Best Audiophile Headphones in 2020 – Buying Guide

Best Audiophile Headphones in 2020

Audiophile headphones are all about excessive fidelity and use the highest great additives simplest. These are custom made for those who do not need to compromise on audio pleasant. That is the very which means of the time period audiophile. Obviously, that means that those luxury headphones cost plenty greater than everyday ones.

These headphones reproduce sound indicators as they were produced via additives crafted from simplest the first-class materials and can be stressed out or wireless. Using the most superior technology, audiophile headphones make certain zero distortion and are capable of reproducing the maximum complex track indicators. The pleasant audiophile headphone may be something you’ll take pleasure in owning. You’re at the proper location if you are looking to buy costly headphones in 2020 . If you are on a price range, you may see the top over ear headphones underneath a hundred greenbacks here.

Here is our evaluate of 10 products which can be able to generating magic in your ear. All those products are brilliant but how we evaluation them makes it easy for you to pick out the nice one in your needs.

Top 10 Best Audiophile Headphones in 2020

1. Ultrasone Tribute 7 Audiophile Headphone with Wooden Box

Ultrasone Tribute 7 Review

The Tribute 7 from Ultrasone is the top of high constancy and has been a symbolic pair of earphones similar to the well-known Edition 7. This product is one of a type earphone set which is a blend of cutting edge generation, luxury, and craftsmanship. The aluminum ear cups are crafted from plane grade aluminum and adorned with a metal covered and polished brass logo of Ultrasone. The ear cups on these looks excellent. If you’re looking to electrify your buddies this yr, then this one from Ultrasone ought to be a need to buy in 2020.

This product is possibly the maximum snug you will put on your head as the head pad has the finest quality anthracite-colored Alcantara. Physical features apart, the sound pleasant is clearly phenomenal. The S-Logic Plus technology of Ultrasone gives a completely unique spatial sound. This basically ensures that the spatial affect of sounds and vocals is distinctive.

The accompanying wooden box crafted from cherry wooden provides a stylish and secure storing area for this product. A hard case to is protected for carrying the headphones making sure it’s far constantly protected anywhere you pass. These headphones aren’t wireless. Also, the price is excessive but justified. Here is more to the evaluate of those earphones…


  • Beautiful layout earphones
  • Perfect for home use
  • Highly comfortable ear cups

2. Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone

This is one in all our favourite earphones in 2020. When it comes to Audiophile headphones or just ear phones in widespread Sennheiser is a name that can’t be forgotten. The HD 650 Open Back Professional headphones from Sennheiser is the pleasant excessive constancy headphone with instead reasonable pricing. The sound of this product is excellent by way of each method and the frequencies can be particular and wonderful. The acoustic silk causes precision damping over all frequencies. The THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is a totally low 0.05% so you can get the idea of how exceptional the sound is. Sennheiser HD 650 isn’t always a wireless headphone and is super for low sound environments like home or office.

The frequency reaction has been improved and is now as much as 39.five kHz. The brief reaction is quite fast thanks to light-weight aluminum voice coils. This manner that music with transient information could sound simply how it must with those headphones. The product is quite durable too with the terrific titanium finish. The charge is high however justified. Here are some of the highlights of the evaluation.


  • High precision certain sound with present day earbuds
  • Very low THD
  • Two-year worldwide warranty.

3. Grado PS1000e Professional Series Dynamic Open Air Stereo Headphone

GRADO PS1000e Professional Series Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones

Make your mark on anyone in 2020 with Grado PS1000e. The Grado PS1000e Professional have controlled to remove two headphone troubles often faced with the aid of track enthusiasts: temporary distortion and ringing chamber. They did so use tone-wood blanketed with metallic. You get a regular reaction over all frequencies inside the range of this headphone. The UHPLC (Ultra-High Purity, Long Crystal) copper in the 12 conductor wire further improves the stableness of the frequency.

The diaphragm, the voice coil, and the driver all have been progressed in those earphones. The motive force is 50 mm and is great for low and excessive frequencies. Grado PS1000e is also one of the most cushty headphones within the market. Probably the only downside to those headphones is that they’re now not wi-fi but having said that, the wires are easy and tangle loose.

The corporation has spent years perfecting generation to govern resonance and take away distortion. The result of their technology is which you get the maximum balanced sound which is pure and distinctly precise. For people who like nice both in sound and layout have to move for this headphone pair. The rate is high but justified. Check some highlights of the evaluation of this product below.


