Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere Recap “Fight or Flight”

Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere “Fight or Flight.” Lovers Philo and Vignette risk their lives to help Carnival Row’s downtrodden faefolk. Vignette steals medicine for Black Raven. Ex-detective Philo receives an unexpected call for help. Jonah and Sophie seek power through violence. Imogen and Agreus sail to freedom. Tourmaline suffers from a powerful curse. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date and Time: Friday, February 17, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. ET, 11:00 p.m. CT (previous day) and 9:00 p.m. PT (previous day) on Prime Video.

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Set in a fantasy world where humans and creatures collide, Carnival Row season two begins with former Inspector Rycroft Philostrate aka Philo (Orlando Bloom) investigating a series of grisly murders that are stoking social tensions. Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne) and the Black Raven plot revenge for the unjust oppression inflicted by The Burgue’s human leaders Jonah Breakspear (Arty Froushan) and Sophie Longerbane (Caroline Ford). Tourmaline (Karla Crome) inherits supernatural powers that threaten her fate and the future of The Row. And after escaping The Burgue and her vengeful brother Ezra (Andrew Gower), Imogen Spurnrose (Tamzin Merchant) and her partner Agreus Astrayon (David Gyasi) encounter a radically new society that turns their plans upside down. With humans and fairies divided and freedom at stake, each hero must face impossible dilemmas and soul-determining trials in the epic conclusion to Carnival Row.

Warning… spoilers below!

At Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere, Philo is engaged in hand-to-hand combat against a trio. One is a giant! His only choice is to fight or flee… So he fights and conquers the Triune and wins his business.

Orlando Bloom plays Rycroft Philostrate in the premiere of

Orlando Bloom plays Rycroft Philostrate in the premiere of “Carnival Row” Season 2 Episode 1


Vignette and a couple of fairies break out of the ghetto and fly toward a racing train. They risk their lives (nearly shot in the back) for a few glasses of medicine. It was worth it for them, as the fae have fallen seriously ill, including the Una. Vignette felt guilty for encouraging her people to leave The Burgue, and the plague soon struck her. The next train should return in a few days. However, Vignette’s punishment for disobeying her new clan was a scolding hot branding on her back (instead of getting his wings clipped!)

Jonah Breakspear orchestrates the beheading of the Pucks in the city square who were accused of murdering his father (the Chancellor) and mother (the murderous villain from season one). The soldiers of the Burgue hung the severed heads in the ghetto for all the fair folk to witness in horror! Jonah’s sister Sophie encouraged punishment, but you can tell he was distraught afterwards. The city suffered an economic downturn and Jonah became the new chancellor.

Tourmaline saw an eerie vision of a creature trying to kill her while Philo tried to shoot her (but to no avail). Tourmaline continued to see strange visions of Aoife Tsigani (who was killed last season) until she unleashed herself in a blue gas spirit and entered Tourmaline’s body. Once possessed, she saw a first-person vision of herself killing a Burgue soldier…then bursting out of her. A young girl yelled at her for killing her cat with her bare hands, although Tourmaline had no recollection of murdering the cat…

To catch a killer

The Burgue soldiers dragged Philo in to speak to Inspector Barry, who needed the former Inspector’s expertise to solve a heinous murder. A guard was killed and hung twenty feet from a pillar with barbed wire! The deceased was stationed on a train (the same one Vignette and crew pulled into) and they assumed it was a Pix… or Black Raven! Although Philo’s former comrades were opposed to using his skills, Barry was convinced he could help them catch a killer…

Meanwhile, Imogen awoke from a double nightmare of her brother Ezra, stab her in the stomach. She and her lover Agreus traveled at sea in luxury on an ocean liner. Chaos soon ensued when an airship found them and took off throw bombs at them

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Answers to your questions about Carnival Row

When is Carnival Row Season 2 coming out?

Carnival Row Season 2 arrives Friday February 17, 2023!

Is there a second season of Carnival Row?

Yes! It will be released on Prime Video on Friday 17th February 2023!

Has Carnival Row been cancelled?

No. Carnival Row has not been cancelled.

How many seasons are there on Carnival Row?

There are only two seasons. The second season is the final season. An episode list can be found here.

Where was Carnival Row filmed?

The series was filmed entirely in the Czech Republic. Principal shooting began in October 2017. Much of the work was carried out at Barrandov Studios in Prague, while filming locations included the city of Liberec, the castles in Frýdlant and Krnsko, and the Prachov Rocks (Prachovské skály) area.

Will Imogen and Agreus return to The Burgue?

Imogen’s brother Ezra will make sure the couple returns and Agreus is punished.

Cast of Carnival Row

  • Orlando Bloom as Rycroft Philostrate
  • Cara Delevingne as vignette Stonemoss
  • Arty Froushan as Jonah Breakspear
  • Tamzin trader as Imogen Tracerose
  • Caroline Ford as Sophie Longerbane
  • David Gyasi as Agreus Astrayon
  • Andrew Gower as Ezra Spurnrose
  • Karla Crome as Tourmaline Larou
  • Simon McBurney as Runyan Millworthy
  • Karla Crome as Tourmaline Larou

guest cast

  • Unknown actor as Aoife Tsigani

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Carnival Row Season 2 Episode Guide

season Consequence title air date
2 10 “Carnival Row” Season 2 finale of “Carnival Row”. March 17, 2023
2 9 “Battle Lines” March 17, 2023
2 8th “Fact non verba” March 10, 2023
2 7 “Relationship” March 10, 2023
2 6 “original sins” March 3, 2023
2 5 “Invoice” March 3, 2023
2 4 “An Unkindness of the Raven” February 24, 2023
2 3 “The Hand of the Martyr” February 24, 2023
2 2 “New Beginning” February 17, 2023
2 1 “Fight or Flight” Carnival Row Season 2 Premiere February 17, 2023

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