Best Drones Under $300 in 2020 + Buying Guide

Best Drones Under $300

Drones are extremely famous, and you may use them for a whole lot of unique matters. Whether you want to have amusing exploring previously inaccessible regions, use them professionally for film making and photography, or just race at top speeds while acting wickedly speedy maneuvers through obstacle courses, there may be a drone make and version for your wishes.

This article opinions the 10 fine drones available on the market for humans whose finances is $300 or less. I will give you a breakdown of each drone’s capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, together with a complete buyer’s guide that offers you a few recommendations and things to do not forget when purchasing your drone.

The 10 Best Drones Under $300



Altair #AA108 Camera Drone

Altair AA108 is a toy-grade drone, there may be absolute confidence about it… but in spite of that, it’s far nevertheless worth of this listing way to exceptional build fine and top of the line toy-grade performance. As long as you don’t assume premium features from it (and no sane man or woman would, thinking about the dirt-reasonably-priced rate tag), I’m sure Altair AA108 will surprise you with its charm.

It is made with the aid of a as an alternative new brand but appears to be doing itself justice with income. In fact, it is one among the maximum popular toy-grade drones ever on the grounds that its release. What’s all this hype approximately? Well, let’s see…


When it comes to the functions’ side of the deal, this little birdie has a lot to brag about. For instance, it sports activities Altitude Hold, Custom Flight Routes as well as 3 flying modes (novice, intermediate and expert), all of which make a contribution to an typical first rate flying experience.

But, greater essential than its features – Altair AA108 bears a miniature imaging sensor. Yes, this little fella sports a tiny camera. And it’s not one of those petty VGA ones – you are looking at a microsensor capable of recording in 720p. With that being said, both pics and videos appearance pretty exact so it’s safe to mention Altair AA108 brings proper fee for money in terms of digicam and features.


Specifications of this birdie are pretty straightforward. There aren’t that many oscillations while in comparison to other in addition priced fashions. More precisely, airtime goes around the 10-minute mark that is a fashionable. However, you’ll be glad to understand that Altair AA108 comes with an additional battery which means you get get entry to to up to 20 minutes of flying in line with session. And at some point of that time your drone will permit you to reach 100 meters faraway from the provided controller. It’s now not plenty, I recognize… but go in advance and find a inexpensive model with an extended operating variety… That’s proper, you may’t!

2. UDI U818PLUS Beginner Drone

UDI U818PLUS Beginner Drone

It’s no longer a mystery that UDI’s toy-grade drones are topics to masses of rebranding and incremental modifications. This is true for his or her U818 model which has received plenty of fantastic remarks from clients everywhere in the world. But, we can be that specialize in U818Plus version which brings forth numerous first-rate improvements that make this little birdie stick out from other low-stop drones. What exactly is so special about it? Well, there’s handiest one way to find out and that’s by studying the following couple of paragraphs!


Let’s face it – for more or less $100 and fifty you can not sincerely anticipate that a lot of a drone. Still, the boundaries are being heavily pushed at some stage in the last few years and we are seeing massive rate cuts within the industry. This has led to extra firepower for less expensive models and that’s exactly what UDI U818Plus has to provide. Take its camera for example – we are speakme about a strong 2MPX sensor that may document in HD. A couple of years returned, you couldn’t even get the sort of digital camera for $100 fifty now not to mention a freaking drone on pinnacle of it.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a variety of reasonably-priced low-cease drones prepared with Altitude Hold and other similar smart flight functions. But how is this feasible when they don’t possess GPS? Well, these quasi-clever functions (at the least that’s how I love to call them) aren’t using GPS but different, less highly-priced sensors. They do their activity with no issues but the precision is, needless to mention, lacking. The identical can be stated about UDI U818Plus – it’s now not a smart drone however nonetheless presents a portion of the smart-drone feature set.


Specifications-wise, there’s no question UDI did a fantastic activity with U818Plus. Starting off with flight duration, this factor can fly round for approximately 12 mins which isn’t always to be taken as a right at this price factor. Furthermore, operating variety possibly isn’t as long as, f.E. MJX Bugs 2W, however it’s nonetheless admirable. It clocks in at kind of 150 meters which ought to satisfy the bulk of its ability buyers.


Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone

HS120D is the following bugger we’re going to speak approximately. Created by using Holy Stone, this drone targets to make the right impression inside the entry-degree to mid-tier fee range. It will set you lower back for round $230, but you can get it at a slightly inexpensive rate factor with a piece of luck. Overall, we’re looking at a strong GPS drone here sporting an competitive price tag and causing quite the commotion at the mid-variety drone market.


The decision on this awful boy isn’t the greatest. We’re talking approximately a trifling 1080p sensor that looks extra like upscaled 720p. However, it’s nonetheless amongst the exceptional camera drones on this list! How is that possible? Well, there’s one element that HS120D does particularly properly – vibration dampening.

Even although it doesn’t function a motorized gimbal machine, it does function a rubbery platform for vibration dampening, a simple machine that works wonders for its footage. It’s clean, clean, and looks miles in advance of in addition priced fashions. Talking about smoothness, you’ll love the easy-flying functions like item trace, gesture control, vehicle go back to home, and custom paths. They are all GPS-based totally so their accuracy is impeccable.


Specs-wise, Holy Stone HS120D is pretty the champ, featuring stable numbers throughout the board. Roughly 300 meters of operating variety and close to 18 minutes of flight time must do the trick for maximum human beings. If you’re now not satisfied, just bear in mind that we’re nevertheless speaking approximately a drone that goes for $200. When you put the whole lot into attitude and evaluate it with in addition priced models, Holy Stone HS120D is a right steal!



Finally, we’ve reached the first-class drone underneath $300 currently available on the market. It is none aside from the spiritual success of late Bugs 3 – Bugs 2W! It sports a much smaller form factor and actually comes with a built-in camera which is a large sales pitch for people looking to get into aerial photography.

Furthermore, it needs to be stated that we’re talking approximately a clever drone (extra on that later) with a whole bunch of additional functionalities you’d come to count on from higher-quit models. So, why don’t we start from that and see what’s MJX Bugs 2W all about!


As a ways as the digicam is concerned, I already gave you the assumption that it’s an amazing one. Well, more precisely, we’re talking approximately what seems to be a 5MPX sensor able to recording in Full HD. It is lots better than those standard 2MPX sensors that are overflowing the entry-degree market. Image best is good but you would possibly experience a bit of jello in windy weather.

Features-wise, MJX Bugs 2W is truly a clever drone due to its incorporated GPS module. This brings forth several handy capabilities which includes Return To Home and Altitude Hold. Needless to say, the latter will show to be of remarkable help for recording easy and cinematic aerial photos. Lastly, the controller seems exact too. It fits properly in arms and provides intuitive yet responsive controls.


Believe it or no longer, MJX Bugs 2W is an absolute beast in phrases of specifications. With up to 1000 meters of operating variety (that’s what’s written on the spec sheet despite the fact that I simplest went slightly over 500m) and about 18 mins of flight time, there aren’t that many further priced models with such extraordinary specifications. As a count number of fact, I don’t believe there may be a single one. So, with that in mind, there may be no doubt inside the sheer satisfactory of MJX Bugs 2W. It is a worth successor to Bugs three and with everything it has to offer, it’s far just a rely of time earlier than it reaches the top of the entry-level food chain.


Potensic D85 GPS Drone

Potensic D85 is a drone with sick specifications. In different words, in case you’re in it for lengthier flight periods and long-variety chasing, then there’s no want to look any in addition. Potensic D85 has you included with extremely good insurance and two batteries that’ll enlarge your flight classes to the factor where you’ll be unwell and bored with flying. Jokes aside, let’s take a closer examine this bugger and notice the reasons why it’s listed as one in all the fine drones below $300!


It’s safe to mention Potensic D85 doesn’t fail to supply inside the features department. There’s a variety of stuff occurring there, together with the extremely necessary GPS module which makes this drone a breeze to fly. I’m serious here – even first-time drone pilots can wrap their heads around this little bugger.

Truth be told, Potensic D85 isn’t this sort of small drone. It’s sporting relatively big brushless vehicles, but they’re the standard sort that may easily get replaced with time-honored ones available on Amazon. They aren’t probably to burn out, though, but it’s nevertheless pleasant understanding they aren’t the proprietary kind discovered on other drone fashions. Additionally, Potensic D85 also sports stuff like one key takeoff/landing, car return, altitude hold, follow me, and orbit mode; you recognize, the usual bunch of GPS-powered features to be had on most mid-tier drones these days.