  • Hand crafted mahogany sleeve
  • Well balanced sound/earbuds
  • Highly cushty

4. Stax SR-007A MK2 Electrostatic Earspeaker

STAX SR-007A MK2 Electrostatic Earspeakers

These headphones are made in Japan the usage of modern generation which helps improve excessive fidelity sound. It has a novice electrode structure which has fewer holes than the traditional electrodes located on the preceding Earspeakers. The result is that the diaphragm has improved vibration generating even rich sound. You can see the gold plated electrodes thru outer casing.

STAX call is understood for its delicate headphones which are designed for professional use. This one incorporates the same reputation and has all premium high-quality additives ideally fitted for domestic use. The steel housing is in fact quite rigid even though permitting least to no distortion. It has a excessive fee tag however while you observe the functions it has and sounds it gives, it is justified!

Their unique layout and era without a doubt make them outstanding. And you furthermore may have a very good brand fee associated with the origin us of a of the brand. The product comes with a deluxe ATA Style padded flight case for storing and transporting the headphones.


  • New era with improved sound excellent and earbuds.
  • Comfortable and adjustable ear cups.
  • Case blanketed, splendid for home use.

5. Audeze LCD-4 Reference Open Circumaural Headphone

Audeze LCD-4 Over Ear

The AUDEZE LCD four Reference Headphones are hand crafted to perfection. AUDEZE has years of work and studies into this headset to provide you a in reality high priced and super audio experience. AUDEZE LCD-4 makes use of the planar magnetic generation to reproduce maximum accurate sound indicators. The Nano scale diaphragm of AUDEZE LCD-four is high-quality lightweight.

The wooden design on the ear cups of these AUDEZE looks phenomenal. So not most effective do you get first rate distortion loose sound, you furthermore may get a headset that is pretty stunning to have a look at and snug to wear. Made in California, AUDEZE LCD four Reference is a legacy of the organization. It is even wi-fi.


  • Superior craftsmanship, wonderful wireless design
  • High high-quality 0 distortion sound, planar magnetic generation.
  • Comfortable design

6. Focal Utopia Reference High-Fidelity Circumaural Headphones

Focal Utopia Open Back Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

The Utopia from Focal are designed for easy and luxury audio enjoy that is unparalleled. This product give you a whopping frequency reaction of 5Hz to forty KHz. The natural Beryllium M formed dome loudspeaker produces high-fidelity audio that everyone with the passion of song would really like instantly.

These are appropriate for low noise environments most effective like your DJ booth, domestic, workplace or studio. These aren’t designed as portable headphones to be used with phones which makes experience because they may be premium first-class and as a result very high-priced. Nonetheless, if you should use it together with your smartphone you’ll want to use a DAC and a headphone amplifier.

You have all the add-ons covered with the headset like 13 foot OFC shielded low impedance cable, two shielded Lemo connectors and a 0.25-inch Neutrik connector. You even have a magnet locking carrying case for storing and transporting this great headphone set. Want to buy it already? Check out the spotlight of the overview below.


  • Great sound experience for low noise / ideal for home use.
  • High frequency response with advanced earbuds
  • Accessories covered

7. Final Audio Design SONOROUS VI Dynamic and Balanced Armature Driver Full-Size Headphones

Final Audio Design SONOROUS VI Dynamic Driver headphone

The Final Audio Design SONOROUS VI Dynamic are very fairly priced audiophile headphones. If you’ve got a limited price range, this might just be the first-rate headphones for you as they give high fidelity sound and feature a long lasting layout. The stainless machine housing has terrific aluminum returned plating.

It manages to combine a balanced armature with a 50 mm driving force. The low and high-frequency responses can be very awesome and of course fantastic. The BAM (Balancing Air Movement) is designed to enhance the airflow in the headset. This further facilitates with the audio great and offers you the luxury enjoy that everyday headphones can by no means compete with. Here is a piece greater to the evaluation.


  • 50 mm driving force in earbuds, best for home use
  • Smooth and cushty design
  • BAM mechanism

8. Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System

Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System

The Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference is the final powerhouse of a headphone that delivers satisfactory exceptional audio engineered with reducing edge generation. These headphones are used and lauded via specialists in studios. On maximum audiophile headphones, you will discover a 50 mm driver however at the HD 800 S the motive force is fifty six mm. These are the most important drivers to be used. HD 800 S isn’t wireless.

