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Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 Episode 7 “Chapter Seven: Carnival of Souls.” As Millwood Carnival approaches, Mouse and Tabby wrestle with secrets, and Noa realizes that Shawn isn’t himself. Meanwhile, Imogen ponders her baby’s future, and Faran confronts everything that has plagued her. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 Episode 7 ‘Chapter Seven: Carnival of Souls’

previously on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 Episode 6As Imogen and Tabby unravel the mystery surrounding Angela Waters, Faran deals with the scars of her past. After Shawn confronts Marjorie, Noa questions her relationship with her mother, while Mouse spots a familiar face on their first date.

Warning… spoilers below!

On Pretty Little Liars: Original Sins Season 1 Episode 7Davie, Mouse’s mother, receives a postcard from an unknown person that reads meet her in the hall of mirrors. Flashback to 1999 and Davie accuses Angela of assaulting her. Angela is embarrassed.


Imogen doesn’t want to tell anyone that she and Tabitha were raped over the summer. Corey is in a wheelchair after her car accident and blames Faran.

At lunch, the girls discuss A and whether they believe it Sheriff Beasley could be A. Nola tells everyone the secret she has about Sheriff Beasley and he remains on her suspect list. During dance class, Faran finds out that Kelly has dropped out of class.

Kelly accuses Faran of tricking someone into chasing her with a knife and scaring her. Faran is worried about Kelly and believes A attacked Kelly because of her. Finals are awarded and everyone plans for the carnival.

The carnival

When Ash invites Mouse to the carnival, she explains She almost got kidnapped and now their mothers go on vacation when Mardi Gras comes to town. Nola struggles during track practice and is assigned a trainer.

Henry massages Faran after she has back pain while dancing with him. Wes angers Tabitha when he downplays sexual violence against women in certain films. Tabitha argues with Wes and Chip and then walks away from them.

Mouse receives a text message from an unknown number, thinking it’s Steven, and is instantly furious. Sydney talks to Imogen about the possibility of adoption. Imogen decides to consider adoption as an option.


Imogen makes the school secretary watch her child train a baby doll, and when she turns around, the baby is gone! She hears the baby crying and finds the doll with a note on it saying Imogen is a bad mom and signed by A. Imogen asks Chip for a ride to the adoption agency.

Faran’s dance teacher sends her to a specialist for her back pain after Henry confides in her that Faran is suffering. Faran tells Henry that he needs to take her to the doctor and he agrees. Tabitha goes to the spot where she was raped. She freaks out and thinks she sees A until she calms down and then leaves.

Tabitha goes to the sheriff’s office to report her rape to the female deputy, and Sheriff Beasley calls her into his office to question her about Tyler. Tyler is still missingand Sheriff Beasley knows that Tabitha last hit him during Imogen’s party.

Show some support

“Chip tells the adoption agency that He is the father of Imogen’s baby to show her some support. He then takes her out to dinner and asks her to the carnival as his date.

Faran tells her mother that her new doctor wants her to wear braces Take a break from dancing for 6 months heal. Her mother is not happy with the news. Nola’s trainer gives her an inhaler to take before meeting at the track so she can keep up with everyone else.

Mouse shows up at Steve’s work place and tells him that if she keeps stalking her, she’ll tell everyone he’s obsessed with a teenager. He threatens her again right away, saying that he knows she was almost kidnapped as a child, but her mother, Davie, is acting like Mouse was kidnapped. Steven informs her that her mother is going to a group meeting and he saw her there. Mouse receives a text message from the unknown number stating this Her kidnapper was no stranger.


Mouse tells her mother that she is going to the carnival with Ash. Imogen tells Tabitha that Chip asked her out and Tabitha convinces her to go with Chip.

Nola uses her inhaler even though she feels like it she dopes. Tabitha tries to speak to the school counselor about her rape but as soon as she hears there is one an upcoming blood donationTabitha gets excited.

Tabitha keeps remembering the night of her rape. Chip tells Imogen he likes her and she kisses him. Henry feels bad that Faran can’t dance for him 6 months. Nola gets mad at Shawn when he tries to pick a fight at the carnival.

A picture that says more than 1000 words

Davie gets a text from an unknown number saying she has to be honest with Mouse or her biggest fear will come true. Davie fights with her wife as she leaves. A is at the carnival watching all the girls.

Mouse sees Ash in the House of Mirrors for a while. They escape and meet Davie. Davie tells her that it was Mouse’s father who tried to kidnap Mouse all those years ago. Davie was a surrogate who kept the baby and Mouse’s father tracked her down. Mouse admits that she sent the text to her mother.

Tabitha wants to tell the girls that she was raped. At lunch, all the girls’ phones ring at the same time. They all open up a picture of a dead Tyler still in his Halloween costume!

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Air date: August 11, 2022

Cast of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

  • Bailiff Madison as Imogen Adams
  • Chandler Kinney as Tabitha “Tabby” Hayworth
  • Maia Refico as Noa Olivar
  • Zaria Simone as Faran Bryant
  • Malia Pyles as Minnie “Mouse” Honrada
  • Alex Aiono as Shawn
  • Mallory Bechtel as Karen/Kelly Beasley
  • Eric Johnson as Sheriff Beasley

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 Episode Guide

season Consequence title air date
1 10 “Chapter Ten: Final Girls” season finale of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin August 18, 2022
1 9 “Chapter Nine: Dead and Buried” August 18, 2022
1 8th “Chapter Eight: Bad Blood” August 18, 2022
1 7 “Chapter Seven: Carnival of Souls” August 11, 2022
1 6 “Chapter Six: Scars” August 11, 2022
1 5 “Chapter Five: The Night He Came Home” August 4, 2022
1 4 “Chapter Four: The Feminine (Male) Gaze” August 4, 2022
1 3 “Chapter Three: Consequences” July 28, 2022
1 2 “Chapter Two: The Ghost Queen” July 28, 2022
1 1 “Chapter One: Spirit Week” Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 Premiere July 28, 2022

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