Brain Training For Dogs Review – Pros and Cons

Brain Training For Dogs Review

Brain Training For Dogs Review

Dogs are recognized to be man’s first-class friend. Some puppies are available ideal form, while a few may additionally come with certain behavioral problems like barking at not anything or chewing on something and the entirety.

This does no longer imply that they are horrific puppies, they’re nonetheless our best friends. That is why you have to take their mental fitness and nicely-being seriously.

Invest in your dog and enjoy nice time with your dog with the aid of purchasing the Brain Training for Dogs. You may not have the luxurious to have the funds for a professional canine instructor, and that’s ok.

First off, it’s miles feasible to educate your puppies thru online modules and motion pictures. It is just a query of finding a very comprehensive software that is simultaneously affordable. This is wherein Brain Training for Dogs comes in.

The Brain Training for Dogs is a software that aims to interact your puppy mentally so you can unleash their ‘hidden intelligence’ as a way to fix bad behavior. It’s an revolutionary application that uses playtime and command recall to raise a disciplined and well-mannered canine.

Brain Training for Dogs uses a series of 21 a laugh games to attain this goal. The 5-course modules are taught in a chain from easy to superior. It is laid out in the shape of conventional education: Preschool, Elementary, High School, College, University, Graduation, Einstein.

In this Brain Training for Dogs Review, we will inform you everything you need to understand about this program, the contents, the benefits, pros, cons, price. Just preserve reading, you will decide for yourself whether Brain education for dogs program is for you or no longer.

What is Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training For Dogs Bonus

As a dog owner, it’s your duty to train your hairy companion. Unfortunately, taking your canine to professional in-person lessons is frequently out of the budget. This effects in many human beings attempting to educate their canine on their personal with out professional guidance, which is often frustrating and ineffective. But a canine merits to be trained. It continues them, your family, strangers, and other puppies safe. So, Brain Training For Dogs brings the expert canine schooling to you. It’s an online program that provides you with expert techniques and training modules for each behaviour and mind education. It teaches you the way to cope with every behavioural trouble you can assume of, and how to educate the entirety from basic obedience to mind-blowing tricks. It is exceedingly complete and is derived with video tutorials, training modules, instructions, photos, trying out and extra. It may be used by all people and for any canine, regardless of their age, behavioural troubles, breed, obedience, and unique personality.

All of the schooling is broken down into different stages for extraordinary canine behaviours and skills, which include:

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Graduation
  • Einstein

Common training techniques can be observed in each. For example, preschool is good for pups getting to know fundamental obedience whereas the Einstein degree is for coaching your canine the first-rate dog hints around. I’ll dive into the info of every however for starters, you receive:

  • Brain Training Module
  • Behaviour Training Module
  • Extra Resources

Everything is available to you as quickly as you purchase so that you can start education your dog immediately. You don’t want any additional equipment, other than a simple leash, dog treats, toys, and other commonplace items you in all likelihood have already got considering the fact that you own a canine. There are some strategies that use a clicker and sincerely none of them require you to apply a shock collar or inhumane or aggressive training techniques. It’s a hundred% safe, natural and amusing for each you and your dog.

To get started, you without a doubt log in and get right of entry to the schooling module you need to begin with primarily based on what you need to train them or the age of your canine.

The effects also are assured with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you months to look how these expert schooling strategies work, risk-free. Chances are, you’ll be surprised at what your canine can research in that time.

Who is the Author?

Brain Training For Dogs Vendor

The writer of Brain Training for Dogs is Adrienne Farricelli. She is a pets lover and famend canine trainer. Her qualifications are pretty impressive.

She studied dog training in Italy and is a CPDT-KA instructor inside the USA. The letters stand for Certified Pet Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed and is an earned credential given by using the independent Council for Certified Dog Trainers.

To gain the credential, a trainer must meet strict requirements. Some of which encompass a minimal variety of hours education dogs (with proof), a rigorous multi-hour country wide exam, a reference from a veterinarian. Adrienne has written articles for many famous publications, consisting of USA Today.

What Do The Different Levels Teach?

During the first degrees, your dog is going to examine the VERY fundamentals, and because the ranges get better they grow to be more difficult.

Here’s a brief manual on what you can anticipate from each level.

Level 1 – Preschool

Just like with real preschool, that is going to be the very basics in order to form the rest of the training for your canine.

At this degree, the primary recognition is going to be keeping your puppies interest. As you could imagine that is crucial. If you don’t have their attention at the clean stuff, you’ll never maintain it on the tougher stuff.

