Best Solar Pool Covers in 2020 + Buying Guide

best solar pool covers

Best Solar Pool Covers

With all of the joys that a swimming pool brings comes some of fees to preserve in a tip-pinnacle condition. One of the largest strolling fees for pool proprietors is regularly water heating. But what if there has been a manner to lessen heater use and harvest daylight to heat the water? A sun pool cowl does precisely that.

Thanks to its plastic movie that includes endless air bubbles, the nice swimming pool sun cowl works as an insulating layer at the water floor and stops warmness loss. Not handiest this, however it additionally shall we a great quantity of daylight thru, correctly supporting boost the water temperature.

Finding the nice sun pool cowl entails understanding the proper kind, length, thickness, and shadeation. Our shopping for manual and sun pool cowl evaluations will assist you pick out a pinnacle rated swimming pool sun cowl with a purpose to preserve the water heat or even expand your pool season.

Top 10 Best Solar Pool Covers Reviews

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1. Intex Solar Cover – Best Budget Solar Pool Cover

Intex Solar Cover

  • Thickness: 8 mil
  • Shape: Circular
  • Color: Blue

Intex’s Easy Set and Frame Pool cowl is the maximum lower priced product on this evaluate, however this doesn’t make it substandard. It has the identical small bubble layout because the square product above, however it’s far round in form and is supposed for above floor round swimming pools.

In phrases of dimensions, this piece measures eleven ft, five inches in diameter, making it appropriate for 12-foot diameter above floor swimming pools. Apart from this length, a smaller, inexpensive length is to be had for a 10-foot pool. Larger, extra high priced ones additionally exist for 15, 16 and 18-foot diameter swimming pools.

On shadeation, despite the fact that the unit’s blue end might not be as speedy as clean covers whilst heating, it offers your pool’s floor a totally attractive appearance.

In addition to looks, this cowl reduces water loss thru evaporation via way of means of as much as 95% and additionally keeps warmness internal for extra cushty swimming.

When now no longer in use, a reusable deliver bag (which it comes with) may be used to preserve it thoroughly in garage, and additionally makes it simpler to move the blanket from vicinity to vicinity.

Another vital function is its drain holes, which can be designed to save you water accumulation above the quilt, which could in any other case reduce its effectiveness.

  • Affordable
  • Bubble layout for warmth taking pictures
  • Available in five one of a kind sizes for differently-sized above floor swimming pools
  • Comes with a reusable deliver bag for safekeeping and smooth transportation
  • Drain holes for stopping water accumulation above
  • Only in blue shadeation
  • Not appropriate for inground swimming pools

2. Blue Wave NS520 – Best Thick Solar Pool Blanket

Blue Wave NS520

  • Thickness: 14 mil
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Clear

Blue Wave’s Solar Cover is a excessive-strength protecting square pool blanket as it has a thickness of 14 mils, this means that that it creates a thicker warmness protect above the water to fasten in maximum of the warmth.

The blanket additionally capabilities insulating thermal bubbles, which preserve the warmth sealed in and entice withinside the solar’s rays, changing them to warmness withinside the process. This guarantees that your pool stays heat thru bloodless nights and overcast days.

Another element that makes it a higher heater is its clean shadeation. This guarantees that the most quantity of mild penetrates thru for optimum warmness absorption, with the functionality of elevating the temperature via way of means of as much as 15°F.

On durability, the product is stabilized to deal with the deterioration because of UV rays and water chemical compounds, giving it an extended provider life.

In addition to this, the quilt comes with a 6-yr assurance and therefore, if it deteriorates or receives broken because of such reasons, you could get a substitute or a refund.

On the downside, this unit is quite luxurious, however it is available in one of a kind sizes, starting from a extra lower priced 12 × 24-foot length to a bigger and extra luxurious 30 × 50-foot blanket.

