicago Fire Season 11 to be released in Fall 2022!

Previously on Chicago Fire Season 10

The season began on a stressful cliffhanger as Severide and Cruz were on the verge of drowning. Although both made it safely, Cruz struggled a bit with PTSD from the near-death experience, and it affected his view of how he would become a father. Meanwhile, Boden was preparing to leave Firehouse 51 after being promoted to assistant district manager. Casey and Brett stopped hiding their relationship at 51 when they revealed they already knew it. Severide told his mother about his engagement to Stella, but she did not believe that Severide men were suitable for marriage. Violet, Gallo and Ritter decided to start their own microbrewery.

Griffin Darden came to see Casey after 51, but Casey soon realized that there was a lot more going on when he saw Griffin and his brother’s living conditions in Oregon. This visit prompted Casey to make the drastic decision to move to Oregon to take care of the boys. Meanwhile, Brett tried to get approval for her paramedic idea, but paramedic Chief Hawkins didn’t seem too keen on the idea. But when he rides along, he sees the potential of the paramedics and even sees a spark in Violet. Cruz’s son was born and he named him after his fallen friend and brother Brian. Boden was also allowed to return to his new job at 51, so he could still be with his adopted family. While Brett was excited about starting the paramedic program, he had to come to terms with Casey’s departure and how it was affecting their relationship.

After Stella left to help with the Girls on Fire program, Lieutenant Jason Pelham showed up at 51 as a temporary sit-in for Casey’s old position. Right off the bat, at 51, Pelham seemed to clash with everyone, especially Gallo, whose connection to Casey wasn’t easily forgotten. Violet had appendicitis after wondering if she should tell Gallo how she felt about him. Boden told Severide that if Stella didn’t return to fill the empty spot as lieutenant, she would lose the opportunity and Pelham would get it. Stella didn’t answer, which angered Severide. When Stella returned, the two felt distant after their longer-than-expected absence. Pelham came under scrutiny after a firefighter blamed him for an incident in which he was not involved. Stella temporarily took over his position and worked hard to salvage his career. Violet got an award from Hawkins and began to feel that he had romantic feelings for her. At the CFD gala, the two ended up kissing and expressing their feelings.

As Severide and Seager worked together on OFI cases, Stella wondered if there was more going on between the two. Stella was also busy looking for a vacancy as a second lieutenant and found a fire station that needed sharpening. However, Pelham stepped in and offered to swap places for Stella so that she could stay with her family when she was 51. Stella was then busy finding someone to fill the vacancy on the truck. She encouraged Mason to join even though he had a criminal record. After the team saw Mason in action, Mason was welcomed to Firehouse 51 with open arms. Meanwhile, in an apartment fire, Cruz met an immigrant boy named Javi, and soon he and Chloe decided to take him into their home. Hawkins and Violet struggled to keep their relationship a secret from other firefighters and paramedics. A tense situation tested Boden after he was taken hostage along with other civilians in a grocery store. Firehouse 51 came to his rescue, and Boden even managed to save the life of those responsible.

After Brett decided to spend some time with Casey in Oregon, she was temporarily replaced by Emma, ​​who seemed odd at first. She and Violet seemed to be arguing about power at every turn. Violet soon became convinced that Emma was after her position. Violet told Hawkins that she loved him. After some more power struggles on calls and going through private text messages, Emma went to Hawkins and told him to move Violet to another house or she would tell everyone how Violet made a mistake on her call. She threatened to expose their relationship if he defends Violet in any way.

Severide and Stella clashed over Gallo as he began training to get into the squad. When Gallo revealed he would be staying on the truck for a while, Stella was thrilled, but Severide was upset that things always went her way. Upon learning of Emma’s ultimatum from Violet, Gallo joined Hawkins in taking Emma down. Severide found himself in a sticky situation after investigating a food truck following a car accident. He accidentally stumbled straight into a drug deal and was badly beaten by those involved as a result. Although things were previously awkward between Stella and Severide, this incident causes them both to overcome their fears and reservations and they agreed to get married as soon as possible. Elsewhere, Emma went a step further and blackmailed Hawkins, threatening to expose their relationship if Hawkins didn’t transfer Violet from Firehouse 51.

