Best USB Car Charger Amazon 2020 + Buying Guide

Best USB Car Charger

To effectively fee your telecellsmartphone gadgets withinside the vehicle whilst traveling, it’s far beneficial to get the fine USB vehicle chargers. This sort of charger will make it easier to hold the telecellsmartphone powered whilst driving. There are myriad vehicle USB chargers that you may now use for charging the tool however now no longer all will serve you as expected. Due to this, ensure which you get a secure and dependable charger so as to fee the tool withinside the shortest time possible.

Additionally, make certain that the tool is broadly well matched via way of means of assisting all of the USB powered gadgets. When shopping for the USB vehicle charger you need to don’t forget matters just like the constructed, protection, wide variety of ports, and fee simply to call some.

Top 10 Best USB Car Chargers Reviews:

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1. Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

Why we adore it: The Anker USB Car Charger is a properly-constructed tool this is capable of nicely fee some of special gadgets.

Charging Capabilities

This Anker charger offers a complete output of 24W and four.eight Amps combined. This manner that every port gets a energy inflow of 2.4A. What’s maximum spectacular approximately this charger, however, is the generation that it is based directly to fee your telecellsmartphone.

The charger makes use of PowerIQ and VoltageBoost generation to customise the energy output in your tool. As a result, your tool is capable of fee faster, consistent with its necessities. The proper information is which you get to enjoy those ultimate charging situations irrespective of the tool which you are the usage of.


Now, this charger comes with ports, permitting to fee gadgets on the identical time. What’s extra, you may fee similarly effective gadgets and now no longer should watch for hours on quit for them to be all powered up. The different advantage of this USB charger is that it’s far very compact. This manner that it slightly protrudes whilst it’s far in its holder, lowering the threat that you may jostle it.

The best actual drawback with this charger is which you do should be cautious approximately choosing up the gadgets at the same time as they’re plugged in. This is due to the fact it may be pulled out instead without problems. To make up for this, aleven though, this charger is noticeably secure to hold and use on your vehicle. It comes ready with surge protection, temperature control, and extra. Also, at night, there may be a small blue mild to make it simpler to locate wherein the charger is located. At the identical time, the mild isn’t distracting in any manner.


What is absolutely extraordinary approximately this charger is that it’s far well matched with such a lot of gadgets. This consists of Apple telephones and Android telephones. The charger is likewise extraordinary to apply with some of special pills, inclusive of iPads. This is due to the fact it’s far effective sufficient to address maximum of what you plug into it.

  • Compatible with maximum smartphones and pills
  • Good energy output
  • Fast charging competencies
  • Compact
  • Safety functions
  • Can fall out with movement

2. RAVPower Dual USB Car Adapter Cigarette Lighter USB Charger

RAVPower Dual USB Car Adapter Cigarette Lighter USB Charger

Why we adore it: The RAVPower USB Car Charger is a effective tool this is able to completely charging your gadgets fast.

Charging Capabilities

In total, this USB charger is able to generating a energy output of 24W and four.8A. As a result, every port at the USB charger is capable of get hold of 2.four Amps every. Now, one of the functions that truely stands proud approximately this charger is the iSmart generation. This adjusts the incoming modern-day to higher healthy the energy necessities of the tool this is plugged.

Thus, now no longer best is your tool capable of fee a bit bit faster, you may additionally be confident that it’s going to now no longer be uncovered to any extra energy than it desires. This charger is likewise capable of alter the voltage being produced via way of means of the car to make certain that your tool is continually being charged at a regular fee.


This is a instead compact charger this is capable of healthy into the port with out extending outwards an excessive amount of. Thanks to this, you may without problems paintings round your console with out feeling as aleven though you may yank the charger out. The best aspect to be cautious with is whilst a tool is plugged into the charger. Then, you need to keep away from pulling at the tool too difficult because the charger suits loosely in maximum shops. So, it may be yanked out tremendously without problems.

Apart from this, the USB charger is a pride to apply. It has ports which make charging excessive-powered gadgets an absolute breeze. What’s extra, you may try this understanding that your gadgets can be properly-blanketed in any respect times. The charger comes with integrated protection functions that make certain your gadgets will now no longer be affected in any manner even throughout energy surges or temperature spikes.


This is a charger that works properly with maximum smartphones – each for Apple and Android models. At the identical time, the charger is likewise capable of fee up extra effective gadgets including pills. In truth, you may fee each of those gadgets collectively on the identical time.