  • 14 mils thick for higher warmness retention
  • Thermal bubbles for trapping warmness
  • Clear shadeation for optimum mild penetration
  • Stabilized in opposition to UV and chemical degradation
  • Comes in one of a kind sizes for differently-sized in-floor swimming pools
  • Relatively luxurious
  • Does now no longer include a reusable deliver bag

3. Sun2Solar Clear 18 – Best Solar Cover for Above-floor Pools

Sun2Solar Clear 18

  • Thickness: 12 mil
  • Shape: Circular
  • Color: Blue and Clear

Sun2Solar’s blanket is the pinnacle-rated sun pool cowl on this evaluate and that is due to the fact it’s far to be had in blue and clean shadeation alternatives, with the blue alternative being perfect for growing an aesthetically handsome pool and the clean one being the nice for heating your water.

Regardless of the shadeation, this product is designed to save you as much as 95% of evaporation of the pool water, main to decreased water wastage and therefore, decreased water bills.

To come up with even extra alternatives, this unit is to be had in more than one sizes, which encompass 12, 15, 16, 18, 21, 24, 27, 28, 30- and 33-inch diameter sizes, for becoming on one of a kind spherical pool sizes.

This length may be custom designed via way of means of truely trimming the sides, for an excellent match to your pool’s floor.

  • Available in blue and clean shadeation alternatives
  • Prevents as much as 95% water loss thru evaporation
  • Available in more than one sizes
  • Can be trimmed to customise the scale further
  • No deliver bag for garage
  • Not UV blanketed

4. In The Swim 1632D – Best Inground Solar Pool Cover

In The Swim 1632D

  • Thickness: 12 mil
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Blue

In the Swim’s rectangle, sun pool cowl is one of the nice inground pool blankets as it combines some of very key capabilities.

For starters, the 12-mils blanket is fabricated from a UV stabilized resin, which makes it withstand degrading from touch with chemical compounds and the solar’s UV rays.

Heating is completed the use of heaps of tiny air bubbles, which seize the warmth and UV rays, then switch most of these as warmness to the water below.

At the identical time, the quilt additionally prevents warmness loss, water loss thru evaporation and chemical loss, main to inexpensive strolling fees.

On length, this product is available in a number of them, starting from a 12 × 20-foot rectangle to a 30 × 60-foot length for huge swimming pools. However, it could be trimmed so that it will customise the form for irregularly fashioned swimming pools consisting of oval or kidney-fashioned ones.

  • Made from a UV stabilized resin
  • Thermal bubbles for warmth taking pictures and retention
  • Comes in a number of sizes
  • Can be trimmed to match irregularly fashioned swimming pools
  • No wearing bag

5. Harris Rectangle Solar Cover – Best Blue Solar Pool Cover

Harris Rectangle Solar Cover

  • Thickness: 12 mil
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Blue

Harris’ rectangle sun pool cowl is one of the nice blue sun blankets due to the fact it’s far designed to preserve flexibility in spite of being uncovered to UV mild from the solar. Unlike different darkish ones, which would possibly grow to be brittle after soaking up this mild, this makes it very long lasting.

Apart from this, the 12-mils cowl is likewise designed to provide high-quality warmness retention via way of means of performing as a warmness protect, whilst additionally using its thermal bubbles to seize the solar’s rays and the use of them to elevate the temperature of the pool via way of means of as much as 15°F.

Although now no longer as speedy as a clean cowl in phrases of heating, the blue end offers a totally attractive appearance in your pool.

On length, this one measures 16 × 32 ft, however there are different alternatives, which variety from a 12 × 18-foot length to a 20 × 40-foot cowl. This offers you lots of alternatives to apply for differently-sized inground swimming pools.

However, this blanket is quite heavy and thus, it is probably a bit tough to deal with, specifically if doing the set up alone.

  • Designed to deal with the solar’s UV rays
  • Thermal bubbles for warmth retention
  • Gives an attractive blue end in your pool
  • Available in one of a kind sizes
  • A bit heavy
  • No clean-shadeation alternative

6. Intex 29026E – Solar Pool Cover with a Carry Bag

Intex 29026E


  • Thickness: 6.four mil
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Blue

With its deliver bag accessory, Intex’s square sun pool cowl may be very smooth to keep and transport, which may be very handy.

Other than that, the piece is to be had in a blue shadeation alternative handiest, which creates a totally attractive appearance to your pool and also you get a reel alternative for smooth rolling and unrolling.

