Best Pool Heaters in 2020 + Buying Guide

Best Pool Heaters Reviews

Find the exceptional pool heater and the whole lot you want to recognize earlier than you purchase on this manual.

Swimming pool warmers will preserve your pool’s water on the superior temperature so you can take a dip each time you want. There are some unique kinds of pool warmers to select from.

First of all, there are in-floor pool warmers and above floor swimming pool warmers, so the kind you want will rely upon the fashion of your pool. After this you’ll have a choice of heater types to choose out from: green sun pool warmers, fueloline pool warmers, and electric powered pool warmers are all to be had and are available at unique fees and electricity utilization levels.

Gas warmers are usually the maximum effective and might warmth up the water on your swimming pool quicker than an electric powered heater. The disadvantage to fueloline pool warmers is they may be an awful lot noisier than different fashions and that they do now and again have dangerous emissions. A very last alternative is a tankless version, which includes the EcoSmart Smart Pool 18 pool heater, which has the delivered gain of being an awful lot greater compact.

For large swimming pools, a fueloline heater will paintings quicker to warmth up the water, however irrespective of which sort of heater you decide for, a sun pool cowl will assist to preserve the warmth on your water whilst you’re now no longer the use of the pool, that’s a price and electricity saving alternative, lengthy term.

How an awful lot do pool warmers price? The swimming pool warmers in our manual variety from masses of bucks as much as nicely over $4,000, however it’s additionally critical to account for the strolling fees too. Take a have a take a observe our pool heater evaluations under and discover one which fits your wishes.

Best Pool Heaters 2020 Reviews

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1. Pentair 460805 MasterTemp High Performance Eco-Friendly Pool Heater

Pentair 460805 MasterTemp High Performance Eco

  • 400,000 BTU herbal fueloline pool heater
  • Premixed air and fueloline machine
  • Cupro nickel warmth exchanger
  • Electronic ignition
  • Rotating virtual show with push-button controls
  • High restriction and water stress switches
  • Class-main electricity performance
  • Exceeds NOx emission standards

As one of the exceptional pool warmers being made today, the Pentair 460805 MasterTemp units the bar in phrases of heating performance. Harnessing the heating energy of herbal fueloline and supplying 400,000 BTUs of warmth output, it’s able to quick heating swimming pools as much as 40,000 gallons in length.

This makes it an exquisite alternative for any in-floor pool proprietor looking for on the spotaneous gratification and snug short dips.

Beyond its fantastic heating capabilities, the Pentair 460805 400,000 BTU MasterTemp Pool Heater additionally functions an smooth-to-use rotating virtual show with virtual controls, digital ignition, water stress transfer, excessive restriction transfer, and stack flue sensor to preserve it strolling much like you need each time you need.

So, in case you’ve been omitted withinside the bloodless and discover your self scouring thru pool heater evaluations looking for a terrific fueloline pool heater to your frigid pool, appearance no in addition than this Pentair. It might also additionally show to be your exceptional funding yet.

  • Can quick warmth the biggest of swimming pools
  • User-pleasant virtual controls
  • Corrosion-resistant outdoors
  • Very electricity-green
  • While electricity-green, may be steeply-priced to operate

2. Hayward H200FDN Universal H-Series 200,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

Hayward H200FDN Universal H-Series 200,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

  • 200,000 BTU herbal fueloline pool and spa heater
  • Polymer header for advanced hydraulic overall performance
  • Cupro nickel warmth exchangers
  • Electronic ignition
  • Dual thermostat
  • Digital LED show and push-button show
  • Low NOx emissions

The flexible Hayward H200FDN 200,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater is any other famous fueloline version and a shining instance of Hayward’s willpower to creating green, pinnacle-best pool warmers that carry out 2d to none.

Boasting unique, electricity-green hydraulic overall performance, the Hayward H200FDN is capable of heat swimming pool via way of means of as much as 30 stages in only over an hour and preserve it first-class and heat so long as you want for the wildest of pool events and the best of days.

Best of all, it reduces pump circulate as nicely, this means that you may experience your pool nicely into wintry weather with out noticing an awful lot of a distinction on your software bill.

Like all of Hayward’s pinnacle-rated Universal H-Series pool warmers, the Hayward H200FDN 200,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater additionally functions hydraulic overall performance and gives advanced thermal performance.

With a polymer header, corrosion-resistant warmth exchangers, Cupro nickel combustion chambers, digital ignition, twin thermostat, and LED show with virtual push-button controls, it’s fingers down one of the exceptional pool heater alternatives to be had for today’s overall performance and electricity-aware pool proprietors.