  • Compact
  • High energy output
  • Compatible with pills and smartphones
  • Constant energy output
  • Safety functions
  • Sits a chunk loosely in energy outlet

3. Jelly Comb 6 USB Multi Ports Car Charger

Car Charger Adapter, Jelly Comb 6 USB Multi Ports Car Charger

Why we adore it: The Jelly Comb USB Car Charger offers you the possibility to fee a couple of gadgets on the identical time, with good enough quantities of energy.

Charging Capabilities

As an entire, this USB charger is capable of produce 65W and thirteen Amps of energy. However, this isn’t what makes this charger stand out. Rather, it’s far the Jelly Comb clever identity generation this is capable of discover the character energy desires of every tool.

Now, the competencies of this charger don’t quit there. In addition to the identity process, this charger is likewise capable of produce simply the proper stage of energy in every port to make certain that every tool is capable of fee as fast because it likely can.


What’s absolutely first rate approximately this charger, of course, is that it lets in you to plug up to 6 gadgets at a time! This makes it a extraordinary desire for households who generally tend to tour collectively loads. This charger will make certain that everyone’s gadgets can be charged in any respect times. Even higher, you may be sure that it’s far best so that it will fee all of those gadgets at as soon as. This is due to the fact the charger has been designed to be blanketed from excessive modern-day and voltage, immoderate temperatures, and quick-circuiting.

As you may imagine, because of its functions, the USB charger as an entire is a chunk large than maximum different models. Nonetheless, the element that suits into the energy outlet is an ideal healthy for severa cars. The best actual difficulty with this charger is that it may intervene with radio stations making it hard to apply the radio at the same time as the charger is working.


What places this USB charger in advance of maximum others is that it boasts widespread compatibility. This manner that it really works properly with all forms of smartphones and pills. However, it doesn’t forestall there. The fee also can be used to fee online game controllers, energy banks, smartwatches, cameras, and extra.

  • Universal compatibility
  • Lots of ports
  • Fits properly into energy shops
  • Good energy output
  • Matches tool energy necessities
  • Safety functions
  • Interferes with radio stations

4. CHOETECH 36W 2-Port Fast PD 3.0 All Metal Type C Car Charger Adapter

CHOETECH 36W 2-Port Fast PD 3.0 All Metal Type C Car Charger Adapter

Why we adore it: The CHOETECH USB Car Charger is a compact tool that works properly with quite a few virtual gadgets.

Charging Capabilities

The charging competencies of this vehicle charger rely upon the factors which you pick out to apply. See, it has Quick Charging options (brought through a unique cable) for gadgets including the Samsung Galaxy S9, Note eight and sure LG telephones. With round 3A energy output, you may fee those gadgets a whole lot extra fast.

If the tool which you personal doesn’t fall into this category, there may be no want to fear – there are nonetheless four.eight Amps break up among the ports. Here, you get to revel in the Smart Charging generation that guarantees that irrespective of the tool, the right energy necessities are met. So, as you may see, it doesn’t truely count number what tool you’re the usage of, there are quite a few benefits to revel in.


In phrases of usability, there may be best a minor complaint. See, this charger is based on a spring mechanism and as a result, it may be a chunk hard to get this spring to healthy into the energy shops nicely. Without any warning, the USB may want to pry farfar from the contacts, stopping your telecellsmartphone from being charged.

Aside from this difficulty, however, you need to haven’t any problem the usage of this charger. It is small and compact, making sure that it isn’t without problems disturbed. To pinnacle it off, that is a charger this is ready with pretty some protection functions. You don’t should fear that the charger or your tool can be uncovered to over modern-day, over voltage, or too-excessive temperatures. At the identical time, your gadgets are blanketed from overcharging as properly.


This is a charger that has been designed to be well matched with some of special gadgets. So, whether or not you’ve got got an iPhone or an Android telecellsmartphone, you may be pretty sure that this charger will paintings for you. What’s extra, the charger also can energy up quite a few pills as properly.

  • Quick Charging functions to be had for a few gadgets
  • Smart charging generation
  • Safety functions
  • Compact size
  • Good compatibility
  • Requires attempt to get charger plugged in nicely

5. Trianium Car Charger 24W Dual Charger Adapter

Trianium Car Charger 24W Dual Charger Adapter

Why we adore it: The Trianium Car Charger is a long lasting charger that works properly with special cars and virtual gadgets.