The biggest element you’ll research in this section is getting your doggy to hold eye contact, and to awareness on what you want them to recognition on.

During Level 1 your canine will research “Target Training”, “Eye Contact” and “The Airplane Game”. All of which help you to keep your dogs attention.

Level 2 – Elementary

Once you’ve were given down the fundamentals your doggy will then graduate to primary school. During simple school, they’ll begin to discover ways to concentrate to instructions and comply with alongside to what you’re telling them.

Once again, the main way this may happen is via gambling games. The video games include “Treasure Hunt”, “The Muffin Game”, and “The Airplane Game”. These games cross over the basics of what you learned inside the first degree as well as keeping them inquisitive about a routine, and challenging their mind as nicely!

Level 3 – High School

At degree three matters are beginning to get interesting. Now your doggy is going to be in the final stages of learning the fundamentals. This level of the route goes to be all approximately coaching your canine mental staying power and self-manage.

When this phase’s carried out they’ll discover ways to be excitable only while it’s appropriate.

The video games which might be included this time are “Jazz Up & Settle Down”, “The Bottle Game”, and “Bobbing For Treats”. They specially consciousness on showing your canine they get rewarded for fine behavior, and coaching them a way to act.

Level 4 – College

Now matters are starting to get interesting. Just like college for humans come to be a lot more superior, the equal is real on this direction as well!

This is the level where your dog will REALLY start to discover ways to react to commands and live calm, as well as having their mental potential examined and boosted.

The games which are performed at this stage encompass “The Shell Game”, “The Open Sesame Game”, and “The Magic Carpet Game”.

These games are going to create terrific recognition in your canine, which they are able to use to stay calm when they’d in any other case be excited.

Level 5 – Univesity

After the whole lot your canine has learned, they’re going to be extremely obedient and happy, as well as calm in situations. But now throughout the university phase, you’re going to push their boundaries even greater.

University is all about teaching your domestic dog how to manage their impulses and their emotions. The video games which might be protected in this phase are “Hide & Seek”, “The Look Game”, & “The Hot & Cold Game”

These games are designed to train your puppies a way to react as it should be to situations which include being left on my own and seeing other dogs.

Level 6 – Graduation

This is pretty a good deal the final level of the training that your canine is going to need (Einstein is extra for a laugh).

In this level, your dog will sincerely discover ways to behave accurately. It’s the stage in which they’ll emerge as the most obedient canine you recognise, and obey all of your instructions without query.

The video games that you’ll play on this phase include “Leg Weaving”, “Serpentine & Spiral”, and “Name Recognition”.

After doing this, they’ll be capable of bear in mind objects by way of name, stay by way of your aspect and weave thru your legs. (The underlying lesson here is manifestly to follow your instructions.)

Level 7 – Einstein

This is the final level, and it’s EXTREMELY superior. In fact, you may skip this level altogether and your dog could be extremely obedient. However, in case you need to take things to the following level then this is simply going to be ideal for you.

The games as a way to be taught on this segment consist of “Tidy Up”, “Ring Stacker” and even “Play The Piano”

It can’t be stressed enough, that this stage goes to take a number of time, however, it’ll be properly really worth it in case you put the time in.

What Else Is Included?

As if that wasn’t sufficient, there’s nevertheless tons MUCH more blanketed. And personally, I don’t think the value is inside the direction. The actual value is within the delivered extras. Here’s what else is included.

A Private Forum

This is wherein the actual fee is. It’s where you could ask any question approximately your dog, and a person in all likelihood has the answer. And if there’s now not any other member that allow you to out, generally Adrienne herself will give you the records.

Believe me, having a discussion board like that is one of the maximum treasured tools you can have whilst schooling your dog.

Case Studies

You’ll also get access to over the shoulder case studies. They’ll display you the way Adrienne trains dogs thru sure actions, which in turn can come up with a clearer expertise of what you need to do.
Not handiest can it help you train your canine thru whatever troubles they have. But it also gives you a higher knowledge of how you need to engage together with your pup as nicely!

Adrienne’s Archive

You’ll additionally get get entry to to loads of canine education articles that Adrienne has written (I assume the wide variety as of this post is around 100). They too may be insightful and give you greater of an concept on the way to teach your canine effectively.

Who Is This Course For?

To be honest, until your canine has excessive behavioral issues, this course is going to be an excellent fit for you. Whether you’ve got a pup that desires education from the very fundamentals or a canine that already has some training, but is only a little rough across the edges.