As one of the pinnacle-rated pool warmers being made today, the Hayward H200FDN is likewise designed with versatility in thoughts.

For instance, way to its Cupro nickel warmth exchanger, it may be used with each chlorinated and saltwater swimming pools. It additionally lets in you to attach the ports and the electrical on both side, making set up a breeze.

With all of this going for it and an inexpensive charge tag to boot, this pleasant Hayward pool and spa heater is difficult to beat.

  • Heats very quick
  • Easy to put in and use
  • Energy-green
  • Reasonably priced
  • A little louder than a few fashions

3. Hayward W3H250FDN Universal H-Series 250,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

Hayward W3H250FDN Universal H-Series 250,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater,

  • 250,000 BTU herbal fueloline pool heater
  • Polymer header
  • Cupro nickel combustion chambers and warmth exchangers
  • Electronic ignition
  • Dual thermostat
  • Digital LED show and controls
  • Low NOx emissions

Similar to the smaller, much less effective W3H250FDN mentioned above besides greater effective and able to heating up your pool even quicker, the Hayward W3H250FDN Universal H-Series 300,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater is one of the exceptional round.

Featuring an electricity-green hydraulic layout, the Hayward W3H250FDN is able to heating up the biggest of swimming pools via way of means of up to twenty stages in beneathneath an hour.

Like different Hayward Universal H-Series pool and spa warmers, it additionally functions a polymer header, Cupronickel combustion chambers, corrosion-resistant warmth exchangers, twin thermostat, digital ignition, and cutting-edge LED show, all of which integrate to offer you with one of the absolute exceptional-swimming pool warmers withinside the business.

Performance aside, this robust little pool heater will prevent cash as nicely. In addition to its superb thermal performance, it’s designed to lessen pump circulate and prevent even greater cash. Talk approximately cool.

You should examine limitless pool heater evaluations and be genuinely difficult-pressed to discover any other version as succesful as this Hayward. So, in case you need a terrific pool heater, do your self a choose and take a look at it out today. You’ll be satisfied you did.

  • Powerful and heats water very quick
  • Easy to put in
  • Energy-green
  • Modern, smooth-to-use show and manage panel
  • Reasonably priced given its overall performance
  • Very famous
  • Powerful however a bit loud in contrast to different fashions
  • Not weatherproof, so wishes to be blanketed

4. Pentair 460792 Stainless Steel MasterTemp

Pentair 460792 Stainless Steel MasterTemp

  • Heats up speedy so no lengthy waits earlier than playing your pool or spa
  • Best-in-magnificence electricity performance
  • Manual fueloline shut-off whilst carrier is needed
  • MasterTemp is licensed for low NOx emission and outperforms enterprise standards

The Pentair 460792 Stainless Steel MasterTemp Natural Gas Pool Heater can provide the reliability, performance, and comfort lots of pool proprietors have come to assume from the Pentair brand. Made to be one of the exceptional pool heater alternatives available in the marketplace, the highly green Pentair 460792 is ready with all the bells and whistles and capable of warmth a huge in-floor pool in file time.

To gain this, the famous 175,000 BTU pool heater functions a totally pre-combined heating machine with an ultra-green fueloline and air mixture, warm floor pilot light, and push-button controls that placed its energy absolutely on your fingers.

Speaking of energy, the Pentair has lots of protection functions to harness its energy as nicely.

With a excessive restriction transfer, stack flue sensor, water stress transfer, and a guide fueloline shut-off, you may relaxation smooth understanding it’ll in no way overheat and usually carry out at its exceptional. With each pool heater function you can ask for, it’s virtually an choice to preserve in your quick list.

  • Extremely electricity-green
  • Capable of quick heating the biggest of swimming swimming pools
  • Durable, rust-evidence outdoors
  • Modern virtual show and smooth-to-use controls
  • Compatible with Easy Touch automation era
  • Not the perfect pool heater to put in

5. Hayward HP50HA HeatPro Titanium Heat Pump, Horizontal

Hayward HP50HA HeatPro Titanium 45,000 BTU Heat Pump, Horizontal

  • 50,000 BTU electric powered pool warmth pump
  • Corrosion-resistant Ultra Gold evaporator coil
  • Titanium warmth exchanger
  • Durable UV-resistant outdoors production
  • eighty four percentage performance score
  • 2-inch x 2 1/2-inch connections

It might also additionally lack withinside the BTU branch with simplest a 50,000 BTU output, however the Hayward HP50HA Residential Pool Heat Pump is definitely one of the exceptional pool heater alternatives available in the marketplace today.

