Car tire maintenance: Do’s and Don’ts

Wear and tear can be expected, with your tires taking on all the brunt of the endless rough ride. Here is a list of some simple tips to keep your tires in good working order.

Your vehicle relies on wheels for good performance and enhanced controllability. Without proper tire maintenance, vehicles are at considerable risk. Like other car components, tires require special care. Since tires are the only thing that is constantly exposed to harsh terrain, they are prone to wear and tear.

Well, have you figured out how to take care of car tires? The good news is that taking care of car tires shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Read on as we elaborate on some tire care tips!


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Tires should not be under or over inflated

If you have problems with the accelerator, brakes, or steering, it may be a good idea to check the tire pressure. Especially in cold weather, you should check your car’s tire pressure at least once or twice a month. There’s a good chance you’ll find the need to adjust for inflation in your tyres.

Wheel alignment

Every 25,000 km or maybe once a year you should treat your car tires with wheel alignment. Doing this will prevent uneven wear of the tread. The daily effects of crossing railroad tracks, potholes and other rough terrain can wear down your car’s tires. These adjustments will also contribute to reduced tire wear.

Rotate your car tires often

You may not know it, but rotating your car’s tires can improve its performance and longevity. Most car owners and drivers ignore the need to rotate car tires. The truth is that your car tires need to be rotated every six months or once every 12,000 kilometers. The rotation ensures even tire wear, preventing premature tire wear.


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Check before going long distance

At the time of washing or inflating your car’s tires, do a physical check. It helps if you’re looking for bulges, cracks, or anything that could puncture a tire. If any of these items puncture your tire wall, the tire will need to be replaced. You can also opt for a full specialist check before undertaking long road trips to ensure proper safety.

Never overload vehicles

You can find out about your car’s overall weight capacity on the sign on your car door. Surprisingly, overloading can be one of the main causes of tire failure. Without complete tire failure, it will still result in poor handling control.

Avoid fitting mismatched tires

Fitting mismatched tires is a new mistake that most drivers often make. Mismatched tires tend to have a negative impact on your vehicle’s handling and handling. Furthermore, it can cause wear and tear on the rest of the tire. Furthermore, it can also be fatal to other components in your vehicle.


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So don’t wait until the last moment of your car tires. With these tire care tips, you can prolong the life of your car tires.

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