This path, though, isn’t for anyone who’s impatient. If you want to have a nicely behaved and obedient pup, then it’s going to take time. If you don’t want to put inside the time, then it’s absolutely now not for you. However, you’ll be hardpressed to locate a direction this is.

But if you’re willing to spend time and energy training your dog to be the quality domestic dog they may be (in the maximum amusing way feasible), then this route goes to be the only for you!

And if your canine has any of the subsequent behavioral problems:

  • Not paying attention to you.
  • Barking uncontrollably.
  • Pulling on the leash.
  • Acting aggressively.
  • Chewing things they shouldn’t.
  • Digging.
  • Jumping up.
  • Getting overexcited.
  • Constantly whining.

Then it’s going that will help you out! And most importantly, it’s the best education application for anyone who wants to create a robust bond with their domestic dog!

What Are The Downsides?

Of course, no education application is going to be a hundred% perfect. And similar to any other education program, this one also has some downsides.

♦  Sound Quality Could Be Better

One of the most important downsides of the course must be the sound nice. While it’s nowhere near inaudible, it may clearly be improved. It makes the movies seem like they have been recorded a long term ago,
However, the content is nevertheless extremely applicable so when you get past the packaging it’s going to help you out massively. And after all, you should in no way choose a ebook through its cover.

♦  There’s A Lot Of Reading

As properly as videos, there’s additionally a lot of factors you may examine. If you’re no longer a large reader then you may start to locate this boring. However, thankfully, there are loads of images at some point of all the lessons and forums.

So you may usually break out with skimming the text and figuring out what you want to do. Only going lower back to check the principle elements later on.

What it Contains

Brain Training for Dogs offers you the whole thing your dog desires to feature maximally.

There are 6 classes of activities in the menu segment, which includes;

  • Dog Training and Courses
  • Puppy Training
  • Behavior Problems
  • Adrienne’s Archives
  • Case Studies
  • Forum

Dog Training and Courses: This is the first segment of the menu and it especially introduces the writer, Adrienne, and what the entire application is about and the diverse sports involved.

Puppy Training: The domestic dog schooling is for doggy owners and how they are able to bring them up in the right manner. The domestic dog education section is also properly for those looking ahead to adopting a canine soon.

Behavioural Problems: This a part of the training is a completely critical one. This category mainly specializes in answers to all types of behavioral problems that dog owners face with their pet puppies.

Adrienne’s Archives: This is a phase wherein the writer affords answers to some of the canine training troubles.

It is divided into sub-categories;

Article Archives: It has a collection of all of the articles related to the not unusual dog issues like barking and aggression at one place.

Video Archives: This subcategory is special as it’s miles a group of motion pictures recorded by way of Adrienne with her canine Einstein aiming to teach all the customers in particular approximately Behavior amendment and trick training strategies that could not be properly explained using the written content.

Case Studies: In this category, Adrienne stocks her personal experience with the two dogs that she educated out of the heaps she met. These Dogs have been Sadie and Maggie. This phase suggests how Adrienne turned into capable of resolve those puppies’ issues, so you can as properly observe the same ideas to yours.

Forum: This is an exclusive network in which customers of this system are allowed to have interaction with each other and proportion their canine schooling troubles, experiences, and helpful solutions. Adrienne additionally solutions a few customers’ questions in my view on this segment.

How to apply it

The route starts with an advent module to help you educate successfully.

After the creation are the OBEDIENCE instructions.

Hint: Don’t pass the obedience classes. Even if your dog already is aware of the basics, a refresher is usually essential.

The first module after Obedience is PRESCHOOL.

The preschool module includes target education and attention games which can be very critical to your canine’s success. The video games in this module will additionally beautify your obedience training response.

The next level is ELEMENTARY. This is where your canine gets to have a laugh with video games like the “muffin tin” and “ball pit”. Adrienne indicates the use of “high cost” treats for instances in which your dog is tougher to motivate.

After primary comes HIGHSCHOOL. Here your canine will discover ways to stay calm on cue and consists of video games which are based totally on heady scent paintings. Scent work is a laugh, engages your dog’s mind and body, and gives your canine purpose.

After Highschool comes the COLLEGE module. This one maintains with more fragrance paintings and video games that encourage patience as well as build confidence.

From university to UNIVERSITY, your canine is shifting up within the world. This module carries extra superior steps and sports.

Hint: Be patient along with your canine. Don’t rush the activities even whilst you see that your dog is not making progress. It’s ok to repeat activities until your dog gains mastery of a particular step earlier than you circulate over to some other stage.