The season ended with Brett and Casey returning for Stella and Severide’s wedding. While Casey was only there for the special occasion, Brett was back for good. This caused Brett to wonder where that left her and Casey, but they decided to just live in the moment. Severide was questioned about Campbell, the man involved in the drug trade. Later, Severide was attacked by one of his men and ended up kicking the man out of a window, killing him in self-defense. The police let Severide know that Campbell is on the run, so Severide should at least be aware of him. Hawkins feared there was nothing he could do to help Violet, but during a phone call Emma left Violet in a building on fire because she was scared and that was enough to seal her fate.

Despite some difficulties, Stella and Severide had their wedding and it was beautiful, between their vows and Boden leading Stella to the altar. Even Severide’s mother called and told him she was trying to make it and that she was happy for him. Severide carried Stella across the threshold of the cottage to celebrate their wedding night. However, they were not alone there.

What to Expect in Chicago Fire Season 11

Season 10 ended on an intense cliffhanger when someone (believed to be someone related to Campbell and the drug trade Severide was involved in) pulled up in front of the cabin where Stella and Severide are staying to celebrate their wedding. There is a possibility that there will be a confrontation or situation on the spot in the cabin where Stella and Severide’s lives are in danger. However, there’s also a chance this is a story that drags on a bit if someone is watching Severide from afar, waiting for their time to strike. If that happens, there could be some good tension before things come to a head for Severide. I hope it’s the second option because it would be nice to see Severide and Stella happy and together for more than just a few hours before it all goes downhill.

On a more positive note, Brett should be back at Firehouse 51 forever. We’ll likely get occasional updates on how Casey is doing and how their long-distance relationship is going. Violet will probably breathe a sigh of relief when Emma is gone. But what if we didn’t see Emma last? Although Brett will be back as Violet’s partner, there’s always a chance the drama isn’t quite over with Emma, ​​given how committed and callous she was. But what will happen between Violet and Hawkins now? Violet speculated to both Gallo and Ritter that her relationship with Hawkins was getting a lot messier than she thought and that she wished he had fought harder to help her. But what she doesn’t know is that he offered to be transferred just to save her. Will this stop Violet and Hawkins from moving forward with their relationship?

While these are just the main cliffhangers and potential storylines that Season 10 has left us with, Season 11 is sure to have many other character storylines. I hope we see more from Cruz and Javi and how their relationship grows. We can also expect more fun and uplifting scenes and storylines from Mouch and Hermann, mixed in with a good dose of drama of course.

Season 10 has left us both happy and concerned about the fate of Severide and now Stella as well. While we’ll have to wait and see what happens to her creepy stalker, I’m sure it’s going to be an explosive premiere.

The most frequently asked questions about the Chicago Fire

Where can I watch season 11 of Chicago Fire?

During the active season, you can watch Chicago Fire on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. Central Time ABC. In the off season you can binge watch ABC. We also have in-depth recaps on Celebrity Myxer!

Will Chicago Fire be extended for 2022?

Yes! We expect the premiere in September 2022!

Will Brett return to Chicago Fire?

Yes! Sylvie Brett (portrayed by Kara Killmer) returned to Chicago Fire in the final episode.

Chicago Fire cast

  • Jess Spencer as Matthew Casey
  • Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide
  • David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann
  • Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz
  • Christian Stolt as Randy “Mouch” McHolland
  • Eamon Walker as Wallace Boden
  • Kara Killer as Sylvie Brett
  • Randy Flager as chap
  • Yuri Saradarov as Brian “Otis” Zvonecek
  • Brett Dalton at Jason Pelham
  • Hanako Greenforge as Violet Mikami
  • Chris Mansa as a bricklayer

guest role

  • Carlos Santiago Sanchez as Javi

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