In fact, the excellent warmth pump is capable of heat a 13,000-gallon pool nicely into the 80s inside simply multiple days. If that weren’t surprising enough, the Hayward HP50HA is likewise amazing electricity green. It might cost a little greater than a wellknown electric powered heater or fueloline pool heater with greater BTUs, however its eighty four percentage performance score will prevent a ton every month in your software bill.

Unlike large and cumbersome pool warmers that take in area and are hard to put in, this surprising Hayward boasts a compact, light-weight layout. It additionally gives a myriad of functions designed to enhance its overall performance and make it simpler to apply.

For instance, it functions a top class Ultra Gold lined evaporator coil, titanium corrosion-resistant warmth exchanger supplying you with entire manage over the unit with the click of a button.

When you thing in its quiet operation and extraordinarily long lasting polypropylene outdoors production as nicely, it’s smooth to look why the Hayward HP50HA Titanium Residential Pool Heat Pump is constantly endorsed in pool warmers evaluations as one of the exceptional alternatives round.

  • Compact, light-weight, and smooth to put in
  • First-magnificence titanium warmth exchanger
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Energy-green
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Somewhat steeply-priced for its BTU output

6. Raypak 017122 ELSR00111T1 eleven kW 240V Electric Spa Heater

Raypak 017122 ELSR00111T1 11 kW 240V 37,534 BTU Electric Spa Heater

  • 11kw electric powered pool and spa heater
  • Heavy-responsibility heating elements
  • Durable brass and copper fittings and water flows
  • Pressure transfer
  • High restriction temperature controls
  • 240V AC operation

You won’t discover it cited in lots of pool heater evaluations and it lacks the pool heater rankings of the famous fashions above, however as a long way as proper electric powered pool and spa warmers are concerned, the Raypak 11kw Electric Spa Heater is one of the exceptional.

Designed to be long lasting, dependable, and offer you with excessive-overall performance performance, the Raypak is a smart desire for heating a spa or small above floor pool.

Although it doesn’t meet low NOx requirements, it has a corrosion-unfastened production that’s constructed to remaining for years and an performance score of eighty three percentage, incomes it thumbs up in each sturdiness and overall performance.

The 11kw RayPack Electric Spa Heater simplest places out 37,500 BTUs, so it’s now no longer perfect for huge in-floor swimming pools.

However, way to its heavy-responsibility heating elements, excessive restriction temperature manage, stress manage transfer, and excellent thermostat, it plays extraordinarily nicely and is an excellent heating answer for spas and maximum above floor swimming pools.

  • Inexpensive heating alternative
  • Well-made and constructed to remaining
  • Easy to put in
  • Not ideal for large swimming pools
  • Doesn’t meet low NOx emission standards

7. Smartpool WWS601P SunHeater Solar Pool Heater

Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System for In Ground Pool

  • Solar pool heater
  • Polypropylene warmth collector
  • Direct-Flow heating machine with tube on net layout
  • Over-molded fiberglass header pipes
  • Installation package required (Sold Separately)
  • DIY set up
  • Limited five-yr guarantee

Last however now no longer least and the simplest sun pool heater evaluation in this list, the Smartpool SunHeater Solar Pool Heater is an excellent alternative for the price range-and environmentally-aware.

Similar to different sun pool warmers, the Smartpool SunHeater operates via way of means of strolling pool water thru unique panels that accumulate and switch warmth from the solar. The warmed water is then again through piping again into the pool, as a consequence growing its average temperature.

While the sun energy Smartpool SunHeater isn’t able to heating up water as an awful lot or as speedy as herbal fueloline or electric powered version, it really works pretty reliably as marketed and is a terrific alternative for maximum above floor pool proprietors.

Each Smartpool SunHeater functions a four-foot x 20-foot panel array, however you may upload as many as you want relying on the dimensions of your pool.

The panels paintings exceptional whilst located at the roof of your home, and whilst an set up package is bought separately, maximum customers propose going the DIY course and buying the couplings, fittings, and so forth themselves.

Regardless of which course you select, the Smartpool SunHeater Solar Pool Heater is a terrific fee and perfect in case you stay in a heat, sunny weather and need to heat up your pool via way of means of up to ten stages.