The cowl is likewise pretty lower priced and despite the fact that very thin, it has a 160-micron cloth production, which makes the complete shape very long lasting.

More capabilities encompass heaps of bubbles for trapping warmness, 95% much less water loss thru evaporation and a square form that measures 17 ft, eight inches lengthy via way of means of eight ft, four inches wide, that’s appropriate for masking an 18 × nine ft pool length.

  • Comes with a deliver bag for smooth garage and transportation
  • Affordable
  • Durable 160-micron cloth production
  • Bubble layout for warmth trapping
  • Reduces evaporation via way of means of as much as 95%
  • No clean-shadeation alternative
  • No drain holes for stopping accumulation of water above

7. Blue Wave NS110 – Durable Solar Cover for Above-floor Pools

Blue Wave NS110

  • Thickness: eight mil
  • Shape: Circular
  • Color: Blue

Blue Wave’s sun cowl is a totally long lasting above floor pool blanket due to the fact it’s far made the use of a UV blanketed polymer, which reasons it to be unaffected via way of means of chemical compounds and UV radiation from the solar.

For warmness retention, the product has thermal bubbles and an opaque blue cowl, which additionally all lets in daylight to penetrate thru and heat the water.

This blue shadeation additionally offers your pool a totally attractive shadeation for classy purposes.

On evaporation, the round cowl has the capacity to lessen evaporation of pool water via way of means of as much as 95%, and this facilitates to lessen water refills and therefore reduces your expenditure on water bills.

  • Durable production the use of a UV blanketed polymer
  • Thermal bubbles for warmth retention
  • Opaque blue shadeation for mild absorption and retention
  • Blue shadeation offers your pool a totally attractive appearance
  • Reduces evaporation via way of means of as much as 95%
  • Only is available in a blue shadeation
  • No drain holes to save you water accumulation above

8. Splash Pools Round Solar Pool Cover – Universal Solar Pool Cover

Splash Pools Round Solar Pool Cover

  • Thickness: 12 mil
  • Shape: Circular
  • Color: Blue

Splash Pools’ spherical pool cowl is a frequent product that may be utilized in each above floor and inground swimming pools and springs in one of a kind sizes so that it will match those one of a kind pool sizes.

These encompass a 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27- and 30-foot diameter length, making it usable on small to medium-sized own circle of relatives swimming pools and huge ones as well.

While in use, this cowl facilitates to save you water loss thru evaporation via way of means of as much as 95%, minimizes on warmness loss and has an opaque blue shadeation that facilitates in trapping the solar’s mild and warmth to heat the water. The blue shadeation additionally offers your pool a beautiful appearance.

Construction wise, the blanket is made the use of a plastic polymer, with robust welded seams that assist to preserve it securely in vicinity when you tie it above your pool.

  • Usable on each above and inground swimming pools
  • Available in one of a kind diameter sizes
  • Reduces evaporation via way of means of as much as 95%
  • Plastic production with robust welded seams for durability
  • Does now no longer include a reusable deliver bag
  • Might put on off fast (now no longer UV blanketed)

9. Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover – Trimmable Solar Pool Cover

Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover

  • Thickness: 12 mil
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Blue and Clear

Starting off the listing is Sun2Solar’s sun pool cowl, that’s to be had in more than one square dimensions, starting from four × eight inches all of the manner to 30 × 60 inches. All those portions are 12 mils and may be without difficulty trimmed the use of a couple of scissors for best becoming.

Other than that, the blanket capabilities heaps of tiny bubbles that convert the solar’s rays to warmness withinside the water. You handiest want to vicinity the bubble-facet withinside the water. In addition to this, the movie may be very powerful at minimizing water loss thru evaporation, stopping as much as 95% loss.

This product is available in an appealing blue end, which offers your swimming pool a totally attractive appearance. However, there may be a clean/ obvious alternative, that’s a long way extra powerful at heating water from the solar’s rays.

On the downside, this cowl may be very luxurious and it’d degrade fast from publicity to the solar as it lacks UV stabilization. However, it could be utilized in each inground and above floor swimming pools, making it very versatile.

