Best Gaming Keyboard in September 2020 + Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming Keyboard Review

While it’s going to be tempting to shop for an inexpensive gaming keyboard – or heaven forbid, just use a daily keyboard – your playing will needless to say suffer. The proper one can make an enormous difference in your PC gaming.

Most pro-gaming boards are equipped with mechanical keys, making for faster typing and in-game responses, and a few accompany rows of customizable macro keys that you simply can personalize exactly to your favorite game. These features bring controls purposely built for PC gaming instead of simply using standard equipment for browsing the online or typing up documents.

Read over our in-depth review of the simplest gaming keyboards available in 2020, to form sure you purchase the simplest you’ll get for your money. Then, inspect our buyers guide at the top to find out all the various features to seem for during a great gaming board.

The 10 Best Gaming Keyboard

The Bes Gaming Keyboards

1. Rii RK100+ – Best Budget

Rii RK100+ Review

When you absolutely don’t want to spend quite $15 on a gaming keyboard, then the Rii RK100+ is your best bet. The rainbow LED backlight gaming keyboard is filled with surprises apart from its absurdly affordable price.

The Rii RK100+ isn’t necessarily a mechanical keyboard but certainly seems like one by offering a mimicked feeling. Its rainbow LED backlights are adjustable with five different settings for private preference. When it’s not in use, the keyboard will save energy and enter into a sleeping mode after 10 minutes being idle. It works with Windows operating systems and comes with a 12-month warranty.

  • Good size
  • Nice feeling keys
  • Short USB cable

2. Cooler Master CK550 – Best Overall

Cooler Master CK550

This mechanical gaming keyboard isn’t the flashiest on the market, but we’re placing it on the highest of the list because everything a gaming keyboard must do, the CK550 does well. First off, the texture is great: The mechanical switches are clicky and responsive and that they are rated for quite 50 million keystrokes, ensuring that you’ll be using this keyboard for several games to return. There are individual RGB LEDs for every key, meaning that you simply can map the lighting for every key to suit your look. What’s more is you’ll use the included software to assign those 16.7 million color options to every key individually.

The CK550’s looks don’t stop there, because the curved, brushed aluminum top plate is durable, minimal, modern and sleek. There are even on-the-fly control adjustment options that mean you won’t got to stop what you’re doing just to regulate your keymapping. That’s hugely important for a gamer who is occupation and out of games and keeping their specialise in leveling up and forward progress. Pair that each one with the floating keycaps, a tool weight that sits slightly below two pounds, and therefore the unassuming footprint of the keyboard as an entire, and it’ll make an excellent addition to your gaming desk.

  • Various switch options
  • 2 year warranty
  • Inexpensive
  • Non-detachable cable

3. Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard – Best Wireless

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard Review

When gaming, you would like the best-secured connection you’ll get so as to possess a fast reaction time at once. If you don’t want to travel wired, the Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard offers one among the simplest wireless connections you’ll get for a gaming keyboard.

The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is made with a strong 2.4 GHz wireless connection employing a unifying USB receiver. The keyboard includes a keystroke system that creates typing comfortable and quiet, and it requires no batteries, instead, counting on a fast charge through its micro-USB cable that provides up to 10 days of battery life. The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is compatible with Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10 and comes with a three-year limited hardware warranty.

  • Impressive build quality
  • Low noise
  • No necessary software
  • Short wrist rest
  • Battery life might be better

4. CORSAIR K70 – RUNNER-UP, Best Overall

CORSAIR K70 Review

The K70 is that the cream of the crop for Corsairs mechanical keyboard lineup, and it accomplishes this by checking every box you search for during a gaming keyboard. First off, it’s Corsair’s fastest keyboard offering, with Cherry MX switches that offer you 1.2mm actuation and really light pressure sensitivity of just one. 5 ounces. This affords you super-accurate control and a one hundred pc anti-ghosting guarantee from Corsair (most likely within the warranty term, of course).