It’s exact to your pockets and the surroundings extends the swimming season and makes your pool water greater cushty to swim in. What else should you ask for?

  • Very price range-pleasant
  • Well-made and works as marketed
  • No growth in month-to-month software payments
  • Able to connect with different panels for heating large swimming pools
  • Extended guarantee
  • DIY however may be a piece complex to put in
  • Not appropriate for large swimming pools
  • Only able to warming pool water via way of means of up to ten stages

8. Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm Natural Gas Pool Heater

Sta-Rite SR200LP Max-E-Therm Black Propane Gas Pool

  • 400,000 BTU herbal fueloline pool heater
  • Dura-Glas era
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Digital LED manage panel
  • High electricity performance score

Built to remaining all the time and outperform absolutely each different swimming pool heater available, the Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm 400,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater is taken into consideration via way of means of many the exceptional pool heater available in the marketplace. With a rust-evidence outdoors, premixed combustion era, and unique temperature controls, it really works heads and shoulders above lots of its competitors.

How so, you ask? Well, for starters it’s extraordinarily electricity-green and functions a compact, light-weight layout for amazing smooth set up.

With 400,000 BTUs of herbal fueloline energy, it’s additionally able to heating an Olympic length pool from a frigid 50 stages to a balmy eighty stages in only a few hours.

Built with ultra-modern Dura-Glas era, the surprising Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm 400,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater is sort of indestructible and made to resist the cruelest of climate conditions.

As is the case with a number of the different fashions cited in those swimming pool heater evaluations, the Sta-Rite additionally comes ready with an smooth-to-examine LED show and intuitive pushbutton controls. This makes it smooth as it may be to display and alter the water temperature of your pool.

Sure, it seems greater like R2D2 than a ultra-modern pool heater, however in case you’re at the hunt for cutting-edge, compact swimming pool heater with a purpose to carry out like a champ for a lifetime, appearance no in addition than the Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm.

  • Small and compact
  • Low working price
  • Very long lasting
  • Easy-to-use LED show and manage panel
  • Low NOx emissions
  • A tad at the noisy side

9. Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series

Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

  • 400,000 BTU herbal fueloline pool heater
  • Patented polymer header for hydraulic performance
  • Quality Cupro-nickel warmth exchanger
  • Digital LED show
  • Low NOx emissions

The Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater makes use of a few severely superior era for more suitable adaptability, smooth use, and effective overall performance, making it arguably the exceptional pool heater you’re difficult-earned cash can purchase.

Built for sturdiness, the Hayward W3H400FDN functions a Cupro-nickel warmth exchanger, that’s a long way advanced to the copper warmth exchangers determined on many much less costly units.

Of course, it’s extraordinarily electricity green as nicely, permitting you to experience advanced thermal and hydraulic efficiencies with out paying an arm and a leg every month.

This surprising pool heater additionally functions a patented polymer header for advanced hydraulic overall performance and an intuitive LED manage panel for virtual diagnostics, temperature readings, and accuracy.

This manner you may set your pool to the best temperature and dive proper in understanding the water can be simply proper.

It might cost a little a quite penny, however, in case you’ve been analyzing swimming pool warmers evaluations hoping to discover the exceptional of the exceptional, the Hayward W3H400FDN is precisely what you’ve been searching for.

  • Heats water very quick
  • Easy to put in
  • Energy-green
  • Easy-to-use virtual LED controls
  • Very long lasting and nicely-constructed
  • More costly than many different alternatives

10. FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater

FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater

  • 55,000 BTU electric powered pool warmth pump
  • 220V
  • Titanium warmth exchanger
  • Digital show and controls
  • Weatherproof
  • 1 1/2-inch connections

Aside from sun pool warmers, the 55,000 BTU Fibropool Electric Swimming Pool Heat Pump is one of the maximum environmentally-pleasant and electricity-green pool warmers to be had. With its strength utilization on par with that of a desk saw, that is the pool heater to get if decrease electricity payments are a pinnacle priority.

Just due to the fact it’s electricity-green, however, doesn’t suggest it’s weak. The 55,000 BTU electric powered pool warmth pump is capable of heat the water of a 10,000-gallon in-floor pool or 21-foot above floor pool in only a few hours.

While large and cumbersome, the Fibropool is notably quiet and smooth to put in. In fact, not like many different pool warmers available that require expert set up, this electric powered unit may be established in beneathneath 20 minutes.

You can examine pool heater evaluations for hours and be fortunate to discover such an smooth-to-deployation alternative.

