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Bluehost 2020 Review

Bluehost Review

Bluehost is a popular website hosting company founded in 2003 by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton. The company utilizes open source technology to provide some of the best cloud-based online solutions to their clients. They are currently hosting more than 2 million websites on their servers, and they are also the recommended web hosting company by WordPress. Throughout this Bluehost review, you are going to find everything you need to know about the web hosting company. That includes the main products the company offers as well as its packages. You are also going to find out why the company has managed to build an incredible reputation throughout the years.

Is Bluehost Worth Trying?

The digital market is flooded with an array of web hosting companies that offer various services at different rates. But as you are going to find out later in this Bluehost review, the company uses unique web hosting and marketing strategies to remain relevant in the already saturated industry. For instance, since its formation, Bluehost has been at the forefront in terms of contributing significantly to the WordPress environment. They have also gone the extra mile in ensuring outstanding server performance for their esteemed clients.

That means if you are looking for a web hosting company that is secure and reliable, then Bluehost is worth considering. The company has more than 700 employees who work around the clock to ensure you get high-quality web hosting services. That is to you to grow your website and maintain optimum performance throughout without any downtime.

They are currently part of the WordPress team, facilitating the development of WordPress core features and functionalities. Their partnership has seen WordPress offer streamlined services to its ever-growing fan base. That shows how remarkable Bluehost is in ensuring their clients get services which are worth their value.

Bluehost WordPress Recommended

Bluehost WordPress Recommended

Bluehost Hosting Services And Packages

Bluehost offers three distinct types of hosting services. Each option comes with various packages. You thus have to decide which is best for your website. The types of hosting available include:

  • Shared Hosting
Bluehost Hosting Services And Packages

Bluehost Hosting Services And Packages

Shared hosting is one of the popular hosting services that Bluehost provides. It is where several sites share an internet-connected server. The web hosting option is not only common but also inexpensive since the server maintenance cost is shared among users. Under shared hosting, there are three packages which include the basic, plus, choice plus, and pro package.

The basic package is the cheapest option, and it offers only 50GB of storage while the others provide unlimited SSD storage. It also lacks other features like unlimited domains, unlimited websites, spam experts, domain protection and privacy, site backup, and dedicated IP, among others. Keep in mind that the type of shared hosting package you pick will determine the performance of your website.

  • VPS Hosting

Another type of hosting that Bluehost offers is the VPS or the virtual private server hosting service. As its name suggests, the VPS hosting is where the physical server is partitioned into numerous virtual servers that can run independent operating systems. It is one of the options that ensure maximum website performance.

When you go for VPS hosting services, you have the option to decide which package to pick among the available three options. That includes the standard, enhanced, and ultimate package. Each plan has a different number of cores, SSD storage amount, and RAM size. They also have different TB bandwidth.

The benefit of choosing VPS hosting is that you get to experience flexibility, control, and an increase in power. You also get to enjoy high performance, stability, and dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, and disk space. That means your website will be fast and reliable throughout.

  • Dedicated Hosting

The last and most superior hosting service that Bluehost offers is the dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, Bluehost is going to give you an entire server. That means you are going to experience optimum performance, control, and excellent security. It also comes with different packages to suit each client.

The three packages available include standard, enhanced, and premium packages. Premium is the most advanced option with 5 IP addresses, 15 TB bandwidth, 4 cores, 16GB RAM, 1 TB mirrored storage, and speeds of up to 3.3 GHz. The enhanced package is, however, the recommended option. It comes with 4 IP addresses, 10 TB bandwidth, 8GB RAM, 4 cores, 1 TB mirrored storage, and speeds of up to 2.5 GHz.

The above hosting services are available to suit different individuals with different types of websites. You should thus analyze the kind of performance you want and pick a hosting plan that will give you such performance.

  • Bluehost Domain Services

Bluehost also offers a variety of domains for their clients. Some of the domains they have include .com, .org, .tech, .net, .website, and .co. Each domain comes with auto-renewal services that prevent the expiration of the domains. They also have the lock function that stops unauthorized transfers. When opting for the Bluehost domain service, you will have to check your domain name availability and initiate the purchase.

Features of Bluehost Webhosting Company

Just like other Webhosting companies, Bluehost mostly depends on its unique features to attract new clients. Their features are far more impressive, and that is what makes it an incredible platform. Before getting deep into this section of the Bluehost review, you should note that the platform offers an easy WordPress installation method in all accounts. Other things that you get to enjoy by choosing Bluehost as your Webhosting Company include:

• Fast Server Speeds

Bluehost is one of those web hosting companies that offer their clients fast server speeds. But earlier in this Bluehost review, you were informed that the speed you get depends on the hosting plan you choose. Top speeds are experienced if you go for the advanced packages of shared server hosting plan, VPS, or dedicated servers. But overall, Bluehost offers remarkably high performance, and that tends to reduce the loading time of your website.

