Best Hvac Vacuum Pump For The Money 2020 + Buying Guide

Best Hvac Vacuum Pump

Are you trying to find some gadgets to package or handle variety of common chores? you’ve got the HVAC vacuum pump for your consideration. These are lightweight and handy appliances that operate largely by drawing out Vacuum from containers to make a vacuum. Being many and diverse, finding the correct one might ne’er be easy.

That is why you urgently need acceptable steering thereto end. Our reviews below endeavor to try to to simply that. we’ve got eroded the various units of those sorts on the market and found out the simplest ten. when researching the review, you’ll definitely be within the position to attain the simplest ever.

Top Best HVAC Vacuum Pump Reviews:

Here are the complete reviews of my favorite best HVAC vacuum pump models, with pros, cons and private opinion.

1. Kozyvacu 4.5 CFM HVAC Vacuum pump – Best Overall

Kozyvacu 4.5 CFM HVAC Vacuum pump

If there’s one product that deserves your attention, this is often the Kozyvacum HVAC Vacuum pump, that is one among the highest ones on the market.

One of the best aspects of this Vacuum Pump is its light-weight forged metal design, which offers most durability. Moreover, if you’re a novice in victimisation this type of equipment, don’t worry, as this product is maintenance-free.

Now, it doesn’t matter what quantity work you wish to try to to victimisation this vacuum pump, because it won’t heat up, because of the thermal protection. The oil viewing window could be a huge and too, as you’ll be able to observe once you have to be compelled to add some a lot of fuel.

Key features

  • Lightweight;
  • Oil Fill Port;
  • High torsion Design.
  • Thermally protected motor;
  • Aluminum Housing;
  • Oil Drain Valve;
  • Sight Glass for oil level;
  • Low Noise;
  • High efficiency;
  • Non-Slip Cushion Handle.
  • Pricy.

2. Kozyvacu TA350 3.5 CFM HVAC Vacuum pump – Best Budget

Kozyvacu TA350 3.5 CFM HVAC Vacuum pump

The Kozyvacu TA350 has nice performance and it’s one among the foremost reliable merchandise on my list. If you’ve got high standards once going for shopping, this HVAC Vacuum pump can meet a good vary of service applications.

Moreover, the CFM rating is high, as such, the evacuation method are going to be simplified. The operation technique is additionally easy, because of the high torsion design. Don’t worry concerning the maintenance, because it is free as well.

For you to know more, here are the key features, the pros, cons, and my personal expertise with this product. Let’s go!

Key Features

  • High efficiency;
  • Low Noise;
  • Perfect for car AC repair.
  • Oil drain valve;
  • Thermally protected motor;
  • Sight glass;
  • Free air displacement;
  • Automatic milking.
  • Need to raise the vendor for warranty.

3. Robinair (15500) 5 CFM HVAC Vacuum Pump – Best For Professionals

Robinair (15500) 5 CFM HVAC Vacuum Pump

If you know how to figure with associate degree HVAC Vacuum Pump, then this one from Robinair is what you wish. this is often an Economy Vacuum Pump, with nice performance, however heavy-duty, so confirm you savvy to use it.

This kind of HVAC Vacuum pump is ideal for air conditioning, in addition as for refrigeration services. The works rating is thirty five microns, whereas the oil reservoir is sufficiently big to store 7.5 ounces of oil.

Now, don’t worry concerning the air displacement either, because it is free. tired all, this pump has all you need to urge the duty all done.

Key Features

  • Leak Detection;
  • A/C Recovery;
  • Economy Vacuum Pump;
  • Non-Skid Feet.
  • Inlet fitting;
  • Engineered for optimum airflow;
  • 5 CFM;
  • Finned metal surfaces;
  • Extended life;
  • Angled oil drain;
  • Easy to browse sight glass.
  • Suited to skilleds.

4. Hilmor 1948121 HVAC Vacuum Pump 5 CFM – Best Residential

Hilmor 1948121 HVAC Vacuum Pump 5 CFM

If you don’t wish to demand professional facilitate on every occasion you’ve got simply a touch downside together with your AC or refrigerator, then verify this Hilmor Vacuum Pump. Everything you wish to do, from installation to repairs and maintenance, this Hilmor are going to be sensible for everything.

Don’t worry concerning the upkeep either, as this Hilmor product is hassle-free. The oil changes are terribly simple to do as well, while not losing any of the vacuum capacity.

The sight glass is incredibly useful considering this direction, because it will assist you notice the oil level on every occasion you’ll be victimisation the vacuum pump.

Key Features

  • Hassle-free maintenance;
  • Compact design;
  • Blank-Off valve.
  • Added durability;
  • Prolong oil life;
  • Easy oil changes;
  • Great for installation, and maintenance;
  • Light and portable.
  • Cannot be used for heavy jobs.