When you thing in its virtual show and manage panel, weatherproof production, titanium warmth exchanger, rotary compressor, and useful glide transfer protection function, it’s smooth to look why the Fibropool 55,000 BTU Electric Swimming Pool Heat Pump is protected on this list.

If you need a terrific all-round pool heater designed to increase your swimming season and prevent a few green, don’t sleep in this Fibropool.

  • Very electricity-green
  • Low working price
  • Durable production
  • Easy to put in
  • Heats nicely for an electric powered unit
  • Big and cumbersome layout

How To Choose A Pool Heater – Buying Guide

Above Ground Pool Heater

Types of Pool Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages

Like we cited on the beginning, there are 3 kinds of pool warmers – fueloline, electric powered, and sun. The major distinction among them is the electricity supply they use to warmth the water. As you may in all likelihood guess, every kind has a few professionals and cons. Take a have a take a observe what every of them has to provide.

Natural & Propane Gas Pool Heaters

This kind might be the maximum green and warms the water fastest. Basically, the unit connects to a herbal fueloline line (or a propane tank) and makes use of a fueloline burner to heat up water pipes that byskip thru. However, it offers out emissions because of this method, and a few excessive NOx fashions aren’t allowed in sure areas (in particular California and Texas).

While those pool warmers are pretty low-cost to shop for, they’re presently the maximum costly to run on a month-to-month basis. For the time being, we might propose a sun or electric powered pump. However, if fueloline charges come down, those pumps would possibly emerge as less expensive to run than electric powered ones and can advantage again their popularity.

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool warmers depend on sun electricity to warmth up the pool water. The bloodless water from the pump is going thru the tubing at the sun panels and is warmed up in transition earlier than getting again to the pool. Even aleven though they’re exceedingly new withinside the pool heating world, the era is enhancing all of the time. However, in case you plan to warmth your pool on sun energy, there are a few nice and bad components you must recognize approximately.

The exact information is that there are nearly no upkeep fees as soon as you’ve got got the heater established. There are no month-to-month working fees both. Once you put in the panels, they’ll convert daylight into warmth for unfastened. Of course, they’re additionally the maximum environmentally-pleasant alternative.

The awful information is that sun pool warmers are the maximum costly kind to shop for and deployation. Another bad is that they’re regularly very slow. They depend on lengthy sunny hours to do their process, and won’t be very powerful on cloudy days or at some stage in the night time. Still, they’ll substantially lessen the heating fees even in case you integrate them with any other heater.

Electric Pool Heaters (Heat Pumps)

Electric pool warmers are very consistent and electricity-green that’s why they’re one of the maximum famous pool warmers available in the marketplace. The better-rated heater you select, the much less cash you’ll spend consistent with month. Electric pool heaters also are referred to as warmth pumps due to the manner they operate.

Heat pumps use heat out of doors air to heat up the liquid refrigerant internal a coil. As it receives warmed up, it will become a fueloline and passes thru the compressor to elevate the temperature even better. Afterward, the fueloline pipes undergo the condenser wherein they switch the warmth to the pool water, cool down (emerge as liquid again), and the method begins offevolved over.

The terrific issue approximately those is they don’t require an awful lot electricity and feature no dangerous emissions. However, they greatly rely upon outside temperature (to heat up the fueloline) and won’t paintings nicely whilst it’s bloodless out of doors. A massive gain of warmth pumps is they have exquisite longevity and could out live nearly every other heater. If taken care of, those pumps can remaining for 10 to twenty years.

As an alternative, you furthermore may have traditional electric powered pool heaters. They paintings in addition to water warmers maximum people have at home (electrically heated coil in a water tank). While they may be a piece quicker, they regularly produce better fees, each to start with and withinside the longer run.

Gas vs Electric Pool Heater – Comparison

Gas and electric powered warmers are the maximum not unusualplace answers for heating a pool. Even when you have a sun heater established, there is a great danger that you’ll have such a as a backup. This is why we assume it’s beneficial to sum up the professionals and cons of each, so that you’ll have an simpler time deciding.