Charging Capabilities

This vehicle charger is ready with a energy output of 24W and four.eight Amps in total. This manner that every port for this USB charger is supplied with 2.four Amps. In addition to those competencies, the charger is likewise equipped with TriSmart Technology.

Each tool has particular energy necessities and this charger is capable of understand that. So, it controls simply how a whole lot energy is being transferred to every tool at any given time. This guarantees that your gadgets are charged as fast as possible, with out the chance of adverse them in any manner.


There is likewise no denying that this charger could be very user-pleasant. For one aspect, it without problems suits into some of special energy shops, irrespective of the make or version of the vehicle. This is beneficial as there may be no threat of you pulling the charger out at the same time as preserving your telecellsmartphone.

The twin ports make it easy so that it will fee gadgets on the identical time. Now, on sure occasions, you could realise that the gadgets aren’t charging as fast as possible, specially if they’re each energy-hungry. Apart from this, aleven though, the charger is extraordinary to apply. This is specially thinking about that it has a number protection functions. Due to this, there may be no threat of your telecellsmartphone quick-circuiting or overheating. Also, whilst your tool has been completely powered up, the charging cycle involves an quit.

Another thrilling characteristic of this charger is that even though it is small and compact, it’s far pretty long lasting. It has aluminum functions and this guarantees that your charger may be used for an prolonged length of time.


This charger is well matched with some of special Apple iPhones and iPads. It additionally expenses up Android smartphones pretty properly too and is even capable of energy up numerous different pills.

  • Durable
  • Powers up some of special gadgets
  • Consistent energy production
  • Can fee gadgets
  • Compact
  • Safety functions
  • Good healthy in port
  • Can be a chunk slower whilst charging gadgets

6. Maxboost Car Charger with SmartUSB Port Charger Adapter

Maxboost Car Charger with SmartUSB Port Charger Adapter

Why we adore it: The Maxboost USB Car Charger is a properly-designed product this is capable of fee a lot of your gadgets properly.

Charging Capabilities

This charger gives up a 24W and four.eight Amps energy output in total. So, for every of the ports, you may enjoy as much as 2.four Amps. Now, one of the primary perks with this charger is that it is based on clever generation that lets in it to discover every tool’s energy desires.

This manner that the charger is able to making sure that every tool is supplied with precisely the extent of energy that it desires to fee completely. It need to be cited that the charging pace of this charger is instead common however in no way slow. While it’s going to now no longer fee your virtual gadgets noticeably fast, it’s going to nonetheless get it executed in a well timed manner.


What’s truely great approximately this charger is that it suits into the energy outlet so properly. It takes a bit little bit of attempt to get it into the port however as soon as it’s there, you may be pretty sure that the charger will now no longer budge in any respect. This is aided via way of means of the truth that this certainly a instead compact little USB charger. So, it doesn’t protrude too some distance out either.

The twin ports provide you with the threat to fee a couple of tool at any given time which makes it loads extra versatile. Then, there may be additionally the truth that this charger boasts pretty some protection functions to boot. Thanks to this, there may be no hazard of quick-circuiting or overheating. Not to mention, as soon as your tool is absolutely powered up, the charger stops charging it immediately.


Last however now no longer least, this charger is well matched with plenty of gadgets. This consists of Android telephones, iPhones, pills, tune players, cameras, and extra. This offers you a more wide variety of charging options, specially in case you are on a protracted journey.

  • Compatible with plenty of gadgets
  • Good energy output
  • Smart detection generation
  • Good healthy
  • Dual charging competencies
  • Protection functions
  • Average charging time

7. AUKEY Mini USB Cell Phone Car Aapter Flush Fit Dual Port

AUKEY Mini USB Cell Phone Car Aapter Flush Fit Dual Port

Why we adore it: The Aukey Car Charger is a product that may be subtly constant internal your vehicle, making it a beneficial but covert tool.

Charging Capabilities

This twin port vehicle charger gives up 24W and four.8A as energy output. This manner that every of the ports can produce as much as 2.4A for every of your gadgets. What’s extraordinary approximately that is that this charger additionally has adaptive energy generation.

So, each time which you plug a tool into the charger, it may decide simply how a whole lot most energy the tool is capable of withstand. The charger then offers it, making sure that your tool is capable of fee completely as fast as possible.


