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Nicco Annan, Elarica Johnson and Brandee Evans star in the Starz hit series P-Valley. Get to know them P Valley cast to understand their meaning in the second season. Stay tuned Celebrity Myxers detailed summaries of this amazing show!

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P Valley cast

P Valley cast. LR: Andre Watkins (Parker Sawyers), Autumn Night/LaKiesha Savage (Elarica Johnson), Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan), Mercedes (Brandee Evans), Lil' Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson), Keyshawn/Miss. Mississippi (Shannon Thornton)

P Valley cast. LR: Andre Watkins (Parker Sawyers), Autumn Night/LaKiesha Savage (Elarica Johnson), Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan), Mercedes (Brandee Evans), Lil’ Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson), Keyshawn/Miss. Mississippi (Shannon Thornton)

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Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan)

Uncle Clifford leads the cast of P Valley

Sharp-tongued, wise and always served with an extra dose, she runs the best shake junt in the Dirty Delta. She’s a gender-bending hustler with a gold-plated heart, masculine and feminine in equal measure. She doesn’t just make the rules—she enforces them with a set of perfectly manicured claws. Armed with little but her razor-sharp wit and a face that slaps for the Gawds, she will stop at nothing to protect her Pynk in a brotherly manner. But with her thug saved, her throne in jeopardy, and her heart broken, this crazy slut now finds herself contemplating what she wants out of life.

Fall on P Valley Season 2

Autumn Night / LaKiesha Savage (Elarica Johnson)

The evil and bougie femme fatale who washed up on the shores of The Pynk and rose from New Girl to New Owner. After months fleeing her tragic past, she narrowly escaped death at the hands of her not-so-dead ex thanks to her new pynk-framily. Always better at leaving than staying, Autumn now finds herself both emotionally and physically associated with Chucalissa. As a businesswoman, Autumn must keep the Pynk afloat during a raging pandemic, while people connected to potential casino development circle the property like sharks in search of blood.

Mercedes in P Valley Season 2

Mercedes (Brandee Evans)

Wild, ambitious, a true boss. After a long reign as Queen of the Pynk, this enterprising prostitute found her plans for retirement dashed by her mother-turned-prostitute-turned-minister. Though she fears she’s past her prime, this OG continues to carry the club through uncertain times on that famed A1 booty. But don’t ask her about a postponed dream. Determined to get full custody of the daughter she had when she was 15, Mercedes still aspires to open a gym for her growing dance group. With the world rapidly changing both inside and outside the club, Mercedes – like all big headliners – have to reinvent themselves yet again.

Miss Mississippi in P Valley

Keyshawn/Miss. Mississippi (Shannon Thornton)

This young mother, an idealist caught up in a dark romance, is a chocolate Venus dropped off in the Delta. After going viral and hooking up with a hot-shot exec, her goal of becoming Insta-fame — like Cardi and Black Chyna before her — has suddenly become achievable. As her fame grows, the pandemic has shrunk her world to the confines of the duplex she shares with her abusive boyfriend and their two children. When the opportunity presents itself, the ever-savvy Keyshawn decides to break free of her cage and level up.

Lil Murda in P Valley

Lil’ Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson)

The trapper-rapper who has gone from noise-seeking felon to up-and-coming skreet griot in the Delta and beyond. Growing up at The Pynk, he found love and eventually lost it because he couldn’t openly embrace his sexuality. Ready to take his career to the next level, this mis’sip boy embarks on an odyssey across the South. But the truth, he learns, has a way of discovering you in the world.

Andre Watkins on P Valley

Andre WatkinsParker Sawyers

A Morehouse man through and through, this former Chucalissa son returned home to secure the future of Promised Land’s casino development. Caught between his work commitments and his feelings for Autumn Night, Andre finally listened to his heart. A decision he had plenty of time to regret before tragedy called him from his happily married existence in Atlanta and back to Chucalissa. In reconnecting with his past, Andre finds inspiration to rethink his future.