Gas Pool Warmers:

  • Fastest and maximum green water heating
  • Great for warming up very bloodless water
  • Independent from out of doors temperature (exact for wintry weather)
  • Have emissions as a byproduct
  • Last five to ten years (if maintained)
  • Cost much less to start with however an awful lot greater to run

Electric Pool Warmers:

  • No dangerous emissions whilst strolling
  • Great for preserving pool warmth
  • Cost an awful lot much less withinside the lengthy run
  • Last 10 to twenty years on average
  • Dependent on out of doors temperature (higher for summer)
  • A bit slower than herbal fueloline pool heaters

Sizing A Pool Heater

Properly sizing your heater is important for having heat water in the course of the season (and possibly some months greater). However, doing this isn’t always quite simple as numerous various factors impact the calculations. These consist of pool floor location and extent, ambient air temperature in coldest conditions, in addition to focused water temperature.

Subsequently, if the heater isn’t always effective enough, you’ll now no longer be capable of attain the favored temperature. On the opposite hand, if it’s too effective, you can be losing a variety of cash and now no longer strolling the heater efficiently.

Surface Area and Volume of Your Pool

The length of your pool will decide the heater length you want. It’s logical that a bigger pool would require a heater with greater BTUs. Two matters come into play here – floor location and extent. A pool with a huge floor location will lose warmth quicker, which means that it wishes a more potent heater to preserve the temperature. Similarly, better extent manner there may be greater water to be heated.

You calculate the floor location via way of means of multiplying the duration and width of your pool. If you’ve got got an irregularly-fashioned pool or an above floor pool, you in all likelihood have this data withinside the constructing specifications or the person guide. The equal is going for the extent. When you’ve got got those numbers, you may make BTU calculations, as we’ll provide an explanation for a piece later.

Difference among air and water temperature (temperature rise)

Lower air temperature manner that the water loses warmth quicker. In this situation, you’ll want a greater effective heater to attain the favored temperature in an inexpensive time. Also, enough energy is needed to preserve the water temperature after you attain it. On a associated note, we propose which you additionally get a pool cowl for additonal insulation.

If you need your pool heated quick, you’ll should spend a piece greater on a heater. As cited earlier, fueloline pool heaters are the fastest, whilst electric powered warmers are a piece slower (however greater electricity green). Solar-powered warmers are the slowest, so that you’ll have to shop for huge panels in case you need to heat the pool quick.

BTU calculations

The energy of your new heater is calculated in BTUs (British Thermal Units). One BTU is the quantity of warmth had to growth the temperature of one pound of water via way of means of 1°F. The BTU score of your heater indicates you ways an awful lot water it may warmth and the way quick. These calculations refer to fueloline and electric powered warmers.

If you’re calculating extent the use of gallons, you must recognize that one US gallon of water interprets to eight.35 kilos. For instance, an in-floor pool that measures 15 x 30 x eight toes has 3600ft3 of water (26,930 gallons, or more or less 225,000 kilos of water). This gives the entire quantity of water that wishes to be heated. So, for elevating the temperature for 1°F, this pool will want 225,000 BTUs of heater energy. For simpler calculations for any pool, 1 cubic foot (ft3) interprets to 62.forty three kilos.

Next, you need to take the temperature distinction into consideration. Let’s say which you need to elevate the pool warmth from 50 to eighty°F (30 stages distinction). This manner that the entire variety of BTUs to do this (for the pool we used as an instance) might be 225,000 x 30 = 6,750,500.

When shopping for a heater, it’s anticipated that it may gain the goal temperature in 24 to seventy two hours. We’ll use the 24-hour mark for our instance. Of course, a smaller heater also can gain the goal temperature – it’ll simply require greater time.

So, if our goal BTU output is 6,750,500 (for twenty-four hours), which means the heater energy we want is 6,750,500 / 24 = 281,000 BTUs. In different words, a 281,000 BTU heater can heat up a 27,000-gallon pool from 50 to eighty stages in 24 hours. To calculate this to your pool, you may use this formula:

Volume (in kilos) x Temperature distinction / Time to warmth = Required BTU output consistent with hour

Once heated, preserving the pool warmth calls for loads much less energy. On the opposite hand, in case you stay in a windy location, the water will cool quicker. These are simply difficult calculations, and also you must adapt them on your situation. Some humans select to go along with a smaller (greater economic) heater and don’t thoughts ready greater if which means saving a variety of cash.

As for sun warmers, their length is calculated differently. Depending at the weather you stay in, the panel floor wishes to in shape 70% of the pool floor location (sunny weather), or as much as 100% (much less solar). Variables like solar publicity and cloudy days additionally impact this, that’s why you want to take all of those into consideration whilst making an estimate.