The quality component about Potensic D85 package deal is the reality it comes with batteries, allowing up to 40 minutes of flying from the first pass. Yep, that’s more or less 20 mins of flight time in line with battery, an admirable number thinking about the fee tag. What’s also admirable is the operating range, stretching from 1.2 to 1.five kilometers, plenty greater than the average variety of its direct competitors. There’s FPV too, however it’s capable of reach best 1/2 of that – more or less 600 to 700 meters.


Contixo F20 GPS RC Quadcopter Photography Drone

When speaking approximately cheap fashions, let’s say drones beneath $200, Contixo F20 honestly poses as a pinnacle-notch competitor. It’s a well-rounded package, featuring the entirety you may want from a mid-tier drone. So, if excellence is what you’re seeking out, and I in reality doubt you’re in it for the looks, then hold on reading due to the fact Contixo F20 have to surprise you!


Even even though Contixo F20’s digital camera can rotate vertically, the anti-vibration mechanism is largely non-existent, which leads to shaky and jello-packed footage. Still snap shots, however, are really gorgeous. Since we’re speaking approximately stills, there’s none of that nasty jello and the FHD decision does wonders in relation to sharpness. Color accuracy is right too, and you’ll typical recognize the motorized mount, permitting you to seize aerial footage from a one of a kind angle than what you’d be capable of do with other in addition priced models.

The first question most of you’re wondering right about now – Does Contixo F20 characteristic GPS? Yes, yes it does! Not simplest GPS but all the traditional GPS-powered specials like comply with me, waypoints, altitude keep, Tap Fly, one key takeoff/landing, and several additional ones.


Contixo F20 doesn’t fail to supply in terms of the specifications. In truth, thanks to an optimized battery, you’ll be getting around 17-18 minutes of flight time. Range-wise, you may anticipate up to 800 meters which aren’t too bad considering direct competitors. Oh, I nearly forgot – Contixo F20 comes with a carrying case too…


Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone

HS700D is the second Holy Stone drone on this list. It’s another notable advent by way of the famend Holy Stone brand, providing an brilliant all-around package with masses of strength underneath the hood. It’s on the reasonably-priced end too, and we all understand each penny counts in this price variety! So, without in addition ado, let’s dive proper on in and see what’s HS700D all approximately!


Let’s start out with the apparent marketing trick here. Holy Stone addresses HS700D’s digital camera as 2K. However, we’re talking about an insignificant 1080p sensor with a few extra pixels on the sides. It’s nevertheless precise, don’t get me wrong, however it’s nowhere near the crispiness of 2.7K (regularly known as 2K in short).

Brushless cars are here, making sure a solid, amateur-friendly combat at every and each occasion. Even in windy conditions, mind you, courtesy of the onboard GPS that paves the manner for every other set of first rate capabilities. We’re speakme selfie modes (numerous of them, to be more precise), automobile return to home, altitude maintain, and more.


With its 2800mAh rechargeable LiPo battery, HS720 can undergo up to twenty minutes according to fee, a decent amount to mention the least. Furthermore, it’s no pushover in the range department either, maxing at round 700 meters. FPV range is remarkable too, with cut-outs beginning at round 500 meters.



Potensic D88 brings forth impressive specifications and terrific aerial pictures capabilities. Not to say the truth it comes with two batteries in an effort to greatly extend the general flight time. They do take some time to charge up to 100%, but that’s a price you have to pay, thinking about the charging. Talking about the pricing, Potensic D88 won’t make too big of a dent in your wallet but will make a large dent in your unfastened time way to its fun flight experience and a outstanding digicam.


Potensic D88’s camera is quite suitable, so long as you don’t anticipate crystal-clean and vibration-free aerial footage. We’re speaking about the industry-standard 2K sensor (as soon as again, it’s genuinely a barely wider FHD decision) that does a fairly suitable task normal. If you’re seeking out an entry-level aerial pictures platform, Potensic D88 won’t disappoint you. If now not with the digital camera but due to the general easy controls and GPS that make it easy to control by way of even the most important drone piloting noobs.

