Big Brother’s Joseph is still navigating post-game relationships

Joseph Abdin was only from the Big Brother world for less than a week, and while he’s being inundated with questions about the experience, he’s hoping fans can understand his focus on himself and support for the winner Taylor Hale before diving deep into everything that happened this summer.

The 25-year-old attorney, who runs their relationship – which fans affectionately call “Jaylor” – “day to day,” he previously said Us would like to review the season in a joint interview before drawing any conclusions about his roommates.

“I definitely feel like it’s a complex situation to navigate and I’m trying to prioritize myself in the sense that I feel like decompression and prioritizing my mental health is the first thing what I want to do,” he says exclusively Us weekly. “I don’t think I need to dive right into what’s happened this season to do that. Many people have been very respectful of my privacy and my opinion in dealing with the situation. So right now I’m just trying to take the approach where I decompress and focus on myself.”

Joseph and Taylor Big Brother
Courtesy of Joseph Abdin

He adds: “I’m a loving person, so I try to keep that joy and positive attitude for as long as I can. I’m still navigating the game, what happened, the big picture, and I’m trying to stay positive.

The Florida native has only watched the premiere and finale episodes, which he admits “don’t give much insight into everything that happened this season.” And while he plans to watch the entirety of season 24 with Taylor, 27, by his side, he doesn’t feel the need to rush things and tell Us“I take my time so I can really understand why things happen, how things happened, and have an informed approach to things that I want to say and how I want to handle the situation.”

Of course, social media has provided plenty of clips and “receipts” of what happened, particularly the racism and bullying the former pageant queen endured. “I have been made aware of, or have heard, certain things that may be of concern,” he explains. “And until I make my decision – and Taylor seems to share the sentiment with me – I want to be fully informed of what happened and how it happened and.” [until] I’m in the right headspace to pick it up and act appropriately.”

Big Brother 24's Taylor and Joseph on the future of their relationship

It sounds like apologies have been received from some – not all – of the houseguests who were at the root of some of the offending behavior this season. “I definitely see certain people in the house trying to right their wrongs, take responsibility and move forward,” says Joseph Us. “It is unfortunate that these mistakes have been made, but it is fortunate that people are trying to correct this mistake and I hope that they will receive positive validation in doing so, because I want to encourage people to do so. I want to encourage people that when a mistake is made and you are made aware of it and take responsibility, you receive positive reinforcement.”

The former personal trainer also wants to stress that he doesn’t speak for Taylor or her experience. “I’m definitely my own person, but that has a lot to do with Taylor, and a lot of those behaviors directly influenced Taylor,” he explains. “The best thing I want to do is support them. So whatever she wants from me and how I can help her and whatever her healing process needs to be, I want to do that for her.”

Joseph and Taylor BB24
Courtesy of Joseph Abdin

Joseph was a support system for Taylor, who became the first black woman ever to win a US season of the long-running CBS series and plans to follow her example. “I’m so lucky that she has the platform that she has and she has the attention that she has because she’s a role model,” he says. “She really is. And how she decides to act on that, I think, will be a very good indication of where people who support her and how they want to feel about this issue might need to make an impact. Viewers have every right to feel how they feel. They looked at it, they felt their own feelings. I definitely can [understand] that they were empathetic and feel it and want to act based on what they saw. But Taylor is an amazing person. She’s a great role model and she’s the one who went through this and whatever her reaction and whatever steps she chooses to take, I will be there to support her.”

The couple is currently spending more time together in Los Angeles while they decompress and adjust to the post.Big Brother Life. “One thing I would say about Taylor is that she’s beautiful and intelligent,” says Joseph Us. “She’ll be able to tell if someone is paying lip service, if someone is trying to take advantage of her. she won Big Brother for a reason. The fact that she won speaks volumes I think. She’s a great personality and she’s so insightful. To be honest, she is a role model for me. That’s why I have so much respect and love for her, and I really feel like she’s going to be a good indication of how we can move forward with this. Big Brother’s Joseph is still navigating post-game relationships

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