They also use a CDN tool called Cloudflare, which stores copies of your accessed website pages. What happens is that if someone at a particular location loads a specific page of your website, it gets stored in the Cloudflare. That means the next person loading the page within the area won’t have to fetch it from the server but the CloudFare. That is what makes websites hosted by Bluehost faster.

Below is our test result with a website using Bluehost:

Bluehost Speed Test

Bluehost Speed Test

• Their Server Uptime is Excellent

Server uptime is a significant factor to consider when picking a web hosting company. That is the period the server will remain online functioning ideally. The problem is that some Webhosting companies tend to indicate a higher percentage of server uptime but end up delivering less. Ideally, a web hosting company should have a server uptime of 99%.

The good thing about Bluehost is that they have a remarkable server uptime of 99.99%. That makes it an ideal web hosting company for anyone who wants to have his or her website running throughout with only small interruptions. You should also know that the percentage is only seen when using their low web hosting plans like the shared server basic package. For hosting plans like the dedicated server, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting, you get to enjoy 100% uptime, which is impressive.

With high uptime, you are sure that your site is going to remain online and so you don’t risk losing traffic. Your visitors also get to have a remarkable user experience, which is excellent for business.

• Has Customer Onboarding Experience

Beginners tend to have a tough time launching their websites. That is because there are so many technical things required before a site becomes available and accessible online. The good thing about Bluehost is that it eases the whole process by making it straightforward for beginners. That is thanks to a customer onboard experience feature.

The onboarding experience makes it easy for any users to set up their websites and launch them online. That is because technical terms are nicely explained, and various tutorials give you step by step procedures on how to launch your website. That makes it easy for individuals who are not good with tech procedures to find the whole process easy.

With customer onboard experience, you are sure that you will have an easy time selecting the right domain, testing it, and using the right web hosting plan to launch your website. With the tutorials and walkthroughs, the whole experience will be amazing.

• It is Flexible

Bluehost has more than nine web hosting plans ranging from shared server basic package to premium dedicated server plan. Each hosting plan offers clients different hosting experience depending on the type of website in question. That means you don’t have to worry about going for an expensive plan if all you are running is a small blogging site that can utilize shared storage.

The wide range of packages also allows web owners to upgrade their hosting plans to suit their advancing needs and accommodate the diverse market. That is something that most web hosting companies tend to lack. The Bluehost staff also ensures that your website doesn’t experience any downtime while making the transition. Your visitors can thus continue accessing your webpages throughout, and that means you don’t suffer any loss of revenue in the process.

They also have a platform that has all the statistics about your website, making it easy to manage. That means you can monitor your site carefully, and that enables you to know when it’s time to upgrade to a better plan.

• Website Security

Most of the time, i might say take care when buying cheap products because you always get what you buy . Although, with Bluehost, i’m proud to prove myself wrong. On top of Bluehost offering affordable web hosting services, they’re also curious about their customers. Bluehost is self-motivated to make sure you and your site are safe and secure online on a 24/7 basis. Bluehost offers tons of security utilities once you buy their hosting service.

Domain privacy may be a beneficial security utility given every single Bluehost package. This hides and protects your personal information from your domain registrar. When your personal information is out there on the domain registrar, it leaves you susceptible to hackers and scammers using your personal data for plans.

Bluehost will provide SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates to their customers, encrypting any communication between the browser and therefore the server. SSL certificates reduce the danger of any of your personal information being leaked. Having an SSL certificate also will authenticate your website identity so your visitors can know they’re safe when using your site.

Sitelock is another security feature available to all or any Bluehost users. This feature continuously monitors your site for vulnerabilities before network attacks. Another feature available within the upper floors is CodeGuard. This tool is employed for backing up and storing sites . This premium feature protects you from hackers by allowing you to recover your site in only one step.

Bluehost provides tons of security protection, provided for free of charge only to shop for your Bluehost package.

• The Dashboard Is Thoughtfully Designed

Bluehost Control Panel

Bluehost Control Panel

Bluehost is one among the foremost customer-centric hosting companies. They always remember the user in every aspect of their hosting service, and their c-Panel (control panel) is not any different.

Bluehost c instrument panel is formed user friendly. albeit you are a complete beginner within the tech space, their cPanel is particularly intuitive. This makes fixing your website and managing it easy.

If there’s anything you do not like about Bluehost’s instrument panel , that’s not the point; Their CPanel is fully customizable, so you’ll found out your cPanel dashboard to your liking.