  • Trimmable for best becoming
  • Multiple length alternatives for one of a kind pool sizes
  • Thousands of tiny bubbles for taking pictures warmness
  • Prevents as much as 95% water loss thru evaporation
  • Available in an appealing, blue shadeation and a clean shadeation, that’s higher at heating
  • Expensive
  • Lacks UV stabilization

10. Thermo-Tex 2831224 Swimming Solar – Lightweight Inground Solar Pool Cover

Thermo-Tex 2831224 Swimming Solar

  • Thickness: 12 mil
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Blue

Thermo-Tex’s 2831224 has a totally light-weight production, which makes it simpler to deal with whilst putting it on or taking it off your pool.

Regardless of this, the quilt is clearly very long lasting due to the fact it’s far made the use of excessive quality, UV stabilized polymers that don’t degrade due to lengthy publicity to the solar’s UV rays or the chemical compounds withinside the pool water.

On shadeation, the product has a blue end, which offers square swimming pools a totally beautiful ocean-blue-like appearance. The opaque blue shadeation additionally makes it viable to entice warmness internal whilst on the identical time, soaking up extra from the solar’s rays.

In phrases of use, this cowl is supposed for in-floor swimming pools and it consequences in decreased chemical consumption, decreased pool heating fees and decreased water loss through evaporation.

  • Comes with a deliver bag for smooth garage and transportation
  • Affordable
  • Durable 160-micron cloth production
  • Bubble layout for warmth trapping
  • Reduces evaporation via way of means of as much as 95%
  • No clean-shadeation alternative
  • No drain holes for stopping accumulation of water above

How to Choose The Best Solar Pool Cover – Buying Guide

solar cover with step

solar cover with step

Types of Solar Covers

Even aleven though maximum people consider bubble covers whilst sun covers are stated, there are clearly 3 one of a kind forms of sun pool covers that use the solar’s strength to warmness the water. These encompass a bubble cowl (sun blanket), sun earrings, and liquid pool covers.

Solar blankets: This is the sort that seems like a huge sheet of bubble wrap. Those air bubbles serve a twin purpose – they assist the quilt waft at the floor and save you warmness loss and evaporation from the water.

These covers for swimming pools include a various diploma of thickness and in lots of various sizes so that you can discover a version that suits your pool. A thicker cowl may be extra long lasting and hold warmness higher, however the tradeoff is that it’s extra tough to deal with (installation and do away with).

As for the scale, sun blankets swimming pools are available in all the same old pool dimensions, regardless when you have a spherical or square pool. If you could’t locate your length or your pool has an uncommon form, a bonus is that you could trim them in order that they match well.

Solar earrings: The manner those earrings paintings is precisely similar to sun blankets, however the layout is a piece one of a kind. Basically, sun earrings are reduce out circles of the blanket cloth which you throw at the water floor.

They are confined in length (don’t cowl the complete pool), so their overall performance may be confined too. However, they could live withinside the pool the complete time, and you could placed them in and do away with them extra without difficulty.

Liquid sun cowl: Compared to a bodily cowl, a liquid cowl is plenty extra handy to apply. You pour it over the water and it bureaucracy a skinny movie at the floor.

This movie works as a barrier that facilitates pool water heat up and stops evaporation, however you could nevertheless take a dip while you need. As a downside, those sun pool covers provide no particles safety and also you’ll should upload the answer regularly for it to paintings (generally lasts a month).

Pool Size

Pool length is one of the maximum vital issues in case you need the quilt to be as green as viable. As you likely understand, it ought to cowl the complete water floor, neither too large nor too small.

A cowl this is too large goes to be very tough to deal with. It may also be plenty simpler for the wind to select out it up and pass it. On the opposite hand, a cowl this is too small won’t be as green. Obviously, it won’t warmness the water well, and the exposed regions will lose warmness and evaporate.

For this reason, you should understand the pool dimensions earlier than shopping for a cowl. This manner you’ll be capable of get the precise length or a version this is simply barely large so that you can without difficulty trim it afterward.