But the rationale we’re giving this keyboard the nod for our RGB category is that it gives you actually advanced CUE support for the last word precision in customizing your rig for your gaming. this suggests that you simply can set it up to map colors and patterns to whatever section of the keyboard you would like. Note, that you’ll need two USB ports and updated Windows OS to support that functionality. apart from the RGB colors, the thing looks really sleek, too, with aircraft-grade brushed aluminum, giving a very stealthy, industrial look.

Plus, you’ll have the additional advantage of durability even during intense gaming sessions. this is often on the pricier side of things, but you’re getting a solid level of functionality and customization here.

  • Excellent proprietary software
  • Genuine Cherry MX switches
  • Excellent performance
  • Uncomfortable wrist rest

5. Redragon S101 Vajra – Runner-Up, Best Budget

Redragon S101 Vajra Review

As with most budget keyboards, the keys on the Vajra aren’t backlit, however, it does have a couple of illuminate sections as an inexpensive consolation prize. It also has swappable WASD and arrow keys, plus 12 media keys (which require simultaneously pressing the F key) and 19 keys without conflict. Although it isn’t a mechanical keyboard, it’s hybrid membrane switches, which are literally comfortably on the brink of mechanical switches when it involves tactile feedback. It’s a fierce black and red design that has solid construction despite being plastic and is spacious to game with, though it lacks a fanatical wrist rest.

The Redragon S101 also comes packaged with a mouse, which features six buttons, making this budget pick a good better deal.

  • Includes RGB mouse
  • Inexpensive
  • No dedicated software

6. Arteck HB030B – Best for Portability

Arteck HB030B Review

The Artek HB030B may be a slim and portable wireless Bluetooth 3.0 gaming keyboard that matches perfectly during a backpack or purse and is light on the wallet. The small gaming keyboard measures. 24 x 9.72 x 5.91 inches and weighs no quite 7.6 ounces.

Big things are available little packages, just like the Artek HB030B’s six-month battery life (based on two hours of non-stop use per day) powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. The powerful little gaming keyboard includes seven unique LED backlights with two brightness levels and an auto sleep feature to preserve energy. It’s compatible with Windows, MAC, iOS and Android operating systems and comes with a 24-month warranty with readily available customer service.

  • Portable
  • Compatible with virtually every OS
  • Solid feel
  • Can only pair with one device at a time

7. HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Keyboard & Mouse – Best Keyboard/Mouse Combo

HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Keyboard & Mouse Review

In general, finding an honest gaming keyboard and mouse combo isn’t the thanks to find the simplest quality of either device. That said, this combo from HAVIT makes the cut.

First, the keyboard’s responsiveness is sweet, though almost as premium as higher-dollar mechanical switches. The manufacturer claims you’ll press up to 19 keys directly without registering conflicts, which suggests you’ll have decent use of the keyboard for quicker gaming with no ghosting. There are 7 different colors of LED backlights — red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, and pink — that provide breathing and cycling effects. Again, not as many color options as some costlier units, but still great for the worth.

The mouse also offers color cycling, and it operates at up to 3200 DPI for decently smooth action. The mouse features a durable braided cable with a gold-plated connector and micro-switches that each one seem to possess a satisfying click. The HAVIT is not the fanciest of systems, but if you’re an occasional gamer trying to find a starter pack that provides you both a keyboard and a mouse, it is a good place to start out.

  • Comfortable
  • N-key rollover
  • Detachable cable
  • No wrist rest
  • Limited customization

8. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Review

This best mechanical keyboard for gaming comes without a NUMPAD. the entire number of keys within the tenkeyless model is 87. However, if you’re seeking a full-size version of this mechanical keyboard, that’s available too with 104 keys.

The frame of this gaming keyboard is formed of solid steel to make sure that it’s a reasonably decent lifespan. The manufacturers estimate the lifespan of around 50 million keystrokes. like all decent gaming keyboard, this one also features anti-ghost and NKRO features. Now allow us to mention the key switches.

This device features Cherry MX mechanical key switches in two colors i.e. Blue and red. This, of course, helps you in experiencing a far better gaming experience, as we’ve discussed earlier. The key switches are gold plated, hence protectively against rust and mud.

The red dynamic lighting is one among the key features of this product. The pattern is individual rather than zones, each key features a color. Along side these features, this mechanical keyboard has other enticing factors also. These include a braided USB cable which is detachable too, extra gaming keycaps and wrist rests.