As we stated, it’s miles jam full of the brand new era together with the modern absorber generation which reduces undesirable top frequencies. They create a spatial and awesome audio revel in through directing the waves to a mild angle.

The ergonomics of this Sennheiser are quite superb too. The ear cups are made with Leona, a material tremendous mild weighted. The headband too is quite tender and sandwiched among polymers that prevent needless vibrations. The microfiber ear pads are so comfortable you may cross on to pay attention to track for hours on end. A need to-have product in 2020. Here are some highlights of the assessment.


  • Fifty six mm driving force earbuds
  • Consistent sound
  • Highly snug ergonomic layout

9. Hifiman HE1000 V2 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone

HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone

The Hifiman HE1000 V2 Planar Magnetic Headphones (wi-fi) stand proud of the crowd in lots of ways. First, Over Ear Planar Magnetic appears quite unconventional because the ear cups have metal and timber finish. The scarf is comparable too with a soft leather-based band under the more potent metallic band. Secondly, the HIFIMAN HE1000 Over Ear Planar Magnetic has the primary diaphragm within the global whose thickness measures in nanometer.

Over-ear, planar magnetic headphones have a lot occurring and also you get so much out of them, it nearly justifies the high price tag. If you listen to live concerts lots the usage of headphones, these planar magnetic are made for you. The asymmetrical magnetic circuit is super with reproduction of live song. You will experience as in case you are present at the venue.

Besides a lot of these pluses, the patented Window Shade device on planar magnetic should be the highlight. It essentially protects the driving force and optimizes the open back design. So you’ve got zero undesirable vibrations and distortion. You get a quite wide sound variety as a end result that is handiest to be had on audiophile headphones. Saving all ready to shop for this one in 2020?


  • Smart wireless layout
  • Nano thickness of diaphragm
  • Zero distortion
  • High-first-class sound and planar magnetic era

10. Final Audio Design SONOROUS X Dynamic Driver Full-Size Headphones

Final Audio Design SONOROUS X Dynamic Driver Full-Size Headphones

If you’ve got no price range constraints and you’ve got a aspect for luxury product then Final SONOROUS X may also simply be the correct fit for you. All the components and substances used are high priced premium nice ones. The driving force unit is included into the front plate which is made from aluminum and titanium diaphragm. The BAM generation is present in this one too improving the general audio enjoy. This one isn’t a wireless headphone.

The SONOROUS collection is understood for its realistically pure sound which is hard to discover these days. Plus you furthermore mght have excessive consolation and comfort with this headset. The cable is removable with a locking function. You ought to see it as an investment as a way to manifestly come up with a terrific return through the years whether or not you’re an audio engineer or a song enthusiast.


  • Rigid metallic casing
  • BAM technology
  • Detachable cable
  • Pure sound

Best Audiophile Headphones Buying Guide

In our review of the fine audiophile headphones, we have attempted to cover the entirety. From the reviews of pinnacle 10 products to buying manual and FAQ. We hope you like the critiques as it is time to move closer to the buying manual.

Top Pick

Ultrasone Tribute AnniversaryOur top pick out for audiophile headphones is the Ultrasone Tribute 7 that is by means of far the great audiophile headphone in all aspects. This earphone is an remarkable piece crafted from superior era and premium substances. You have high-grade aluminum ear cups with what can be the softest padding on a headphone. The sound you will hear is unlike anything you have heard earlier than. Every frequency is detailed to perfection and you could listen the entirety like it’s far.

It is likewise our favorite because it comes with a easy timber field for storing and a difficult case for wearing it. Ultrasone made sure which you have the entirety in a single place with a product that is designed to present you the exceptional luxury audio experience and that for a protracted time.

Premium Quality

Focal UtopiaFocal’s Utopia Headphones are a pinnacle of excellent in each construction and audio. Using pure Beryllium made dome loudspeaker, this open-back headset guarantees you get a huge soundstage with highest feasible accuracy. These earphones also come with necessary add-ons which can be parallel in first-rate.

These are high-quality for remoted listening with minimal background noises that’s how those kinds of headphones ought to be used. If you are an avid tune lover irrespective of the style you love, these are the headphones you want.

Great Value

Sennheiser HD 650 ProfessionalIf we are speakme product value in headphones, Sennheiser involves mind. They produce some of the first-class headphones at very affordable pricing. The HD 650 is no exception as it’s miles an audiophile headphone that is ideal price for money. Whether you do not forget its precise temporary response or its overall comfort and design, this is a headset to be able to pay for itself in no time with its high constancy audio enjoy.