Patrice Woodbine (Harriett D. Foy)

A pimp with a pulpit and the Muva from Mercedes. She’s a larger-than-life preacher who can squeeze a gift out of the homeless and get an entire congregation speaking in tongues. She is hypocritical and hypocritical about Mercedes’ career choices, but ultimately bought her church with the stolen profits from her daughter’s dancing. After breaking free from the patriarchal structure endemic to southern churches, Woodbine carves out her own path that coincidentally collides with this Gatgum casino development.

Corbin Kyle (Dan J Johnson)

The illegitimate child of the late rich Johnny Kyle and his maid. He has always been an outsider between the black and white worlds. He hopes the new casino will finally bring him the power and respect he craves. He will risk everything, even his closest friendship, to ensure the success of the development.

Roulette (Gail Bean)

A feisty wild child who lives up to her name – she takes great risks and breaks all of Uncle Clifford’s rules. Like fire, she is dangerous, unpredictable and uncontrollable – but stunning to behold. On and off the pole, she flips the pynk upside down.

Whisper (Psalms Salazar)

An enigmatic free spirit with a spooky streak who speaks in riddles and uncanny truths. She is blessed with a direct connection to the universe and an eye beyond the earthly realm. The air to the fire of roulette, Whisper becomes a full blown tornado when it hits the bar.

Big L (Morocco Omari)

Uncle Clifford’s mean-teddy-bear-looking right-hand man. The man who guards the safe and knows where all the bodies are buried – figuratively and literally. With the club under new ownership and pressure, Big L continues to expand its own sphere of influence.

Duffy (Dominic DeVore)

The friendly neighbor who travels across the country with his big team. A true romantic with a heart of gold and a roving eye, Duffy might be ready to settle down for good. But that’s a lot easier said than done…

Diamond (Tyler Lepley)

The Pynk’s strong, quiet and salty bouncer. While most of the ladies at the club have eyes for him, there is only one who has captured his bruised and battered heart. But after finding himself at the other end of her gun, he learned an important lesson about rescuing damsels in distress. That moment, coupled with insight into that bloody incident in the Paradise Room, unearthed demons of his ex-Marine past.

Derrick (Jordan M. Cox)

Abusive boyfriend and baby daddy to Insta-famous stripper Keyshawn, aka Miss Mississippi. After the disastrous Murda night, he struggles to change for the better.

Gidget (Skyler Joy)

The ultimate knightly best friend, standing by her girls through thick and thin. As a second-generation pole dancer, she knows the ups and downs of the strip world. Ernestine Sayles (Loretta Devine) Granmuva of Uncle Clifford and former owner of the club. Though she may be blind, she sees through the tangle of inherited injustice and contradictions that have long ruled the South.

Wody (Bertram Williams Jr.)

Pronounced WHOA-dee. The fierce straight guy and manager of Lil’ Murda’s flamboyant MC. He works at a funeral home, has seen a lot in his short life, and has a surprising wealth of knowledge about the world.

DJ Neva is scared (Brandon Gilpin)

A young and rowdy producer on the rise. He’s an honors student by day and a hitmaker by night for the hottest trapper rappers.

Large Teak (John Clarence Stewart)

A recently paroled member of Lil’ Murda’s gang – the Hurt Village Hustlas – expects life outside. The two brothers try to bridge the abyss of time, but Lil’ Murda grows
Fame offers unforeseen obstacles

Wayne KyleJoshua Ventura

The dapper offspring of the purebred Kyle family and half brother to Corbin. With his family’s casino future at stake, Councilman Wayne will surely do his best
ensure that development bears fruit.

Rom Caffey (Blue Kimble)

A slick exec from Blue Guap Empire, the hottest hip-hop outfit in the game. As a Maineager by Keyshawn, he’s ready to take her to the top.

Big Bone (Miracle Watts)

A boisterous new presence in the Pynk, gifted with a molasses-thick Derb, knees of steel, and a tongue deadlier than a Draco.

Farrah (Shamika Cotton)

A talented artist in an unconventional marriage to COACH, Mercedes’ top client. When the two women meet, they develop an unlikely bond.

There you have it folks. Here is the main cast of P Alley. Write in the comments below and tell us who your favorite is?

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