  • Internal steel frame
  • Removable USB cable
  • Only $79
  • No frills, but that’s intentionally.

9. Razer BlackWidow X Chroma – Best Design

Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Review

Most gaming keyboards have some kind of back lighting lately , but not all backlighting is made equal. If you would like the brightest and most colorful keys that are integrated into the particular games you’re playing, and just plain coolest looking gaming keyboard overall, the Razer Latrodectus mactans X Chroma wins handily. It functions sort of a champ, because of reliable and precise mechanical keys, but the important attraction here is that the Chroma backlighting with 16.8-million total customizable color options. The backlighting are often customized however you wish , but many games also will have inbuilt presets to illuminate the keyboard in specific ways only for that game like matching character colors or changing color to point out ability cooldowns in MMO games. The Razer BlackWidow X Chroma turns keyboard backlighting into an kind and is certainly the good looking gaming keyboard on the market.

This is one among my personal favorite keyboards explicitly because it features raised keycaps. This does little to affect the general feel of the keyboard but makes it incredibly easy to wash. Having the keycaps raised faraway from the body leaves little space for dust and other detritus to gather.” Alice Newcome-Beill, Associate commerce editor.

  • Weighty construction
  • Excellent RGB lighting options
  • No USB pass-through
  • Not genuine cherry switches

10. Logitech G513 – Best Mechanical

Logitech G513 Review

Though Logitech is more often known for his or her wireless business keyboards, the G513 (offered during a few switch configurations) may be a great decently priced option for those that can live without all the bells and whistles delivered by more gaming-oriented brands.

This configuration comes with GX Blue mechanical switches that provide a tactile feel and even offer you a extended life than many other keys (Logitech claims almost 40-percent more life, to be precise). It includes Logitech’s latest, most immersive RGB backlight technology offering up to 16.8M different reminder customizable color. Add that in with Logitech’s Lightsync tech which lines up colors with 300 different games, and you’ve got a beautiful-looking keyboard which will be customized to your favorite title.

The chassis is made with 5052 ultra-durable-grade aluminum, meaning the device itself won’t break down easily from longer, harsher use. There are assignable function keys with dedicated gaming features and a reliable, high-speed USB connection for lower latency. They’ve even thrown during a USB pass-through just in case you would like to hook a mouse up straight to the keyboard.

  • Choice between linear and tactile switches
  • Excellent wrist rest
  • Slick minimalist style
  • No dedicated macro or media keys
  • RGB lighting not as bright because it might be

Gaming Keyboards Buying Guide – the way to Choose One?

Baming Keyboard

This might sound a touch crazy, but a bit like a sword must feel right within the hand of a swordsman, an equivalent way, a keyboard must click together with your sort of gaming. And why shouldn’t it? in any case, we are talking about the foremost important tool in your gaming world. If you’ll carefully enlist the qualities you would like in your gaming keyboard, you’ve got won half the battle there, already.

Well, we’ve given the matter a reasonably deep thought too. We’ve created an inventory of features that you simply might want to think about before you head out, seeking the perfect gaming keyboard for your digital world’s challenges. Allow us to have a glance at them now:


Keyboard sizes do vary, just in case you haven’t noticed that before. The chief determinant of the dimensions of a keyboard is that the number of keys on the keyboard. For instance, a full-size keyboard features all the essential keys, a couple of extra function keys and a numeric pad. While such keyboards are an excellent utility for the routine work, clearly they provide a hindrance for the gamers. The rationale for this is often the space they occupy and hence make reaching the mouse far more difficult.

Compare this keyboard to something sort of a tenkeyless- keyboard. This one comes without the numeric pad, and hence, some gamers find this type to be more convenient for gaming purposes. A compact keyboard also can be the answer to your problem. within the end, it’s your call on which sort of keyboard you’re comfortable with for gaming purposes.