Type of Pool: In-floor vs Above Ground

Choosing the proper kind of heater will even rely upon whether or not you’ve got got an in-floor or an above floor pool. There are unique warmers for each and, whilst a few are interchangeable, maximum will paintings simplest with one or the opposite. The major variations among them are in length and capacity, however the pipe connections will also be unique.

For instance, the exceptional above floor pool heaters are normally an awful lot smaller and greater electricity-green than the ones made for in-floor swimming pools. Because of this, usually make certain to test whether or not the heater is like minded together along with your pool.

Initial and Running Costs (Budget)

Total fees for a heater could make or ruin a deal, irrespective of how nicely it really works. While none of those are very reasonably-priced, there may be extensive variations in price among different sorts and fashions. Of course, a bigger pool would require a greater effective heater with a purpose to come to be costing greater cash. But let’s undergo the fees for every kind of heater.

Gas warmers are in all likelihood the maximum low-cost to shop for (relative to their energy). For a first rate preliminary sum, you may purchase a terrific heater even for a bigger pool. However, those are the maximum costly withinside the lengthy run. Natural fueloline fees a variety of cash, now no longer to say the use of propane tanks. Also, fueloline charges generally tend to differ loads, so that you can’t make certain approximately destiny expenses.

Electric warmers fall someplace withinside the center. While they’re a piece greater costly to start with, they price much less to run so it evens out after a whilst. Finally, sun warmers are the maximum costly to put in. If you’ve got got a huge in-floor pool, shopping for and putting in sun panels may cost a little you numerous thousand dollars. However, that’s approximately it, due to the fact they haven’t any strolling fees and could repay after some years.

Durability and Warranty Coverage

One of the large issues whilst shopping for pool warmers is how lengthy they’re going to remaining. A fueloline pool heater is the least long lasting, normally lasting five to ten years (with right upkeep). Electric warmers are a piece greater long lasting, and maximum can effortlessly remaining for 10 years. Sun-powered warmers are the maximum long lasting, with the exceptional swimming pool heaters lasting up to twenty or greater years.

The guarantee displays the projected sturdiness. A herbal fueloline pool heater the shortest guarantee (on average), whilst sun warmers regularly have beneficiant 10-yr warranties. Unfortunately, maximum warranties simplest provide restricted coverage, so we propose which you take a great search for every product. For instance, awful water chemistry or set up via way of means of an unlicenced man or woman would possibly void the guarantee.


Q: Can I Install A Pool Heater On My Own?

A: The quick solution is yes. If you’re assured on your competencies and observe the commands precisely, you may really deployation a heater in your own. The simplest trouble is if some thing is going incorrect, you could now no longer be blanketed via way of means of the guarantee, that can come to be costing loads. On the opposite hand, in case you effectively deployation the heater via way of means of your self, it additionally saves you a variety of cash.

Q: Can Solar Heaters Be Used For Anything Else?

A: While sun warmers do include sun panels, those panels are eparticularly configured to connect with your pool pump machine and warmth the water on your pool. It is our opinion that sun warmers must now no longer be used for some thing else.

This being said, it’s far now and again feasible to reconfigure the panel and energy some thing else (in case you recognize what you’re doing). Still, this brings an extended danger of breaking the panels and the heater.

Q: Are Pool Heaters Efficient Or Environmentally Friendly?

A: That relies upon at the kind of heater you select. For instance, a fueloline pool heater isn’t always very environmentally pleasant or green. It runs on herbal fueloline (herbal resource), and the heater creates dangerous emissions. While a few are low NOx, they’re nevertheless at the back of the options from the environmental aspect.

Electric warmers are someplace withinside the center on each points. They aren’t the maximum environmentally pleasant, however they’re now no longer the worst. The equal is going for his or her performance. The maximum ’green’ alternative you may get are sun warmers. While those price greater to shop for, they don’t require some thing however daylight and don’t have any emissions.

Q: Are Pool Heaters Noisy?

A: Like maximum different matters, it relies upon on the kind and version you’re the use of. An electric powered heater won’t make any noise at all, particularly the greater costly ones. On the opposite hand, each a sun and a fueloline pool heater could make a few noise relying at the version. Still, this varies from product to product and also you must take a look at for every one if that is a concern.

Q: How Much Propane Does A Pool Heater Use?

A: That is a difficult query to reply with out understanding the kind of propane heater you’re the use of, the dimensions of your pool, and the goal temperature. If you’re heating your pool from bloodless to warm, you can dissipate to four gallons consistent with hour. You will use loads much less to preserve it on the favored temperature.

Q: How Fast Do Pool Heaters Work?