For the maximum element, that is a instead user-pleasant USB charger. For one aspect, the twin ports let you fee up to 2 gadgets at as soon as. What’s extra, you don’t should fear approximately dropping out on energy for any of your gadgets. There is likewise the truth that this charger gives up a flush healthy withinside the cigarette lighter holder. This manner that it slightly protrudes in any respect, making sure that it doesn’t appearance awkward or unprofessional in any respect.

Now, the best difficulty with this layout is that after the charger has been inserted into the fixture, it may be noticeably hard to get rid of. In truth, in sure instances, you could should chance adverse the lighter holder. Despite this, the charger does have some of beneficial protection functions. For one aspect, it prevents the charger from overheating or being on the chance of immoderate currents. Also, the charger has been designed to forestall overcharging and cuts off the energy whilst your tool has been charged completely.


This charger works with maximum USB powered gadgets. So, irrespective of whether or not you’ve got got an Android telecellsmartphone or an iPhone, the charger will paintings simply fine. It is likewise able to powering up pills too.

  • Good energy output
  • Flush healthy
  • Proper energy compatibility
  • Safety functions
  • Compatible with numerous gadgets
  • Can be very hard to get rid of from outlet

8. Vogek 50W 10A 4-Port USB Car Charger

Vogek 50W 10A 4-Port USB Car Chargers

Why we adore it: The Vogek Car Charger is extraordinary for households who need to fee a couple of gadgets on the identical time.

Charging Capabilities

Overall, this vehicle USB charger is capable of provide up 50W and 9.6A of energy output. As a result, because of this every of the 4 ports can get hold of as much as 2.4A at any given time. In case that wasn’t spectacular sufficient, this vehicle charger is likewise ready with clever identity generation.

When you plug a tool into the port, the USB charger is capable of discover what its most energy competencies are. Thus, it may supply an ultimate stage of energy, making sure that anything tool is plugged in may be charged at a miles extra green fee.


As you may imagine, one of the maximum beneficial functions in this charger is the more wide variety of ports. This is specially beneficial for households that need to fee their gadgets collectively while not having to watch for an extended charging length. Now, because of this layout, it does imply that the charger isn’t as compact as a number of the alternative products. And, so, whilst plugged in it does protrude pretty a chunk.

To upload to this, the USB charger won’t healthy into all shops similarly properly. So, in sure instances, the charger might also additionally fall out at each bump withinside the road. The proper information, aleven though, is that the charger has been designed to be noticeably secure. As such, you don’t should fear approximately overheating or quick-circuiting even when you have a couple of gadgets plugged in on the identical time.


This is a USB charger that gives up widespread compatibility. As a result, it really works properly with the gadgets which you could expect – smartphones (from all producers) and pills. At the identical time, it may additionally fee Kindles, GPS gadgets, headphones, and extra. This offers you loads extra freedom to determine what you need to fee with this USB charger.

  • Can fee a couple of gadgets at as soon as
  • Universal compatibility
  • Good energy output
  • Customized charging functions
  • Protection functions
  • Sticks out pretty a chunk
  • Can be dislodged without problems

9. AmazonBasics Dual-Port USB Car Charger Adapter

AmazonBasics Dual-Port USB Car Charger Adapter

Why we adore it: The AmazonBasics USB Car Charger is properly-constructed and properly-designed, making it an awesome alternative for any vehicle or cell tool.

Charging Capabilities

The USB Car charger is capable of produce a energy output of 24 Watts and four.8A in total. So, every of the ports can enjoy as much as 2.4A energy output which goes properly for maximum gadgets. What is extra spectacular than this, however, is the detection functions that come along side the charger.

Here, the product is capable of discover the energy necessities for every of the gadgets which can be plugged in. Thus, because of this every tool is capable of get simply as a whole lot energy because it desires. Unfortunately, this doesn’t imply that your tool will fee any faster because the charging pace with this charger is instead common. Still, it’s going to get the activity executed with out taking too lengthy so it isn’t an excessive amount of of a drawback.


As some distance as usability goes, this charger is instead clean to connect to the lighter outlet. It has a compact frame that doesn’t stick out an excessive amount of and therefore, can’t be without problems dislodged. At the identical time, it may be outfitted into the opening instead snugly, making sure that it may’t be pulled out unintentionally.