Pool Shape

Solar pool covers are in particular offered in one in all 3 shapes: square, spherical, or oval. Above floor swimming pools are normally spherical in form (because of their production), so spherical covers are generally made with this kind of pool in thoughts. On the opposite hand, maximum in-floor swimming pools are square and feature sun pool covers in an identical form.

But what when you have a non-trendy pool? In this situation, you’ll have alternatives. You can get numerous smaller covers for the pool – that is much less luxurious however additionally much less green. As an alternative, you could get a bigger pool cowl after which reduce it. This is quite smooth to do, however it is probably high priced due to the fact you’ll throw away lots of cloth.


Thickness performs a large function in how powerful your sun cowl goes to be. However, getting the thickest cowl won’t usually be the nice solution.

Of course, it’s authentic that a thicker sun cowl is extra powerful at preserving that warmness locked in. It magnifies the daylight higher earlier than it reaches the water, including extra warmness.

Also, a thicker cowl will insulate the pool water higher – there may be extra cloth to dam the warmth from escaping. Another gain is that a thicker cloth additionally method extra weight, so the pool blankets may be extra stable and solid in more potent winds (won’t get blown away).

On the opposite hand, there are a few downsides to the greater thickness too. The product may be extra tough to roll up and keep because of its weight. Also, they may be normally extra luxurious than thinner fashions. While it’s generally higher to move for a thick sun cowl, preserve all this in thoughts earlier than making your choice.

Color: Clear vs Blue Solar Pool Cover

While for maximum different merchandise shadeation is an issue of aesthetic choice, a sun cowl shadeation can clearly make a essential distinction to the way it performs. Most sun blankets for swimming pools are both clean or blue, however you could additionally locate darkish fashions or numerous combinations.

Clear sun pool cowl: It lets in nearly all mild thru, magnifying it withinside the process. It doesn’t soak up plenty warmness, so the water temperature will upward push quicker. On the opposite hand, it’s now no longer as green at keeping warmness, and the unfiltered UV rays harm the chemical compounds withinside the swimming pools.

Blue sun pool cowl: This kind is someplace withinside the center among heating water and preserving it heat. It shall we a great quantity of daylight thru, however it could additionally block plenty of the warmth loss and preserve temperature. It additionally absorbs a part of UV rays in order that they don’t degrade the chemical compounds.

Dark sun pool cowl: Darker hues are nice for warmth retention (darkish blue, grey, silver, black). If the water is heat, this cowl may be the maximum green to save you warmness loss. Unfortunately, they soak up maximum of the daylight so the water beneath them won’t get warmed up without difficulty.

Warranty Coverage

With such a lot of phrases and situations, the arena of warranties may be a tough one to understand. These observe to numerous elements and inform you whilst the assurance is legitimate and whilst it isn’t. Unfortunately, maximum swimming pool sun covers include this kind of confined assurance that covers you handiest in positive scenarios.

For this reason, you should take a look at the supplied assurance for every product. Even if a version gives 7 or eight years of insurance, this won’t imply plenty if it handiest covers cloth defects in best situations.

On the opposite hand, a few fashions provide complete insurance for the primary few years. This method that even when you have a tear or a few different harm, they may update the product. This is a large plus because it offers a experience of security, specifically in case you want a bigger sun blanket pool cowl. Also, checking the product evaluations can come up with an concept and display you what you could assume withinside the lengthy run.

Best Solar Pool Cover FAQs

Q: What Is A Solar Pool Cover?

A: A sun pool cowl is a plastic sheet that facilitates warmness the pool water and continues it heat. It generally has plenty of air bubbles (like a bubble wrap) that insulate the water, save you cooling down, and decrease evaporation. With this pool cowl sun strength is used to warmness your pool in preference to a conventional pool heater. Overall, it’s a notable and lower priced manner to elevate and preserve pool temperature.

Q: What Are The Main Benefits Of Using A Solar Pool Cover?

A: The blessings of sun pool covers encompass water heating, keeping the solar’s warmness, stopping evaporation, and preserving particles out. The plastic layer shall we daylight thru to heat up the water, whilst the air bubbles preserve the temperature and paintings as a barrier to save you drying up. Additionally, this bodily barrier may also preserve your pool smooth from dust and particles.