Vibe Related to The Keyboard

This is a really interesting point. Recall from your childhood, did you are feeling the satisfaction if you probably did not hear the button make that characteristic click sound on pressing it? Gamers usually go pretty hard on their keyboard buttons, and if they’re all soft and squishy, that just doesn’t appeal to a gamer considerably. Now, we’d like to ask ourselves, which keyboards make a click sound, and which of them desire soft and squelchy when their keys are pressed? Well, the solution thereto question lies in Mechanical versus Membrane gaming keyboards.

Let us first have a glance at the Membrane keyboards. These keyboards are diverse and effective. However, these aren’t a perfect choice for gaming. Membrane keyboards depend upon a layer of silicone or rubber for his or her functioning. This layer is the contact point and also provides the spring needed for keys to be pressed and work properly. This eventually results in the soft press which may confuse a gamer sometimes. Hence, these keyboards are hardly considered as ideal gaming keyboards. However, these keyboards are relatively cost-effective.

And now have a glance at the mechanical keyboards. rather than a layer of semiconductor material, each of those keys features a switch which eventually produces the tactile feeling and therefore the click noise every gamer feeds on while playing. there’s just tons more security while twiddling with mechanical keyboards, because you recognize that your move was executed as planned rather than the uncertain vibes you get from the membrane keyboards. Oh, and therefore the mechanical keyboards have a way longer lifetime as compared to the membrane keyboards.


Lighting up things naturally adds more to the aura around your gaming system. The primary mark of identification of a modern-day gaming keyboard is that the glowing lights that mesmerize the observers through their rhythmic flickering and beating.

But there’s something tactical about these lights too. Some gamers simply divide the keys into different zones on their gaming keyboards supported their usage. Then, they illuminate these zones with different colors which provides them a true advantage during gaming. Are you thinking ‘why’?

Their fingers automatically move faster towards glowing lights and adjust accordingly. Just roll in the hay for the sake of fun, if nothing else and buys a backlit supercool gaming keyboard!

N-Key Rollover- NKRO

This is a term that the majority gamers are already conversant in round the globe and consider it pretty important while buying a gaming keyboard. In simple terms, NKRO means what percentage keys are often recognized by your gaming keyboard once they are pressed together. But how is that important?

Imagine during a game, you would like to press 5 keys together to kill the last monster and hence, complete the round. However, your keyboard simply just can’t register quite three presses combined. Now, that’s a drag , isn’t it? But would you’ve got encountered this issue if you had, let’s say if you had a 6KRO or 6-key rollover? or maybe better, a 10KRO which means that each one buttons pressed by ten keys are going to be registered by the interface.

Let’s understand the concept of NKRO during a more simple way. This number varies from one gaming keyboard to a different . Surprisingly, there are a couple of costly boards out there that have a comparatively low NKRO. to work out what suits you the simplest , just attempt to find out what percentage keys are you putting into use whenever you’re gaming. The range is 6-10, counting on different individuals.

Now that you simply are conversant in this important terminology, let’s discuss another aspect that’s directly linked with NKRO.


A basic requirement for all keyboards designed for gaming purposes, anti-ghosting remains a term relatively unknown to several gamers, a bit like the NKRO. Simply put, it’s a feature that creates sure your keyboard doesn’t register the fake keypresses. it’d appear to be an easy statement, but once more, something which may influence the output drastically.

NKRO and anti-ghosting are two terms that complement one another . it’s impossible to imagine a gaming keyboard that doesn’t have these two features. Safe to mention , avoid buying any gaming keyboard which fails to supply these two features.

USB Cable

USB cables are usually categorized into two different kinds-braided and not braided. allow us to have a glance at these first, then decide which one suits your gaming purposes the simplest.

Braided USB cables offer an additional layer of protection. They are also quite kink-resistant, hence twisting and wire bending is reduced to a minimum. If unfortunately, by any accident, your USB cable gets rubbed against a very sharp edge, the braiding will tear off first. Hence, your USB cable is protected which saves you some money within the end of the day. Generally, braided USB cables are far more flexible and sturdy.

Non braided USB cables show contrasting shades in comparison with braided ones. They don’t offer an equivalent durability because the braided cables.

However, as far because the functionality is taken into account , there’s no major difference found between the 2 cables. Both cables will just work fine in any gaming scenario. If the costs are an equivalent, we recommend that you simply should choose the additional protection, and obtain the braided USB cables or a gaming keyboard which has the braided USB cable.

