Chef Joel Gamoran talks about cooking for Today and Sesame Street


You have a program, “Scraps,” and you have a book, “Cooking Scrappy,” both of which focus on eliminating food waste. Why is that important to you?

Nearly 40% of food in the US is thrown away. When you go to grocery and you have two grocery bags, imagine you just grab one and throw it in the trash. That’s what we’re doing in America. So I started to notice, when I was teaching people how to cook, how much they threw away. When I’m in the restaurant, we don’t throw anything away because it’s all profit. It could be tomorrow’s special, it could be soup. That cucumber peel, even that banana peel or chicken bone, all of that can be used.

What I realized is that home cooks don’t know it. Professional chefs know it, but home cooks don’t. That’s where recital was actually born. That’s where cookery book was actually born. Now it is a huge movement of cooking without waste, which I’m very excited about… Not saying I started it – but I’m definitely an earlier part of it and I’m happy.

Documentary are on it. There is litigation about it. So it became a really big topic and it should be. It’s a great topic and I’m really glad that the world is starting to embrace this piece of junk we’re throwing away.

What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

I will go with Chipotle.

What do you get there?

I am a bowl guy. I take brown rice. I take black beans. I’m a double chicken. Yes, add avocado. I will pay more. I think Chipotle cooks clean, I actually do. I have never worked with them or anything like that. But I think when I’m stuck and I’m somewhere in need of a quick meal, Chipotle will cook it the way I like it.

If you could ask someone to cook dinner for you, who would it be and why?

Cookie Monster and Elmo are up there, I won’t lie. That’s pretty cool. I’ll go with… Oh man, that’s a good question. Maybe I’ll go with my wife? I get dinner from her all the time, but no one cooks for me. Because I’m a chef and people are scared, so it’s nice that I don’t know, a home-cooked meal that I don’t have to cook. So I appreciate my wife’s cooking skills very much.

Does she cook for you normally, or are you always the one cooking for the family?

She used to when we were dating, and then when we got married, she stopped. We have a baby now and I’m going home [late] She had to get it on the table, and I really appreciate that. So if she puts her mind to it, and Michael knows this, he’s eating our house so much, she can really, really make an extraordinary meal. In our house, we all have different things, and that’s why we love Yummly so much and why I partnered with Yummly, you can include in your personalization. me. So you can say, “Okay, I don’t make dairy. I don’t make gluten.” So she uses Yummly as a huge tool for us to get dinner on the table quickly.

What is an ingredient you can’t live without?

I’m obsessed with lemons — obsessed. I will eat the whole thing. I love passion. I love fruit juice. They brighten everything up. So lemon all the way.

Do you also include them in kid-friendly recipes?

Heck yeah. And if you’re avoiding salt, you can simply squeeze a lemon instead of salt. I just think they’re magical. I think they can take the mundane things out and make it really, really bright and beautiful without trying too hard.

Is there one kitchen tool you can’t live without?

Well, you can’t live without a great knife. So I’ll just say that. ONE chef’s knife … I use Global. To me, it just feels right in the hand, but if there’s a tool that’s a bit murky, I’d prefer a microlane. I use it for chocolate. I use it for cheese… I actually sort the nuts and it has this grain dust on it, which is really, really nice. So Microplane: that’s $15. It’s worth every penny.

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