Botstar Review – Auto marketing software on Facebook

Botstar Review

Facebook is not new and it is not an idea that every business needs Facebook presence.

However, a lot has changed since Facebook first entered the marketing market. Today, the world’s largest social network can do things that many of us have never dreamed of 10 years ago: storing 360-degree videos, selling products through chatbot or even acting as news sources. Leading news for 2/3 of the adult population.

Facebook has 1.56 billion active users daily. Put that in perspective. That’s nearly 5 times the population of the United States, 20% of the world’s population and still climbing.

It’s not just the number of people but also our attention that Facebook owns. Globally, the average user spends nearly an hour a day on Facebook. Considering that an average person sleeps eight hours a day, that means that about 7% of our waking hours are spent on the eyes on social networks. It is a gold mine on the internet and to fully exploit it you need Botstar. A new AI Chatbot software for FB Messenger created by set of 3: John Gibb, Mo Miah, Craig Dawber

Introducing Botstar:

So what is Botstar?

Botstar is software that automates the sales, marketing and customer support 24/7 in an easy to use control panel. Botstar is proud of its official visual platform to build chatbot. It is suitable for all types of users regardless of experience or technology skills. Anyone can build compelling Chatbots, transform high with the best chat editor on the market. Drag and drop into your heart’s content. Build your dream layout without coding skills and the help of Botstar’s Visual Flow Editor – the most powerful chatbot editor ever. Create your bot in seconds.

  • Easy to use
  • Pull-n-Drop
  • Cloud-based
  • Activities for Messenger & Websites
  • No coding or technology skills required
  • 50 samples completed hot for you Samples ready to use


1. Powerful visual editor

Design your chatbot stream and edit content through the industry’s leading drag and drop editor.

2. Easy to use

Choose a template, customize your template to your liking and publish your first chatbot literally in minutes!

3.50 samples for you

50 samples of high quality chatbot built in different niches, ready to use.

4. Based on 100% cloud

Botstar is accessible and made to work from everywhere. Nothing to download or install. Not complicated and not stressful.

5. AI keyword

Customers enter the word or phrase and the bot automatically matches that word or phrase with the pre-loaded response.

6. Pull-n-Drop

Just drag-n-drop your content the way you like it, without coding or design skills.

7. Automating e-commerce

Build product galleries, accept orders and send the next series to your customers.

8. Big wave broadcast

Send the chatblasts to your user list as you like. Proven to get open rates up to 80%!

9. Fully customized

Completely flexible and controllable when you can add images, videos and even answer time lags to personalize the mixes to make the sound completely natural.

How Does Botstar Work?

Automate your Facebook marketing automatically in these 4 easy steps:

1. Select

Choose from our premium range of 50 samples made for you samples in different niches OR start your own custom from scratch.

2. Pull-n-Drop

Use Botstar’s powerful image editor
to help create your chatbot easily! Just drag-n-drop your content in your style, so you never have to worry about any code.

3. Customize

Fully flexible and controlled to customize chatbot to your preferences You can add brands, text, images, videos, buttons, sounds, call your actions by dragging and dropping it.

4. Published Publications

It’s done! Your new powerful chatbot is now ready for you 24/7, automating sales, marketing and even supporting your customers.

You can also watch this demo video for more:

Botstar Blows Everything Else Out The Water

Botstar Review

Good Point:

  • Completely new software
  • 100% new people friendly
  • Completely web based
  • Support desk responds

Bad point:

  • Need fast Internet


Yes you have it! Great point to consider for your decision making. I should say, don’t hesitate. This is a million dollar industry in the near future. This is the time to take advantage of this one-time opportunity. Click the Buy Now button!

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