Well enough with the chatter about the features to expect within the best keyboard for gaming. It’s about time we show you the important stuff that’s trending out there within the gaming world. Allow us to have a glance at a number of the simplest gaming keyboards which are the most well liked picks within the market.


While many gaming keyboards offer a spread of mechanical switches, each with their own distinct feel, many gamers also enjoy the straightforward, discrete feel of membrane switches also. Switches are generally a subjective decision instead of an objective one, the proper switch for you is only a matter of private preference.


Some keyboards take a less-is-more approach by ditching the Numpad and sometimes the function keys. But others include nice quality-of-life features like dedicated media and macro keys. This decision typically is predicated on your budget but also what you are looking to urge out of your gaming keyboard.


Some keyboard manufacturers support proprietary customization software, supplying you with plenty of options for changing RGB lighting or remapping keys. Some gaming keyboards omit this software, but still leave alittle degree of customization.

Accessories Related to the Keyboard

Now that we all know the traits of the simplest gaming keyboard, the difference between basic sorts of gaming keyboards and therefore the best gaming keyboards, now it’s time to possess a glance at a number of the accessories related to gaming keyboards. We also are getting to show you ways are you able to pick the simplest accessories.

An Honest Gaming Mouse

We aren’t getting to have an in depth check out different sorts of gaming mouse here. However, there are a couple of traits which you ought to confine your mind while buying a gaming mouse:

1. Decide what’s your requirement regarding the sensitivity of the mouse. A laser mouse is that the latest trend, but optical ones aren’t a nasty option either. Sensitivity is additionally suffering from certain other factors like mouse pad for instance.

2. Resolution is vital. How briskly you’ll move the cursor depends on the resolution of a mouse, which is measured in dots per inch or DPI. A far better DPI is typically indicative of a better performing gaming mouse, but there are other factors involved also. Lately , you’ll adjust the DPI on the fly, meaning you’ll switch between low and high DPI as per the demand of accuracy during a game.

3. You’re getting to use your mouse for quite few hours if you’re knowledgeable gamer. Hence, the ergonomic aspect of a gaming mouse is additionally something you want to consider before making a sale. Confirm that your gaming mouse complements your gaming keyboard, and both don’t cause any cramps or fatigue. In a number of the products, you’ll remove or add weights to regulate the load of your gaming mouse. Having separate buttons for various function selection also doesn’t go amiss.

4. Don’t fall for a gaming mouse which doesn’t allow you to customize features.

My recommendation:

Wrist Rest

The main purpose of a wrist rest is to supply support and luxury to your wrists while you’re employing a gaming keyboard or a mouse. This makes sure that you simply don’t suffer from cramps within the fingers and wrists. Following are the hallmarks of an honest wrist rest:

  • The core must be cushioned tolerably and not left hollow.
  • A leather surface that’s smooth enough to support wrists.
  • The surface must be immune to any quite spills to attenuate the damage.
  • It must be durable. This is often made sure by proper stitching.
  • It must not be keyboard specific. An honest wrist rest clicks with all kinds of ordinary gaming keyboards.


Headsets add a final touch to a gamer’s ideal gaming setup. Never ignore the importance of an honest headset. regardless of how good your mechanical or membrane gaming keyboard is, if your headset is interfering with the gaming vibe, it can drastically affect the results of your game. Without going into the small print, allow us to enumerate a couple of defining factors of an honest headset:

  • Quality of sound
  • Volume adjustment controls
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Microphone
  • Simple access


Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best keyboards for gaming for most people. We take into account the price (a cheaper product will win compared to the more expensive if the difference is not worth it), feedback from our visitors and availability (no keyboard is hard to find or nearly out of stock everywhere).

If you want to do the elective work, here is a list of all our keyboard reviews. While there’s nothing perfect for every purpose, most keyboards are great enough to please most people, and the differences are often overlooked unless you’re really looking for them. get them. Be sure to know your main conversion preferences before choosing.

And finally, thank you for taking the time to read our review of the best keyboards today. Hope this article will help you make your rules. If you have any questions – please let me know below.

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