Unfortunately, the FPV range is the most important drawback of Potensic D88. You’ll be getting around 200 to 300 meters, which isn’t precisely the longest-reaching FPV transmission distance. On the bright aspect, the relaxation of the specifications sheet is enormously suitable!


Yep, the operating range is going nicely past the 1-kilometer mark. Up to 1.five kilometers is what you’ll be going in clean and unobstructed regions like lakes, plains, and similar. The marketed 16 to 20 mins of flight time are painting the proper picture. Realistically, your Potensic D88 will be capable of undergo around 17-18 mins. Not 1/2 terrible thinking about the rate tag, don’t you agree?


Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone

Here we’ve got but another Holy Stone model here. The third one on our list of the exceptional quadcopters underneath $300. It’s the final one, I promise. Don’t assume we’re partnered up with Holy Stone or some thing like that – they simply make darn properly drones, and HS720 isn’t any exception.


We’re speaking about a miniature, foldable drone here, providing a strong 2K digital camera (basically a slightly wider FHD), and an entire bunch of GPS-powered functions, inclusive of the most popular ones like an vehicle return to home, comply with me, and optical flow positioning. Additionally, HS720 features bright lighting for night time flights (heck, it rhymes!!!), mighty brushless motors and a downward-going through sensor. Overall, it’s very solid in-flight, that’s quite surprising thinking about its small form factor.

As for the camera, it’s strong at quality. There’s a bunch of jello impact and I can’t clearly recommend it for aerial photos. Aerial images is every other aspect, and if you could time your pictures to perfection, your effects will be quite accurate. Overall, a solid digicam for the cash, however I expected slightly better vibration dampening.


800 meters is what you’ll be getting from this foldable little bugger. That’s pretty decent coming from this type of portable drone. When blended with approximately 25 minutes of flight duration (yep, you’ve study that proper), you get a strong all-around performer that won’t affect your finances too much. And whilst it doesn’t include a further battery, it does function a mini sporting case that protects the whole lot from outside dangers.

10. Ruko F11 Pro Drone – THE BEST DRONE UNDER $300?

Ruko F11 Pro Drone

And finally, let’s speak about the primary drone on this listing, the one, and best Ruko F11. Coming in at roughly $350, Ruko F11 doesn’t surely match into our fine drones underneath $300 category, however in view that it’s regularly on sale for $300, I couldn’t bypass up on the possibility of which include it here. It genuinely is really worth every penny, I promise!


Let’s start out with the first-rate digicam this drone comes with. It’s incorporated however capabilities a powerful 4K sensor that produces crisp footage excellent. As is the case with most other drones in this charge range, Ruko 11’s camera also doesn’t do a excellent process with vibration elimination. In other words, the camera does amazingly nicely for nonetheless snap shots, however the photos does possess a truthful little bit of shakiness. On the bright side, you could easily get rid of it in the post, and still, have lots of actual estates to paintings with due to the excessive decision and wide-perspective lens.

The maximum critical issue in terms of the function set is the onboard GPS, making Ruko F11 the precise drone for beginners. It’s smooth to fly, doesn’t take too much area and is foldable, meaning you may carry it with you everywhere you go. Other features consist of lengthy-range FPV transmission (around 400 meters), and a bunch of digicam-primarily based independent specials like comply with me and tap fly.


The specifications are pretty excellent too. With round 25ish minutes of flight time, Ruko F11 does itself justice. Better but, it comes with batteries, meaning you’ll be getting close to an hour of flight time straight out of the box. The operating range is remarkable too, stretching out to around 1 kilometer, despite the fact that some users are claiming they went near the 1.2k mark. Overall, in case you’re seeking out a quadcopter below $300 and you’re a newbie, Ruko F11 is a really perfect choice. It’s proper there at the threshold of our rate point, has an exceptional 4K digicam, extremely good specs, and maximum importantly – GPS!

Best Drones Under $300 Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen a number of the great drones on the market in a mid-variety fee bracket, let’s find out about some crucial information that all drone buyers must understand. This guide will function an educational tool for capability drone proprietors who want to realize about key capabilities.

Classes Of Drones

Drones are available in all extraordinary shapes, sizes, and costs with differentiating features.