A: It relies upon at the heater kind, pool length, in addition to water and air temperature. This being said, a warmth pump (just like the ones we reviewed) takes everywhere among 24 and seventy two hours to elevate the water temperature via way of means of 20°F, relying at the variables we cited. A fueloline pool heater will do the process quicker however fees greater to run, whilst a sun-powered heater is slower and much less dependable on cloudy days.

Q: How To Heat Pool Faster?

A: There are numerous approaches to get a pool heat quicker. First, whilst constructing (or putting up) a pool, consider right placement so it receives a variety of solar publicity. Next, select darker pool liners due to the fact they take in greater warmth and circuitously heat up the pool water. Finally, bear in mind getting a sun pool cowl that absorbs daylight and transfers the warmth to the water.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Run A Pool Heater?

A: This relies upon at the kind of heater you’ve got got. A 100,000Btu herbal fueloline heater makes use of one therm consistent with hour, which comes right all the way down to round $1.five to $2 consistent with hour (relying at the fueloline charge on your location). As for electric powered warmers, it relies upon on their wattage. For instance, the Hayward CSPAXI11 heater we featured calls for eleven kilowatts. Given that strength fees 13.31¢ consistent with kilowatt-hour, strolling this heater fees round $1.46.

Q: Should I Leave Pool Heater On Overnight?

A: No, you don’t should do this. You can, of course, however this could waste a variety of warmth and substantially growth the bill. Heat loss will increase with a extra temperature distinction, which means the heater will use even greater herbal fueloline or strength to preserve the temperature at some stage in the night time. To maintain warmth with out losing cash, we advise you get a thermal pool cowl.

Q: Do Solar Pool Heaters Work In Winter?

A: Yes, however now no longer as efficiently. Because there may be much less daylight at some stage in the day, the solar angles are unique, and the air temperature is an awful lot decrease, a sun heater won’t be capable of heat up the pool on its own. In fact, it may simplest offer round 20% of the wanted warmth, so that you’ll should use a fueloline pool heater in case you need to swim at some stage in the wintry weather.

Q: Do Solar Water Heaters Work At Night?

A: Since they depend on daylight to warmth the water, a sun heater for pool can’t heat up water at some stage in the night time. However, if the machine has an insulated water tank for storing warm water, it may upload it to the pool at some stage in the night time too. Still, maximum sun-powered warmers are sponsored up via way of means of herbal fueloline or electric powered warmers for the use of at some stage in midnight or on cloudy days.

Q: How Do You Protect A Pool Heater?

A: Taking right care of your heater manner fewer issues, much less upkeep and, ultimately, much less cash withinside the lengthy term. Here are a few beneficial guidelines to guard your heater:

  • Keep the pool chemistry balanced (pH among 7.2 and 7.eight, chlorine as much as 10ppm)
  • Make certain to intently observe set up commands (or have a expert deployation it)
  • Make certain the steel casing is electrically bonded (prevents shocks and quick circuits)
  • Prevent any backflow into the heater (deployation a protection valve after the heater)
  • Make certain the pool pump has enough energy to offer a great glide

A nicely-maintained heater will remaining for an extended time. If you ever word that there may be some thing incorrect with it (now no longer operating properly, making humorous noises), have a person come and take a glance as quickly as feasible to save you costly repairs.


A best pool heater can enhance your way of life and let you get the maximum from your outdoor oasis. However, on the grounds that unique humans stay in unique climates and feature unique wishes, it’s critical to apply what you simply found out to choose the proper pool heater for you and your pool.

From warmth pumps and fueloline pool warmers to sun and electric powered pool warmers, there are numerous unique kinds of pool warmers available to select from and dozens of various fashions all vying to your difficult-earned buck. Fortunately for you, you currently recognize greater approximately pool warmers than a few technicians, which must make selecting the exceptional one for you and your pool an awful lot much less daunting.

Whether you need a reasonably-priced pool heater for an above floor pool or have a massive price range and an in-floor pool, one of the exquisite pool warmers above is certain to be a terrific healthy to your price range and wishes. All you’ve got got left to do is choose out one out.

Before you do, however, do your self a choose and keep away from the temptation of purchasing the most inexpensive pool heater you return back across. It can be tempting to keep a buck, however you’ll in all likelihood spend greater down the road and go through lots of frustration alongside the manner. Winter’s proper across the corner, so bear in mind your wishes, however what you’ve simply found out to apply, and scroll again up this web page to choose out out a validated pool heater today!

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