5. Kozyvacu 5CFM HVAC Vacuum pump – Best for Degreasing Silicone

Kozyvacu 5CFM HVAC Vacuum pump

This kind of HVAC vacuum pump is ideal for domestic jobs, corresponding to cleansing the AC or the refrigerator. Now, whereas the AC systems will largely need five hundred microns, the Kozyvacu TA500 will deliver a more robust capacity than forty microns.

This way, you’ll make certain that you simplyr Vacuum pump will do its job perfectly. Another huge and of this model is that the formed metal housing, that makes the whole item loads more lightweight, in addition as more durable. Last however not least, maintenance is free.

Ok, currently that you apprehend a number of its advantages, let’s go straight to the technical options and private opinion.

Key Features

  • High torsion design;
  • Thermally protected motor;
  • Low noise;
  • High efficiency.
  • On/Off Switch Non-Slip Cushion Handle;
  • Oil Fill Port;
  • Oil Drain Valve;
  • Free Air Displacement;
  • Foam shaped packing.
  • Need to rigorously browse the manual first.

6. Robinair 15310 HVAC Vacuum pump 3 CFM – Best for rosin Infusion

Robinair 15310 HVAC Vacuum pump 3 CFM

If you’re trying to find a air pump for alternative residential jobs, corresponding to resin infusion, verify this Robinair HVAC Vacuum pump. this is often a single-stage vacuum pump, excellent for multiple tasks, such as air con or refrigeration service.

The rotary vane could be a single-stage one. Don’t worry concerning the airflow, because it has been designed to feature associate degree recess fitting and additionally to forestall oil backflow.

The Robinair HVAC Vacuum Pump has all the options required to stay the pump cooler and to increase its life as long as possible. Let’s advance to the foremost necessary features to stay in mind, the professionals and cons.

Key Features

  • Leak detection;
  • AC recycling;
  • AC recharging.
  • Designed for air conditioning;
  • 3 CFM free air displacement;
  • Inlet fitting;
  • Maximum airflow;
  • Easy to browse sight glass;
  • The quick access oil fill port.
  • Make certain you rigorously modification or add the correct oil.

7. Orion Motor Tech 5CFM HVAC Vacuum pump – Best for Refrigeration

Orion Motor Tech 5CFM HVAC Vacuum pump

Always sensible to own in your home, the Orion Motor school air pump is usually best for refrigeration. this is often why it comes with all the options you’d would like and light-weight forged metal for the right protection.

What makes this product distinctive is that it’s a high-quality motor, in addition as a high volume cooling fan, therefore it won’t overheat throughout your jobs. you’ll continually apprehend once you have to be compelled to add some a lot of oil, because of the oil viewing windows.

Don’t even worry concerning the maintenance, because the support you get is real and friendly. As such, whenever you will would like advice, the support team will supply it.

Key Features:

  • Upgraded Hose;
  • Strong Copper Motor;
  • Complete Tool Kit.
  • Rubber cover;
  • Longest service for the life;
  • AC air pump with gauge;
  • 1 stage design;
  • Lightweight;
  • Oil viewing windows.
  • Bigger dimensions than alternative products.

8. Wostore R22 HVAC Vacuum pump – Best for car AC

Wostore R22 HVAC Vacuum pump

If you’re bored with about to the auto service for ordinary jobs, corresponding to cleansing the car AC, then you must invest in an HVAC vacuum pump, such as this one from Wostore. terribly easy to use, this offers refrigerant charging and a burst pressure around 4000 PSI.

Moreover, you’ve got completely different coloured gauges, one blue, and another red one, that are massive enough for simple viewing. The charging hose is long enough therefore you’ll be able to do your job comfortably.

If you would like to grasp a lot of concerning this product, keep reading the down below further information.

Key Features

  • Manifold gauge;
  • 3 color-coded five foot long service hose;
  • Easy-to-grip knobs.
  • Great burst pressure;
  • 60” long Charging Hose;
  • 2 pcs adapters;
  • Aluminum material;
  • Designed for AC charging;
  • Quick disconnect couplers for high/low fittings included.
  • Not so versatile.

9. Robinair 15800 HVAC Vacuum pump 8CFM – Best for Fluid Extraction

Robinair 15800 HVAC Vacuum pump 8CFM

This is far and away a heavy HVAC vacuum pump, because it is ideal for enormous fluid extractions. Now, if you recognize you wish a pump that’s perfect for business refrigeration, perhaps you’ve got a restaurant, for instance, opt for this one.

Although it’s far more pricey than alternative merchandise on my list, it is definitely worth the money. The 2-stage rotary vane design, in addition because the non-skid feet, are some of its main features. The oil capability is massive enough for the motor to figure a extended amount of time.