• Ecommerce Compatibility

Bluehost WooCommerce

Bluehost WooCommerce

Bluehost gives you the power to make an ecommerce compatible website. If you’re looking to develop an ecommerce website, Bluehost will offer you all the features you would like .

The WooC Commerce package provided by Bluehost provides e-commerce compatibility. this enables you to make and manage a web store. Bluehost maintains an outsized archive of e-commerce topics, so you’ll be ready to create your ideal online store.

• Diverse Packages Of Hosting

Not everyone’s hosting needs are an equivalent . Bluehost realized this and built their hosting decide to reflect the various needs of their customers. they provide a good range of costs , with plans that suit most of the people .

Being flexible with a hosting provider can make your web hosting experience tons easier. If at any time you would like more from your hosting provider, you’ll upgrade to the package that gives what you would like . As your website grows, you would like your hosting provider to grow with you.

• Experienced and Reliable Hosting Provider

Bluehost has been providing hosting services since 2003. they need been providing top quality service for over 16 years and still counting. Bluehost knows what they’re doing and that they do it well.

More than 2 million users are satisfied with the service that Bluehost has provided. If anything will attract you to shop for from Bluehost, then it’ll be there for tracking records. they need proven their top quality service over decades of service.

• Money Back Guarantee

As usual with most web hosting companies, you’ll recover pricing options once you buy hosting services under future contracts. These contracts usually last up to 36 months or more. However, it’s difficult to form a decision if you’re willing to make such an extended commitment if you’re not conversant in a selected hosting company.

To fix this problem, Bluehost provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for those that want to check their hosting services. this provides you 30 days to check the service and choose if it’s right for you. This way, you’ll receive a refund and not be kept in your hosting contract.

Remember that there are a couple of terms for this deal. consistent with Bluehost, these are the following:

You will receive a refund for the quantity you purchased hosting costs, excluding add-ons you’ve got purchased.
Your refund are going to be deducted $ 15.99 if you’re given a free name by Bluehost because you’ll still retain the name .

If your refund request is submitted after 30 days, it’ll not be accepted. In our opinion, these terms are reasonable. However, if at any time you’re uncomfortable with the terms of the agreement, you ought to refrain from buying long-term contracts until you’re able to work with a corporation for an extended time.

• They Have Fantastic Customer Support

Bluehost customer service live chat

Bluehost invests a lot of time and money on their customer support services. That is because they understand, customers only use the platform when they are faced with significant issues. As soon as you choose Bluehost as your hosting company, be ready to enjoy impressive customer support services.

They have various options for you to pick from, ranging from phone support to live chats. They also have social media support as well as FAQs to help you get answers to smaller issues. If you use phone call services, you should be ready to be put on hold for a short time before you are connected. The good news is that the individual on the other end of the phone, once it connects, is well versed in the arena. You are thus sure that your problem is going to get solved.

But before you call the customer care, try and look for answers in their FAQ page, which is popularly known as the extensive support library.

Bluehost Pros:

There are no hidden fees.

Their pricing is fair.

You get a free domain name.

They are reliable.

They have high server performance.

Bluehost Cons:

Χ They lack e-mail support.

Χ Site migration is not free.

Χ They don’t have a website builder.

The Latest Bluehost Changes

Bluehost has undergone some changes to enhance the customer experience. Some of these changes have been mentioned earlier in this Bluehost review. The first change is the inclusion of WordPress site management options to enable clients to oversee their WordPress websites. They have also included an integrated marketplace feature on their platform. The marketplace contains plugins, add-ons, WordPress themes, and premium hosting services, among others.

The idea is to provide you with all products that can enable you to enhance your online presence. Lastly, there is the onboarding platform, which helps customers to learn ways through which they can navigate the site easily. Bluehost onboarding platform contains explanations to technical terminologies and tutorials to different functions. They also explain the working of DNS as well as ways to find a nice theme and incorporate it into your site. There is also a section that enables you to view the website design process and learn how it works.

That is so far a comprehensive Bluehost review explaining everything you need to know about the web hosting company. Bluehost is, by far, one of the best web hosting companies with exciting features that clients find useful. They offer various plans, and that makes them the best option if you are looking for functionality and reliability. The web hosting company ensures you end up with a fast, secure loading website. They also ensure there is no downtime whatsoever.


Over the years, Bluehost is often ranked No. 1 hosting company by many websites. They offer a variety of hosting packages with tons of features to help you easily build your website.

All of their hosting plans include 24/7 expert customer support from knowledgeable staff. Most importantly, they offer affordable startup plans that suit any budget requirements. If you are a small business without a large capital, Bluehost is the best choice.

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