The twin ports imply that you may haven’t any problem hooking up gadgets to the charger. You may even be aware that they’ll fee on the identical time. The charger has a integrated protection system. This makes sure that the charger doesn’t overload or quick circuit in any manner. So, you may sense instead secure retaining this USB charger on your vehicle in any respect times.


You will locate it instead lucky that this charger is well matched with pretty some special gadgets. Now, it really works properly with maximum smartphones – that is irrespective of whether or not they’re Android or Apple. At the identical time, it may additionally fee many pills as properly.

  • Good energy output
  • Smart identity generation
  • Proper healthy
  • Built-in protection functions
  • Compatible with plenty of gadgets
  • Compact
  • Charging time is common

10. Ainope Car Charger Adapter Dual USB Port Fast Charging

Ainope Car Charger Adapter Dual USB Port Fast Charging

Why we adore it: The Ainope Car Charger blends in with the relaxation of the console properly supplying you with a beneficial but understated product.

Charging Capabilities

In total, this USB vehicle charger gives up four.8A of energy. So, every of the ports is capable of get hold of as much as 2.4A of energy, making them an first rate healthy for maximum transportable gadgets. The charger is able to detecting the most energy output that your tool can withstand.

This lets in it to fit this wide variety in order that your tool is capable of fee extra efficiently. To pinnacle it off, you may be sure that this cutoff factor guarantees that your tool is likewise blanketed on the identical time. You need to know, however, that no matter this characteristic, the charging fee of this charger is instead common. So, at the same time as it’s going to now no longer take too lengthy, your gadgets won’t be charged too fast either.


What’s extraordinary approximately this USB charger is that it doesn’t stick out like many different designs. Instead, the charger can healthy snugly withinside the energy outlet. As a result, you may slightly be aware that it’s far there. This allows to hold the console region loads extra organized. The best drawback to this layout is that it may be a chunk hard to pry the charger out. If you do need to get rid of it, you will want to make an attempt.

The different characteristic to revel in on this charger are the superior protection functions. This lets in you to hold the charger and your gadgets secure at the same time as they’re plugged in. You may be sure that your gadgets can be nicely blanketed from energy surges and overvoltage.


This USB charger gives up widespread compatibility. So, further to the smartphones from numerous producers and pills, there also are different gadgets which can be well matched with it. These consist of energy banks, sports activities watches, online game controllers, and extra.

  • Sits flush in outlet
  • Universal compatibility
  • Smart detection generation
  • Good energy output
  • Protective functions
  • Average charging fee
  • Can be hard to tug out

Best USB Car Charger Buying Guide

Appropriate Amp Output

As you’ll be able to imagine, one in all the foremost vital aspects of any USB charger is that the level of power it’s ready to offer your devices with. With this in mind, it’s best to stay with chargers that supply up a minimum of a pair of.1 Amps for every port. So, on average, hunt for a charger that incorporates a total output of around four.2 Amps. the next output is very vital if you’re hoping to charge devices corresponding to tablets. Since these have larger necessities, you’re planning to want a additional powerful charger.

Power Identification Feature

Now, every device needs a distinct power inflow to be ready to charge properly. to make sure that your device charges in a very timely manner, you ought to hunt for a charger that may determine your device’s optimum necessities. The charger will then regulate the flow of power thereto specific port and device.

Multiple Outlets

At the terribly least, the USB charger that you simply elect ought to have a minimum of 2 ports. This makes it easier for you to charge over one device at a time, particularly if you have got passengers. to feature to the present, the chargers with a larger range of shops usually worship more power in addition. this offers you the chance to charge those devices that need a good deal additional power, corresponding to tablets.

Safety Features

It is vital to know that the electrical systems of vehicles aren’t essentially compatible with those of smartphones and tablets. this can be why you wish to require the required steps to make sure that your digital devices are going to be safeguarded after they are obstructed into the USB charger. So, what are a number of the protection options that you simply ought to look for? Well, you ought to apprehend that whenever you accelerate or decelerate the speed of your automotive, there are often power fluctuations. The worst style of this may be an influence surge. Thus, the USB ought to be prevented from overvoltage, overcurrent, or power surges generally. Another issue that may happen once a phone is obstructed into a charger is that it can cause the charger to heat up. So, the merchandise ought to be ready to keep cool to avoid warming throughout the charging method. Now, the very last thing that you simply wish to try and do is to overcharge your phone. So, it are often an honest plan to appear for a charger that cuts the ability off once your phone has been totally charged. this could be significantly useful if you tend to travel long distances and forget that your phone is obstructed into the charger.