Key Features

  • 2 stage pump;
  • Commercial refrigeration use;
  • Thermally defender for the motor.
  • 8 CFM free air displacement;
  • Inlet fittings;
  • Finned metal surfaces;
  • Oil drain valve;
  • Easy to browse sight glass;
  • Non-skid feet.
  • Too heavy for domestic usage.

10. BACOENG R12 HVAC Vacuum pump 3.6 CFM – Best Mini

BACOENG R12 HVAC Vacuum pump 3.6 CFM

If you don’t wish to hold ample tools with you whenever you’ve got a vacuuming job, you must think about finance in an exceedingly mini HVAC vacuum pump, corresponding to this one from Bacoeng.

This tool comes with all the required tools therefore you’ll be able to repair any AC system. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry concerning shopping for thereforeme HVAC gauges which will not match the applications you would like to fix.

This air pump incorporates a multi-function gauge, that will assist you do ample jobs, on your DIY residential tour. I actually have tested this product multiple times, so here are the options I found important to grasp about.

Key Features:

  • Little noise;
  • 2 valves Manifold;
  • Heavy-duty pump.
  • Multi-functional dial;
  • High accuracy of reading;
  • 2 pcs angular adapter;
  • Extra toolbag;
  • Unique industrial design;
  • Oversized sight glass;
  • Quality a pair of valves;
  • Double protection.
  • Need to shop for the refrigeration kit separately.

Best HVAC Vacuum Pump Buying Guide

Before creating the choice of buying the simplest HVAC vacuum pump, confirm you analyze this buying guide. Here you’ve got all the main points you wish to grasp so as to {create} a sensible purchase.

Analyze these options in order to seek out the correct model and also the best worth in line with your needs.

Pumping Capacity

One of the foremost necessary factors once selecting the HVAC Vacuum pump is that the pumping capacity. Or however the HVAC pump will create that vacuum. this is often a straightforward measurement, that’s rated in cube-shaped feet per minute, or CFM.

Some would possibly say that you simply must do some sophisticated maths to find this value, however don’t get overwhelmed. Actually, the CFM must be larger than the unit size you’re operating on.

Most of the vacuum pumps have the common vacuum levels specifically wherever they ought to be. simply to create sure, you’ll be able to verify the AC tonnage, then add just 2. this is often the straightforward maths you must do.

The usual residential needs are going to be somewhere between four and half-dozen CFM. whereas the heavy and also the business ones should accelerate to eight CFM.

Motor Power

When it involves motor power, the single-stage vacuums will work o.k. and can cowl most of the usages. If there’s one thing to recommend, i might opt for the dual-stage or the 2-stage motor.

The second stage will assist you produce a lot of power, therefore the vacuum are going to be stronger within the method of removing the impurities.

Vacuum Level

One more feature to appear for is that the micrometer rating. The micron rating refers to the vacuum level that the pump produces. the right vacuum ought to be zero microns. however whereas you’ll be repairing easy things in the house, you will not would like the perfect vacuum.

Now, simply to be sure, rummage around for a micron rating that’s a minimum of 500. the best rating for a home is 500-700 micron rating.


This is one among the most usual issues individuals have relating to the HVAC vacuum pumps. however simply trust it. whereas victimisation the vacuum pump, you don’t ought to carry it a lot, because it can work while standing on the floor.

However, it’s sensible to own a light-weight one, so as to store it a lot of easily.

Noise Level

As you may already know, vacuum pumps aren’t the quietest merchandise on the market. However, there are some that don’t build such a lot noise. If you’re operating indoors, noise could be a real problem.

But as long as you retain the unit within the garage, this is often not anymore a difficulty and you’ll be able to wear some earplugs to assist you.

Oil system & Plug

While victimisation the rotary vane systems, confirm you create the required oil changes. Now, think about that you simply should try this replenishment once in an exceedingly while. this is often why it’s necessary to concentrate to an accessible oil plug, in addition as a straightforward to empty system.

Sight Glass

The sight glass refers to a special system that enables you to see the oil level, because the rotary vane pumps can often would like extra oil to run the motors. If the model of the HVAC Vacuum pump you want to shop for doesn’t have this sight glass, consider associate degreeother one.

Additional Features

Despite the previous categories, there are another options to contemplate once getting an HVAC vacuum pump. For instance, look for:

  • Anti-suck back: this feature is desirable, because it can forestall the air or liquids from getting into the system as shortly as you shut off the pump.
  • Various sized intake fittings
  • Isolation valves, for dominant wherever the vacuum stops
  • Digital screens
  • Bluetooth connectivity

What could be a Vacuum pump Used for?

A vacuum pump is employed in an exceedingly wide selection of various industries for a range of purposes. However, within the HVAC industry, technicians are most likely to want a pump once managing the repair and maintenance of refrigeration systems rather like you’d need refrigerant scales.

Over time refrigerant systems might require repairs and maintenance, for instance, within the event a refrigerant leak is suspected or routine pairing could also be warranted.

