Career coach addresses people who are stagnating at work

Career coach @jennakgreco posted a now-viral TikTok urging people who feel unmotivated in their current positions to take action to prevent the “fear spiral” that keeps so many of her clients stuck in jobs they don’t love .

In the video, she breaks the “cycle” of self-doubt and anxiety that often keeps many “Type A’s” and other employees stuck in roles they aren’t passionate about. She describes that a lack of motivation often leads to diminished performance on the job, which then leads to doubts about one’s abilities, which in turn leads to concerns that if they don’t make it at their current job, they’ll “persevere.” . then they start to wonder if they could land a new role or not as they don’t feel competent enough to tackle a new gig. This in turn keeps many people in a proverbial rut.

@jennakgreco It’s easy to focus on the pain of making a change, but what about the pain of staying? #burnout #confidenceiskey #corporatemillennial #careertok ♬ Original sound – Jenna – Career Coach

She begins the video by saying, “[The] which we don’t talk about enough but it’s a real problem for my company girls who are stuck in jobs that drain them and don’t know what they want to do next but don’t want to stay in the job they’re in.”

She continued, “And I know because this has happened to me and I see it in all my clients. Burned out and drained and because of the work you are doing you start to lose your motivation. If you start to lose your motivation, don’t try so hard. And for a lot of my clients, they’re Type A high achievers who’ve always been really good at what they do. So when you don’t try that hard, you feel like, ‘I’m not even that good at what I do. I’m not doing my job as well as I know I could.’”

The TikToker continued: “You’re starting to spin. You begin to lose confidence in yourself. And then you start thinking, “Well, maybe I’m just not that good in general. Maybe I don’t have that much to offer? How am I supposed to even get another job if I’m not even good at the job I’m doing?’ And you start to have this spiral of fear and self-doubt that’s holding you down.”

She adds, “The longer you stay at the job the more it drains you and you feel unmotivated, you feel like you don’t want to show up and do a good job, or as good a job as you know You can, which makes you feel less confident the more you dig yourself a hole that’s harder to get out of and harder to leave that job and find a job that you’re back in can flourish, right? Where you are motivated. Where you get excited, where you get inspired and where you can emerge and actually do the work you know you want to do. And to the best of my ability.”

Jenna concluded by saying, “Also, setting the boundaries and being in the right culture keeps you from feeling drained. Keeps you from burning yourself out and gives you the power to live the life you desire. Both at work and outside of work. And if you relate to it and feel that way about your job, then that’s your sign to do something about it. To stop the spiral. To rid yourself of it and take action to figure out what you want to do next? And take the steps to help you realize it. And get a new job so you can start living the life you deserve.”

Motivational speaker Dean Bokhari says that “Action leads to motivation (not the other way around). Many articles chronicling the habits of successful people all hinge on making often uncomfortable decisions, even when unmotivated, to inspire oneself to do more in virtually any circumstance, such as getting up early to exercise drive, keep on fire to complete projects and follow through on tasks by deadlines and in general.

However, there are also comments from industry professionals and outlets that focus on career transitions that speak of employees “outgrowing” specific jobs. The lack of motivation in these cases could be directly related to an uncomfortable truth: that you don’t challenge yourself. Being able to “ignite” motivation through work when all the work duties and tasks presented to you are no longer challenging would only get you further into the “spiral” Jenna is referring to.

Many TikTokers agreed with Jenna’s post and felt that she was speaking directly to them, with some sharing their own success stories of making the decision to “break the cycle” and doggedly seeking ways that will bring them closer to their own life goals.

One user said, “Oh my god those are exactly my thoughts, I thought I was just the worst and I’m in this spiral.”

Another added: “That was me 3 months ago – I took the plunge and don’t get me wrong it was scary and poof to be the newbie again but I’m so happy.”

A third shared: “You accurately describe my situation.”

One user teased, “There’s literally no way Tiktok isn’t listening to conversations because I ONLY said I felt this way hours ago.”

Another shared, “I recently started working such an average job and I’m so over it that I asked for a 50% raise because I feel like I have nothing left to lose.”

One user joked, “Not my FBI agent trying to flag me up about my FYP.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jenna for more comments on TikTok and Instagram.

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*Initial publication: August 5, 2022 at 5:54 p.m. CDT

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