With a THD of only 0.05%, this headset is all approximately making sure you’re immersed within the song you hear. The frequency response is pretty huge too with the highest response of 39500 Hz. If you are someone who is searching out the fine audiophile headphone on a finances, the Sennheiser HD 650 need to be your choice.

After the evaluation section, this part of our article will assist you find out more details on how to buy it right.

An audiophile is simply someone who takes their music very severely and wants best the pleasant quality. Products designed for such audio revel in are consequently termed as audiophile headphones. Buying one of these headset involves some important buck so that you ought to pick out what is satisfactory for you. And that might not be so easy at the beginning unless the whole thing there is to recognise approximately audiophile headphones. This brief buyer’s guide will assist you compare extraordinary models and get the first-class one for yourself.

Types of Audiophile Headphones

Just like with normal headphones, audiophile headphones are available specific shapes and sizes (wired and wireless). While they may be all devoted to producing ultra-high great sound, the type you pick can have an effect on the overall audio enjoy and comfort.

Closed-again Headphones

Closed-lower back headphones have a seal in the back of the driver which basically stops outdoor noise. This way closed again headphones are better at reproducing low and mid-range frequencies. If you pay attention to song in noisy environments or whilst commuting, closed again ought to be your choice.

Open-Returned Headphones

As against close-returned, open-returned headphones have no seal at the driving force as a substitute only a grille or gauze. These are wonderful with excessive frequencies and are recognised for his or her crisp and correct sound. These are appropriate for listening at home or in a studio where there may be much less or no noise.

Semi-Open Back Headphones

Semi-open back is a hybrid between closed again and open again as they partially seal the driver. It is excellent at each low and high-frequency replica. It is like you have the advantages of closed backs and open backs in a single piece.

Frequency Range

The frequency variety on audiophile varies from one product to some other. While the human hearing is restricted at 20 KHz, a few audiophile headphones can produce up to forty KHz of frequency. Frequency variety has little to do with the excellent of the audio however a wider variety method you’ll be capable of concentrate to a extensive range of song.


If you’re an audiophile you aren’t really thinking about the charge but the exceptional. These headphones are very high priced indeed however still, the rate ranges vary greatly. You must be prepared to spend at least $500 on a couple of headphones that qualify as an audiophile. The other end of the spectrum is quite open so to speak as there are headphones with a price tag of $5000 too.

The extra cash you pay, the extra functions and exceptional you’ll get. But that does not mean that those at the decrease cease are not any good. You can get excessive fidelity sound from such headphones particularly if they’re from a recognised logo name like Sennheiser or Final.

Storing/Carrying Case

Some headphones come with storing instances too crafted from equally exceptional substances as the headphones themselves. While it isn’t always something that influences the great of the headphone, it does, however, provide safety and convenience. When you’re buying something as high-priced as an audiophile headphone you must make certain it is properly stored. If the headphone set you have your eyes on does now not include a case, don’t worry as these can be purchased separately.

Audiophile Headphones FAQ

What Does the Term Audiophile Refer To?

We have already defined it briefly within the critiques above – here is the element. Audiophile is the term used for a person who is into excessive fidelity sound. Fidelity roughly interprets into fine of the audio sign. So in less complicated words, audiophile is someone who loves track plenty and wants to hear the satisfactory reproduction of it with most accuracy and minimum distortion. An audiophile may be referred to basically all stages of song like recording, production, and playback. This term is also used with audio gadget designed for such individuals like audiophile headphones.

What Are Audiophile Headphones?

Audiophile headphones are high fidelity headphones custom made from only the best best components. These are truely luxury audio gadgets that reproduce sound alerts with the highest possible accuracy. These are over the ear with both closed-back or open-returned. Made using excessive-grade substances like aluminum and titanium and using most effective the modern day era, these types of merchandise are centered at the ones who recognize song and prefer excellent over the whole thing.

These premium exceptional headphones have hefty costs of direction as every and every aspect is outstanding. They can cost anywhere from some hundred to a few thousand dollars. You can locate such headsets from manufacturers like Sennheiser, Focal, Final and Audeze. While the style and some secondary functions may additionally fluctuate among exclusive audiophile headphones, the audio is wonderful on all of them.