The Fit

It are often rather annoying to own a USB charger that dislodges each thus often. this can be why you ought to forever verify if the charger are going to be an honest fit the ability outlet in your automotive. a way to try and do this may be to browse the manufacturer’s directions and suggestions to visualize if the charger has been designed to be compatible with the create and therefore the model of your automotive. Now, there are some chargers that are created to sit down flush within the power outlet. The advantage with these is that they’re terribly discreet. They conjointly supply your charger and device a good deal additional stability. At an equivalent time, it are often rather tough to get rid of these chargers from wherever they’re placed. So, you’ll got to verify what your prime priority is in terms of size and match.

Device Compatibility

Now, not all chargers are compatible with all devices. for example, you’ll realize that some chargers will solely work with sure smartphone brands. Others are going to be restricted within the models that they’re compatible with. Then, there are chargers that employment with tablets, smartwatches, GPS devices, and cameras. So, before selecting a charger, rely on the devices that you simply usually charge and choose the simplest possibility for you. All of this info can assist you to settle on the USB charger that works well for each you and your vehicle. This way, you’ll be able to confirm that your selection is spot on.

Benefits of a USB automotive Charger

  • No additional born calls. Using a cellular telephone automotive charger often produce the habit of charging your smartphone whenever you get into your vehicle. this can be a perfect time to trouble your phone’s battery, ensuring it doesn’t run out of juice throughout the day. Ultimately, this suggests fewer embarrassing born calls thanks to a dead battery.
  • Stay prior to your schedule. If you have got a nine-to-five job, you’ll pay quite an few hours every week traveling to and from work, not forgetting the occasional out of city visits. obtaining the simplest USB charger is advantageous—you can keep prior to your schedule while not getting disconnected.
  • Charge over one device. Depending on the mobile devices or sort of phone you own, there are a range of USB automotive chargers offered. still, a universal automotive phone charger can enable you to charge many alternative devices with one car charger. Having a automotive USB charger with multiple ports can prevent time beyond regulation charging multiple devices directly.
  • Charge whereas traveling. When traveling on the road, you don’t essentially have access to your home sockets. getting a USB automotive charger adapter is that the best various. This device can keep your smartphone, in addition as different mobile devices, stocked with abreast of power whereas you’re on the road.

Types of USB automotive Charger


The wired car USB charger is associate degree older format that dates back to the first cell phones. Since the general public didn’t want several devices within the past, the charged solely got to cowl one phone. Therefore, the chargers were wired and easily ran from your telephone to your car’s accent port.


Unwired USB automotive chargers are a contemporary version of the USB car charger adapter, and that they structure a bulk of the USB automotive chargers offered on the market these days. The unwired USB automotive chargers are fashionable thanks to their skillfulness. they’ll connect with a range of electrical devices and charge all of them at an equivalent time.

Multiport USB Car Chargers

Traditional USB car chargers had one port. A multiport USB automotive charger has the aptitude of charging up to four totally different devices at an equivalent time. mistreatment smart-charging technology, they’ll guarantee that every one devices docked on the charger are charging at their most speed.

Top Brands


Anker is predicated in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. it absolutely was supported in 2011 by a former Google computer user. the corporate develops its merchandise mistreatment proprietary PowerIQ technology that (according to the company) will discover connected devices, mechanically optimizing the electrical current delivered to charge it quicker. aside from itinerant accessories, the corporate conjointly develops sensible home appliances, moveable speakers, headphones, video projectors, and different automotive accessories. Its most well liked product is the Anker PowerDrive a pair of Elite 24W.


Scosche could be a US-based natural philosophy and automotive audio product company supported in 1980. the corporate began as a consulting business in a very residential garage in Southern American state. the corporate offers dash kits, antennas, tools, amplifiers, harnesses, speaker enclosures, subwoofers, Bluetooth speakers, installation accessories, and mobile accessories. one in all its fashionable merchandise is the Scosche ReVolt Compact twin Port USB Charger.


RAVPower could be a US-based client natural philosophy whole supported in 2011. The Chinese company, Sunvalleytek, owns RAVPower. the buyer company primarily focuses on producing battery chargers, star chargers, power banks, cellular telephone and portable computer accessories, and batteries. one in all its fashionable merchandise is the RavPower 24W four.8A.

