be quiet! Silent Base 802 Review


There’s no doubt the Silent Base 802 is a premium case, with quality construction backed by with a 3 year warranty from a solid company in be quiet!. If you are in the market for a large mid-tower case, add this to your list – IMO with the TG panel for vanity points though if you are so inclined. I could see almost 9°C difference with the fans running full out, indicating that the airflow design does work as intended. More top mounted fans would likely improve this, and allow you to trade reduced noise for additional air movement at lower fan RPMs.

The case can host a large number of drives with the correct mounts, not quite as attractive as other cases, but very serviceable. You should consider this case for a high-end gaming system or impressive multimedia server, extensive water cooling, or as-close-to-silence as you can probably get with an actively cooled rig – tuned for cool running of course.

As a final reminder, the system can also be assembled on an inverted motherboard tray for certain applications. Oh, Perhaps be quiet! could find a Germanic way to work in a wheels kit, deployable from the side skids? That would be neat. White can look very sharp, I think it’s suitable for an art project with all that available canvas too.

This is an “editor’s choice” for me considering how versatile the case is and the high end construction.

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