What are a number of the opposite terminology related to Audiophiles and Headphones?
If you realize the exceptional phrases used with headphones, it turns into less difficult to locate the first-class product. Here are some phrases you may discover with audiophile headphones:


Drivers are the magnets that convert the digital sign to audio sign thru vibration. Driver sizes range and generally correspond with the headphone’s very own size. The larger the motive force the higher it’s miles at reproducing lower frequencies.

Closed-lower back

This manner that the driver has a seal in the back of it which protects out of doors noise from coming into the ear cup space. Closed lower back aren’t as accurate though in comparison with their counterpart the open-lower back.


Open-back headphones don’t have any seal over the motive force so they produce a wide sound range quite accurately.


The resistance within the headphones is referred to as the impedance that’s measured in Ohms. The decrease the impedance the louder the sound might be.


Soundstage is the audio picture the headphones create for the listener. When the soundstage is extensive you can fairly hear special instruments and feel the gap between them. This is one of the things approximately audiophile headphones that make them stick out from others as the latter tend to sound a chunk more compressed.

Headphone Bleed

When some sounds get away the headphones at some point of recordings and get picked up with the aid of the microphone, the sound gets unpleasant. This phenomenon is named as a head-cellphone bleed.

Sound isolation

The pads on the ear cups block outside noise from getting into the headphones and interfering with the audio. This is called sound isolation and is present on certainly all audiophile headphones.

Are there distinct headphones for special types of tune?

Some sound better with a few unique genres of track. In the context of audiophile headphones, the fashion and inner components may also optimize a few forms of tune. For instance, each open-lower back and closed-back have to work splendid with rock song as this fashion of track is highly versatile. For tune that has a whole lot of bass in it, you will need a headphone with a huge driving force preferably 50 mm. This is due to the fact large drivers produce lower frequencies better.

Similarly, you may want a bigger driver for maximum EDM tracks. They are pretty wealthy in each high and coffee frequencies so regardless of the kind of headphone, the motive force have to be big. Jazz music is a piece extra complicated and to discover the maximum appropriate form of headphone you may need to dig deeper. You will definitely need a product that has extra controlled highs and smooth lows. In-ear earbuds may also sound plenty better for such form of music as it is able to reproduce information of instruments.

Therefore extraordinary models can produce better output for a few styles or genres of music. However, with the audiophile headphone, you may make certain about the high constancy of the sound. Regardless of the style, you will listen to maximum, this form of headphone will make sure that the sound is correct and distortion free and any style might sound first-rate in such conditions.

How do you choose the first-class high-give up Audiophile Headphones?

Buying an audiophile headphone isn’t any specific from making an investment. You ought to see the long time period blessings and test out each little detail of the product at hand. This is because you may be spending plenty of cash in this headset so you need to be careful.

First of all, you need to determine on a budget because on the way to make things some distance easier. Audiophile headphone expenses vary greatly as you could find a headphone for say $one hundred and every other for $4000.

Once you’ve got decided your range, simplest appearance for objects in this range. You will have distinct kinds, with unique motive force sizes and frequency reaction. Think approximately the form of tune you listen to most and discover which of the additives on these headphones are optimized for the style of song you want.

Check out different secondary functions and specifications like impedance, THD and connections provided. Now compare unique fashions to look which offers the most within the least rate. The final component is best relevant if you have a predefined budget. If cash isn’t always a constraint, you could pick the most high-priced one too. Although, we suggest going for the one most appropriate for your desires whether it is the priciest one or not.

Sound quality is the final criteria for selecting the headphones and for that you must discuss with user critiques. Those who have used these products earlier than can vouch for its high fidelity. The emblem call is also some other surety about sound exceptional as some brand names are acknowledged for his or her excessive constancy sound.

We desire that our critiques above will absolutely assist you are making the right choice.

Is it viable to find audiophile headphones with Bluetooth function?

Bluetooth generation has been round for some time now. Bluetooth has made listening to tune seamlessly smooth. Having said that, while we are speaking about audiophile headphones, we are speakme about exceptional, studio-like sound. Bluetooth compatible gadgets are normally incapable of providing you with that. You surely might discover a number of those headphones with a Bluetooth function however no longer loads.

If you need a Bluetooth headset, you check Best Wireless Headphones 2020


Seeking out pinnacle shelf sound high-quality however not trying to spend a fortune? All the headphones on our list offer the fine of each worlds, however that doesn’t imply every model might be a perfect match for everyone. You can preserve checking back here each time you’re on the market for a new pair. And if you decide you need some thing with greater sound depth, we encourage you to check out our guide to the Best Headphones of 2020.

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