USB Car Charger Pricing

  • Under $10: There are a range of USB car chargers offered at this value. The devices during this value vary solely have basic practicality, with most having a twin port. they’re highly regarded thanks to their good performance and low value.
  • Under $10-$20: The best USB automotive chargers are offered during this value vary. These chargers can have additional ports for multiple devices, with a robust style for sturdiness.
  • Over $20: There aren’t too several USB chargers during this value vary. However, the few that exist have a high quality build and extra options corresponding to smart-charging technology, additional ports, and a solid style.

Key Features


The electrical phenomenon of a automotive USB charger is that the quantity of electrical current it uses to charge mobile devices. Therefore, the upper the electrical phenomenon of a USB automotive charger, the additional powerful it’s. Most mobile devices like humanoid tablets and iPads solely want one amp to charge at traditional speeds. An iPhone, on the opposite hand, desires regarding a pair of.1 amps for economical charging. Keep this in mind once searching. If you’re searching for the simplest USB automotive charger, you’ll wish to appear for one thing with four.8 amps. this suggests every USB port provides a pair of.4 amps, that is over enough to charge 2 iPads at the same time.

USB Ports

It’s important to shop for a USB car charger that can support all of your devices. for example, if you have got over 2 devices, hunt for a USB charger with over one port. Also, check on the specifications of the USB ports. Advanced USB chargers have a rather higher specification. looking on the specification, your charger may be ready to charge quicker or accommodate many sensible devices safely at an equivalent time.

Other Considerations

  • Charging Cable: If you’ve in hand a number of mobile devices, then you perceive that cables are liable to failure. the simplest USB automotive charger doesn’t have a permanently-attached cable for convenience and suppleness. USB automotive charger adapters that have cables don’t seem to be advantageous. once the cable malfunctions, you’ll have to be compelled to repurchase the complete device. contemplate obtaining a charger while not a permanent cable that you simply will simply replace once it fails.
  • Compatibility: There’s nothing which will flip your lights off like shopping for a USB automotive charger that’s not compatible along with your phone. once buying a automotive charger for your mobile devices, confirm that you simply check the specifications of your most well-liked charger beforehand. Also, confirm it supports your car’s ignitor port.
  • Fast-Charging Capabilities: While all USB chargers provide associate degree adequate quantity of power to your devices, you’ll be able to buy one that’s additional powerful and economical. Fast-charging automotive adapters have the aptitude of charging your mobile devices with additional potency than a normal charger. Before getting a USB charger for your automotive, check the output specification and choose the correct one for your sensible device. associate degree inefficient charger won’t be ready to charge your device quickly or PRN.


Avoid exhausting your automobile battery. confirm you undo your charger from the ignitor port once the engine isn’t running. feat your USB automotive charger obstructed in could drain your automobile battery, depleting its power once the engine is shut off.

Ensure your devices are compatible with the charger. When getting a automotive charger, confirm it supports all of your mobile devices. though most automotive charging adapters are compatible with the universal USB charger specification, a number of them might need been factory-made before the standards were set.

If your device is low on power, switch it off once you plug it into your automotive charger. Turning it off helps to cut back the speed of power consumption, increasing its charging rate considerably.

Store your charger once not in use. feat your charger obstructed fully time exposes it to dirt, liquids, and wear and tear. feat your charger and cables hanging conjointly makes your accent space clustered and untidy.

Best USB Car Charger FAQs

Q: AreUSB Car Chargers Water-Resistant?

A: Most USB car chargers don’t seem to be designed with waterproof options. Therefore, it’s best to stay them aloof from water or, better yet, store them once not in use.

Q: Will A Bad Charger Affect My Phone?

A: Yes. a nasty charger could deliver additional power to your device than required, poignant its battery. To air the safe facet, buy a charger with surge protection.

Q: Can I Charge My Devices With My Car Engine Off?

A: Yes, you can, however it’s not suggested. Charging your devices along with your engine off can drain your automobile battery, resulting in a no-start scenario. If you’re charging your phone and choose to create a pit stop, undo your automotive charger. you’ll conjointly invest in a very sensible automotive charger that stops once your devices are totally charged.


Our prime product for the simplest USB automotive charger is the Anker PowerDrive a pair of Elite 24W USB car charger. It has a 4.8 amp dual-power capability. It’s conjointly compatible with a bunch of moveable devices.

In case you’re searching for one thing cheaper, contemplate the RavPower 24W 4.8A.

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