  • Toy drones – These offer the most basic capabilities and are frequently faded trinkets while as compared to better cease fashions.
  • Video drones – Very popular with photographers and filmmakers.
  • Racing drones – Maximize velocity and agility at the same time as minimizing weight and excess features. Their drones are extremely clean to move for professional pilots and nearly not possible for amateurs.


The one of a kind models all provide a wide variety of features, and there’s no reason to pay a fortune for capabilities you don’t care about at the cost of capabilities you want.


Drone performance is a important issue to possession and responsible piloting. You will want a few acrobatic features if you need to be a stunt pilot. Exploratory pilots will need to focus on longer flight times and drones that include a couple of batteries and prolonged ranges.

Camera Quality

If you’re piloting for aerial pictures and to seize recollections with out that obnoxious selfie stick, then make certain to focus your efforts on drones with high great image shooting capability.

FAA Regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has began regulating drones. You have to ensure you are following the FAA recommendations in case you need to preserve your drone from being confiscated and banned.

Battery Life

One of the largest obstacles to drone flight is battery life. Every unmarried drone operates on battery electricity, and it can handiest fly so long as the battery has strength.

Operating The Drone

Make sure that you completely apprehend your drone’s manage systems earlier than launching it into flight. This will help you avoid crashing your drone or injuring passersby. Most drones use a -stick manage device for operation. This system makes use of one stick to control the left, proper, forward, and backwards motion (direction) of your drone and the other stick to govern the altitude and rotation angle.

Safety Guidelines

Learn a way to operate your drone before you send it flying. Every drone has distinctive controls, with varying ranges of sensitivity and stability. Knowing how your drone operates beneath safe situations will help you safely perform it when there are risks involved.


In terms of range, you should appearance for at the least 300 meters. There are positive models that move as some distance as 500 or even extra, however they’re typically bordering on the charge variety. Anything much less than 300 is a no-go for me. Even although a number of you may be exceptional with the sort of distance, I personally enjoy exploring the region with my FPV goggles on.


You’d be surprised at what number of drones don’t come with GPS or other important features which includes altitude hold and go back to home. Still, there are some who are nicely worth checking out. Even even though RTH, AH, and GPS might seem beside the point to a number of you, they give a miles better flying revel in. That’s why I warmly advise you getting a drone that has them.


Drones featured within the list underneath can serve loads of makes use of, it all depends to your creativity and imagination. One aspect is for sure – they make extraordinary flying trainers! If you’re a novice or a first-time flyer, now not only will you have a laugh with them regardless of what, however you may also sense worry-free while doing so… Because, even in case you show up to crash it, it wasn’t plenty of an investment. On the alternative hand, if you crashed a $1000 drone, you’d be to your manner to California in a matter of seconds.

But, except worry-free flying, entry-degree drones are also true for masses of different things. Here are a few exciting ones:


As we already noted above, entry-level drones are notable for practice. They offer a worry-free enjoy and are top notch for your first “steps” into piloting. With them, you’ll be able to learn all the basics and prepare your self for some excessive-cease drones.

Casual Flying

After you’ve mastered your first steps, you’ll be flying like a actual champ and having masses of fun along with your new toy. It’s authentic! Every single certainly one of below-listed drones is insanely a laugh to casually fly around. They provide responsive controls, one key flips, and possess a truthful dose of flight stability.

Amateur Aerial Photography

A huge portion of drones which might be indexed below are somewhat exact on the subject of aerial pictures. Take 3DR Solo as an example. It’s strong and presents a dedicated 3-axis gimbal that works seamlessly with GoPro Hero cameras. What more do you need to make the precise shot? Range? Check! Battery duration? Check!


Believe it or no longer, these drones are actually quite reliable. Well, for the maximum part. You see, first, we’ve the reality that maximum of them are equipped with brushless automobiles. They’re a good deal greater durable than brushed ones and will, in most cases, work lots longer. Second, all of those drones are properly-built and may endure pretty the beating. Don’t fly them full pace straight into concrete walls though – No drone would live on that…


There are drones on this list for each type of pilot. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, a photographer or a racer, you’re positive to discover a tremendous drone for a perfect charge!

If you’re searching out a way to maintain up tempo with your drone whilst you fly, then take a look at out our manual to self balancing scooters and hoverboards!

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