After some of these modules, you may circulate to GRADUATION and beyond that, EINSTEIN (GENIUS).

Why you want it

If you’re a canine lover and dog owner, then it’s undebatable which you get the Brain Training for Dogs program. Dogs are fun to be with, but no longer all dogs are perfect.

Some dogs come with plenty of behavioral issues, however the desirable news is that they may be fixed and you may try this yourself if you have Brain Training for Dogs.

This path teaches you all you need to recognize about canine schooling. From building trust to gaining appreciate from your dog, and then going from clean to more difficult a laugh sports with your dog.

In case you’re thinking your canine is too old to learn anew, Adrienne Farricelli busted a fantasy that “vintage puppies can’t study new tricks” by means of showing a few particular ways you could teach an elderly dog and make them undertake new hints.

The author also teaches you what to use in rewarding your puppies after a good job. Her techniques and sample of training are sincerely epic.

Brain Training for Dogs Price

Brain Training For Dogs Bonus

I even have seen numerous dog education books from several authors to date. These books cost everywhere from $50 – $100 range.

Though some of the education techniques have been common amongst these books, there has been something particular in each certainly one of them as properly.

Now the main downside of some of these programs is the month-to-month subscription.

But that’s precisely now not the case with Brain Training For Dogs via Adrienne Faricelli. You simply were given to pay a one- time price and also you get schooling recommendations and Practical films all underneath the equal platform. And, that is for your whole LIFETIME.

Brain Training For Dogs expenses just $47 for lifetime access with out a hidden rate. This is what is cherished approximately this guide. You get great dog schooling at a nominal and respectable price.

Benefits of Using Brain Training for Dogs

1.Personal bonding time along with your dog:

Brain Training for Dogs makes you want to spend more time along with your canine. It additionally offers you tips on the way to get creative along with your dog and make your dog time a amusing time.

2. A smarter dog:

You no longer most effective get to spend satisfactory time along with your canine but you get to like your canine more. This is due to the fact this schooling leaves you with a far smarter canine than you ever knew. The classes on this training beautify your dog’s intuitiveness and sensitivity. So you could believe that your canine is getting smarter.

4. Force-free approach of education:

Brain Training for Dogs teaches you now not to use aggressive techniques to deal with your canine. Hence it enables you operate a force-free method to train your dog the usage of simple amusing games that your dog might enjoy.

5. Easy to understand:

The Brain Training for Dogs application became designed in such a manner that absolutely everyone can navigate via it and understand the lessons easily. You are given an e-book to study and movies to help you recognize and exercise all that you read.

Brain Training For Dogs Pros:

Tons of data: Brain Training for Dogs is packed with greater than sufficient facts you want for your canine. From obedience instructions to advanced schooling and hints on a way to praise your canine. You are by no means left with out details.

Inexpensive: As loaded as Brain Training for Dogs is, it is manner tons low-priced than getting a professional canine trainer.

Force-free technique: This is one fascinating aspect approximately Brain Training for Dogs! Its classes are embedded with sports that do not need require you to placed stress on your dog. It teaches you the way to reward your canine for every step they take, to maintain them prompted and excited to learn.

Interactive: The path has a forum phase in which you may interact with other customers approximately their canine training experiences, and you can additionally direct your questions to the author and get answers from her.

Easy to recognize: The course is easy to navigate and complete for all and sundry at all. It has hyperlinks to each lesson, so you can easily select up from in which you ultimate left off.

Personal education: Brain Training for Dogs gives the experience and luxury of becoming an awesome dog teacher if no longer a expert one. It also facilitates to beautify the bond between you and your dog via the amusing sports contained in it.

Brain Training For Dogs Review

Brain Training For Dogs Cons:

Brain Training for Dogs is best in digital format (films and ebooks). You can’t get it in paperback if you’re a conventional ebook lover.


Brain Training For Dogs is a unique program that you need to change your dog. Images and videos make it easy to train your dog. This training course is truly an effective program available at a very reasonable price for your money. With it, you will be like a professional dog trainer and teach your dog all valuable skills. It’s easy to understand and develop by someone who is an expert in this field.

Moreover, this course not only helps you improve the link between you and your dog but also increases their ability to think. Overall, go for it, and this investment will not disappoint you.

Additionally, you also receive a 60-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. If during that period you feel that it is not working for you then all you need to do is send an email to the support team and they will refund you a penny. So you can try it out without worrying.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the end of my Brain Training For Dogs review today. Hopefully this Brain Training For Dogs review will help you make your decision.

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