Q: What Are Different Types Of Pool Covers?

A: As we’ve stated earlier, there are 3 one of a kind types – bubble covers, sun earrings, and liquid covers. Solar bubble covers are the maximum common (and green), whilst the opposite have a few limitations. Solar earrings will handiest cowl a confined area, whilst a liquid pool cowl desires to be implemented often to paintings.

Q: Are Solar Pool Covers Safe?

A: Yes, a sun pool cowl is flawlessly secure to apply at the pool water. However, you ought to be aware about its limitations. This isn’t a protection cowl, which means no one can stroll on it with out falling in (even children or pets). Also, ensure that once you operate sun blankets swimming pools continue to be empty. Otherwise, any individual would possibly get trapped beneath the blanket.

Q: How Does A Solar Pool Cover Work?

A: A sun pool cowl resembles a see-thru bubble wrap, simply fabricated from plenty higher materials. The obvious floor shall we daylight thru to warmness up the water. On the opposite hand, the bubbles are packed with air that works as insulation and stops warmness from leaving the water. As a bonus, a pool sun cowl substantially reduces evaporation too.

Q: How Well Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

A: It relies upon at the climate situations and what you assume from the quilt. If the climate is cloudy and bloodless, the quilt won’t be capable of do plenty in phrases of heating. Still, many humans use it to hold the warmth generated via way of means of a heater, and it could virtually shine on this situation even in terrible climate.

Q: How To Install A Solar Pool Cover?

A: This isn’t tough to do – it’s only a count number of becoming the quilt well. Here’s what you want to do:

  • If you don’t understand the precise pool dimensions, degree it
  • If an actual cowl length doesn’t exist, go together with a barely large cowl
  • Mark the pool define on the quilt and reduce off the extra cloth (it desires to cowl the complete floor)
  • Place the quilt withinside the swimming pool with the bubble facet dealing with the water

Q: How To Clean A Solar Pool Cover?

A: Cleaning the quilt well earlier than storing it’ll substantially enhance its durability. You can try this via way of means of following some smooth steps:

  • Remove the particles from the quilt floor (use a hand skimmer or push it into the pool filter)
  • Remove the quilt and placed it on a tender floor (grass for example)
  • Hose off the pool chemical compounds and different dust (algae can regularly be eliminated this manner too)
  • If you want to clean it, ensure you handiest use a tender fabric or brush
  • If water isn’t enough, you could use a moderate detergent or a moderate bleach solution
  • If a number of those cleaners had been used, ensure to rinse the quilt well afterward
  • Leave to dry absolutely earlier than storing to keep away from mildew and smells

Q: How To Cut A Solar Pool Cover?

A: This is quite simple to do, and you could do it together along with your ordinary family scissors (so long as they’re sharp). As we said, you want to understand the swimming pool dimensions, mark them on the quilt and comply with the marked lines. Keep in thoughts that it’s clever to reduce a piece much less to begin with and do small corrections, as this can permit you to locate the precise match.

Q: How To Keep A Solar Pool Cover From Blowing Off?

A: The most effective manner to do that is to feature a few weight to the quilt floor. If the quilt doesn’t have drain holes, you could pour a small quantity of water over it with a hose (zero.five inches will do the job). If this isn’t viable, you could pour water into plastic baggage and placed them across the edges.

Q: How To Store Solar Pool Cover?

A: You ought to keep the sun cowl in a dry vicinity, farfar from solar’s warmness or every other warmness source. Before you keep it, ensure you smooth it well and it’s absolutely dry. It’s even higher in case you placed it in a field or a garage bag (blanketed with a few fashions). If it’s on a reel, you could depart it there however ensure it’s blanketed and blanketed


We suppose that shopping for and the use of the nice sun pool cowl isn’t handiest viable however may be controlled via way of means of pretty much everyone. And as soon as the pool proprietor begins offevolved the use of those blankets for his or her pool, they may fast discover simply how beneficial they may be and what kind of cash they come to be saving them withinside the lengthy run. Anyone who owns a pool will likely need to don’t forget getting this type of fantastic covers for his or her pool.

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