In order to effectively assess the system and perform repairs, the system must be empty of refrigerant. This step is brought up as refrigerant recovery, that involves removing all refrigerant gas from the system and storing it to be re-used later.

Once the whole refrigerant has been removed, checks and repairs to the system can be carried out. when this method is completed, the refrigerant is prepared to be change into the system, that is often brought up as “recharging the system”.

However, before this process will take place, it’s essential that evacuation takes place, which is wherever the simplest HVAC pump comes into the procedure. Evacuation basically suggests that removing all contaminants from the system victimisation the best pump, before recharging the system.

Evacuation is vital since deed any remaining contaminants corresponding to wet and alternative gases from the atmosphere can cause long run issues to the system.

Types of Vacuum Pumps

There are 3 major kinds of pumps, every that vary within the manner they attain a vacuum. throughout evacuation, a HVAC technicians goal is to get rid of the maximum amount contaminants from the system as possible, so the vacuum the strategy which will achieve a vacuum nighest to one hundred pc will perform the best. Here could be a transient summary of the 3 commonest types of pump.

  • Oil stuffed Rotary Vane Pump – this is often the go-to kind of pump for HVAC technicians completing evacuation procedures. it’s a comparatively low cost method that attains a awfully strong 99.9% vacuum.
  • Diaphragm Pump – This method can’t achieve a robust vacuum, usually solely ever reaching the middle 80’s.
  • Vacuum Generator – This technique creates a vacuum of around 93%. The downsides of this method is that it may be implausibly noisy, needs associate degree pricey compressor and it doesn’t operate well in wet conditions.

What Size Vacuum Pump Do You Need?

As antecedently mentioned the kind of pump you wish will rely mostly on the kind of systems you’ll be operating with. If you’re employed within the HVAC industry, then little doubt you will be victimisation it with some type of refrigeration system, during which case the scale of the system will be the deciding factor.

In order to work out the CFM rating you’ll would like you’ll be able to utilize a straightforward formula.

CFM square = Maximum System Tonnage

Therefore, if you’re about to be evacuating a forty nine t system, a Vacuum pump with a CFM rating of seven are going to be needed.

In reality, the bulk of technicians i do know own a vacuum pump starting from five – 7 CFM, as this is often doubtless to be what’s required for many residential work.

How to Use a Vacuum pump for Evacuation Procedures

Some things are higher shown through an illustration instead of written instructions. This video provides an excellent overview of the general refrigeration evacuation method from begin to finish.

Best Hvac Vacuum Pump FAQs

I have ready for you the foremost commonly asked queries relating to the simplest HVAC Vacuum pump models. Check them out.

[+]  What are HVAC Vacuum Pumps sensible for?

HVAC Vacuum Pumps are great mechanisms to get rid of all the air associate degreed gas particles that keep in numerous kinds of applications.

[+]  Where am i able to use an HVAC Vacuum pump?

One of the most usually usage of this HVAC vacuum pump is on the air conditioning. The vacuum pump is employed for removing the water vapors and also the unwanted air.

Of course, the HVAC vacuum pump will an excellent job on the evacuation method from the refrigerant systems.

[+]  Does this special vacuuming remove oil too?

No, actuation a vacuum won’t promise you to get rid of the oil.

[+]  What kind of oil will the HVAC Vacuum pump use?

You ought to rummage around for some mineral oils, that helps within the distillation process, and, in addition, reduces the vapor pressure.

[+]  Which are the simplest brands of HVAC vacuum pumps to appear for?

To confirm you buy the best models, look for brands corresponding to Kozyvacu, Robinair, Hilmor, Orion Motor, Wostore, or Bacoeng.

My prime Pick

When owning an AC system, it’s crucial to wash the water and wet from within this unit. The manual method will take a awfully long time, {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} results won’t be the expected ones.

As such, trust the highest choices of HVAC vacuum pumps I actually have given today.

Now that you simply apprehend that my top decide is Kozyvacu 3.5 CFM HVAC Vacuum Pump and also that the main options and the top options on the market, it’ll be so easy to create a wise purchase.


If you’re employed within the HVAC trade and intend on evacuating a refrigeration system, it’s doubtless you’ll have to be compelled to supply the simplest HVAC vacuum pump.

There are several units available on the market, however in my read it’s continually price protruding to a honorable whole that has been around for decades, take Yellow Jacket for example.

In addition, you wish to contemplate {the type|the thereforert|the kind} of labor you’ll be completing on a routine basis. For instance, if you perform a lot of residential work, then it’s unlikely you will need a CFM on top of 6, so take this into account.

Even so, you will in all probability desire a light-weight and transportable pump that’s simple to move and slot in the rear of your vehicle.

Other necessary factors embody weight, intake fittings, sight glass and anti-suck back functions.

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